I want you now

by LizM


Archived April 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further
This based on the song, I Want You Now by Depeche Mode. It is used
without permission. No copyright infrigement is intened. Nick and
Nat belong to sony and co. I'm just giving them something a little
more fun to do then TPTB ever did.

   Natalie was in her car, driving home a little after sunrise. She'd
  been at Nick's for a movie night. It had been her turn to pick, so
  they'd watched campy Japanesse monster movies. At first, everything
  was fine. After the second movie, Nick had moved over and sat with
  her on the couch. His arm slid over her shoudlers, and she quickly
  lost interest in the movie.
     Nat sighed as she remembered the feelings that had swept over her.
  The longing, the desire. She had begun stroking his thigh, and felt him
  tense. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. As much as she wanted
  him, he would never act on those feelings. He was too afraid. She just
  had to clear her mind. She leaned over and flipped on the radio. The
  car was filled with a rhythmic male voice. His words resonated in her

     I want you now,
     Tomorrow won't do.
     There's a yearning inside,
     And it's Showing through.
     Reach out your hands,
     And accept my love.
     We've waited for too long,
     Enough is enough.
     I want you now.
    The song seemed to reach deep into her soul, and something snapped.
  She made a sharp U-turn and headed back to the loft.
    Nick listened as Nat's heartbeat faded. He walked over to the fridge
  and pulled out a bottle. Pulling the cork out, he downed it in a few
  gulps. Then he did the same with a second. He took a third and went
  to sit on the couch. Natalie, god how he wanted her! And she wanted 
  He knew that. He could feel it from her, smell her arousal. He shook
  his head. It was too dangerous. He would kill her. Absently, he picked
  up the remote and turned on the stereo.
     My heart is aching,
     My body is burning,
     My hands are shaking,
     My head is turning.
     You understand,
     It's so easy to choose,
     We've got time to kill,
     We've got nothing to lose.
     I want you now.
   The words hit Nick hard. He did burn for her. He needed her. She was
  *all* he wanted. He had all the time in the world, but her's was 
  out. He moaned in frustration. So caught up in his thoughts, he never
  heard the lift arrive.

   Natalie stepped into the loft, hearing the same song she had heard in 
 car. Nick was sitting on the couch, lost in thought. She walked slowly 
 to him. Nick looked up, startled, as he finaly heard her heartbeat. It 
 racing. He stood, as she approached, both listening to the words of the 
 The truth of the words visable in both their eyes.
    Because I've got a love
    A love that won't wait
    A love that is growing
    And it's getting late
    Do you know what it means
    To be left this way
    When everyone's gone
    And the feelings they stay
    I want you now
   As Nat came closer, Nick could feel his desire growing, and sensed 
 as well. He closed his eyes, to try to shut out the feelings, it was to
 dangerous. He loved her so much! And wanted her so much. He could feel 
 just a few inches from him. He opened his eyes, and looked into hers. He
 could see the same struggle in her eyes. With a low moan, he reached out
 and gently touched her cheek.
   When Nick touched her, Natalie let out a small moan and leaned into
 his hand. She stepped closer, and gently brushed her lips over his. She
 could feel him shiver, and felt his other hand slip around her waist,
 pulling her closer. She looked into his beautiful, blue eyes and saw the
 same desire in them that she was sure he saw in hers. "Nick, please, 
 love to me." she breathed.
   Nick heard the longing in her voice, and saw the desire in her eyes. 
 matched his own. With a low cry, he captured her lips in a passionate
 kiss. Her tongue slid into his mouth, dueling with his. He slid his 
 under her sweatshirt, reveling in the feel of her warm bare skin. One
 hand moved to her breast and cupped it, lightly toying with her nipple,
 which harded in response. He moved his other hand down, under the
 sweatpants, to stroke her butt. Nat pressed herself closer, feeling his
   The feel of his hands on her, stroking her, playing with her, excited
 her. Nat moved her hands to his shirt and quickly undid the buttons, 
 to run her hands over his chest. They broke the kiss, both panting, and
 quicly helped each other out of their clothes.
   Nick pulled Nat back into his arms, his hands wandering over her body.
 He laid her down, on the couch, covered her body with his. He dropped
 kisses along her face and neck, making his way to her breast, where he
 began to tease her nipple with his lips, sucking and swirling his tongue
 around it. Natalie moaned and arched into his kisses, her hands reaching 
 stroke his erection. feeling it twitch and harden even more at her 
   With a groan, Nick released her breast, and looked into her eyes. As 
 watched, he slowly sank his shaft into her hot, wet, chamber. Nat moaned
 loudly as she felt him enter her, filling her.For a moment, they stayed
 like that, not moving, just enjoying the sensations sweeping over them.
   As Nick began to slowly withdraw, Nat caught his lips again, in a deep
 kiss. He began to pump slowly into her, kissing her, stroking her. Her
 hands moved over his back, encouraging him. As they moved together, they
became lost in the sensuous feel of each others body. Caresses and kisses
heightened the pleasure they felt as their bodies moved in the age-old

  Nat moaned in abandon at the erotic feel of his hard, cool shaft, as he
drove her closer and closer to her release. She arched her back, wrapping
her legs around him, her muscles tightening around his shaft as she tried
to draw him deeper into her.

  The sound of Natalie, moaning with pleasure, the feeling of her legs
wrapped around him her body writhing in pleasure beneath him, drove
Nick wild. He pushed into her harder and deeper, grinding agaist her
before pulling out and plunging in again, her body rising to meet his.

  One final thrust sent them both over the edge into a whirlpool of
pleasure. Waves of pleasure rolled over them as Nick continued to thrust
into her. He slowed nad then withdrew from her, rolling to his side.

  Nick wrapped his arms around Nat and pulled her against his chest,
burying his head in her damp hair, beathing in her sweet, musky scent.
As they lay together, content, Nick began to nibble on her ear. Nat
shivered at the feel of his cool lips. "Nat" He whispered "I love you."
 A joyous smile spread over her face and she turned her head slightly to 
look into his twinkling blue eyes. " And I love you, Nick. Forever."

The End