For Michel

by Heather L Markle

Archived April 2004
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie Lambert was dancing in her kitchen. Nick had let himself in to her
apartment when there was no answer to his knock, he stood in the shadows
watching her, spellbound by the vision before him. She was holding Sydney
as she moved to the music and sang.  She looked so happy, so alive. The cat
was an unwilling dance partner and jumped from her arms at the end of the
first verse. Nick saw his opportunity and stepped in to take his place.

Natalie gasped and blushed a little when Nick appeared in front of her and
took her

''May I have this dance?"

She giggled and stepped in to his arms. Nick sang softly in her ear.

                If I ever lose my faith in you,
                There'd be nothing left for me to do.
                I could be lost inside their lies without a trace
                But every time I close my eyes I see your face

He smiled at the way the song reflected what was in his heart. When all his
was darkness and pain, Natalie was always his light, his comfort. He
enjoyed dancing with her, feeling the way she moved against him and being
close to her. It was a pleasure he rarely got a chance to experience. All
too soon the song ended.


"My weakness for blond men is showing" she said, smiling.

"So what did you want me the come over for?"

Her face went serious. "I need to talk to you. It's about the cure." She
turned and left the kitchen. Nick followed her to the couch and sat down
beside her.

"I've been reviewing the samples I took from Janette, and I found some
things I didn't notice before. They are just subtle changes in the
chemistry, but I think it might make a difference." She looked him square
in the eyes, "Nick, I think we may be getting close."

"Nat, that's great!" He knew she wouldn't be talking about it, unless she
really thought she had something. "How soon before it's ready?"

"I'll have the first injection ready tomorrow. We'll start slowly.  We
should know if it's effective by the end of the week. But, I want you to be
sure you are ready for this."

Nick was confused by the worry on her face. "Nat, of course I'm ready, I've
been waiting for this for so long. Longer than you could ever know. I want
this more than anything else I've ever wanted."

Natalie got up and started pacing around the room. "Nick, do you realize
what you will be giving up? Flying, and your strength, and you are not
going to be able to get shot anymore."

"And I won't have the struggle to control a killer inside of me. I won't
have to worry about hurting the ones I care about the most." He stopped her
and tenderly touched her face.

"And the Blood?" Natalie's face was haunted "I just keep remembering what
you said about the blood, about the experience of knowing someone so . . .
intensely. Are you going to be able to live without that?" There were tears
in her eyes.

Nick sighed, "You can't know how painful, how terrible it is to share so
much with a person, to know everything about them in the rush of feeding,
and then, when it's over, to have them dead in your arms, knowing that you
. . ."  She could hear the anguish in his voice. He shook his head.  "No,
Nat. I'm ready."

Natalie nodded and smiled sadly. "Alright, then. I'll see you tonight
before your shift starts."

Nick smiled in reply, for a moment it looked like he was going to say
something more. He wanted to tell her how he loved her and how things would
change once they found the cure. But he held back; it was better to wait.
He kissed her lightly on the lips, said "I'll be there," and left.

        When he arrived at the morgue, Nat was preparing lab samples with

"Good evening,  Detective," Grace smiled warmly.

"Good evening Grace, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine. I'm glad to see you. I'll just take these down to the lab and be
back in about, oh, say an hour." She flashed Natalie an encouraging look
and made her retreat.

Nick grinned as he walked over to Natalie, "I guess she knows that
something is up?"

"I'm not surprised. I've been jumpy all evening."


"Yup."  She prepared the syringe. "Ready?"

"Fire away"

Natalie carefully found the vein and pushed the plunger down. "How's that
feel?" she asked as she cleaned up.

Nick shrugged, rubbing his arm, "It's a little numb."

"Good, I'll take some blood work tomorrow and we will see what we see," she

"Are we still on for movies after work?"

"You bet. I wouldn't miss it for the world." she said with mock intensity.
"I'll be out of here at two, and I'll pick up the tapes and be right over."

"Great," he took her hand and his face got serious. "Nat, thank you. I
can't begin to tell you how much you mean to me." He leaned forward to kiss
her, when his cell phone went off. Sighing he took it out of his pocket.

