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Subject: Forever In My Heart

O.K., here's the deal. After writing my very first story in a <blush> fashion, I thought that it would be

fun to follow it up with something a little mellower. This is

written for the romantic in me - and for all the other

NNPackers out there. The first one was for my dark side! <g>

Hey, we all have 'em!

Many, many thanks to my beta readers - Lea and Debi. Lea, your

encouragement, enthusiasm and unending patience in correcting

my many mistakes is deeply appreciated. Debi, you never fail to

find the perfect word or phrase for me when I'm groping around

in the dark. My heartfelt gratitude to both of you!

The usual disclaimers apply. I don't own them, James Parriott and

TPTB at Sony/Tristar do, I'm only borrowing them for a bit of fun. No

copyright infringement is intended. I do not seek any financial gain from

the writing of this story. This is definately a Nick & Nat tale and I'm

afraid it's rather sappy so if that thought makes you green, run now!!

Parts 4 & 5 will be posted under an Adult header for explicit sex (Sorry,

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Comments and honest criticism are always welcome, but flames will be kept

until barbeque season when they might actually be useful! ;-)

Forever In My Heart

By: C. Brady - March, 1999

Natalie arrived at Nick's loft breathless and out of sorts. Over the past

three weeks she had put in a lot of overtime trying to cover for Dr.

Griegson, another coroner who had broken his leg in a skiing accident.

Just trying to keep up with the autopsies themselves was a big enough

challenge, and it seemed lately that the population of Toronto was intent

on either dying under mysterious circumstances or were getting

themselves killed. Necessitating a trip to the Coroner's Office. The

paperwork was piled to the ceiling and Captain Reece had been politely

bugging the hell out of her for reports on three of his precincts'

outstanding cases. She didn't even want to think about when she might

be able to finish those!

On top of everything else, a rather vicious flu bug was sweeping through the

office. Both Grace and Eddie, two of her best assistants, had fallen

victim to it and they probably wouldn't be well enough to return to work for

at least another 2 to 3 days. Natalie wondered if there was a rest home for

frustrated, overworked coroners. If there was, she wanted to book her

reservation now!

So here she was, at Nick's loft and wondering what the hell she was doing

here when she really should be at home trying to catch what little sleep

that she could before it started all over again tomorrow. Nick had called

her earlier, just before his shift ended. He had invited her over, saying

that she had been working much too hard (a fact that she couldn't dispute)

and should take some time out for a little relaxation. She had to admit,

spending some time with Nick was certainly worth losing a little sleep over.

She hadn't seen very much of him lately... what with her working all these

extra hours and Nick being busy with his own cases, it seemed that their

schedules were constantly conflicting. It was clear that if they were going

to spend any time together at all, they were just going to have to make

the time available. If it meant nodding off in front of her computer

screen tomorrow, then so be it!

Natalie punched in the alarm code and entered the elevator. When she

stepped out and into Nick's home he was standing there waiting for her with

a large, welcoming smile on his face. He always knew when she was coming;

her heartbeat was like a fingerprint, unique to her, and it announced her

arrival to him. He was holding a big, steaming mug of hot chocolate,

complete with whipped cream and chocolate curls, which he held out in

offering as soon as she removed her coat. Delighted, Natalie took the mug

from him and sniffed appreciatively at the velvety confection. Taking a

long sip, she swirled the rich, creamy liquid around in her mouth, and then

let it slide sensuously down her throat.

"Mmmmm." she sighed.

"Come sit in front of the fire and drink your hot chocolate." Nick

suggested. "Make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back!"

Only too happy to comply, Natalie settled onto the leather couch with a

sigh. After about 5 minutes, the effects of the warm fire and her soothing

hot drink began to make her feel sleepy. She looked up through half

closed lids to see that Nick had returned.

"Oh, no, my lady. It's much too soon to surrender to sleep yet. I have

another surprise awaiting your pleasure upstairs. Come with me!" Nick

coaxed, offering her his hand.

Natalie grasped his outstretched hand and allowed him to pull her up from

the couch. When she was on her feet once more, he kept pulling gently until

she found herself held comfortably in his arms.

