Heaven Only Knows
by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

This story is based on characters created by J. Parriott and B. Cohen
for the television series Forever Knight...etc. All rights belong to
the respective owners.
"Heaven Only Knows" is exclusive property of Richard Marx.

   //I watch the world go round and round, And my life goes by at the
   speed of sound.
   I walk the night, And I wonder just where I belong, oh...//

As Natalie answered questions about Roger Jamison, the man who had
tried to kill her, Nick sat by her watching her hands shake thinking if only
he had said something, done something different. Then none of this would
have happened. LaCroix had never looked kindly toward regret or mortal
love, both of which Nick would carry with him for eternity.

   //My heart is young, but my soul is old. I've never been one to do
   what I was told. My back to the wall is the only place I can feel
   strong, oh...//

Nick had felt close to Natalie since the first time her warm hand
brushed against the coolness of his face. Did she really know how much he
cared about her? He knew. Natalie had to know. He knew that he couldn't
love her in all the ways she deserved. If this woman was his destiny, then
what did the future for him? Nick thought, 'Heaven only knows...'

   //Heaven only knows what lies before me, Heaven only knows what all
   my searching is for. All my life I've waited for a miracle, But I
   can't ask for anything more...//

As the questioning continued, Nick couldn't help himself. He could
still taste the jealousy on his lips as he had watched Natalie and Roger
kiss that night. Nick had been at her apartment, worried sick about her.
Then he watched in shock as another man kissed her lips. Nick had resisted
throwing Roger against the wall and warning him that her lips were for
his...alone. But, he had taken his anger of jealousy out on Natalie. All
Nick had wanted to do was to kiss her and tell her he was the one who loved
her...that he had fought the battle of loving her and had lost.

   //I like to think I'm a faithful man. To resist desire, I do all I can.
   I hope to die in the arms of the woman I love, oh...//

Then during another evening at her office at the Coroner's Building,
Nick had said that he was happy she was seeing someone else and that he
wouldn't interfere. Natalie had reacted with hostility. He knew now she
had wanted him to interfere, to proclaim her as his. If only...

   //I've always wondered how to know right from wrong. Looking for a
   reason to replace what is gone. But somehow the road just seems
   to lead right back to me...//

The questioning ended and the captain told Natalie to go home and get
some rest. Both he and Nick complimented how brave she was, though Natalie
felt ashamed. Standing in the doorway, Stonetree tried to give Natalie
advice about the "one bad apple." As he did, she embarrassedly replied, "I
think I understand what you mean, captain." While Stonetree made his
departure, Nick called to his captain over his shoulder, "I'll be with you
in a second."

Natalie rose to leave. "Well, I guess I'd better check on how that
travel agent is doing finding the quintessential desert vacation fun spot."

Just as she passed where he sat, Nick turned around and took her arm,
stopping her from leaving, "Natalie?"

He rose to face her. Looking in her eyes, he wanted to say more than
what escaped his lips. "Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?"

Looking down at their arms intertwined, she answered, "Yeah." Natalie
gently touched Nick's sleeve and looked into his blue eyes, "Yeah, I think I

Slowly, Nick bent down to kiss her. Just as he was a breath away from
touching her lips, she bent her head down. His lips brushed against her
forehead. As they held each other, he knew without any doubt that he did
love her. And as the moments passed, he heard her sigh. Holding her, he
thought, 'You're the one I've searched for a lifetime. You are my miracle.
I love you my sweet Natalie. Heaven only knows how much...'

   //Heaven only knows what lies before me, Heaven only knows what all
   my searching is for. All my life I've waited for a miracle, But I
   can't ask for anything more...Heaven knows.//

The End