by Heather Markle

Archived November 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie Lambert threw her head back and roared with laughter. "Split Pea
Soup!!" she choked out at the man sitting next to her on the leather couch.
Nick Knight smiled wickedly at her as she struggled to regain her

"Where did you get that Nick?"

"Schanke left it in the caddie. I don't think he wanted Myra to see it." In
his hand was a copy of a magazine that specialized in letters written in by
it's readers, detailing their sexual exploits.

"Gee, I wonder why," Natalie asked sarcastically.

"You aren't offended by it, are you Nat?" Nick asked, a hint of worry in
his eyes.

"No!" Natalie leaned over and swatted his head. "I've seen much worse than
this. Remember, I had a brother. He had a collection of dirty magazines
that contained everything from Playboy to the ones that look like
gynecological exams." she said, taking the magazine to examine it more

"And you looked at them?"

"I was  curious." She looked at his face. "What? You should know that my
sexual drive is focused towards men. Blond, blue-eyed, older men," she
giggled and turned back to the magazine in front of her. "Here's one: my
girlfriend and I were traveling to my parents house..."

"Let me see." Nick pulled the magazine in front of him. He began to recite
as Natalie leaned back against his chest to listen to that voice which she
had heard in her dreams for so long.

"My girlfriend and I were traveling home to see my parents from school. I
drive a hot little sports car that's 'blowjob red'. We where traveling on
route 84 in NY. Now anyone who's ever been on that road will remember it.
It's so poorly constructed that every 2-5 seconds you get another 
from the concrete seems. After an hour of that rhythmic thumping I looked
over at Erica and was surprised at what I saw! {What did he see? -Shhhhh,
listen and I'll tell you} Her thighs were pressed tightly together and her
eyes were glazed over as her hand was playing with her breast.

"Like this?"

"Umm,  uh, yeah, I guess." Nick continued reading,"It was clear that the
thumping of the highway was just the right rhythm for her and she was very
turned on.

"Erica turned to me, her eyes wild with desire. She licked her lips and
slowly released her seatbelt. {Nat, that's very, ahh, distracting. -Oh,
sorry! } She reached across the tiny space in between us and began
undoing my fly. I could feel the beginnings of a major hard-on. We had been
so rushed to get out that morning, we hadn't had time for our usual
'morning routine'. { -Do you want me to stop? -No! Go on,
please!} Erica's small hand reached in and grabbed my massive manflesh,
freeing it from my jeans. "

"Like this?"

"Ahhhhhhhhh, Nat!"

"Read more!" she commanded.

"Okay, hmmm... "

"Massive Manflesh."

"Well thank you! Oh, you mean the story."

" her small hand. She squeezed me tightly and began long, slow
strokes. 'That feels sooo good, baby. Keep it up.' I told her. She gave me
a smile that told me she wanted more.

"Suddenly she leaned down and took my dripping tip into her wet mouth. I
don't have to tell - Hey!"



"Keep reading."

"...wet mouth. I don't have to tell you what a struggle it was to stay
focused on the road. Her wet mouth was working my tool and just seeing her
head bobbing up and down was getting me close to the breaking point. I was
just about to shoot my load down her hot little throat when she stopped."

"Then she pulled up her skirt and took my hand. She brought it down to her
pussy. I wasn't surprised to find it hot and wet from her juices. Blowjobs
really turn Erica on. {mmmmmmmm, me too!-Ughhhh!} Now you have to
understand, I'm a really tall guy (6'5")  and Erica is a little china doll,
barely 5 feet even. I already had my seat pushed all the way back, to
accommodate my long legs. So Erica slipped between my arms and planted
herself on my lap.(Mmmmm, I like that. - Nat! Its kinda hard - Yes, its
very hard.-No! I mean to read like this. - I'm sure you can work it out.
Read more} Her pussy was so wet and warm as she pushed herself onto  my
throbbing love handle. I almost exploded right there, but I controlled
myself, so as not to disappoint my best girl - Ohhhh Nat!"

"Feels good on your 'love handle', eh?"


"Read more."

"Unnnnnnhhhh, I tried to pull over but Erica wouldn't let me. She loved the
feel of my hard rod in her as we when over the  of the highway. Soon
she was riding and bucking on me for all I was worth. I struggled to -


"I struggled to stay on the road, but could no longer hold back the burning
in my balls. UGGHHH! I shot my fire into her as she screamed in her own
womanly release! NAT!!!!!!" Nick screamed as Natalie threw back her head in
pleasure, then sank her fangs deep into Nick neck. Sucking hard, she felt
his orgasm explode deep inside of her and her own rocket through his senses
as he found her wrist and the fount of pleasure awaiting him there.

Time stopped as Nick and Nat lost themselves in the experience that was
them. Slowly they refound themselves and they fell in to a trembling heap.

Natalie sighed happily as she rested her head on Nick's chest. "That was
fun.  Thank you for reading to me."

Nick smiled and kissed the top of her head. "I never knew stories like that
turned you on so much."

"It's not the story, its the company." She kissed his lips.

"Uh huh, sure."

"What? You don't believe me? Nick! I could write a story ten times better
than this without thinking about it!" She threw the discarded magazine
across the room.

Nick's eyes took on a mischievous gleam. "You think so?"

"Nick!" Natalie rolled her eyes, "'Love Tool?' I know I could do better
than that."

"Okay, good ahead," he dared her.

"Okay, where shall I start? Ummmmm, okay, I got it." Natalie made herself
comfortable in the corner of the couch, while Nick reclined against her.

