Forever, My Love

by Mel Moser

Archived January 2004
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further

The moon was just setting as Natalie climbed the dark steps up to her
apartment. Searching for her keys, she nearly stumbled backwards down the
stairs as she was startled by the dark figure near her door.

"Here, let me help you." A soft voice whispered nearly in her ear.
Cool hands took the keys from her hand and unlocked her door.

"Have you been waiting long?" Nat wondered aloud.

"Long enough." His voice sounded impatient. He helped her into the
apartment and removed her coat. "I've been thinking about this all night."

Nat barely closed the door when he pulled her tight against him and
began kissing her long and passionately, her mouth parting beneath his
demanding lips and tongue, her body molding itself again his. His hands
stroked down her back and cupped her buttocks and pulled her harder against
him and his growing arousal.

Nat moaned in delight and nibbled down his jaw to his earlobe and began to
suckle there gently. "I thought of this too." She said huskily in his ear.

His hands were moving up her back, massaging the tension and weariness
away. Her hands stroked his strong shoulders and began unbuttoning his
Soon, pieces of their clothing were being discarded all over the living room
floor and trailed behind them as they kissed their way into the bedroom.

They tumbled back into the bed. Nat chuckled at his grunt of pain and
pushed playfully against his chest. He laughed, the sound rumbling in his
chest. He pinned her to the bed with his legs, his rough against her
smooth silky ones.

He nibbled his way down her cheek to her neck and throat while his
hands found her ticklish spots and she squirmed beneath him, giggling in
delight. His kisses became more urgent and demanding as their playful
foreplay turned more serious and intent.

He kissed her sweet honey lips, ran his fingers through her long curly
tresses, and down her neck to stroke and lovingly cup each full breast.
Nat moaned in delight, her laughter turning rapidly to passion as she felt
her body grow hot with desire and need. Her fingers sifted through his
hair and down his neck to caress his strong shoulders and biceps.

His skin was hot to her touch. Nat nibbled at his shoulder while his hands
cupped her breasts, his fingers tugging lightly at each raised nipple. Nat
arched her back, her hips raising to press up into him. His arousal pressed
into her soft belly and they both groaned in anticipation.

He kissed down her cheek to her jaw, back and forth and then down her chin
and neck to her throat, where he kissed and nibbled her soft skin, licking
tenderly at her delicate skin along the way.

His hands dropped lower, his legs moving to part hers as he cupped her soft
mound and with his fingers, discovered she was hot and damp, just waiting
to be filled by him.

Nat reached up and grabbed his firm buttocks, pulling him down so his
hips ground into hers. He groaned deeply. His mouth moving to begin
her aroused nipples with long, deep suckles that left her gasping for air.
Her hands stroked his chest, and traced rapid circles in the slight swirls of
his chest hair.

She wrapped her legs around him, and he chuckled. "Eager, my love, aren't
He whispered against her skin.

"Only for you." She whispered back, right before his mouth took hers again.
He shifted his weight on top of her and in one quick movement, plunged deep
within her hot, wet core. Nat groaned in ecstasy.

He quickly began moving within her, his hands taking each of hers and
entwining fingers and laying them softly on the pillows. He looked deep into
her eyes and watched the growing passion and love swelling there with each
movement, each wave that took them higher and higher towards completeness.
His hot body pressed down on her and within her, each rhythmic pulse
taking them closer and closer, the world disappearing into nothingness but
their closeness, their oneness with the other. And just before that peak,
the summit of their desires, he kissed her deeply and repeated her name and
words of love over and over as they climaxed together.

Nat cried out and pulled him heavily and tightly against her and echoed
those words of love back at him. She felt the cool smoothness of her wedding
ring between her finger and his smooth back and smiled contently against the
neck of her husband as they both floated softly back down to earth.
Forever he had said and forever it would be. For this lifetime and the next.

"I love you, Nat," he said aloud and rolled over and pulled her tight
against him.

"Forever?" she asked.

"Forever." Nick kissed her lightly at the temple.

Nat smiled as let the soft beating of his heart lull her to sleep.

The End