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Date: Thu Oct 19, 2000 6:57 pm

Subject: ADULT: Heart's Slave

WARNINGS: Explicit Sex (M/F) (Nick/Natalie), mention of but no actual B&D, mention of an adult novelty item.

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This story is the result of an story Monique Kraft wrote during and IRC session in the #N&NNUTS. In hers, Nick and Nat were in an adult novelty store and Nat was having quite a bit of fun, at Nick's expense. When I read it this just popped into my mind.

I hope you enjoy it.  

Heart's Slave By Nightlady © 2000

Nick lay on the floor of the adult store, feigning unconsciousness. Nat had obviously forgotten that his hearing was better than that of mortals. He'd heard her enlisting the salesclerk's help in 'playing a trick' on him and he decided to play along. He was curious as to just how far and how aggressive Nat might be.

As he lay there, he decided that it might be fun to she how she would react to a little trick played on her. "What's good for the goose..." Nick thought, being certain to stay very still.

Pretending to moan, Nick 'regained' consciousness.

"Nat? What happened?" He said, in a weak voice.

Nat looked at him and regretted giving into her urge to try and embarrass Nick. "Um, you must have slipped on something." She said, not wanting to admit what had occurred. Knowing that a mere fall couldn't do any real damage to Nick, she did hope that it might have given him a mild case of permanent amnesia.

"So, would you like that last item?" The salesclerk asked, brightly.

"No, I've changed my mind." Nat said, as Nick stood up. Grabbing his arm, she pulled him toward the entrance. "Come on, Nick. Let's leave."

Nick smiled inwardly as he allowed her to lead him from the store.

(Three days later)

Nick stood by a window and watched as Nat parked her car. Hearing the soft thump of the downstairs door as it closed, he smiled and finished his preparations. Turning off the other lights in the loft, he lighted several tall sconces he'd arranged around a wooden frame like object in the center of the room.

Nat parked her car outside the loft and headed into the building. Nick had phoned and invited her over saying he has something he'd like to show her. As the lift halted, she pulled open the door, stepping into the living area and froze.

The loft was in near darkness; the only light coming from the flickering flames that burned in the fireplace and several torches. The sofa and chairs had been pushed to one side and in front of her was something that looked like a medieval torture apparatus.

"Nick?" She called softly, wondering just what going on.

"Ah, Nat. You're here." Nick said from just behind her, causing her to jump several inches.

"What...what is THAT?" Nat asked. 'And do I REALLY WANT to know?' She thought.

"Why, Nat. I thought you must have ordered it. It arrived late this afternoon from that store we were at the other night." Nick said. "Oh, and they sent those along, too." Nick indicated a variety of items, most of which Nat couldn't guess and didn't want to know the use for.

"Nick, I didn't order anything like this. Why would you think I did?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at him. She had a sinking feeling that he'd remembered what had occurred at the adult store they'd been at. His next words confirmed her suspicion.

"Well, you did tell the salesclerk there that I was your slave?" Nick replied. "And you certainly did seem fascinated with those, 'rings'." Nick fought back a laugh as he watched Nat turn several shades of red. "I have to admit it's a bit kinky, but trust me I've seen far kinkier things over the centuries."

Nat closed her eyes briefly not wanting to even try to picture anything kinkier than the object in the center of the loft. When she opened them again, Nick had moved to stand in front of her. She caught her breath as she realized that Nick was wearing a robe and, from what she could tell, very little else. While a part of her was embarrassed that he'd remembered any of what had happened in the store, another part of her couldn't help but wonder just what was under that robe.

Nick walked toward the wooden structure. "I went ahead and 'got dressed'," he gave her a knowing smile, " I think your outfit is over there." He pointed to a shopping bag on the table.

Nat carefully walked over and examined the bag's contents. In it she found a black leather, demicup bustier that laced up the front, black fishnet stockings and a pair of knee high boots with platform soles that were at least two inches thick and what looked to be approximately six-inch stiletto heels.

"I, um, I think I'll be more comfortable in what I've got on now." Nat stuttered.

