Hot Fudge Sundae

by Nightlady

Archived February 2004 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie Lambert stood in the snack food/ice cream topping section of the
grocery store with a wicked grin on her face. She carefully looked at the
various bottles of toppings. 

"Do I want a caramel sundae, a strawberry sundae, or a chocolate one?" She
murmured under her breath. With a smile she said, "Chocolate!"

Picking up a bottle of topping, she shook it and listened to how much
sloshing she heard. It took several bottles, but at last she found one that
only sloshed a little. "Nice and thick, just the way I want it." She muttered.

Smiling contentedly she dropped it into her shopping basket.  As she turned
to leave, a package of small chocolate sprinkles caught her eye and she
added that to the basket.  Humming under her breath she quickly made her
way to the checkout stand. 

"Gee, you've got everything here for a nice sundae except the ice cream."
The checkout clerk observed.

Nat grinned, "This sundae doesn't need ice cream." Still smiling at the
clerk's bemused look she paid for her purchases and left.

A few minutes later she pulled up in front of Nick's loft. She had won a
bet with him, as to how long Schanke would last before straying from Myra's
latest diet, and now she was going to collect. As she rode the elevator
upstairs, she licked her lips in anticipation of what she had planned. The
discovery, several weeks earlier that they could manage to engage in
lovemaking without her ending dead or needing to be brought across, had
opened a whole new world of things to explore. 

Nick listened as the lift motor kicked in. Nat had called earlier to say
that she was collecting on their bet. He had a good idea of just how she
was going to collect from the instructions she'd given him on the phone.

As per her 'orders' he was clad only in a black silk robe, and there were a
number of thick towels laid on the leather couch. He smiled, he didn't mind
paying his betting loss this way at all. Already he could feel his cock
starting to harden in anticipation of the night ahead. 

As the lift stopped, Nick was at the door. Opening it he smiled at Nat and
kissed her on the cheek. "Everything is just the way you requested." He
said, as she stepped into the loft. He was struck again at how beautiful
she was. Tonight she was wearing a short black skirt with a sheer black
blouse and loose jacket in a deep red color. Her hair was pulled back from
her face in a French braid. 
Nat kissed him back and then walked in far enough to see the couch.  "Good,
I have almost everything else that we need right here." She indicated the
small bag she was carrying. 

Nick leaned forward, trying to peek into the bag. Laughing, Nat held it so
he couldn't see in. "Uh uh, you'll get to see what I have in here soon
enough." She laughed harder as Nick made an exaggerated hurt puppy face at

Seeing that this tactic was not going to work, Nick asked, "When do you
want to collect on your bet?"

Nat grinned wickedly, her eyes sparkling. "No time like the present, I
always say." Going first to the kitchen, she removed a bottle bloodwine
from Nick's fridge. Handing it to him with a grin and took his hand. She
led Nick to the couch and had him sit down. She took the bottle and sat it
on the floor next to the couch within easy reach of Nick's hand. 

 Crossing to his CD player, she selected one and put it on. As the music
started, Nat slipped off her jacket and then slowly started to unbutton her
blouse. When the buttons were all undone, she licked her lips and stared
into Nick's eyes as she slipped the garment off.  Caressing her torso, she
let her hands fall to the waistband of her skirt. Swaying sensuously, she
undid the skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Nick watched Nat's dance intently, feeling his manhood starting to pulse
with desire. He drank in the vision of Nat, now clad only in a lacy black
bra and black stockings with garter belt.

Nick felt his breath catch in his throat as his eyes were drawn to the
curly, russet-colored hair showing just below the bottom of the belt. Nick
inhaled deeply and sighed, as he could smell the warm musk odor of Nat's sex.
He raised his eyes to smile at her and the smile widened as she undid the
clasp of her bra and let it drop to the floor with the other clothes.

Fully aware of the effect she was having on Nick and enjoying every minute
of it, Nat slid her hands beneath her breasts. She lifted them sensuously,
watching the unmistakable twitching that was happening beneath Nick's robe.
Swaying to the music, Nat moved closer to the couch. She leaned forward
letting her full, soft breasts lightly brush against Nick's face. She
deliberately moved so that the tips of her erect nipples moved across his

Nick drew in a deep breath, and felt his cock harden as the warmth of Nat's
skin brushed against his lips. He heard her chuckle, and with a wicked
look, took one of her breasts in his hand, holding it gently at his lips.
He licked at it and feeling Nat lean into him and hearing the small
exhalation of pleasure she made, began to suck on it. 