"I was working the night shift at the morgue, as usual. I was expecting my
lover at any minute and I was ready for him. I was wearing my tightest
short skirt and a soft satin blouse that showed off the curves of my
breasts. Instead of my usual tan pantyhose, I was wearing black thigh high
stockings- a special surprise for the guy who made me so hot. I had on my
black fuck-me heels, that made my legs look even longer than they were.
{ Ummm - You okay Nick? - Yes, go on, please}

"I knew from the way he looked at me at the beginning of the shift, my hot
cop would be back as soon as he could dump his partner."

"Now some people think of the morgue as being the most unsexy place on
earth, but really, it's just like any other job after awhile. And I was
looking forward to having my man as soon as I could. We had been together
for a while, but lately our sex life had just been getting hotter and
hotter. We were leading each other to new pleasures we haven't even dreamed
of before.

"Soon I was rewarded by the sound of my lover in the hall. I quickly got up
and leaned over my desk so the first thing he would see would be my long
legs and ass."

"I heard his breath catch as he came in. It was clear that my little plan
was working. 'See something you like?' I purred. He came up behind me and
started rubbing his hands all over my ass and thighs. {Like this? - Oh yes!
- Go on, I like this story.} I could feel his cock was already hard as he
pressed against me. I was wet with anticipation. "

"Yes, you are."

"Hmmm, Nick. Thats not part of the story."

"Go on."

"I turned in his arms and kissed him hard. My body was throbbing everywhere
from his touch. His lips were so hot against mine and I could feel his
fangs against my tongue.  He was burning for me the way I was for him. I
opened my blouse to him and revelled my sexy black French lace bra. He
pushed me back onto my desk and quickly freed my breasts. My nipples were
hard and pointed, announcing my desire to him."

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you breasts are? Or how good they taste?"

"Ahhh, no. I don't think so!"

"Go on."

"He took my nipple into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue and teeth.
Ummmmmmm. He was, ahh, so gentle and it felt so good. His hands were busy
too, as one fondled my other breast, the other was stroking my thighs.
Ohhhhh! He could tell that I was needing him so badly. {Yes, I can tell.}
He pushed up my skirt to expose my legs, encased in sheer black silk.

"'I like these.' he murmured as he stroked my stockings. The bulge in his
pants grew visibly larger and he knelt between my legs and discovered I
wasn't wearing any panties. {That's because we just had sex - shhhhhh!} He
licked his lips at the sight of my swollen lips and gently began to lap up
my juices"

"Mmmmmmm, so good."

"Don't you want to continue your story? I like it very much and think it's
much better than the others."

"I, umm, I pressed his head to my pussy, begging him to lick me harder and
deeper. 'OHHHHHHH!!!!! YES!!!!!' I screamed as he tongued my clit hard and
fast. His fingers had found their way, Ahhhhhhhhhh, into my vagina and were
thrusting in and out in rhythm with the twitching of my hips! I! I! I
couldn't hold back! And I - OHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Natalie screamed as she
exploded into orgasm, her thighs involuntarily locking around Nick's head
as her hips bucked against his month and hand.

When the screaming stopped, Nick sat up and took her into his arms, holding
her tightly until the trembling and aftershocks stopped. He gently caressed
her hair and she looked up into his face and giggled a little. "Well, that
was some story."

"Its not finished yet, is it?"

"Oh, no," she answered, rubbing his cock. "There's still the best part."

"My orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours under his skillful touches. He
kept me coming  until my body was exhausted, and then he stopped and held
me close. I could tell by his hardness pressing into me that he had enjoyed
tasting me and I was more than ready to please him.

I opened his pants and wrapped my hands against his hard member. 'Oh yes'
he whispered as I stroked his length. My hands continued to pleasure him
while my lips found his nipple. I sucked on it till he began to whimper
{} then dragged my tongue across his chest to its mate."

"Oh Nat!"

Natalie smiled, "I'm glad you like it."

"You know I do."

"I could tell by the precome soaking my hands that he was enjoying my touch
and was ready for more. I gently let go of his nipple and turned around, so
he could see my bare ass, stockings and heels and bent low over the desk.
{ohhh!} He knew what to do when I led his cock to my wet pussy.   I moaned
as he pushed his huge rod into me."

"Flattery will get you everywhere!" Nick moaned as he entered Natalie's
trembling body.

"'Oh Yes!' I screamed as he thrust his cock home. He was so long and deep
inside of ME!!!!!!!! I, I Couldn't help but scream as he pounded my burning
flesh, again and again and AHHHHHHHHG!!!! NICK!!!" Natalie's screams
intensified as Nick's fangs entered her and found her jugular. She could
feel her blood drain into him as his come entered her.  She took the wrist
that he offered and gratefully drank of his sweet essence. Nick surrounded
and engulfed her.  Pleasure and love overwhelmed her body as she sank into
a rapturous stupor.


"Hi, there. I see you've come back to me" Nick smiled as he kissed her
lightly on the lips. Natalie looked around to reorient herself. She was
lying on the couch  and Nick was sitting beside her. He helped her sit up
slightly and offered her a mug. "Here, drink this."

Natalie took the mug and sipped the warm contents, her awareness quickly
returning. "How long have I been out?"

He checked his watch, "6 minutes, give or take. If it weren't for our link,
I'd be worried." He smiled and gently pushed a stray hair from her face.

Natalie took another sip and smiled, "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?"

"Need more?" Nick asked as she drained her mug.

"Nope. You okay?"

"I'm fine." He took the mug from her hands and placed it on the coffee
table. Then he gently picked up his wife. "Come on. Lets go to bed."

"Bed? You mean people sleep in beds?" she joked.

"Sometimes they even make love in them too," he smiled.

"Well, we will just have to try that!" She kissed him soundly as they
disappeared into their bedroom.

The End