Hearts Breaking Even
by Rosefever

The song, Hearts Breaking Even, is sung by Bon Jovi on his album 'These
Days.' (Lyrics are within * *)
FK characters belong to someone else, James Parriot...and others. Blah
blah blah...you know who they belong to.

This is dedicated to those whose heart was broken...but found a way to
mend it with the joy of a new love...

*It's been a cold cold cold cold night tonight
and I can't get you out of my mind,
God knows I've tried
Did I throw away the best part of my life
When I cut you off did I cut myself off with the same damn knife
Hide my tears in the pouring rain, had my share of the hurt and
Don't say my name, run away, cause it's all in vain.*

"Janette," Nick whispered. "Let me bring you across. You don't
have to die."

The hospital bed made Janette look small, so small it frightened
him. Her eyes fluttered open. "No Nicola. It is my time to die."

Nick held one of her hands in between his. "Janette, I love you,
I always have, I cannot live without you."

*My hearts breaking even, now there's no use we even try
Hey I lied, yeah I cried, hell I almost died
Don't got a reason, let's just fold the cards and say goodbye
It's all right, just two hearts breaking even tonight*

Janette shook her head. "I love you too Nicola, so much I cannot
let you bring me across. It will set you back, and I want you to
know what it is to be mortal again...and to have mortal love."

Janette's eyes fluttered closed, and her breathing evened out.
Her body relaxed into sleep.

Nick watched her and remembered.

The first time he saw Janette.

Janette in moonlight.

Janette in her beloved Paris.

Janette in her various fashions over the years.

Janette sad.

Janette angry.

Janette happy.

Janette loving him.

Why of why hadn't he stayed with her always? Why hadn't their
love, which had seemed so right in the beginning not survived
over the centuries?

*It's been a long long long long time since I've had your love
here in my hands.
We didn't understand it, we couldn't understand it.
But nothing's fair in love and hate, you lay it all down and walk
away, before it's too late.
We danced all night as the music played, the sheets got tangled
in the mess we made.
There in the stains, we remain.
No one left to blame.*

Nick felt someone come in and knew it was Natalie. He knew
without turning around that she was hesitating at the door, not
sure if she was intruding. He extended a hand to her, which she
came forward to grasp.

Nick sat there, holding darkness and light.

"You could bring her across." Natalie told him, as if reminding

Nick nodded. But the darkness had become light, erasing
confusion. "She does not wish it."

Janette opened her eyes. "No Natalie, I will not set him back."

Janette's body went rigid with pain, then relaxed. She took
Natalie's free hand. "Take good care of him Natalie."

Natalie squeezed her hand for a moment and nodded, but didn't
speak for fear of sobbing.

Janette then touched Nick's face. "I love you Nicola."

Janette died smiling.

Natalie's grip on Nick's hand tightened as she knelt beside him.
She looked directly into his face, paying no heed to the tears
pouring down her face. "It's what she wanted Nick."

Nick felt physical pain course through his body. His Janette was
gone. But Natalie, sweet Natalie was still here.

Nick stood up and pulled Natalie to her feet. "Before, I always
had confusion, the two choices were the darkness and the light."
Nick told her, looking straight into Natalie's eyes. "But the
darkness became light for a brief moment before being snuffed out. In
that brief moment of total light, I saw the way."


"Natalie, I will tell you this now, I will always love Janette in
a way no one else can understand. But our love, your and mine, is
different, but no less special."

"Oh Nick-." Natalie was cut off by a fierce kiss from Nick. She
slid her arms around his neck and let go of all restraint.

*Go on get on with your life. Yeah-I'll get on with mine
Broken hearts can't call the cops, yeah-it's the perfect crime
Twisting and turning the night keeps me yearning,
I'm burning alive
I'm paying the price again,
But I'll see the light again.*

When they finally let go, Nick still held her. "No more back-
sliding for me. I will be mortal again."

Natalie traced his lips. "I'll join you for your first sunrise

"And every sunrise after that?"

"And every sunrise after that." Natalie promised.

The End