In Your Eyes
by Catharine Clemens

DISCLAIMERS: Song is Peter Gabriel's
Characters belong to TPTB.
Story is mine.

"I'm not using you , but how can I prove it ?
What can I say ? "

Nick grasped Natalies' shoulders as he said
"Tell me what to say" desperately.

She replied in a dead hopeless voice
"Maybe there isn't anything left to say"

She pulled away from him & he turned away from her
trying not to see the goodbye in her eyes.

Love I get so lost sometimes
Days past & this emptiness fills my heart.

He had to get out of there fast, so he got into the Caddy
& just started driving. No particular destination, he
just wanted to leave the pain behind.

When I want to runaway
I drive off in my car
but whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are......

He'd been driving for about an hour, when he realized
he was out in the country.He was driving on a deeply rutted
road which shook him out of his revery. He stopped the
car when he came to a clearing which was filled with flowers.
He was surrounded with flowers he had never seen before.

They were star shaped & were in varying shades
of yellow,purple & blue. Their scent was a combination of
lemon,musk & cinnamon. Natalie's scent...

He had given Natalie flowers before when he had
forgotten her birthday. He had signed the card "with affection"
If he had done that to Jannette, he would have been staked &
left for the sun.
All Natalie had tried to do was help him. She had
experimented with various cures. She was supportive when he needed
it & when he needed a swift kick in the pants,she gave him that too.
She had even helped him find his faith again.

In your eyes
the light,the heat
in your eyes I am complete
In your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
In your eyes
I see the resolution of all my fruitless searches

On Valentine's Day everything had changed. She had
given him the gift of her love & he had returned it with his own
vow of to love her always. But Lacroix had come between them &
he had been forced to take the memory from her. He had since real-
ized he had been wrong to do so, even if it was to protect her.
Since then things had gone from bad to worse between
them. He had distanced himself from her to the point that when Schanke
& Cohen had died, he had almost left town. It was her anger that
stopped him,convinced him that he couldn't keep running away if
he wanted to lead a normal life, as a vampire or a mortal. So he had
stayed & once again he had angered her.

Love,I don't like to see so much pain,
so much wasted & this moment keeps slipping away...

He moved to carress the flowers in front of him. He
moved too suddenly & the flower was broken off it's stalk. Before he
had a chance to brood about his destructive nature,another flower had
bloomed in it's place. At first he couldn't believe what he had seen,
but he held the evidence of the broken blossom in his hands.
He stood up straight & noticed how peaceful it was
here. Maybe it was an illusion created by the brightness of the flo-
wers, but it seemed almost as light as when the sun was out. He would
have to bring Natalie here sometime......
And then at last he knew what he had to do.


I get so tired of working so hard
for our survival.
I look to the time with you to keep
me awake & alive.

Natalie sighed as she tried to focus on the file in
front of her. Yet another failed attempt at a cure. Some part of
her was hurting. She had thought by keeping away from him the
ache inside her would ease but now it was worse. That was when the
flowers had arrived. She knew that she had never seensuch flowers
before & yet their scent was hauntingly familiar.....
She opened the card that came with the flowers &
read these words:

These flowers are like my love for you ; Neverending
You have my heart & soul forever.
Nicholas de Brabant

On a separate line were these words:

I love you , I've always loved you & I will always love you.

Such beautiful words that reminded her of a recurring dream she'd
started having right after Valentine's Day......
Twenty minutes later they were watching Tracy's ap-
pearance on the Jerry Show together. As Nick turned away from the
TV to look at her, she said "The new improved Jerry Show , huh ?"
His eyes burned into hers as he said "For some people it takes a
major crisis to turn them around." He turned the television &
stood up to stretch. She stood up to follow him to the kitchen.
"Nick the flowers were beautiful & the card....."
"I had to get you here somehow!"
"It worked! You know you could have made something
"When ?"
"That day in the precinct,you just stood there not
knowing what to say. I saw more than you thought I
did. I guess I just needed the words."

He carressed her cheek as he said " I don't think you'll
ever understand how much I care."
They bent forward to meet in a kiss & in that kiss he returned the
memory of his avowal of love. She now realized it wasn't a dream.
When the kiss ended she looked into his eyes & said
"You have my heart & soul forever too..If the time comes for you to
leave I want to be with you. Now I know that you don't want to
bring me across, but I don't want to be without you.This past week
I thought if I could stay away from you the hurting would stop.
instead it just got worse.I trust you completely. If you can trust
me & trust yourself, we can make this work."
"I do trust you Natalie but I don't know about trusting
myself.Everytime I'm near you I want to make love to you, as a
man would. But then the vampire awakens to......"
"Nick maybe they shouldn't be separated..."
It was obvious from his expression that he had never thought
of this before.
Their lips met in another kiss & this time when the
kiss became heated , he didn't pull away.His fangs descended & he
gently pierced her lower lip.A few small drops of blood fell onto
his tongue.He felt such a tangle of love faith & desire from her
blood that the vampire's bloodlust was quenched.
She looked into his eyes as they changed back from
gold to blue.At that moment they knew they could have what they both
wanted.She took his hand & guided him upstairs to his bedroom......

And all my instincts,they return
and the grand fascade,so soon will burn.
Without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside.

In your eyes
the light,the heat
In your eyes
I am complete

In your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
In your eyes
the resolution of all my fruitless searches

In your eyes
I see the light and the heat
Oh I want to be that complete
I want to touch the light,
the heat I see in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes

*****************THE BEGINNING*********************