As Nick's cool lips and tongue explored her nipple, Nat sighed with
satisfaction. She could feel herself drowning in the erotic thrill his
touch always brought. It took all her will power to remember that she had
plans of her own for them tonight. Leaning lower, she eased her breast from
Nick's mouth. When his eyes met hers, she asked in a husky voice, "Would
you like to help me take off my hose?"

Nick smiled and nodded. He carefully unhooked each garter. He rolled the
stockings down her legs, stroking the soft inside area of her thighs as he
did so. With Nat holding on to his shoulders for balance, he lifted first
one foot then the other, removing her shoes and the stockings. He kissed
her naval and then undid the hooks and eyes that held the garter belt
around her waist.

As she stood before him her pubic region was directly in front of his face,
and he couldn't resist planting small kisses on her mound. The scent of her
blood and her juices called to him and he liked between the fold of her
labia finding her clit. Nat leaned into Nick and groaned as she felt his
tongue tease her clit with soft, steady licks. Panting she forced herself
to step away from his embrace.  She smiled, "Uh uh, tonight I get to play
with you first, and I can tell that you are just about ready for me." She
could see the swollen head of his cock peaking through the front of his robe.

Nick pulled her back to him. "Just so long as I get to finish this later."  

Nat smiled, "Deal!"

Nat allowed one of her hands to brush lightly against the head of Nick's
cock, causing him to gasp and twitch against her hand, as she reached for
the belt of his robe with the other hand. Nick willingly allowed her to
untie the belt, and slid the robe off.

Nat pushed him down on the couch, and positioned herself between his legs.
She ran her thumbs over his nipples and along the firm muscles of his
chest. Lowering her body over his, she kissed and licked her way down his
chest. Her tongue made small circles around his navel and she could feel
his manhood pressing more and more insistently against her. Finally, she
slid down so that her head was on the same level as Nick's cock.  

She looked at his hard, thick cock as it rose upright above his body.
Reaching into the bag, she brought out a bottle of thick, chocolate fudge
sundae topping. 
Opening it, she squeezed a large dollop over the head of his penis. The
sauce was perfect, thick enough to not run off but thin enough for her to
easily spread it over all of his manhood with her hand.

"Yum, just what I've always wanted, a Nick fudge sundae." Nat said as she
lowered her head to his cock. She ran the tip of her tongue slowly up from
the base of his cock to the very tip. There she lightly circled the head,
lapping softly as she licked the chocolate from him.

Nick twitched as his body responded to Nat's tongue. He could feel himself
growing even harder and when she at last brought her lips down to encircle
him, he moaned with the pleasure he felt. Shivers of delight ran along his
spine and he could feel the slow growth of his orgasm begin. 

Nat gradually moved her lips down Nick's cock, licking and sucking at the
chocolate. She could feel him struggling to not thrust himself deeper in
her mouth. Several minutes later, she had all of his cock in her warm,
moist mouth and she started to work her way back up to the tip. With
gradually increasing speed she moved up and down on him. Her tongue
constantly was twining around him as she cleaned the last of the chocolate
from him. She could feel him pulsing against her throat as he neared his
release. She heard him groan and sensed that he'd grabbed for the bottle of
bloodwine.  When he finally exploded in her mouth she sucked greedily at
him. Raising her head from his crotch, she delicately licked the remnants
of chocolate from her lips. 

Looking at Nick she saw the flash of gold in his eyes as he gazed at her
with both hunger and desire. Even thought the bloodwine had been enough to
trigger his orgasm, she knew that he still needed fresh blood, her blood,
to be able to quiet the beast completely. She smiled, unafraid and
thoroughly looking forward to the activities she knew would proceed his
drinking from her. She loved the incredible intimacy that his taking of her
blood forged between them.    

Suddenly she snapped her fingers; "Darn I forgot to put the spinkles on."
She said a grin on her face. "I guess I'll just have to wait a few minutes
and make another sundae." She said wickedly.

Nick grinned back. "Sounds fine to me. That should give me just about
enough time to show you just how much I enjoyed paying my gambling debt to

Nat laughed and lay back, opening her arms to him. 'Yep,' she thought as
Nick began to move his hands and mouth over her body. 'A nice Nick Sundae
is the perfect reward for winning a bet!'

The End