"Knight . . . yeah, I'll be right there." He rang off and put the phone
back in this pocket. "I gotta go" He kissed the forehead. "See you later,

"Bye," she said to his back. 'There he goes, off to save the world again.'
she thought as she turned back to her work.

Nick was surprised to find the loft empty when he got home. He looked at
his watch, which read 3:19. She should be here be now, he thought. He
checked the answering machine, but there were no messages. Frowning he
picked up the phone and dialed.

"Grace? Yeah, it's Detective Knight. Is Nat there?"

"No detective, she left well over an hour ago. Isn't she there yet?"

"No, I thought she might have had to stay late?"

"I'm sorry, Detective, I saw her leave. She said she was going to your
place and seemed real happy too." Nick could here the worry in her voice.

"Don't worry, Grace. I'll find her."

Nick fought to stay calm as he dialed Natalie's apartment and them her
pager. Suddenly panic ripped through his chest - LaCroix! He flew to his
stereo and snapped it on.

Lacroix's voice came  through the speakers. Nick listened for the tale-tell
hiss  of a tape recording. Small relief came over him as he heard none.
LaCroix was on the air - live. He didn't have her.

But where was she? Nick flew out of he skylight and into the night. He
burst into her apartment and searched desperately, but it was dark and

He flew along the highway, following the route she would have taken,
looking for any sigh of her. Then he saw something: fresh tracks leading
off road and down into a steep gully.

His heart froze. There, hidden from the road in the gully, was a pile of
twisted metal that Nick recognized as her car. Without thinking or effort,
he ripped the car apart.

Natalie laid there in the midst of the wreckage still and unmoving.
A tortured cry escaped his throat as he pulled her body free. He listened,
frantic to hear her heartbeat.

It was there, but so weak and fading.  She was dying. Here in his arms, his
beautiful Natalie was dying.

He threw back his head and screamed an unearthly wail. NO!!! It could not
be!  They were so close, he couldn't lose her, not now!

The beast took over. Nick felt like his was watching someone else as he
bent his head down to her neck and bit through her skin to the sweet blood
beneath. Her blood was intoxicating, but Nick did not  let himself become
overwhelmed. He stopped himself and quickly ripped open his own wrist.
Murmuring "Forgive me, Nat," he pressed his wrist to her mouth.

Etentity passed and Nick's heart broke a thousand times. He was terrified
that she would not take the blood, and terrified that she would. Then he
felt her begin to suck, gently at first, then increasing in pressure until
it felt like she would drain every drop from him. Firmly he pulled his
wrist away then scooped up Natalie in his arms and flew into the night.

Nick was emotionally numb, completely without feeling. He knew he would
have to deal with that later, but now his cop mind took over. He knew
precisely what to do.

LaCroix looked up with interest at what he saw. His dear Nicholas carrying
Dr. Lambert through the Raven at top speed straight down to the wine
cellar. He was moving so fast that none of the mortal patrons, and many of
the young vampire ones too, had not seen him.

'Well, well, well, what is this?' he thought as he smiled to himself.
'Nicholas, there's hope for you yet.' He slowly got off his bar stool and,
with feline grace moved  towards the stairs.

The sight that greeting him from the doorway of the cellar was truly
remarkable. Natalie Lambert was covered in her own blood,  and her clothes
were shredded. She sat on the floor, draining  her second bottle of wine,
as little trails of blood ran down from the sides of her mouth. Nicholas
was beside her, handing her another bottle as he finished one himself.

LaCroix's heart warmed at the vision before him. Fate, it seemed, had  not
only returned his son to him, but had given him a lovely new family member
as well.  His only regret was that he had not had the pleasure of bringing
her across himself.

LaCroix reached out with him mind to introduce the fledgling to her grand
sire. Suddenly his eyes turned blood red as he leaped into the room.

He grabbed the bottle from Natalie and threw it to the floor with a crash.
Natalie growled in response. LaCroix picked up Natalie by the throat in a
grip that would've killed any mortal.

"You Bitch!" He spat.  "What have you done! You have stolen him from me, in
this, my hour of victory!"
Nicholas was there, trying to separate them as Natalie hissed defiantly.
LaCroix threw Natalie against Nicholas, knocking them both to the ground.

"Leave! You are dead to me! I will never see you again! I CAST YOU OUT!" he
screamed, pointing to the door. The building shook with the reverberations
of his voice.

