Help Me Hold On
by Judith Freudenthal

Help Me Hold On by Tracis Tritt

Nick could not figure out why Natalie had been mad at him this time.
He did not think he had done anything wrong. He had tried to find out but
it only made it worse. His phone going off at the most in opportune time had
not made matters any better. As he left the room these thoughts ran through
his head:

   Baby close that suitcase you've been packing
   And just sit down and talk to me a while
   I know you tried to tell me what was lacking
   But I guess I must've missed it by a mile


Later Nick saw her again and wanted to work this out so he approached
her. It scared him when she immediately went the other direction. He
stopped her and said:

   Well this time girl I swear to you I'll listen
   Help me understand where I went wrong
   It's hard to find myself in this position
   Scared that I'll go crazy once you're gone

Nick could tell from her body language that she was not buying it. If
only she would tell him what she needed. How was he supposed to always know?
All he could do was talk from the heart and hoped she heard him. He said:

   Help me hold on to what we had
   Once our love was strong, it can be again
   You said it takes two to make love last
   You were right all along so help me hold on

She did not totally believe him. He could see in her eyes how much
she wanted to believe him. He also saw the hurt. He had never wanted to
hurt her.

In his eyes she could see how much he wanted to express himself but
was quite surprized when he was speechless. She could not believe that an
800 year old vampire was speechless.

In his mind these words called out but they could not make it to his
lips for some unknown reason.

   What have I got to do to make it better
   What have I got to do to make you see
   That even though I promised you forever
   I never knew how hard that would be

He had tried everything he could think of but he just could not get
the words out. Was his love for her that strong? Was his fear of saying the
wrong thing and losing her forever that much stronger. He knew the answer to
the second question was yes.


Natalie received the flowers. She was tempted to put them down
thinking they were some half-hearted attempt to win her back. The card fell
out. She decided to read it, knowing that she would sooner or later out of
curiousity. It was in Nick's own handwritng and it said:

   I realize I took your love for granted
   But I've learned that love worth havin' don't come free
   And I'll pay any price it takes to keep you
   Satisfied and staying here with me


Nick hoped she would accept the flowers and that she would read the
card. And that if she did, she would believe the words came from his heart.

He was rewarded when he heard her heartbeat and saw her standing there
holding both the flowers and the card. Her smile said it all.

"You were right all along so help me hold on," Nick said to her.

The End