Friday Nick's Place
by BJ

At the loft

Friday Night...

Natalie is in the lift clutching a brown paper bag of stuff when she hears...

"...evil spawn of Satan!"

The sounds of glass shattering...

Natalie begins to panic, thinking perhaps that Nick has had another
run-in with his vampire master.

She enters the loft, dodging a flying CD...

Nick is hopping up and down on the squeaky leather couch flinging insults

"Nick, what on earth are you yelling about and at who?"

"This @#$%^ remote!"

"The what?"

"This stupid,'t...$#%^&** work!"

"Good grief Nick, calm down. It's probably the batteries or something."

"The batteries?"

"Yes. You do remember to change the batteries every once and a while
don't you?"

"Well, I never had to before. It's always worked...until now!"

He made an attempt to fling the thing across the loft, but Natalie
grabbed it before he had the chance.

"Hurling it across the room isn't going to make it work."

"But it will make ME feel better."

"Arrgh! I will go to the store and get you some batteries, just don't
throw such a tantrum. Your cleaning lady will probably have a big enough
fit as it is...look at this mess!"

"Helga understands..."


"My cleaning lady...she thinks I'm..."



"Looney is more like it! I hope you pay her well."

"Of course. The company sees to it that she is paid for her services."

"The company?"

"The company that recommended her."

"Have you ever met Helga?"


"And she's never met you?"


"What do you know about this Helga woman."

"She's highly recommended."


"She's Norweigen...I think."

"Uh, huh."

"I think she's probably..."

"About 5'8", blonde hair, blue eyes..36, 24, 36..."



"Are you jealous Nat?"

"No, but..."

"Nat, I'm kidding...I think she's about 60 or something."

"Years old right?"

"Like I've said, I've never met the woman."

"So she doesn't know anything about you either?"

"Just the part about being eccentric. Besides she doesn't speak English
er, Canadian. And besides Nat, I'm too old for her remember?"

"When does she come to clean?"

"Usually when I'm working. Sometimes when I'm asleep."

"She cleans while your upstairs sleeping?"


"So, you don't wake when you hear the vacuum?"

"Nat...I sleep like the dead remember?"

"And you aren't curious to see what she looks like?"


"Not at all?"

Not really. I just think she's probably some sweet little lady who...has
about 8 grandchildren and...oh, did I mention that she leaves mints on my

"Before you come home?"

"Before I wake up."


Nick hopped off the couch and wandered over to the kitchen.

"Want one?"


"A mint."


"They're the kind with the creamy insides...I think."

"Nick aren't you the least bit concerned about what this woman is doing
while you are sleeping?"

"No, not really. What? If it is my virtue your so concerned about, I'm
waiting for you to help me with that area."


"You wanna go up and take a look at my mints?"


Nick was waggling an eyebrow at Natalie.

Natalie decided to give up this conversation.

"So, are you going to drive me to the store?"

"For what?"


"For what?"

"Arrrghhh! The remote!"

"Oh, the remote...Let me get my keys...they were here somewhere."

Just then, the door buzzer went off...

"Hmmm, it's 9:00. Must be Helga."

Nick pushed the entry lock.

"Now, we can finally meet the infamous Helga!"

When the door slid open, Natalie's jaw dropped.

"Hey Nat, I'm going to stay here and help Helga clean up a little."

Natalie grabbed the collar of Nick's shirt.


"60 huh?. Probabably her IQ."

"That's not very nice Nat and besides, it wasn't her age that I was
referring to."

"I can see that. I'm going to the store now...there isn't enough room for
all five of us in here."


"Do you want to take your car?"


"To the store."

"For what?"



Natalie began muttering something about blondes...


"Just get into the car Nick..."

The End