Fun With Nick and Nat

by Convent of The Decadent Sin Sisters

Archived November 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Nick looked at Natalie and smiled. She looked good tonight with her hair
falling out of the clip and creeping down the sides of her face. Sometimes he
just wanted to brush it aside and feel the silkiness of the Auburn curls
between his fingers... But now was not the time, Captain Reese was giving the
precinct a 
briefing on the latest serial killer Toronto had the displeasure of  hosting.

Unfortunatly, this killer liked newlyweds and at the rate he was going.....
Toronto was running out of them fast...

Nick started when Reese called his name, if he could have blushed the colour
would be raging across his face. He recovered his composure and said, "Yes

Reese looked from Nick to Natalie and held back a smile.  "Knight, I've got a
little problem when it comes to you..."

Nick sat up straight and wondered what it could be, did he smell? No,
 vampires didn't stink!!

Reese settled his heft into the chair at the end of the table and folded his
hands in front of him on the table. "I don't have a wife for you."

Nick's eyes flew wide open. "What?"

The other detectives started to chuckle and make jokes about Nick being hard
to marry off.

Captain Reese held back his smile again. "What I mean is that I don't have
any other night shift Detectives that I can pair you up with."

"We need someone who is familiar enough with the case so that they can  spot
our perp before he gets too close, and I'm not setting you up with any of the
rookies. They don't have time to learn any of the information by tonight." He
looked Nick in the eye and grimaced mockingly. "Besides, the only female
detective I could get for you is six months pregnant and she said she doesn't
want to go with you because you get shot at too much!"

The detectives all broke out in a chorus of roaring laughter

 "But..." Joe Reese rubbed his chin as he spotted Natalie sitting in the
corner of the room copiously taking notes...

Natalie felt way too many eyes on her and looked up from her work...

"You know.... Lambert over there is almost as familiar with the case as the
rest of the precinct is."

Natalie felt her pen drop from her hand. "Oh, no you don't! I'm only on loan
from the Coroner's Department for observation." Natalie knew this new trading
departments plan was going to backfire on 
her some time.  At firt, she had been excited about the prospect of sitting
in on the briefings to help her learn more about police procedure. Now she
was starting to regret her decision! 

Tracy smiled at Nick when she saw the glimmer of hope flash into his eyes
momentarily, he tried to hide it but she knew it was there. "But Nat, you'de
be perfect. You're not a cop so you won't look like 
 you're... well... looking for anyone."

Natalie looked from Tracy, to Reese, to Schanke and finally to Nick.

Schanke smiled his little, 'Don know's a secret' look and kicked Nick under
the table. "Sure, Nat. You two would be the perfect decoy newlyweds. You know
each other's habits and pecadillo's.... being best friend's and all."

The tension in the air was beginning to thicken as everyone stared at Natalie
in anticipation...

Nick felt his heartbeat quicken to twice in ten minutes, well.... it was fast
for him!

She had a feeling that she wasn't going to get out of it so Natalie set her
notepad down and drew her hands into her lap to stop from shaking. She sighed
and tried to look perturbed with the whole situation. "Well, 
it looks like I don't have any choice now do I?" She had been trying to wean
herself off of the desire she felt for Nick, but apparently she wasn't going
to be getting a break any time soon...

If only Nick felt the same way about her that she felt about him.... then it
would have been the dream assignment for any visiting coroner...

"Ok, then it's settled. You two get to the wedding chapel on fifth and main.
See Father Nat McCann and he'll marry you right away."

Nick and Natalie both blurted out at the same time, "What?"

Reese chuckled under his breath, he had worded it that way just to see what
the two of them would say. "He isnt going to legally marry you two. He has
been instructed to falsify the marriage certificate. But we want him to make
the ceremony to look as real as possible just in case the killer is watching
the area chapels. He seems to like the 24 hour variety, and Father Nat keeps
his open to everyone any time."

Nick sat back in his chair and tried to wipe the 'shit eatin' grin off of his
face at the thought that he and Natalie would be able to play at being
married. He found himself shaking his head at the honeymoon thoughts that
invaded his mind!