Looking like Adam and Eve, leaving the garden of Eden, Nicholas and Natalie
quickly fled the Raven. Vachon watched in amazement as the pair moved
passed him. Taking a quick glance around, he followed them.

Nick entered the loft the way he had exited it. He placed Natalie on the
couch and sunk to the floor beside her. Exhaustion overwhelmed him and  be
began to cry. "Natalie, what have I done? I've destroyed you!" he wailed.
"Natalie, please forgive me!"

Natalie's hand tenderly began stroking his head as she came to full
awareness. She looked down at Nick. "Nick, look at me. You didn't destroy
me, you saved me! Nothing's changed!"

Nick looked up and Natalie's heart ached from the pain she saw in his face.
Blood tears were flowing unchecked down his cheeks as he spoke, "You don't
understand. You haven't killed yet; you haven't felt the beast raging
inside of you. Oh God! Natalie, what have I done?"

"That's a good question." Two heads snapped around to see Vachon standing
right behind the couch. Natalie hissed briefly in surprise. "Now that's
interesting. Neither of you sensed me, and I've been standing here a full
thirty seconds." He opened his bag. "Here, you might need these." He handed
a bottle to each of them. Natalie put hers on the coffee table, while Nick
took a quick slug and put his down as well.

"Thanks, Vachon," Nick sighed heavily.

"What happened down there?"

"I have no idea. We were down in the cellar. I was feeding Natalie when
suddenly LaCroix appeared. You heard the rest."

Vachon looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think I know what set LaCroix
off, but there's something going on I sure don't understand." Then he
looked at Natalie, "You were just made, right?" She nodded, her face
puzzled. "How much blood did you drink at the Raven?"

Natalie frowned, "Two bottles, two and a half, maybe."

Vachon looked at Nick, who nodded in agreement, not understanding, then
back to Natalie

"You haven't touched that bottle I gave you."

"I'm not hungry."

Nick looked at Vachon in amazement. "That's not right . . ."

"See what I mean?"

Natalie was confused. "What? What's not right?"

Vachon moved around the couch to sit on the chair beside her. "No vampire's
first hunger should be satitisfied with two liters of wine. Usually a new
vampire will completely drain a body, two or three, if he can get it. That
open bottle of blood should be making you crazy. But it's not bothering

"This is impossible" Nick said, shaking his head. "You should be on the
floor in agony from the hunger. But here you are just calmly sitting here".

"There's more," said Vachon, standing. He moved a chair from the table to
the middle of the open room. "Nat, sit here." Natalie went to the chair and
sat on it. "Now close your eyes. I want you to use your new senses to feel
me. I'm going to move around the room and I want you to point to me."
Natalie nodded and closed her eyes.

Vachon took a few steps away from her. "Okay, Natalie. Point to me." She
pointed to him. "Now, I'm going to move around. Keep pointing at me."
Natalie nodded, she frowned with concentration, then pointed straight at
Nick.  Nick exchanged looks with Vachon and silently got up and  began
moving around the room. Natalie's hand moved with Nick, never hesitating.
Nick moved further way from her as Vachon moved closer.  Natalie continue
pointing unerringly at Nick.

When Vachon was standing beside her, he said "That's enough." Natalie
jumped at the closeness of his voice. She looked at him with complete
surprise, then to Nick.

"You couldn't sense me."

Natalie shook her head, "But I felt you"

"That was Nick," he said, cutting her off. Vachon looked at Nick, "I can't
sense her either. But what's really weird, is that I can't sense you."

Nick's eyes widened as he realized that while Natalie was plain to his
enhanced awareness, the Spaniard was invisible.

Vachon saw the understanding in Nick's eyes.  "I'm guessing that LaCroix
couldn't perceive you either and that's what set him off. Now," he
shrugged, "how this is possible? I don't have a clue."

"The cure! Nick, it's the cure I injected you with!" Natalie stood up.
Amazement and delight glowed on her face. "It works. Somehow it changed you
and prevented me from coming all the way over."

Vachon nodded "That must be it. Well, dawn's coming. I gotta go." He looked
at both of them. They were both lost in thought. Natalie looked happy and
excited, where as Knight looked nervous and unsettled. He knew it would be
a long day for them. "Good luck," and he was gone.