He caressed her cheek with the fingertips of his left hand while his right

slid lazily up and down her spine. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"I want to pamper you tonight, Natalie. I know how hard you've been working

and I know that in your dedication to your job you often forget to look

after yourself. I intend to correct that oversight, if you'll let me?" He

was looking at her with that sweet, little boy look of his that she adored

and always found so difficult to resist. She didn't know what had gotten

into him tonight, he was certainly acting like a man with romance on his

mind. Nat found that her whole body tingled at that thought, but past

experience taught her to be wary. Nick was always so careful whenever they

were alone together, and there had been other times when she thought he was

ready to take their relationship beyond the "friends only" stage only to be

dissapointed when he backed away. This time, she would hold back. She

would watch, wait and see how this progressed. She would follow Nick's


"That offer sounds much too tempting to resist!" Natalie replied. "Lead the

way, good Sir!"

Smiling, Nick took Nat's hand and led her up the stairs and into his

bedroom. 'This looks promising!' Natalie thought to herself and then was

disappointed when he kept right on going and headed for the connecting

bathroom. Nick smiled broadly as, grasping the doorknob, he opened the door

with a flourish.

Natalie gasped in delight at what she saw.

Natalie's eyes grew round in wonderment as she gazed at the fantasy before

her. Nick had transformed his large ensuite bathroom into an invitation to

decadence. Candles blazed everywhere, on the vanity, on the floor, on the

steps leading up to the large, two person Jacuzzi that was bubbling

invitingly. A wonderful fragrance permeated the air, it's aroma haunting

and sensual, a subtle mix of florals and woodsy spices that seduced the

senses. She turned to look at Nick, her pleasure evident in her large blue

eyes, and bestowed a brilliant smile upon him.

"Oh, Nick! This is gorgeous! You're wonderful to go to such trouble for

me. I can't thank you enough!" she exclaimed enthusiastically.

Nick looked deeply into her eyes. "It has occurred to me lately that I have

never thanked you properly for all that you have done for me," he said. "I

wanted to do something special for you to let you know how special you are

to me. Tonight is your night, Natalie. I want you to relax and leave

everything to me!"

Nat's heart had skipped a beat when he mentioned how special she was to him.

She wondered exactly what he meant - 'friend' special or 'lover' special?

'Patience, Nat!' she said to herself. This is his play, let him direct it!

She focused once again on the lovely aroma.

"Nick, what is that wonderful scent? The fragrance is elusive, I can't

quite put my finger on exactly what it reminds me of, but it smells


Nick smiled. "I'm glad you like it, Nat. I had it specially made for you

by a friend of mine in Paris. He is a perfumer by trade, believed by many

to be the best in the business. I specified what I wanted and he created

it. This is as close as a perfume can get to capturing the essence of you,

Natalie! Whenever you're close by, this is the scent that calls to me, that

tells me that Natalie is near. I had him incorporate this scent into the

candles, the bath oil, and this..."

He handed her a heart shaped crystal decanter filled with an amber liquid

that was about the same size as the palm of her hand. The label, written

in beautiful gold script, read:

'Forever In My Heart'.

Tears filled Natalie's deep blue eyes as she looked at Nick's gift. "Nick,

I don't know what to say... 'Thank you' seems so inadequate. I will always

treasure this!" With that, she threw herself into his arms and kissed him

with all the love and pent-up passion that she possessed. Nick responded

with equal fervor, running his tongue across her lips. Natalie accepted the

invitation and parted her lips, allowing him access to the sweetness within.

Nick's breathing was noticeably faster as he reluctantly broke the kiss.

Golden lights sparkled in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes, indicating

the unwelcome presence of the vampire. Nick stepped back. "Why don't you

get undressed and get into the tub before the water gets too cool?" he

suggested, his voice slightly roughened by the beast. "Let the Jacuzzi work

away some of the strain of the past few weeks and I'll be back in a few

minutes." Having said that, he turned and left the bathroom.

Natalie sighed with frustration. Another promising encounter destroyed by

the vampire's untimely appearance! Feeling helpless, she turned her

attention to removing her clothes and taking advantage of the soothing water

that waited invitingly for her. Natalie quickly stripped out of her things

and eased into the deliciously perfumed water.