The briefing flew by at a speed that would scare a vampire in flight. Both
Nick and Natalie were trying not to think of the upcoming ceremony. but the
time came soon enough!

The detectives broke up the makeshift round table and began to shuffle out of
the room, Schanke slapped his partner on the shoulder and whispered into his
ear. "Be gentle my sweet Prince, it will be your honeymoon after all!" He
then cracked himself up and walked past the startled vampire...

Nick reached over to his chair by his desk and grabbed his leather jacket, he
picked up Natalie's suede one and offered it to her.

Reese came out of his office with an envelope in his hand, he gave it to
Nick. "Here is some money to give to Father Nat for the ceremony, it's all
accounted for from the department's budget... so please don't loose it."

Nick took Natalie's arm and escorted her out of the station.... eager to get
to their pretend wedding.

Nick shifted from one foot to another in discomfort. Although this wasn't
exactly a traditional church setting, it still made him nervous.

Natalie looked around at the black velvet Elvis paintings that adorned the
walls and shook her head ruefully. This wasn't exactly how she envisioned her
wedding would be, but then again... it wasn't exactly like she was getting
married for real. She sighed and looked at Nick. Why was he being so quiet
about this whole situation? She decided that he was probably trying to
concentrate on not bursting into flames from the close religious contact the
church presented.

Father McCann sat in the chair and stroked the plastic yellow animal in his
lap. His Irish accent was a little slurred and, in a perverse way, a little
leering. "Ah, BJ... me little duckie. How about you and I take a dip in the
confessional? I could rub your little feathers down and..." He was cut off by
the ringing of a bell. The priest jumped up and watched in horror as his
beloved BJ fell to the floor with a squeak. He picked it up hurriedly and
smoothed the imaginary feathers. Whispering, he leaned in to the duck's ear
flap. "Don't worry me sweet, I'll be back and then we can finish our little
discussion." He set it down with another squeak and stumbled to the front

Natalie watched the priest warily, there was something not right about him
but she decided it must be her nerves and ignored it. She needed to make sure
she didn't mess up her vows to Nick.

Nick looked at the priest and shook his head. His nerves were making him
shaky, but he could swear the man looked a little tipsy. He ignored his
feelings and concentrated on saying his vows to Natalie.

Nick watched Natalie and placed a hand on her shoulder. It was obvious that
she was having a hard time with this. "Nat, are you okay?"

Both Natalie and the priest answered in unison. "Yes."

Nick looked from one to the other. "What?"

Both answered again. "I said I'm okay."

They looked at each other. 

"Wait, I'm Nat." 

"No, I'm Nat."

Nick shook his head and swore under his breath. As long as he married the
right Nat, he didn't care what the priest's name was. "Can we get this show
on the road?"

Natalie watched the priest again and started to get a bad feeling about the
whole thing. Unfortunately, she didn't get a chance to voice her opinions as
she was presented with several registration papers to fill out. From that
point on her attention was dragged from one activity to another.

She was taken completely by surprise to realize almost an hour later that the
ceremony was finished. She and Nick were officially fake husband and wife.

Nick felt the time rush past him as he filled out the paperwork, he was so
nervous that he almost forgot all of his assumed identity information. Faster
than he could comprehend, he was married.

Father McCann started to sway as he let the last words of blessing slip past
his lips. Suddenly there were three... no, four people in front of him
instead of two.....

Suddenly both Nick and Nat had a very bad feeling....

An hour later Natalie came stomping into the squad room with a look on her
face that said she was pissed! 

Nick was trailing behind her at least five paces with a look on his face that
said he was scared...

Schanke looked at them and cracked a sly smile. "Honeymoon go that good?"

Nick held up his hands to warn his fearless partner not to say anything, but
it was too late.

Natalie turned on the helpless man and practically screamed. "Apparently it's
just getting started!"

Captain Reese came out of his office and held a hand up to calm her down.
"What's going on, here?"

Natalie swung around and looked at Nick. "Do you want to tell him or should

He shook his head sheepishly. "No, that's okay. You do it?"

