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Date: Mon Nov 12, 2001 12:08 am

Subject: ADULT: Homecoming


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Anyone else, just ask! I usually don't write Nick/Nat/LaCroix stories, but Shana had the idea and begged me to help her write it... so here it is. This is an ADULT story. Please don't read if you are under 18, or you don't like this sort of thing.



by KC Smith and Shana Dempsey

   Natalie opened the lift door and sighed, as she laid her things on the dining table. It was so good to be home, finally. The conference had been terribly dull. No sooner had the items left her hands, than she was suddenly pinned against the wall, her hands restrained above her head. Her eyes turned golden and her fangs dropped, as she hissed at the person that held her captive.

   Nick laughed as he kissed her neck, nibbling lightly over the vein. His own golden eyes sparkled in merriment and he moved his kisses to her lips, hungrily claiming her mouth.

   Natalie moaned and tried to move her arms from Nick’s strong grasp, but he wouldn’t budge. She allowed his tongue to part her lips and fill her mouth, sucking hard on it for a moment before allowing her fangs to pierce it. She tasted his blood as it flowed slowly into her mouth, relishing the love that she felt from him.

   Nick withdrew his tongue from her mouth and frantically kissed her cheeks and jaw line. “God I missed you.”

   He growled.

  Natalie chuckled, as she felt his free hand move over her body. “I missed you, too. Did you two behave yourselves?”

   Nick nipped her earlobe. “Of course. He missed you too, you know.”

   “So, where is he?” She asked, as Nick unbuttoned her blouse and released the front clasp of her bra.

   Nick pushed her blouse and her bra off of her and let them fall, before trapping her hands above her head again. “He’ll be here.” He lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs, tossing her onto the bed before removing the rest of her clothing and then handcuffing her wrists to the headboard.

   Natalie watched with smoldering eyes as he slowly undressed, sensually baring his body one piece of clothing at a time. She gnashed her fangs at him provocatively, grinning evilly at him. “Come on tiger, take it all off.”

   Nick winked at her. “In time.” He said, grinning.

   He felt Natalie’s foot rubbing against his groin and his pace quickened. He hurriedly removed the rest of his clothing and lay beside her on the bed. “You know, you can be really convincing when you want to be.” He said huskily.

   Nat wiggled her eyebrows at him. “I know.”

   Nick kissed her deeply and then trailed kisses down her neck to her firm breasts. He kneaded the right one, while he kissed and licked at the left, sucking greedily at it. He alternated between each creamy mound, until she was writhing and moaning in pleasure. As he sucked on her nipples, his hand wandered to the small thatch of curly hair between her thighs. His fingers twirled into the hair, before he finally reached through the folds and lightly rubbed the slit. Finding her wet and ready, he dipped his finger into her juices and rubbed it along her clitoris.

   Natalie moaned at the sensation and arched her hips towards his hand. “Oh, Nick…” She breathed.

   Nick grinned at her, before returning his attention to her breast. He continued kneading and sucking on her breasts for several minutes, before he finally kissed his way down her stomach to her vagina. Sticking his tongue through her wet folds, he first licked one side and then the other, avoiding her engorged clit. He stuck his tongue into her vaginal opening, thrusting in and out with his tongue and gently squeezing her swollen nub with his forefinger and thumb.

   Natalie groaned again, as she felt Nick’s mouth on her. “God, Nick, don’t stop…” She pleaded.

   Nick grinned up at her. “I don’t plan to.” He said, before returning his attention to her most sensitive area. He licked and sucked her clit, moving his fingers in and out of her quickly. He smiled as her hips rocked against his mouth and fingers.

   “My, my… I do hope I’m not interrupting.” A smooth voice said from the doorway.

   Natalie looked up, her hair wild and her eyes bright, and smiled sensuously at the new arrival.

“Care to join us?”

   LaCroix returned her sensuous smile, then looked at Nick. “Nicholas?”

   Nick shrugged. “You know I don’t mind sharing.” He turned his attention back to pleasing Natalie.

   Natalie watched as LaCroix quickly undressed and then lay down beside her on the bed. He captured her mouth with his and kissed her deeply, as his hands massaged her sensitive breasts. Then he moved to suckle at her left breast, while he continued to work the right with his palm.

   The sensation of Nick’s mouth and fingers at her cunt and LaCroix’s on her breasts, was driving her wild.

   She growled softly, as LaCroix moved his neck close to her mouth. “Drink, mon enfant.”

   Natalie didn’t hesitate. She quickly sank her fangs into his throat, releasing him as her orgasm washed over her. She cried out in carnal delight, as her muscles tensed and then spasmed, relaxing slowly.

   Nick came up on the other side of her and released the handcuffs. He kissed her deeply, tasting LaCroix’s blood still on her lips.

   Natalie tasted her own juices and blood on Nick’s mouth and moaned softly. She gasped, as LaCroix slid down her body and darted his tongue into her dripping sex.

  “As sweet as ever…” He breathed, before nipping at her clit with his fangs.

   Natalie arched her hips towards his mouth, gasping as he sucked her blood from the small punctures he’d made.

   Nick scraped his fangs along her throat, drawing twin lines of blood and then licking them slowly until they’d healed. He shuddered at the pleasure he tasted there. He looked at LaCroix, his eyes now glowing red with passion. “Top or bottom?” He asked his Master in the voice of the predator.

   LaCroix looked at Nick and smirked. “Bottom. You had bottom, last time.”

   Nick nodded and moved out of the way, as LaCroix pulled Natalie towards the foot of the bed and turned her onto her stomach and forced her onto her hands and knees. Then LaCroix thrust forcefully into her, ignoring her gasp. He was still for a moment, before beginning to thrust in earnest.

   Natalie waited until she’d fully adjusted to LaCroix’s large member, before nodding to Nick. He moved in front of her, so that he was on his knees in a semi-upright position, his hands resting on her shoulders. She grasped his swollen rod with one hand and pulled it into her mouth, sucking lightly. She gradually increased the pressure and sucking on Nick’s cock, as LaCroix continued to pound his into her body.

   After several minutes had passed, Nick grabbed Natalie’s hand and sank his fangs into her wrist, exploding cum and blood into her mouth and moaning loudly.

   Natalie quickly swallowed and LaCroix pulled her against him, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he continued to thrust into her from behind. When he sank his fangs into her neck and released his seed into her, she gladly accepted Nick’s offered neck and sank her fangs into the pliant flesh, her body rippling with the effects of her second orgasm of the evening.

   They all three collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. Natalie curled up next to Nick, tossing one leg across his groin and wrapping her arm across his chest. LaCroix spooned himself behind her and wrapped his arm around both Natalie and Nick, before lightly kissing Natalie’s hair.

   “Welcome home, Cherie.” He said, softly.

   Natalie smiled contentedly, before falling into a light slumber.


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