'So, this is what I smell like to Nick!' she thought, feeling very

flattered. "And here I always figured he would associate formaldehyde fumes

with any thoughts of me!"

Natalie laid back into water that was comfortably warm and soothing and

closed her eyes. She relished the wonderful movement of the water created

by the dozen jets scattered all around the tub, massaging away the effects

of the past three hectic weeks. This was heaven!!

The bathroom door opened and Nick appeared once again. This time he was

carrying a champagne bottle in a silver bucket, and a crystal dish filled

with chocolate covered strawberries! Natalie's mouth watered at the mere

thought of more chocolate. Nick certainly knew her weaknesses!

Nick looked at Natalie, reclining languidly in his large Jacuzzi, her lips

softly parted in enjoyment, her charms hidden from his view by the rapidly

churning water. She looked so beautiful! Would she look so relaxed if she

knew what was on his mind? Did she have any idea how the sight of her

there, relaxing in his bathtub, caused his heart to beat twice in rapid

succession and his groin to tighten? He wanted her so very badly!

Did they dare take the chance? Would their love for each other be enough

to shield her from his dark side? From the beast that undeniably wanted

her as well? Was he strong enough to hold it at bay? He owed it to both

of them to find out. If she was willing, tonight their friendship would be

allowed to blossom, and their longing for each other would finally be


Nick smiled a secret smile as he poured some champagne into a tall crystal

flute and handed it to her. Natalie took an appreciative sip. The

champagne was marvelous, obviously vintage and, she had no doubt,

very expensive.

Nick held one of the strawberries to her lips. "Here, try one of these with

it. Strawberries are supposed to enhance the enjoyment of

champagne...although I'm not so sure about the chocolate part."

'Silly man!' Natalie thought, licking chocolate and strawberry juice from

her lips, "Everyone knows that chocolate enhances anything in life!"

"You're certainly looking more relaxed." commented Nick. "Need your back

washed?" he inquired, grinning.

So much for relaxation! Nick's innocent question caused Natalie's heartbeat

to accelerate and she felt a not unpleasant tightening in her lower abdomen.

Would he really wash her back if she said "yes"? She decided to play along

and find out!

"Now that you mention it, Nick... that would be lovely! You wouldn't mind,

would you?"

'Mind?!?' Nick thought. As if he would mind being able to run his

fingertips over that alabaster skin, having his hands on her naked flesh.

Touching the water warmed velvet of her back, all in the name of

cleanliness! Sometimes, fate was kind.

Nick didn't bother answering, he simply knelt on the bottom step of the tub

and, looking deeply into her eyes, silently held his hand out for the soap.

Nick took the sweet smelling soap from Natalie's outstretched hand. Never

breaking eye contact, he began to slowly, seductively slide it across her

shoulders and up to the nape of her neck. He asked her to turn slightly in

the large tub so that she would be facing him. "I think that I'd better get

rid of this," he said as he stood up and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Bath water can play havoc with silk." Nick stated in his deep, melodic


Natalie couldn't tear her eyes away as Nick finished unbuttoning his shirt

and then slowly slid it down his arms and onto the floor. She sat back

and enjoyed the view as his powerful chest, with its sprinkling of glinting

golden hair was revealed. Nick's chest was nicely developed, his

pectoral muscles rippling with every breath he took. Natalie felt her own

breathing accelerate as Nick once more kneeled down on the step.

Plunging both of his hands back into the water, he built up a billowy lather

and then began what was to be the most sensual back wash Natalie had ever

experienced. After suggesting that she lean slightly forward, he started

between her shoulder blades and worked across and down over the back of her

ribcage, down to her waist, then back up her spine. His hands travelled

this same circuit over and over, each time venturing a little futher

forward, getting closer to but never actually touching the sides of her

breasts. All the while his intense gaze captured her eyes in deep, wordless

communion. The candlelight flickered and danced across his handsome

face and bathed them both in a golden glow.

It was one of the most erotic moments of Natalie's life.

Nick looked intently into the loving eyes of the one woman that he knew he

could not face eternity without. It had taken almost 800 years to find her,

and ironically, he had found her at a time when he was almost ready to

give up the search. But Nick had no doubt that she was meant for him.