Natalie took several breaths to calm herself, and then tried to speak without
her voice shaking with anger. "That idiot priest married us for real!!" She
tried to soothe her anger. It just wasn't fair to have her deepest wishes
come true, only to know that it was only a one sided affair.

Tracy did a spit take and coughed on her coffee. This was like some sort of
sick sitcom!

Reese's eyes bulged out of his sockets, "What in the hell are you talking

"He's a drunk! And apparently very good at hiding it, because neither Mr.
Wonderful or myself noticed it until the moron was done with the ceremony."

Tracy wiped at the coffee hanging around her mouth. "How did you know it

Natalie pointed at Nick's shoes. "Because he threw up on Nick!"

Nick suddenly wondered something. He walked over to Nat's side and made her
look at him. "Why are you so mad about being married to me? Is there
something really terrible about the idea?"
She felt her stomach doing flip flops at the closeness of her... husband. "I
can't be married to you, Nick. You are my best friend."

He started to look a little hurt. "And that's not a good reason to marry

She looked at his expression, her heart started to melt. "I can think of at
least 767 reasons why we shouldn't get married."

He thought about it for a minute until he realized she was talking about his
age. "You've got to be kidding! What kind of reason is that?"

She sighed. "You don't eat any of the food I cook," Her voice lowered. "you
can't walk with me in the sun." She stepped on her tip toes and whispered
into his ears. "We wouldn't be able to make love without you killing me."  

He listened to her words and realized the sanity behind them. "Oh, that."

Everyone was looking at them with baited breath, but were disappointed when
they didn't hear anything that was whispered.

Reese shook his head, this was going to have to wait. "We can get it fixed in
the morning. Right now I want you two to go back to the chapel area and find
a hotel room for the night."

The detectives and rookies that were left in the room let out wolf whilstes
and rants to the newlyweds.

As they left the station, Natalie turned to Nick and said. "The next time
they want me to learn more about procedure, get me a CD-ROM!"

On the ride to the hotel, Nick sat behind the wheel thinking to himself about
the mess they had gotten into tonight. To him it was far from a disaster, but
for Nat... well, it seemed to be the end of the world for some reason...

Natalie scrunched herself as close to the passenger door as she could. Why
did this have to happen to her? The only man she ever wanted to marry was
sitting right next to her AS her husband... but in name only not emotion...

The clerk at the reception desk leered at the couple in front of him, they
were such a nice looking set... he could go either way with them!

The female attendants behind the desk smiled appreciatively at Nick. They
felt their collective jaws drop when they heard Natalie say. "Let's get this
over with!" She grabbed the key from the perky blonde woman (Tracy in
disguise) and grabbed his arm to drag him along to the elevators.

Natalie unlocked the door and pushed her way inside the room, only at that
point remembering that they had no suitcases with them. They must have looked
like sex-starved newlyweds who had had too much to drink!

Nick followed her in and flipped the switches on the wall, the lights came on
to a very dim level. He realized that they were in the Honeymoon Suite,
therefore the lights were practically non-existant. Most newlyweds didn't
need to see each other. They did most of the activity for the night by touch.

He walked forward and bumped straight into Natalie, she had stopped right in
his path and was staring at the bed.

Natalie started to shake her head while she treid to back away from the bed,
unfortunately she only forced herself closer against Nick. "I can't do this,

He put his hands on her shoulders and lowered his lips to whisper in her ear.
"Why not, it's just an undercover assignment? Technically we won't be married
be tomorrow afternoon when Cap gets the paperwork figured out." He
'accidentally' let his lips brush against her cheek as he moved to look over
her shoulder and into her eyes. Why couldn't she feel the same way about him
that he felt about her?

Natalie shrugged and tried to fight off the shiver of want that covered her
body at his touch. She thought to herself, 'Just go to the bed and lay down,
you can do this! You've slept with him on the couch before, why should this
be any different? Because I wasn't his wife then...' Her thoughts trailed off
as she 
forced her leaden legs to make their way to the bed.

Two hours later both husband and wife were lying stiffly next to each other
trying not to fall off the bed.

