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Subject: ADULT: Heavenly Knight

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Heavenly Knight: Sequel to "Heaven Sent Me An Angel" By NiteMar April 2001 **********************************

As the morning sky slowly lit against the city skyline, Natalie made her way across town from the morgue. She only had one thing on her mind - Nick. She'd found out he had just arrived home from his trip, cutting it short when he had heard of Roger's escape from prison. He had rushed home to be with her, to protect her, but had arrived just before sunrise and was stuck at home.

During the crisis, Nat had wished Nick were there to help, but another good friend had showed up to help - Schanke. She still couldn't believe it, but it was true. Even as a ghost, Schanke was quite a character...and a very good friend. She didn't know what she would have done without his help.

She pulled into the drive and parked outside the loft. The entire chain of events had occurred in less than 48 hours, yet it had really made her think about what was really important. What would be so terrible if she admitted to Nick the way she really felt about him? Well, he could turn away from her and move on. But besides that? What if she never told him at all? He could turn away from her and move on without ever knowing. So, what did she have to lose? Her heart? She might lose that anyway if she did nothing. Time was too precious.

Nick paced inside the dark loft. He had just gotten home in time to hide from the sun behind the safety of the loft's shutters. Where was Nat? There was no answer at her apartment or office. He had come home to help, and here he was trapped inside, unable to protect her from Roger. He had barely found her in time when Roger had almost hurt her the first time. Maybe this time he would be too late.

Nick stopped and reprimanded himself for thinking that way. He wasn't too late. He couldn't be too late. He picked up the green bottle from the coffee table and tilted it upward for a soothing swallow. How foolish he had been to try to deny how he felt about her. The danger of losing her forever woke him from the games he had played.

Suddenly, the lift motor ground as it began to move, and Nick turned. Natalie. His nostrils flared as the lift carried her sweet, spicy scent to him.

The lift door slid open, and Nat stood paralyzed as she spotted Nick several feet in front on her, staring straight back at her. Her breath caught in her throat.

Nick stood there, unable to move for a moment. She stood there, alive and safe. Snapping out of his daze, he took several steps forward. "Nat, you're okay. I was so worried," he croaked, his brow furrowed with concern.

Nat stepped from the lift, and the door slid closed behind her. "Nick!" she shouted as she stepped quickly into his open arms. His arms wrapped around her tightly, and she melted into the feel of his protection.

Nick gently rocked her in his arms, comforted by the feel of her warm, living body. "I was so afraid I might lose you, Nat. I don't know what I would do without you," he mumbled into her hair.

"It's okay now, Nick," she whispered against his chest.

Noticing the bandage on her temple, Nick reached to touch it. "Nat, what happened?"

Nat pulled back, grabbing his hand, squeezing it. "It's nothing, Nick. It's okay. I just bumped my head."

"You're staying with me until we catch him," he insisted.

Nat cupped his cheek in her palm. "You don't know. Of course, you don't," she whispered, realizing he was still worried.

"Know what?"

"It's over, Nick. Roger is dead," Nat proclaimed.

Confused, Nick said, "But I just got off the phone with the Captain. Roger is still at large."

Closing her eyes, Nat shook her head. "Trust me. He's dead."

Nick, looking puzzled, gazed into her eyes, seeing she knew what she was talking about. He grasped her hand and led her to the couch. "Tell me," he said as they sat down.


Nick leaned his head against the back of the couch as all Nat was telling him sank in. "Roger a vampire? The Enforcers killed him?" he mumbled. He turned to look at Nat and questioned, "And Schanke's spirit helped you, protected you?"

Nat rolled her eyes. "I know it sounds crazy, Nick. Especially when you sum it up like that, but it's true. I'm not nuts."

Nick leaned forward and cupped her cheek in his hand, smiling. "I know you're not nuts, Nat. Remember, I've had some ghosts of my own to deal with," Nick said, recalling the ghost house where his wife from centuries before had appeared.

"As well as being a mythical creature of the night yourself?" she offered with a smile.