She was the other half of his soul. He would like to believe that God had

meant for them to be together, but Nick in his guilt believed rather that

he was stealing her from God's tender care.

He had denied and fought this attraction from that very first night. From

the time that he had first laid eyes on her, standing there in the morgue,

facing him so bravely when he could hear her heart galloping with fear,

he knew that she was the one. She was his salvation. Whether that

meant that she would actually be able to cure him eventually or whether

it meant that they were just destined to love each other in whatever way

that they could, he didn't know. He didn't want to bring her across! He

couldn't bear to see all of that warmth, fire and passion turn cold with

the bloodlust of the vampire. But he also couldn't bear the thought of

losing her to death and he knew that by consummating their relationship

he may end up having to make that decision this very night. Nick was

tired, tired of fighting a battle that in his heart of hearts he knew was

lost long ago. He must have Natalie, he must have her and they would

face the consequences, whatever they were - together.

Natalie was mesmerized by the intensity that she could feel in Nick. He was

gazing at her as if he were trying to absorb her very being. She felt like

pinching herself to ensure that this was not just another one of her very

pleasant dreams. He was looking at her with a hunger that had nothing to do

with blood. She was unconsciously holding her breath, waiting for his next


She didn't have long to wait.

Nick started gently pulling her forward. Natalie's lips parted in a silent

invitation that Nick accepted without hesitation. His lips met hers in a

soft kiss, a kiss that held a quiet promise of pleasures to come. Nick

deepened the kiss, his tongue making a foray past Natalie's petal soft lips,

to engage her tongue in an erotic duel. At the first velvety caress of his

tongue along hers, Natalie felt a definite clenching in her lower regions.

Nick raised further up until Natalie's naked breasts left the water and

pressed against the bare flesh of his chest. Nick's breath came out in a


"Natalie!" he breathed, golden glints appearing once again in the depths of

his eyes. "I love you so much, Nat! I don't have the will to fight it any

longer. I want you and God forgive me but I hope that you want me, too.

Will you allow me to make love to you, Nat? Knowing that I must have your

blood to complete the act? Knowing that I may not be able to control the

vampire's lust for you? Are you willing to take such a terrible risk?"

Natalie smiled at him, her eyes shining with love and unshed tears. He had

finally said it! After all this time, all the battles, all the laughter and

tears, he was finally admitting it! Natalie's heart swelled with a fierce


This man was the most important part of her world, he filled a void in her

life that she wasn't even aware existed. She would face any demon, defy any

force to be with him! She cupped his face gently in her hands. "I love you

too, Nick, and there is nothing in this world or the next that would stop me

from making love with you!"

Slowly, Nick pulled her towards him once again.

Natalie was mesmerized by the intensity of the emotion that she could read

on Nick's handsome face. He was looking at her with all the love that she

had always hoped to see there. Slowly, he pulled her back into his strong

embrace and locked his lips onto hers. He slipped his cool tongue into her

mouth once again and leisurely swept it around that luscious cavern,

exploring. Breaking the kiss, he drew her lower lip into his mouth and

nibbled on the sweet morsel. She could feel the tips of his sharp fangs,

Nick's arousal causing them to protrude slightly, and she felt a sudden

sharp jab as one of them punctured the delicate skin inside her lip. Nick

locked onto her lip and began to suck. Natalie could feel her juices start

to flow at the erotic sensation of his mouth tugging on her bottom lip, his

tongue sweeping across it as he savoured the taste of her.

Nick straightened up and looked into Natalie's eyes through a golden haze.

He knew that his eyes would be glowing with an amber light as the taste of

Natalie's blood had once again triggered the lust of the vampire. But his

courageous lady looked back at him through eyes shining with love and

desire, but not a trace of fear. The fact that his beast did not repulse

her gave Nick the confidence to continue.