Nick sat down heavily on the chair and put his face in his hand. So much
had happened and he was trying to make sense of it all. They were invisible
to other vampires. That meant he wouldn't have to worry about the
Enforcers. LaCroix clearly didn't want to have anything to do with them.
That was another relief. Natalie. . .

Nick felt her gentle touch on his shoulder. He looked up into her eyes. She
was worried about him. He wished he could comfort her, tell her that things
would be alright, but he couldn't. He had done the one thing he sworn he
would never do. A look of utter defeat come into Nick's eyes.

Natalie knew what he was thinking. She didn't know how, if it was because
of their vampiric bond or their long friendship or the love in her heart
for him. But she knew he believed he failed himself and destroyed her.

"Nick stop this. Look at me," she pleaded earnestly. "I haven't changed!
I'm not a killer and I'm not going to become one."

Nick wanted to believe her, but images of his other creations 
rose unbidden before his eyes.

Natalie could see she was losing. "How can I convince you? How can I show
you what . . ." She gasped with realization, then she held out her wrist to

"Take it, Nick, please. It's the only way you can be sure." Her voice was
soft and serious. "If you find that I, . . . if I've become what you fear I
have, then you can destroy me, or if you can't do that, we will walk in to
the sun together. But you have to do this. You have to  give me . . . give
us a chance." Her eyes were fearless as she looked at him.

Hesitantly he took her wrist and gently bit into it.  He took a tiny taste
of the blood there. Then another and another. Natalies eyes closed and her
head tilted back. A soft purring came from her throat. She could feel their
minds coming together; their awareness become one. He knew! She could sense
it. He knew he hadn't destroyed her. That she was still his Natalie.  He
knew how much she loved him, and she knew how he loved her.

He broke away from her wrist and looked up at her. Amazement and joy
overwhelmed him as he wrapped his arms around her and covered her face with

"Natalie, oh Nat! I thought I lost you." Natalie returned his kisses,
gradually becoming more and more passionate. Then she broke off.

"Nick, I've been waiting for five years for us to be able to be together"
She breathed heavily,  "I don't want to wait anymore."

Nick kissed her, "Aren't you forgetting something?" he grinned. Natalie
looked confused, then she looked down at herself. She saw the dried blood
and dirt and ruined clothes.

"I guess I ought to get cleaned up, eh?" she smiled. Nick held her hand as
they moved towards the stairs.

"I'll help you, if you want," he said softly.

"I think I'd like that."

Nick turned on the shower while Natalie peeled off the dirt encrusted rags
that used to be her best suit. She looked at herself in the mirror, pleased
that she still had a reflection.  Her injuries were all healed, even her
bad knee. She decided she didn't look all that different. Then she noticed
Nick watching her reflection too.

"Is the water ready?"

Nick nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment and helped her into the
shower. He quickly shed his own clothes and joined her there. He took the
soap and began tenderly, reverently washing the dirt from her body. Natalie
relaxed under his gentle touches and let herself  explore all of her new
vampiric sensations. Nick's hands, which used to be cold and hard, were
warm and soft as they slid over her body. His skin, once so pale, now
glowed with color. His smell intoxicated her.

She was brought out of her reverie by Nick's hands moving over her breasts.
She gasped softly in surprise and Nick, looking embarrassed, moved away.
Her hand caught his arm, "Please, don't stop,"  she smiled, moving his
hands back to her body. Natalie was intensely aware of his touch now as his
hands caressed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Their lips parted and their tongues met. Natalie loved the taste of him,
and was excited by the feel of his fangs as her tongue ran across them. She
was surprised by the feel of her own fangs rubbing against her lips. Nick
pushed back her against the tile wall and began kissing her neck.

Natalie had never felt such intense feelings as his teeth gently brushed
against her skin, right below the vein. She moaned with pleasure as she
felt her eyes change and the room took on a hazy golden glow.

A moment of revelation hit her, as she realized that she was changed. She
was no longer a mortal and her body was responding to the caress of a
vampire as a vampire! She understood in that instant how strong Nick's
control had been. The pleasure she was feeling had no mortal comparison.
        She pushed her body against Nick's hard one and tilted her head,
exposing her neck while her mouth found Nick's throat. She cried out as
Nick's fangs entered her. Waves of pleasure enveloped her as he sucked her
blood into his mouth. Natalie was glad she had the wall and Nick's strong
arms holding her up.