Natalie tried not to laugh as she felt herself sliding off the bed, she
grabbed at the bed cover and tried to hold on.

Nick grabbed out at the cover also but felt his hand slipping off because it
was too velvety for him to properly grip.

Their hands collided, both hurriedly moved out of the way of the other and
promptly fell off the bed and onto the ground.

Nick pulled himself up to lean on the bed and looked over the edge at Natalie
who was in the same positon as he was just on the other side. "This is
ridiculous, Nat. How come we can sleep on my small couch for the entire day
and not fall off, but when have this bed which is easily twice the size we
can't stay on to save our lives?"

She felt her face crowd with colour and offered a silly smile. "Because we
have never been married and in a hotel room together."

He looked her face over and gave his best puppy dog eyes to her. "Can't we
just forget that whole mix-up at the chapel and go back to being friends?
You've seen me half naked before for goodness sakes! I think we can sleep on
the same bed together until this assignment is over."

She thought about his comment and decided that it made too much sense to
argue about it. She stood up and offered her hand out to him. "Shake on it.
But if I start to fall off, you're coming with me!"

He shook her hand and pulled back the cover on the bed, he laid down and put
his arm out for her to join him.

Natalie took his hand and climbed into the bed, she snuggled against him like
she did whenever she fell asleep on the couch after watching movies.

Before either one knew it, they were asleep....

Natalie felt around in her sleep, her clothes were sticking to her body with
sweat and the room was so how she thought she was going to suffocate.

She got up and padded across the floor to her bureau.... Where was her
bureau? She heard a sound and turned around with a start, it was Nick! She
suddenly remembered where she was. She had thought she was dreaming about
being married to Nick. But there he was, lying in bed not ten feet away from

She let her eyes adjust to the darkness adn let herself take a long look at
her sleeping husband.

He had taken off his shirt during the night.... she wondered if he had taken
anything else off while he was at it... Natalie shook her head to clear her
thoughts when she remembered the heat.  She felt along the walls until she
found the thermostat, it was up to 90 degrees! She turned the air conditioner
on and lowered the heat index to 60. 

Natalie slipped out of the room and got some ice in a bucket at the end of
the hallway, she was going to need it if she was going to cool off in that

When she let herself back into the room, Nick was still asleep so she slowly
peeled her sweat soaked clothes off and placed them into the bathroom to try

She moved back into the bedroom in just her underwear and bra to keep her
covered, for some reason there didn't seem to be any towels bigger than the
size of  a wet nap that she could wrap around herself.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the maid' quarters....

Tracy held out several wads of cash for the maids present. "Now, you set the
heat to 90, right? And you disabled the air conditioner and took out all the
towels before they got here?"

The young women nodded and took the cash. "Good, now let's see them try and
get out of this love nest intact!"

Meanwhile, upstairs.....

Natalie tapped on the outer paneling of the air contidioner and silently
cursed it. She looked back to make sure Nick was still asleep, he was, before
taking a piece of the ice and running it across her upper chest..It was cold
but against the heat, it felt like a heaven sent to her steaming body.

 Natalie let the ice glide across her clavicle and up to her neck,
  practically melted on contact... She reached into the bucket and started to
dig out another piece, only to 
  feel a hand that didn't belong to her reach into the bucket first.

She sucked in a breath as she looked up into the wall mirror above the
waist-high dresser in front of her. She felt her eyes drawn to Nick's as he
stared at her scantily clad reflection.

Nick gazed at her body with unmasked desire in his eyes, they were still blue
but he could feel the vampire rising within him.

He pulled out a large chunk of ice from the bucket and brought it up her
front, trailing it first along her stomach and then across the fabric of her
bra until it met the base of her neck. He let his free hand follow the
droplets of water until his hand was just below the base of the small rose in
the middle of her bra...

She shivered at his closeness and wished he wouldn't stop...

Natalie let her hand drop to her side and move back towards his legs. She
felt her hand contact his leg and jumped a little with surprise.... he wasn't
wearing anything. She pressed herself back against him and sighed at the feel
of his hardness against her satiny panties...