Reaching down, he slipped his arms under Natalie's shoulders and behind her

knees and effortlessly lifted her from the tub. He cradled her tightly

against his chest, uncaring of the water that cascaded from her delectable

body and streamed down his chest and trousers, soaking them. He brushed

feather light kisses across Nat's eyes, nose and forehead and on her parted

lips. He slid her body sensuously down his as he slowly lowered her feet

to the floor. She was now standing facing him, gloriously naked. Nick's

eyes burned with desire as he stood back and drank in the sight of the

perfection before him. Natalie was petite, but her breasts were full and

uptilted, the nipples hardened into tight little nubs of desire that made

Nick's mouth water with the need to taste them. Nick's eyes travelled past

the nip of her waist, over the dish of her belly button and flat abdomen to

the nest of auburn curls that hid the core of her femininity from his hungry

view. She was glorious! A titian haired goddess that would soon belong to


Natalie watched with trepidation as Nick surveyed her nude body. Like most

women, Natalie could list all of the things that she believed were wrong

with her figure. Hips too wide, waist too small, Natalie always had trouble

getting jeans that fit properly. She believed that her legs were too short

and stocky and that her coloring was all wrong. How many songs or romantic

sonnets were written about redheads with skin so fair that any prolonged

exposure to the sun caused an eruption of freckles? Natalie had to fight

the urge to cross her arms in front of herself, to shield herself from the

intensity of his gaze. Yet, Nick was looking at her as if he were looking at

Aphrodite herself. Perhaps, when looking through the eyes of love, the

little imperfections weren't important. Nick's gaze was a caress that

ignited her senses and made her burn for his touch.

Nick reached out and lifted a large, fluffy bath towel off of the towel rack

that held it. He carefully wrapped it around Natalie and began to dry her.

He gently rubbed the towel over her back and down her arms, then allowed it

to fall to her waist, where he continued down each shapely leg. After

suggesting that she place a hand on his shoulder for balance, he then lifted

each foot and carefully dried it, stopping to drop light kisses on each one

of her toes. Natalie giggled at his actions. Nick then tossed the towel to

one side, and picked up an exquisitely designed cut glass flagon filled with

golden oil, he poured a small amount into the palm of one hand. Rising to

his feet and rubbing his hands to evenly distribute the oil, he stepped

behind Natalie.

"Hold your hair up, Nat." he breathed in her ear, sending little shivers

down her spine.

Natalie lifted both hands and, gathering her mass of auburn curls, held them

on top of her head.

Nick started rubbing the oil across Natalie's shoulders and down her back.

The oil had been warmed and it felt wonderful! Nat immediately recognized

the fragrance as her own, the gift that Nick had given her. He had

obviously had massage oil made for her as well. The feeling of his strong

hands, smooth and slippery, gliding over her sensitized skin was wreaking

havoc with her pulse rate. Nick applied more oil and smoothed it down her

back, to the slope of her buttocks and back up her sides. When he reached

the sides of her breasts, he slid his oil slick hands forward and cupped

them reverently. With her hands above her head as they were, holding her

hair up, her tits were pulled high and Nick savoured the fullness of them.

He kneaded Nat's beautiful breasts in each of his hands and then rolled the

hardened nipples between his thumb and forfinger, causing her to gasp his

name. He pulled her back to him, so that her back was nestled up against

his hard chest. "You're so beautiful, Nat. See how each of your breasts

fits perfectly into my hands?" he purred into her ear as he gave Natalie's

boobs a gentle squeeze. "You were made for me to love, Natalie!"

Nick's hands then slid down to the indentation of Natalie's waist, over the

flare of her hips and back to cup her delicious backside. He massaged

the twin globes of her derriere and lightly ran one finger between those

plump cheeks causing Natalie's hips to jump. Reaching his other hand up,

he gently grasped Nat's chin and pulled her lips around to meet his. Nick

was becoming extremely aroused by caressing Natalie and his kiss

contained passion that was barely held in check. Natalie heard a gentle

growl as Nick plunged his tongue deeply into her mouth. Nat locked her

lips around Nick's invading tongue and sucked deeply. She felt his

fangs drop and gently ran her tongue around and over them. Nick's

breathing became erratic as, with a roar, he pulled his lips from hers.

Nick's eyes now held no trace of blue. Natalie was looking into the lust

filled amber eyes of the vampire, and yet Nick was still there too. For

although the eyes were those of the beast, the love shining in them

belonged to the man. It was then that she knew, without a doubt,

that Nick would not hurt her, would not allow the vampire to take her life.