Nick walked over to her. "Are you sure, Nat?" He asked in a seductive voice, as he lightly caressed her face.

"Um, well.." Nat said, blushing. She blushed even more when Nick removed the robe he had on.

"I did get dressed for you." Nick said.

Nat managed, somehow, to keep her jaw from dropping somewhere around her knees.

Nick stood before her wearing a black leather vest, fastened by chains across the front, and a very small, black leather thong. The front of it barely covered his manhood.

She also noted that said manhood was semi-erect. She also noted that, like the porcelain penis she'd pretended to admire in the store, Nick's could be classified as overly large.

Nat felt a quiver of excitement run through her. She glanced again at the bag. "I'll only be a minute." She said, taking the bag and heading for the bathroom.

Nick watched her go his mind racing. He hadn't really expected this. He'd figured that Nat would realize that he was teasing her about the incident in the store and they would share a laugh. That she might actually take him up and put on the scanty, suggestive outfit had never occurred to him. A slow smile spread across his face. He certainly wasn't going to dissuade her. Even if she took him up and actually employed some of the various items arrayed on the table by the frame, he wouldn't suffer any permanent harm. Nick did hope, however, that she wouldn't decide to try anything too painful.

Nat changed into the outfit from the bag and glanced at her self in the mirror. The image that looked back at her made her turn beet red. The bustier pushed up her breasts, deepening her cleavage, yet barely covered her nipples. The lacing accentuated her narrow waist and the soft curve of her hips. The lower part of the garment left nothing to the imagination as the garters framed the curly thatch of her pubic hair and the boots made her legs look twice as long as they were.

"Oh, my, Lambert. You make quite the dom." Nat giggled. She swayed slightly as she turned to go back into the other room. The boots were not easy to walk in.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the bathroom door. Nick turned, from where he was looking over the other items, and felt both his manhood and his beast rise. He could feel his body tremble with desire as he watched Nat slowly, walk toward him. He could hear her heart beating rapidly as she watched his face for his reaction. Nick resisted the urge to grab her, remembering the role he'd planned to play. Instead, he knelt before her, looking at the floor. "What does my mistress wish to do to me?" He asked.

Nat stopped. "What? Nick?" Downcast eyes were not what she'd expected. She wasn't sure she liked this meek submissive Nick. 'She wishes to touch you and have you touch her. She wishes to have you make love to her.' She thought.

 Nick reached up and grabbed an item off the table. Giving it a glance he continued. "Do you wish to tie me to the torture frame and use these on me?" He asked.

Nat looked at the pieces of metal in his hand. "No! I'm not even sure how you would use those, those, whatever they are." She said.

Nick stifled another laugh. "But Mistress, am I not your slave? " He asked.

Nat suddenly felt tears spring to her eyes. She didn't want Nick as some sort of a slave. The Nick she loved was strong, not weak. He exuded confidence and power and she always felt safe and secure in his presence.

"No." She said in a soft voice.

"But that's what you told the salesclerk. That I was your slave." Nick said, before the tone of her voice registered.

He looked up and saw tears sparkling in Nat's eyes. Abandoning his act he stood. "Nat?"

"Nick, I'm sorry I did that. It's just that you were acting so prissy in that store, I wanted to, I guess, try and shock you a bit." Nat said, her voice cracking. "I've never wanted you to be anything but what you are. A good man that I admire, respect and love." She added, her voice cracking on the last word. Feeling overwhelmed by shame and embarrassment, Nat turned to flee, forgetting she was wearing boots more akin to stilts than shoes. She cried out in surprise as her foot slipped and she felt herself start to fall.

Nick moved with near vampiric speed, Nick caught Nat in his arms before she could fall. He could feel her trembling and could tell by her ragged breathing that she was crying. "Nat? Are you okay? Did you hurt your ankle? " He worriedly inquired.

She managed to mumble that she wasn't hurt as she fought for control of her emotions.

