Fright Knight
by BJ

Natalie had just settled herself on Nick's squeaky leather couch when she
she heard Nick's blood curdling scream coming from upstairs. She quickly
dropped the remote and practically vaulted up to Nick's bedroom. She
rounded the corner, gasping for air.

When she found Nick he was standing in the middle of the bed wielding a
long pointed stick.She frantically thought that there must be another
vampire in their midst...

"Nick, what is it? What's wrong?"

Nick was pointing towards the corner of the room.


Natalie looked to where Nick was pointing, his fingers shaking.

"Get it away...Nat..."

Natalie groaned.

"Give me your slipper."
"Why? You aren't going to kill it are you?"
"Would you like me to put it in a box for you to keep as a pet?"
"No, but don't kill it."
"Oh, all right..."

Natalie walked over to the corner.

"Nick, it's the size of a button!"
"No, it' careful Nat, those things jump."
"Arrgghh, you big baby..."

Nat scooped the tiny thing up on a stray piece of paper and walked
towards the bathroom.

"Nat, what are you doing?"
"What do you think I'm doing, I'm giving it a bon voyage party..."
"Nat, you can't drown it..."

Exasperated, Natalie went over to the window and opened it.

"But Nat..."
"What do you want me to do with it then Nick?"
"I dunno, maybe..."

Natalie tossed the stray pet and the paper out the window.
Nick opened his mouth to say something.

"Nick Knight, if you say one thing about littering...I'll slug you."

Nick gave her the puppy-dog look.

"I can't believe an 800..."
"An 800 year-old vampire is scared of a little-bitty spider."
"I'm 768...and it wasn't little was...disgusting..."

Nick shuddered.

"Well, it's gone now, just get down off the bed and come
big baby."
"Am not."
"Are too."

Settled back on the squeaky couch, Nat put the tape in the VCR and hit play.

"What are we watching tonight?"

Natalie grinned wickedly.


The End