He pressed into her and made sure she knew he wanted her... and did he ever
want her!!!

He continued to run the ice up her neck until he came to the side of her
cheek, slowly he lowered his head and popped the diminishing cube into his
mouth. He held it between his teeth and ran his mouth against her neck as he
held her hair up.

She quivered and reached back behind him to grasp his cheek with one hand
while the other guided one of his own to stroke her breasts through the thin
fabric she wished she hadn't bothered to wear tonight.

He slipped his fingers inside the sheer cloth and ran his tips against her
nipples until they hardened into tiny nubs.

She arched away from his body and into his hand as she felt electricshocks
shooting into her body from the coolness of his own hardened state of

He slid his free hand across her stomach and pulled her back against him
roughly, she caught her breath and smiled.  He lowered his mouth, the ice now
melted, and kissed her shoulder lightly until he felt the draw of the vein
pulsing in her neck... He pulled away and willed the beast down into the
depths of his soul, it 
would not take her tonight... but he man would...

Nick turned Natalie around and whispered into her temple. "Nat, I want
you.... so badly. I love you."

Natalie wasn't sure if she was imagining his words, but she didn't care.
Tonight she was his wife and she wanted to make sure she got the chance to
show him just how much that meant to her... She moved her lips to his and
brushed them lightly against each other before running her tongue across the
outer and then inner edges.

Nick mooaned and pressed her up into the dresser as his lips captured hers,
his tongue mingled with hers until he thought he was going to lose
conciousness from the sweet taste of her. He seperated from her just long
enough to pick her up and deposit her ass on the top of the dresser and her
back against the cool mirror.

Nick pulled her lips to his again and hungrily kissed every centimeter until
they  were swollen with desire and her eyes spoke of nothing but the need to
be satisfied. He reached down the side of her body and let his hands find
their way into the sides of her underwear, he slid them under the satin

She arched again, this time against him so that his hands could slid further
under and into the part of her body that called out for release. She stroked
his rear until she was able to find the courage to reach in front of her own
body and find his hardened manhood. She grasped it in her hands and ran them
along the length of him as she heard his breath become ragged.

Nick swayed against her as she stroked him, the feelings of passion rising in
him said that she needed to feel the same as he was for the act between them
to be equally satisfying. For so long he had dreamed of a moment like this
with her, and he wasn't about to let it pass without taking full advantage.

He tightened his fingers around the edge of the flimsy cloth and gave it a
 short vampiric tug... it tore effortlessly... as did the other side when he
repeated the movement.

Natalie gasped when he tore her underwear from her body, and smiled to
herself as she hoped he would do the same with her bra.

Nick felt his fangs dropping, but knew it was more out of habit than the need
to feed on her blood... there was time before he needed to worry about that.
He lowered his head to her breasts and tugged on the offending material that
covered them with his teeth, with one good pull it was gone and her soft
flesh was pressed against his mouth with urgent need.

Nat could feel his erection getting harder in her hands as she stroked
slowly, he felt good and she liked the knowledge that she was the one
bringing this reaction about in him.

Nick moved his fingers to her soft mound of pubic hair and began to stroke
softly until he slid his fingers inside and rubbed her clitoris until it
became as hard as her nipples. He felt her start to grind against his fingers
and stroke his penis with the same motions,  he needed to be inside her soon
or he  wasn't sure he could hold back his release.

Natalie whimpered against his mouth and cried out with body for him to take

He moved her body to the edge of the dresser and positioned himself in front
of her. As he slowly pushed his thickness into her waiting flesh, Natalie
dropped her hands to the top of the dresser and clamped on as she pushed her
breasts up and into his face.

Nick stopped mid way and grabbed the same corner of the dresser that Natalie
was holding on to and tried to hold back the feeling of estacy that was
rushing through him, he reached out with his tongue and flicked her nipples
before drawing them into his mouth and sucking on them until he could hear
Natalie moaning 
again. He pushed into her again slowly until he filled her completely and he
could feel her muscles contracting around his cool shaft.

Natalie didn't feel the cuts forming on her fingers as he began to move in
and out of her with a pulsing rythym.