Nick wrapped his arms more tightly around her, turning her to face him and pulling her head against his chest. "I'm the one sorry, Nat. I didn't mean to upset you." He told her, stroking her hair. He couldn't help but notice how much of her bare skin was in contact with his. The warmth of her caused him to harden more and he struggled to keep his fangs from descending. He could feel some of the tension ebb from her body.

Nat let her tears fall as Nick's arms closed around her. She could hear the concern in his voice as he comforted her. Calming, she relaxed into his strong, but gentle embrace.

He softly rubbed his cheek against the silky softness of her hair before he whispered against her ear, "But, you do look extremely lovely in that outfit."

Nat looked up, and managed a small smile. "You look pretty nice in that, too." She said.

For a moment neither moved, then Nick slowly lowered his lips to hers. His tongue probed gently and found no resistance as Nat sighed and gave herself to the kiss.

Nick deepened it and slid his hand slowly down her back to the naked roundness of her butt. He felt Nat shiver slightly as he caressed her cheeks and squeezed them gently. It was his turn to gasp as he felt Nat snap the thin string holding on the thong and grasp him in her hand. He felt his fangs drop and knew that his eyes were now blazing gold in color.

With a soft growl, Nick moved his lips from hers, kissing his way down her neck. The sweet scent of her blood, so near the surface, fueled his need for her. He could hear Nat panting with desire and, as he reached his hand forward slightly to lightly touch the curly mass between her legs, felt the warm moistness that seeped from between her thighs. He knew that he had to have her, to possess her. He needed to feel her damp moistness surrounding his throbbing staff and to taste the nectar that flowed in her veins.

Sweeping her into his arms, he carried her over to the sofa, laying her on it. He covered her body with his own, he continued kissing her. He ravished her mouth with his before again moving his hungry lips down the slim column of her neck and then along the exposed tops of her breasts. He paused only to undo the lacing of the bustier and free her breasts. Eagerly, he took one into his mouth and began to suck greedily on the nipple while his hand kneaded and caressed her other breast.

Nat moaned aloud as waves of pleasure rushed through her. Nick's cool lips traced a trail of pleasure across her skin. His kisses set fiery lust and need racing along her nerves. When he nudged her legs apart with his knee, she eagerly complied.

"Nick, please, I want you!" She begged. "Take me. Make love to me." She'd seen the golden glint of his eyes and knew that she was taking the risk of him draining her, but she didn't care. All she wanted was to feel Nick's hardness deep in her aching core.

Nick didn't stop to think, or worry about any consequences. His body was burning with the need to possess this woman, to love her and feel her love him. Eyes blazing gold, he slid his cock deep within her. As her warm moistness surrounded him, he roared with delight. He began to move in and out, each stroke taking him deeper within her.

Nat cried out as Nick's hard thickness filled her. She'd never dreamed anything could feel that good. As he started to thrust she met his movements with her own. She clutched at his back, wanting to draw him ever deeper with in her. Every muscle in her body seemed to tighten and, just as she felt she would explode, her body shuddered in a massive orgasm. She felt the short, sharp sting of Nick's fangs in her neck, which seemed to intensify her orgasm, and she cried out his name.

Nick felt Nat shudder at her release and needing to find his own sank his fangs deep into her throat. Her blood, sweeter than anything he'd ever known, filled his mouth and her love filled his soul. He felt his body explode, as his seed spurted into her and his beast roared with satisfaction as her blood sated it. Only then did Nick realize the danger he'd put Nat in. Withdrawing his fangs, he gazed down at her as she lay, limp with eyes closed.

"Nat! Nat, please be alright." Nick panted. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as she moaned and stirred.

"Nick? Oh NICK!" Nat said, happiness evident in her voice as she reached for him.

Nick held her tightly. When their breathing had slowed, Nick kissed her softly.

"Nick, I'm sorry about the store." Nat said. "I don't want you as a slave, just as a lover."

Nick smiled back. "Ah, but for that. Your beauty, courage, intelligence and spirit have already enslaved me." He kissed her softly as he whispered, "I love you, Nat, and I will forever."

The End

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