She opened her arms to him.

"Please don't stop now, Nick," she whispered. "Take me!"

Nick's eyes glowed fiercely as he swept her into his arms and strode into

his bedroom.

Nick carried his sweet burden into the bedroom. After gently placing her on

the silk sheets of his bed, he stepped back and started to remove the rest

of his clothes. He kicked his shoes off, pulled off his socks, and removed

his belt. Then, undoing the button of his trousers, he locked eyes with

Natalie as he drew the zipper down.

Natalie couldn't tear her eyes away from Nick. He was the sexiest man she

had ever known, and the slow, tantalizing way in which he was removing his

pants was driving her crazy! She watched avidly as, with the zipper now

fully opened, he allowed his trousers to fall to the floor. Stepping out of

them and kicking them aside, he then strode over to the bed.

Natalie's mouth was watering as she took in the view before her. Nick's

black silk boxers were tented out in front, straining to contain an

obviously large erection within. Nick watched her eyes as he undid the

button and peeled the underwear away. His cock sprang free, large and

pulsing, the veins distended, it captured her attention. Nick approached

the bed, and sat beside Natalie. Pulling her into his arms, his lips a

breath away from hers he said in a voice roughened by lust, "Touch me,


Only too happy to comply, Natalie reached out and grasped his rock hard

shaft in her soft hand. Pumping him gently, she reached with her other hand

to cup and caress his swollen balls, causing him to gasp. A drop of pink

fluid glistened on the purple head of his glans and Natalie leaned forward

to lick it away. A growl rumbled in Nick's chest as, wrapping his hands

into her hair, he pushed her head toward his rigid member. Nat needed

no further invitation. Using the tip of her tongue, she dragged it lightly

along the ridge on the underside of his lance from his balls to the head.

Once at the top, she parted her lips further and took just the head into

her mouth. Swirling her tongue around it, she felt his hips jerk,

involuntarily pushing more of his meat into her hot mouth. Nat started to

move her head up and down, gradually easing down his penis until she had

him deeply in her throat. Once past her gag zone, she deep throated him

until she felt his hands in her hair once again, this time pulling her back.

"Enough, Natalie," he rasped. "You're going to unman me! I want to come

into your sweet womb, not in your very talented mouth!"

With vampiric speed, Nick moved Nat onto her back with him on top, holding

his weight off of her on his braced arms. Kissing her passionately, he

started to lick and kiss his way across her chin and down her neck. When he

got to the vein pulsing just underneath her skin, he paused and slowly,

almost reluctantly, pushed his tongue into it as if testing the fragility of

the skin that covered it. His breathing deepened. Dragging himself away

from the temptation of her blood, he kissed his way to her heavy breasts.

With his right hand, he caressed each full mound, teasing the nipples with

his thumb, and then leaned down and tasted the tempting fruits. He licked

her hard nipples, reveling in their nubbly texture against his tongue. He

fastened his mouth around first one, and then the other, sucking each

sensitive nipple deeply into his mouth, delighting in the deep moans coming

from Natalie's throat. Even in the midst of passion, Nick was careful to

ensure that he didn't injure the delicate flesh with his razor sharp fangs.

As he pleasured her wonderful breasts with his mouth, Nick's hand was slowly

moving toward the tangle of curls covering Natalie's womanhood. He teased

the pubic hair with his fingertips and then stroked the pouting outer lips,

causing her to writhe and moan his name. Slowly, gently, he insinuated one

finger into her moist folds and moved up to her clitoris. This hardened

little nub was alive with nerve endings and Nick gave it a gentle flick with

his fingertip. Natalie's hips jerked convulsively and Nick heard her

heartbeat start to race. Nick locked his eyes onto hers as he slowly

brought his finger to his lips and seductively licked her juices from it.

"Delicious." he murmured. "I want to taste more of you, Nat!"

Quickly, Nick moved down to the juncture of Natalie's thighs. Kissing and

licking the inside of her thighs, he encouraged her to open her legs for

him. The musky scent of her heated state caused his nostrils to flare and

his cock to harden almost painfully. He needed to bury himself inside her!