He snickered at her comment. "Yeah, something like that," he muttered before kissing her on the lips. "Oh, Nat. I couldn't bear to lose you," he whispered when he pulled back. He leaned in again to capture her lips in a lingering kiss, embracing her in his arms. Nick pressed his tongue into her mouth with long-denied passion.

When his kiss deepened, Nat stirred deep in her core with an aching, a desire she had hidden away. This man, this vampire had slipped into her life and now meant more to her than her own life. She would do anything to be with him.

Nick pulled away and gazed into the depths of her eyes. What he was feeling for her and desiring scared him. He wanted her. But he wanted more than to have her, as he had had others in the past. He wanted her forever, to be a part of his life, to be his life. Could he have her, being what he was, and truly love her? To be as one with her forever, to share their lives together?

Natalie ran her hands through his hair as she searched his eyes. She saw the love in his eyes, felt it in his lips and caress. She pressed her lips against his, expressing what she felt in her heart.

When her lips touched him, he had his answer. He had to try, or be forever cursed. He gave into her lips' invitation, slipping his cool hands under her sweater and caressing the soft, warm flesh of her back.

Nat moaned at his intimate touch on her skin, and she felt him unclasp her bra, releasing her breasts. Nick's tongue delved into her mouth as his hands slid to her front and under her loosened bra. Nick moaned into her mouth at the feel of her warm, firm breasts in his hands. Nat loosened the shirt from Nick's pants and slid her hands over his muscled back.

Nick pulled back to look at her with golden eyes. "Nat..." he hesitated.

Nat looked lovingly into his eyes. "Yes?" she asked softly.

"The's part of who I am..."

Nat kissed his lips and whispered, "I know. I trust you."

"I love you," he finally proclaimed aloud. Nick felt such love for the woman in his arms, the woman he desired. She didn't want him because of the vampire, or in spite of the vampire. She wanted him - whatever the package entailed.

Nick lifted her in his arms and carried her up the stairs as he continued to plunder her lips. Once inside the bedroom, he set her gently on the floor near the bed. Gently holding her head, he pressed his lips to hers, watching for her response, watching for her to push him away, uncertain of what was to happen next.

Did almost losing her scare him that much? Was the reality of her mortal existence all that was needed to bring out his feelings for her? He said that he loved her. Swept away upstairs in his arms, she felt like she was dreaming.

When he set her down on the floor and kissed her, he seemed to be waiting. Waiting for what? It was pure agony. She told him she loved him too, and then she reached for his shirt and quickly started unbuttoning it. After the buttons were undone, she pulled the shirt open and lightly caressed his chest. She leaned forward and kissed his nipple, twirling her tongue around its tip.

If he ever doubted what she intended to happen here, he didn't any longer. He moaned at the sensations she provoked in him, a soft growl escaping from his chest. But even then, she continued her sensual assault on his flesh. Her lips continued their path across his chest and over his abdomen as her fingers grasped his belt and started to free the buckle.

His fingers grasped her auburn locks when she finally slid the jeans over his hips, lowering herself and pressing her mouth against the silk covering his engorged member. "Nat..." he murmured.

She had examined his body many times before, but as a doctor. And never with so much flesh exposed at a time. Even then, she had wished to caress his body in a way a doctor should never do. The responses from him were ones a doctor should not provoke. He gasped with pleasure as she released his swollen cock from the silk boxers. She grasped his butt cheeks, pulling him close and lightly touched her tongue against his length.

Nick tightened his grip in her hair as her tongue touched him, encouraging her to wrap her lips around him. Nick tried to steady himself as she twirled her tongue around the head and engulfed more of his length. After a few moments of the sweet torture, he reluctantly begged, "Nat, stop...I can't..." and he pulled her away from his cock, lifting her to stand in front of him. He devoured her lips and pressed his cock into her belly.

Pulling back, he smiled. "We need to get your clothes off now." Nick quickly pulled her blouse off along with the already unclasped bra. He held her breasts gently in his palms, and leaned to kiss a nipple, suckling a moment. He then suckled at the other breast.

Nick's touch on her flesh was electric. His lips and tongue on her breasts nearly brought her to climax. Her legs wavered as Nick pulled off her slacks and panties, and knelt with his face next to the center of her pleasure. His touch was quick and gentle at first, as his tongue darted out, barely touching her swollen lips. Then he pulled her close and plunged his tongue, separating her lips and stroking along the moist folds.