Then somehow Nick's blood was in her mouth. She sucked instinctively at
sweet/salty nectar, drinking deeply. She heard Nick cry in pleasure " Oh,
yes. " he is he moved against her.

The water washed over their bodies as again and again they shared, carrying
away any stray drops.

Natalie  slowly became aware of her surroundings. She was in Nick's big
soft bed. Nick's body was cured around her, warming her, protecting her,
loving her. She could feel Nick's blood, his essence inside of her. She
smiled at the feeling of completeness and joy in her heart.

Nick lifted his head to kiss her, then he stared into her eyes. "Thank you."

Natalie smiled, "For what?"

"For coming back to me, when I brought you across."  "For loving me,
even after you you saw my past."  "For being so strong and fearless."

Natalie captured his mouth and won't let him go, kissing him passionately.
"Nick, you know this, but I will say it again: I love you! I never meant to
fall in you with you, but I did." She smiled, "I couldn't help myself. You
are so special," Tears began to gather in her eyes, "Anyway, we are
together now, and I 'm never going to let you go!"

Nick kissed her and held her close. "I won't leave you. No matter what
happens, we'll be together." They smiled at each other. Their hearts warmed
with the promise of the future ahead.

"So I guess the cure works. We can be mortal again, if you want."

Nick took her hand and held it to his heart. "I want. More than anything, I
want to be mortal with you. Now more than ever, as long as you'll be with

"Alway, Nick. You are in my heart and a part of me." She smiled wickedly
and let her hand move slightly to his nipple. "If we are going to be mortal
again, we should practice mortal things, don't you think?" She began to
play with nipple lightly with her thumbnail.

Nick's eyes flashed in response. "You're the doctor," he murmured as he
brought his  head down to lick  the gentle swell of the breast,  and
finally closing
his mouth over her nipple.
Natalie moaned slightly, arching her back to him. She marveled at the feel
of his tongue on her. She brought his finger to her mouth and sucked on it.
She twirled her tongue against it, demonstrating what she would do to other
parts to his body.  She carefully nipped him to draw a tiny droplet of
blood. Just a taste, but the effect was immediate.

Nick roared from her breast, then climbed on top of her. His breathing was
heavy and his eyes glowed brightly with desire. "No fair!" he hissed. "You
said we should do this mortal!"

Natalie chuckled evilly. "So punish me," she whispered and she licked her
top lip.

Nick growled and kissed her hard.  He could feel her body squirming
underneath his, her excitement building.  He parted her legs as kissed her
neck. With agonizing slowness, he lowered himself into her, all the while
teasing her neck with her fangs.

Natalie's eyes were closed as she felt Nick penetrating her. She whimpered
slightly, wrapping her legs around his body, trying to force him deeper.
"Are you suitably punished now, my heart?" He breathed into her ear, ear,
as he pulled out so that only the tip of him remained inside her.

"Yes! Yes please Nick!" Natalie begged. She was rewarded by Nick plunging
back into her, and then increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts. She
sighed in relief, and pleasure. Nick felt so good inside of her. His teeth
were maddening her at her neck. All thought went away as her body  moved as
one with his. Their tempo increased as they were driven by blissful agony.

Suddenly the world fell away from them. Their awareness  drowned in the
pleasure they found as their bodies climaxed together. Their release was
carried in their blood, forming a perfect circuit of ecstasy and love.

Mme. N. de Brabant
Bollene France

Dear Vachon,

Forgive me for not writing sooner. We've been
quiet busy with the move and all that accompanies it.
Nick and I are now fully recovered. We seem to
have no side effects from the treatment or  our
"previous condition."

We have settled  here in the south of France. I set
up a lab here to finish my work, but
otherwise we have been traveling and enjoying the
quiet life here in the country.

Nick is very happy. At the first chance,
he brought me to the church to be married by
a priest.

You know the cure is yours if you ever wish it, but I
will not  pressure you in anyway.

How are you? And Tracy? Give our best to all our
friends in Toronto. I miss you all, but not the snow!

Please come and visit us soon. Nick says, "Hi."



The End