But first, he was determined to make her mindless with pleasure. He licked

along the swollen folds of flesh to her aching clit. He flicked it

repeatedly with his tongue while alternately sucking lightly upon the

hardened little morsel. Using two fingers, he penetrated her slick tunnel

and pumped her.

Natalie was in a state of mindless bliss. Her entire being was centered on

her clit and the wonderful sensations that Nick was causing there. Her

vaginal muscles were lengthening in preparation for the climax that was fast

approaching. When Nick pushed his fingers into her while simultaneously

giving her clitoris quick, hard jabs with his tongue, it pushed her over the

edge. Natalie's orgasm exploded with a force she had never known

before, the pleasure so intense that she was sure it would kill her. She

finally understood what the French meant when they called it "la petite

mort"... "the little death". It seemed that every nerve in her body was


Nick felt Natalie's muscles contract with the force of her orgasm. He knew

that he could wait no longer to possess her. Growling with need, he moved

up Nat's body. Grasping his erection with one hand, he parted her willing

thighs with the other. Hissing with gratification, he sank his turgid cock

deep inside her with one hard thrust. Hot! Hot, wet and tight, Natalie's

vaginal muscles clutched Nick inside her welcoming warmth. Almost mindless

with passion, Nick began to thrust strongly in and out of Natalie's slick

sheath. Pumping faster and faster, he could feel the vampire roaring forth,

demanding its due, keening for the hot, sweet blood that would allow Nick's

own climax to blossom.

Natalie wrapped her legs around Nick's strong back. Unbelievably, she was

rapidly approaching another orgasm. When Nick first thrust his swollen cock

inside her, she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to accomodate him.

He was very big as well as being thicker than either one of her past lovers.

But the sheer erotic feeling of having him plunging in and out of her was

enough to ensure that there wouldn't be any problem. She had waited so long

for this! It felt so right to be with him in this way! She heard him

growl, a deeper, huskier, rougher sound than he had made before. She

looked into his eyes and was not surprised to see them no longer the golden

color that signalled his arousal, but the deep feral red of the vampire

overwhelmed by lust. His fangs glistened in the dim light of the room.

Unafraid, she turned her head, exposing the soft, white skin of her throat,

and whispered, "Drink, my love. Let the vampire taste me as well so that

you may know me totally. Make us one!"

How he loved this beautiful, courageous woman! He knew that with the

vampire's bloodlust fully aroused, he was a fearsome sight. Grown men had

run screaming from that countenance. But here was his Natalie, his

little warrior, so unafraid, so full of love and trust that she was offering

him this ultimate gift. She was trusting him with her soul. He hoped that

he was worthy.

Leaning down, the scent of her blood calling him, his rigid member surging

in and out of the warmth of her womb, he sank his aching fangs into the

velvet soft skin covering that pulsing vein. The essence of Natalie

exploded across his senses. He saw flashes of her life, her loneliness

and sorrow as a little girl, wondering why she was suddenly alone, why

had her parents left her? The ongoing abuse at the hands of her

grandmother, her relief when she was finally old enough to escape. Her

pride in her accomplishments, her dedication to her work, to doing what

was right, her loyalty to her friends. But overriding everything else, more

powerful than all of that, was Natalie's deep and abiding love for and

devotion to him. Her love for him filled him with a warmth and a light that

was brighter than the sun he craved. She was his light in the darkness,

his saviour, his salvation.

He felt her contract around his rod as she climaxed for the second time.

The force of Nick's thrusts increased until, with one last powerful thrust

that should have hurt her, but didn't, Nick poured his seed into her waiting


Natalie had felt the sudden, sharp, sweet pain that had accompanied Nick's

fangs penetrating her flesh. She saw images of him, as he had been in the

past, flash before her mind's eye. She saw him glorying in the hunt,

reveling in the power of the predator, delighting in the feast of warm,

rich blood that was his reward. But then, she felt his shame, his guilt

and overwhelming sorrow for the pain that he had caused, for the innocent

lives that he had taken. She felt his commitment to repaying humanity for

his past sins, to somehow atone for the suffering that was his legacy to so

many mortals over the centuries. Natalie accepted all of it calmly, certain

in the knowledge that no matter what evils Nick had visited on others in the

past, he was now totally different. Natalie felt the fullness of his love

for her, could feel that he saw her as the beacon of hope in his dark

existence. Natalie's heart was filled to bursting with all the love

she could feel coming through the new bond that Nick's bite had forged.