She grasped his hair tightly as the pleasure of his touch was almost unbearable. Instead of lessening his tongue's attack, Nick delved further, thrusting his tongue into her entrance and lapping at the lubricating fluids released. She faltered at his persistent assault, and Nick tightened his hold on her, steadying her.

Her scent of desire was overwhelming as he knelt in front of her. His assault on her fueled his own desires, his cock throbbing between his legs as he plunged his tongue into her. He could feel her pleasure building as his tongue flicked across her nub.

She protested, but he didn't let her go. Then she collapsed against him as she found her release. He held her tight, supporting her relaxed body as he lapped once more at the moisture between her legs.

Standing slowly, Nick held her close in his arms as her breathing steadied. He picked her up and laid her on his bed, climbing over her. He kissed her lips and gently nudged her legs apart with his knee. His cock playfully teased at her entrance as his tongue again explored her mouth.

Nat just couldn't be mad at Nick's insistence at fulfilling her pleasure, even though he had stopped her in pleasuring him. The sensations he awakened in her! But this teasing her was enough. She grasped his butt and pulled him closer, thrusting him deep inside her. She gasped at the feel of his cock filling her. Taking the hint, Nick pushed into her until his tip touched her core.

Then slowly he withdrew his length, causing Nat to whimper. Just as the entire length had almost been withdrawn, Nick plunged into her again. Increasing the pace, Nick continued to thrust into her. Her warmth surrounding his cool member was almost enough to make him come before he wanted to. Nick pressed his lips to hers, parting them, their tongues dueling to match the passion of his thrusts.

Nat could feel the tension building in Nick, sensing his nearness to release. But he continued to struggle as he kept thrusting, almost in pain. Nat turned her neck, exposing the tender column for Nick. She heard Nick mumble and whimper before giving into what he needed. He finally plunged his fangs into her neck, drinking the warm lifeblood of his Natalie.

So close to his release, the plan to bite his wrist for his climax seemed so ineffective now. When Nat offered her neck, he couldn't resist. He silently asked for help to control himself enough to not kill her. She trusted him. He sliced into her flesh and was bombarded with the most exquisite pleasure he had ever felt, and he spilled his seed deep into her with a single thrust.

Nick drank the sweet elixir of her soul, seeing into her life and flooded by her feelings for him. A moment later, he tasted Nat's second release in her blood, the fresh sensations shuddering through her blood. He saw the images from her scare of the past few days, felt her fear and desire for his protection. He smiled inside as he saw how Schanke had helped her. He thought about the women he had taken over the years and the outcomes of his encounters with them. He hoped the end result would not be the same with Natalie. The ending had to be different this time.

"Then stop now!" the voice shouted in his head.

Nick pulled his fangs from Nat's neck, licking at the final drops of blood lingering on her neck, and sliding from on top of her. Had he stopped in time? A voice had warned him. Was it his own voice speaking to him? Was it someone watching over them? "Nat?" Nick lightly kissed her lips. "Are you okay?"

Nat mumbled and slowly opened her eyes, smiling. "Mmm..., Nick, that was..." and she turned to lean on his chest, relishing the afterglow of pleasure.

Nick tightened his arms around her in relief, kissing the top of her head, as she lay snuggled against his chest. "Thank you," he whispered.

"No problemo."

Nick chuckled as he realized now who owned the voice that had warned him to stop. Someone indeed was watching over them.


Nick walked from the bathroom nude, with a towel drying his hair. He saw Nat, lying awake now, staring at the ceiling. He smiled and leaned over to kiss her playfully on the lips.

"Nick! You're dripping all over me," she snapped.

Stunned at her reaction, Nick stepped back, confused. "What's wrong, Nat?"

Nat had woken to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. As she lay there thinking about the previous night, confusing images replayed in her mind, images she had received from Nick. She tried to sort them out and to make some sense of them. Nat turned away from him and accused angrily, "You're all wet. I didn't appreciate getting sprinkled."