Nick felt the vampire screaming to be set free as the sweet smell of her
blood reached his senses...

He couldn't stop imagining her scent as he pressed himself within her as
deeply as he could, his released her hand from the dresser and slammed his
own into the wall behind her.

Natalie shook with an orgasm as he pumped inside of her, her hand flew to his
head and tangled in his hair for support.

Nick felt the beast surge forward when she reached out for him, it was then
that he realized that he has crushed her hand into the corner of the dresser
until it had bled.

Natalie's orgasm peaked and she started to relax a little, (One orgasm was
more than she had expected for the night so she was happy to wait for another
occasion for the next one) even though she could still feel pleasant
sensations running through her body at his cool thickness sliding in and out
of her.She suddenly noticed a rigidity to his shoulders as his pelvic
movements slowed and stopped, she could still feel his erection and wondered
why he had stopped before satisfying himself as he had done for her.

She moved back and took note of his fangs under his lip, she could feel his
controlled breathing as she moved her hand out of his hair and onto his
chest... It was then that she saw the blood on her hand, it was smearing
against his pale skin... and exciting the inner beast as the odour wafted to
his nostrils... She reached towards his face with her other hand and made him
look at her directly in the eyes.  He tried to turn so that she wouldn't see
the monster inside.

Natalie kissed his lips lightly and reached up with her injured hand, slowly
she placed it on his lips and urged him to drink...

Nick was so far past reasoning that he took her soft palm into his mouth and
sucked in the blood slowly as he resumes his motions with the rest of his
body. Within her blood Nick saw all of her love and desires for him, and the
pain of not knowing how he felt about her as well.

Her emotions swam into his bloodstream with lightening speed, exciting him
and pushing his climax to the forefront as she moaned with another corgasm at
the shared experiences the blood draining melded between them. He took one
last draught from her as his cum burst forth from his penis and inside of her
with one final thrust.

He felt her hand drop from his mouth as his fangs receeded into his gums, she
slumped against him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders with a
satisfied sigh. 

Nick pulled her face up to meet his so he could make sure he hadn't taken too
much, her heartbeat was slow but steady and her pulse was that of a woman who
had just made love with terrific force.

"I love you Nick." Was all she said as he carried Natalie to the bed and laid
her down under the covers.

As he climbed into the bed next and wrapped his arms around her, Nick knew a
happiness that he hadn't felt in centuries...

The next morning as the two walked into the station, changed after a quick
stop to their respective homes, Reese  shook his head at them. "Where have
you two been? I've been trying to call you for hours!"

Nick pulled his cellular out of the inner pocket of his jacket. "Sorry, Cap.
The battery must have gone dead."

Reese shook his head again, he knew exactly where they were and what they had
been doing. "Well it doesn't matter now, Vetter caught our serial killer last
night while you two were arguing about why you shouldn't get married."

Nick and Nat tried not to look guilty as they found Tracy watching them with
a gloating expression on her face. "That's right! I got him on my way home
actually. It seems that our friendly neighbourhood nutcase was stalking a
couple at the hotel across from where you two were staying and I happened
across him trying to abduct them while they were having sex outside by the

"Wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time!" Natalie was
completely surprised and impressed with the young detective.

Nick reached out and took Tracy's hand in his, he shook it firmly and smiled.
"Great job Trace!"

Schanke walked up and placed an arm around Natalie's shoulders. "Well, Mrs.
Knight. Are you ready to get that divorce you so desperately wanted last

Natalie looked from Nick to Schanke and then back to Nick before she smiled
and took Nick's hand in hers. "No, I think I'll try it out for while. Married
life agrees with me."

Nick smiled down into her glowing face and squeezed her hand tightly. "Me

Trace held down the giddy glee that threatened to bubble up, and crossed to
give Nat a hug. She leaned in and whispered. "I'm so happy for you! Do you
know how much it cost me to get that air conditioner broken?"

Natalie gulped with embarrassment and Nick choked on his breath as he heard
her comment with his extra sensitive hearing.

Tracy stood up and gave Nick a friendly hug and smiled. "What are friends

The End