She was basking in the warmth of his love... and yet... suddenly.... she was

cold.... getting... so....... cold.

Nick was relishing the intensity of his orgasm and the wonderful feeling of

contentment his bond with Natalie was bringing him. Her blood was richer

and more satisfying than anything he had ever experienced in his long

existence, and it was hard not to become drunk on the heady emotions that

were thrumming between them through their new connection. He was sucking

greedily at the wounds in her throat, feasting on the fountain of her life

force, glorying in the rich, earthy flavor of human blood.... it had been so

long and he wanted her so badly! Suddenly, he could feel Natalie becoming

very, very tired and oh, so cold. Her heart, normally so strong and steady,

was slowing rapidly, becoming weaker with every beat.

Panicked, Nick flung himself away from her and focused on her heartbeat.

Had he taken too much? Please, God, NO! Not Natalie! If he ended up being

the cause of her death or her damnation, he knew that he would stay up to

greet the sun this morning! He could no longer exist knowing that he had

destroyed the one ray of purity in his cursed life.

With tears gathering in his eyes, he cradled his beloved in his arms.

Nick held Natalie tenderly in his arms and gently rocked back and forth.

Blood tears were streaming down his cheeks and dripping into her hair. He

couldn't stand the thought of facing a future without her... dear God, what

had he done? A sob caught in his throat.

"Nick?" a soft voice whispered. "What's wrong?"

"Nat?!?" Nick gasped. He focused once again on her heartbeat. Yes, there

it was, the tell-tale staccato of Natalie's softly beating heart. It was

slower and it was definitely weaker, but it was steady! In his panic and

overwhelming sorrow at the thought of having fed too heavily, his senses had

been deadened. She was weak and very pale, but he believed that she would

be all right! Without a doubt, he had taken more than he should have, but

he had stopped in time before her life was seriously endangered. They had

done it! For the first time in nearly eight centuries he had made love to a

mortal woman without taking her life.

Nick gathered Natalie into a warm embrace. He brushed feather light kisses

across her forehead and down her small, upturned nose and then placed a very

cherishing kiss upon her full lips. Looking deeply into her eyes he said,

"Natalie Lambert, I love you more than my own existence. When I thought

that I had taken your life, I was determined to walk into the morning sun

and join you in death. I swear to you that from now on we will always be

together. I'm not whole when I'm without you. You complete me."

Natalie's eyes were shining as she looked at this man who had burst into her

life and forced her to reevaluate her view of the world and her perception

that everything in it had a logical and scientific explanation. He had

filled an empty space in her heart that no number of professional awards or

accomplishments ever could. She felt like pinching herself to make sure

that this wasn't a wonderful dream brought on by the many years of

yearning for his touch, of wanting to be a part of his life beyond the

boundaries that had been previously set. She felt extremely satisfied.

Just as she had expected, Nick had proven to be a skilled lover and

had taken her to the heights of pleasure not once, but twice. She was

light headed and weak from the vampire's lovemaking, to be sure, but

in her estimation a pint or so of blood was a small price to pay for such

a delightful experience.

She would gladly donate more hemoglobin to share in such a thoroughly

gratifying encounter again. But she knew that they would have to wait...

probably for a few weeks, so that she could regain her strength before

they could again demonstrate their love for each other in a physical way.

Nick was going to have to learn to stop sooner, or she was going to have

to turn her formidable intellect to solving this new delicious dilemma. For

now, however, she was content.

Natalie looked up at her lover, at the White Knight that she had

unconsciously been waiting for all of her life. He rode into her life,

not on a fiery steed, but in a vintage Cadillac. She smiled at him and

softly said, "I love you too, Nicholas deBrabant Knight and I can think

of no better way to spend the rest of my life than nestled in your arms."

"Always, Natalie," Nick whispered. "You will be, always and forever, in my



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