After the shared intimacy last night, Nick knew Nat would never react to him that way without reason. He walked around the bed and sat on its edge. He looked down at her angry scowl, and asked again, "What's wrong? I know it has to be something."

Nat started to turn again, but the vampire was faster and pinned her in place. "Don't turn away from me, Nat. Not now. Not after we finally broke through. Tell me what's wrong. Why are you mad?"

She looked at him. He really didn't know what she was upset about. She relaxed against his hands, and he released his hold. "I saw things when you bit me, Nick," Nat started.

Nick hung his head in guilt. "You saw the killings," he stated.

"No...well, yeah. I knew...I expected that. But that's not what I'm upset about." When she had first been bombarded with the multitude of memories from Nick, she hadn't really noticed. But as her mind sorted them out, it became clearer.

Nick looked up at her, puzzled. "Then what?"

"All the women in your life, the women you had over the years. I knew they existed, or guessed. But you were thinking of them as we made love," she blurted out. She turned away, tears falling on her cheeks. "I was just one of them, one to be added to the list," she mumbled into the pillow. "I thought I was different, special. But I'm not."

Nick was surprised at her reasoning. Is that why she thought the others were in his thoughts? He reached his hands out to comfort her, resting his hands on her shoulders. "Nat, that's not why...oh, you couldn't be more wrong," Nick explained. "Nat, please, look at me," he begged.

Nat turned in his arms and looked to him for an explanation. She couldn't help feeling Nick had compared her to all the beautiful women he had in his long life.

"You're right. I was thinking of them," he started. He saw Nat tense at his words. "But not because you were being added to a list, not to compare you. Those women...I killed them, Nat. I was thinking of them because I hoped I wouldn't kill you like I killed them."

Nat watched the pain and worry on Nick's face as he talked about the ones he killed in the name of love.

"You are special, Nat. I love you...more than I thought possible to love anyone."

Nat smiled and lifted her arms to him, inviting his embrace. Nick responded immediately, falling into her arms and kissing her lips. Pulling back, he smiled, adding, "Besides, if I was comparing you to them, none would have a chance against you."


A lot had happened since they both left the loft early that evening. Along with Nick, Nat learned about LaCroix's child and master, Divia, and her determination for revenge, her plan to leave LaCroix alone by killing all who touched his life.

After Grace left the lab and they were alone, Nick talked about Tracy's anguish over Vachon's death. "There's nothing I could do for her. There is no one she can talk to about Vachon, Nat."

Nat stepped closer to Nick, speaking of her fears. "I'm afraid I'm going to find myself in exactly the same situation. You've got a 2000-year-old little girl out to kill anyone who is close to her daddy. And no one is closer to LaCroix than you."

Nick brushed his fingers along her cheek, pausing to look into her eyes. "Don't worry. I'll watch my back," he said softly, attempting to calm her worries.

Nat saw the distant look in his eyes as he looked away. "Is there something else bothering you besides Divia?" He had seemed so distracted to her. Not that the situation with Divia couldn't do that, but she sensed something more.

Nick looked back at her with saddened eyes. For a second, he was going to deny it, like he had in the past. But he knew that keeping things from her was in the past now. Whatever happened between Nat and himself couldn't involve the same games anymore. "I was thinking about what brought us together last night - the fear of losing each other. Did we really solve anything?" he asked, gazing into her eyes.

Nat caressed the side of his face gently with her fingers, sensing his fear. "Even mortals can lose each other. People can always lose their loved ones," Nat said, hoping to soothe him.

Nick rested his hands on her shoulders. "But as a vampire, I will live well beyond your years. Alone. Lost without you. I will still lose you," he explained in a tortured voice.

Nat bit her lower lip, as she realized what Nick was thinking. Did she dare say what she was thinking? Would he turn away from her and the words that were lurking in her thoughts? The answer she had to his concerns.

Suddenly he blurted out, "Come across, Nat. Be mine forever."

Shocked from her own thoughts, she burst out with a startled, "What?"

Embarrassed and surprised at his own spoken words, Nick turned away from her and muttered, "Never mind." He stepped away towards the door, only to be stopped by her firm grasp on his shoulder.

"Nick! Stop. Don't go," she pleaded with him.

He stopped where he stood, not turning around. Afraid to turn around and face her. Nat stood so close that he could feel her warm breath on his neck.

Nat leaned against his back and tried to explain, "I was just so surprised you said that. It is something I was wondering about myself. Neither of us would outlive the other any more than two mortals outliving each other."

"I was being selfish. I can't ask that of you," he replied, his voice wavering.

"No, you're not selfish, Nick. You don't want to lose me any more than I want to lose you."

Nick turned and looked at her. "But Schanke told you that I wouldn't be a vampire in the future. If I bring you across..." he protested.

"How do you know it isn't supposed to happen this way? How do you know you won't find your way back to mortality with me after many years?" countered Nat.

After a quiet moment, he said, "You have to take time to think about it, Nat. I want you to be sure. Promise me you'll consider it carefully," he asked seriously.

Nat smiled. "I promise, Nick. No rash decisions. You'll be certain that it is what I truly want."

Holding her face gently, he kissed her lips to seal their promise.


Nick stood with his father, looking on at Divia's wrapped body before lighting it with fire. This entire crisis had shown him a different side of LaCroix, a side Nick never knew about. In fact, it explained a great deal.

"What exactly would you like her to remember?" LaCroix asked about his son's partner. He would do as his son asked. He had overlooked what Nick's searching for humanity may have meant. If not for Nicholas' search, his son may now be dead, and him along with him. Maybe Nicholas' unique approach at living as a vampire was to be respected.

"That Vachon was a good friend, a vampire who decided it was time to move on," Nick answered as he looked at his father. In the past, LaCroix would have mocked him for such a request, but LaCroix just looked at him with raised brow.

"A vampire?" he asked, wanting to clarify what his son meant.

"The knowledge of our existence was Vachon's gift to her. We have no right to take that away," Nick explained softly, hoping his father would understand.

LaCroix gazed at Nicholas and responded without any resistance, "If that is what you wish..."

Nick nodded ever so slightly at his comment, and LaCroix looked away, distracted by his own thoughts.

"And Natalie?" he asked after a few moments, and looked back at Nick.

Nick stared back, puzzled at his question.

"You have crossed a certain boundary with her, have you not?"

Nick looked away, suddenly tense at realizing LaCroix had felt their lovemaking. He feared his master's reaction based on old habits between them.

"Natalie is an intriguing woman," LaCroix offered, but with no malice.

Nick looked back at him, studying his face for clues. There was no hint of threat, or promise of torture because of Fleur.

LaCroix smiled ever so slightly. "There is no reason for concern, Nicholas. I bear her no ill will...nor you."

"I asked her to join me," Nick stated after a quiet pause between them.

"Indeed. How did she respond?"

Nick smiled before answering. "I think she would have said yes right away if I let her. But I told her to wait in answering."

LaCroix watched his son curiously as he explained.

"I want her to be sure, LaCroix. I want her to know what to expect, to consider it carefully. I don't want her to hate me."

LaCroix turned and stared into the flames for a moment. "Do you hate me, Nicholas?"

Nick turned away. "I did once," he said. "I only wanted you to accept me as I was, not make me like you."

"I didn't learn from Divia's mistake. She tried to make me be like her, and I couldn't," LaCroix confided. "I did the same thing to you, Nicholas."

Nick faced his father, holding his gaze and reading much in the blue pools.

"When she decides, if you need my assistance..." LaCroix offered sincerely.

Nick smiled, nodding his understanding of LaCroix's offer.

With a sigh as LaCroix looked back to Divia's body, he said, "I will stay with Divia until her body is turned to ashes and then commit them to the wind. I may even say a prayer."

Nick turned to look at his father, surprised by his words of prayer. He placed a firm grasp on LaCroix's shoulder in support.

LaCroix turned and placed his hand on top of Nick's, squeezing it in silent thanks of his son's gesture.

Nick walked away, leaving his father alone in these last moments with his dead daughter. He stopped and looked back at the man who was his master, with a new understanding of his own personal torture. The way a child looks at their parents with the new eyes of an adult, knowing their parents are people with pasts that torment them as well.

~The End~


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