Fare Thee Well
By Tammy Morrison
circa July 1997

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. They all belong to the
various powers that be. This is pretty silly, and it's something odd that
occured to me when I was listening to the Rankin Family this morning.
Placement is after Last Knight (the resolution being that the cure worked
and Nat wasn't as dead as she looked) and during 2nd season of Black
Harbour when the 'Nazi' history teacher has resigned and Nick Haskell has
gone back to LA.

I promise I'm back on my meds now, really ;)

Natalie had survived. LaCroix had flown her to the hospital after he'd
seen Nick's clear tears and she'd been transfused with enough blood to
bring her back to him. When Natalie got out of the hospital, LaCroix had
told them to leave quickly before he changed his mind. They'd run. For a
while they just travelled Canada, wandering. A coroner, an ex-vampire and
a cat in a caddie. Sounded like the beginning of a bad joke. Then one
morning Natalie had ran to the bathroom of their hotel room. Nick had
followed, very concerned, he found Natalie hunched over 'the porcelin god'
wretching. When she looked up at Nick she had a glorious smile on her
face. "Time to settle, Nick", she announced, "I'm pregnant."

They'd discussed it a good long while, but Natalie wouldn't allow Nick to
go back to police work, too dangerous. She knew he wasn't used to being a
mortal again and would take to many risks. She intended this baby to grow
up with a father. When it was all settled out, it was decided that Nick
would become a teacher. Aristotle had told Nick he'd arrange for one last
'life' change, and that Natalie would set up a small private practice
after the baby was born. They'd decided they liked Eastern Canada better
than Western Canada but Natalie wanted to live by the ocean, so they ended
up in Black Harbour, Nova Scotia.


Tasha came back to school after summer holidays, wondering who her new
social studies teacher and home room would be. The previous teacher had
resigned as he'd agreed with her mother, Katherine, this year and so the
school board had hired someone new. She heard he'd come from Toronto and
used to be a cop. To Tasha, on those recommendations, he sounded like
someone who should be teaching in her old school in LA. Gabbing with
Michael as she entered her home room, she didn't notice the teacher
scribbling on the black board. "Hi, I'm Mr. Knight. You're new home
room, and you're?" A startlingly familiar voice asked pleasantly.

She turned around and nearly dropped her books, even Micheal was gaping.
"DAD?" She asked loudly, staring.

He smiled broadly, "So that's why I've been getting the odd stares since I
got here. 'Fraid you've got the wrong guy, I'm Nick. Nick Knight. Just
moved here with my wife, Natalie." Even the amused twinkle in his eye was
the same, just he dressed better and had a nicer haircut.

"My dad's name is Nick. Nick Haskell. This is just too creepy." Tasha
sat down in a desk still stunned. Michael voiced a muted good bye.

"So you're dad's pretty good looking, huh?" Mr. Knight asked jokingly.

"I never thought so", Tasha responded.

'Ouch, that was a broadside', Nick thought and he spoke again, "So you're
dad's Nick Haskell and you're..."

"Tasha. Tasha Haskell", she responded, other students were walking in and

Mr. Knight smiled again and shook his head, "Short for Natasha?" Tasha
nodded, "You're going to have to meet my wife." Then Knight looked at his
filling classroom and spoke up, "Okay, class, as I was telling Tasha here.
I'm you're new home room, Mr. Nick Knight, and I will be teaching social
studies and music. And before you ask, NO I am not related to Tasha's
dad, Nick Haskell."

He started right into class with such enthusiasm that he drug every
student in the room along for the ride.


After school Tasha stopped by homeroom to see Mr. Knight. "Hi Tasha",
Knight looked at her as he spoke, "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if you would be coaching soccer too this year?" She
asked hesitantly.

"Soccer, huh? I'm not really familiar with the game. I take it that was
something, the fellow who had the position before me did. Sorry that I
can't help." Nick looked genuinely disappointed.

"That's okay", Tasha stood just staring at Knight.

"Well, I have to get home and help Natalie unpack. Our furniture and
stuff from Toronto was supposed to have arrived today. She'll do to much
otherwise." Nick closed his briefcase and stood up from his desk, then
spoke again conspiratorially, "She's pregnant with our first."

"Maybe I can stop by and help", Tasha offered.

"Sure", Nick smiled broadly, "And when we're away from school call me Nick
okay. I hate the sound of Mr. Knight." They walked from the classroom
together and exited the school. Nick hopped into a classic cadillac
convertable parked in the lot, waved at her and pulled out turning down
the same road as she and 'Nonda walked to get home.

She stood still stunned by Nick and then took off at a run to pick 'Nonda


"I don't believe you", Anonda harumphed at Tasha, just within Katherine's

"About what?" Katherine asked. She missed Nick so badly that she'd buried
herself in housework, the new restaurant, the boat yard, whatever to keep
he mind off of him and their troubles.

"Her new teacher", Anonda blurted out, "She says he looks just like

"He does, he could be dad's twin!" Tasha stated as she walked to the
fridge and got a glass of milk. "He just moved here with his wife,
Natalie. I found out their bought the old MacNeill place up the road from

"They must have money to afford that place", Katherine commented, "It's
like a mansion practically, an old victorian house. We all used to avoid
it as kids because of old Mr. MacNeill. They must have been the ones who
payed to have it all fixed up over the summer."

"Yeah, well I promised I'd go and help them unpack", Tasha commented,
"He's really nice and they're expecting their first baby. So he's afraid
she'll do to much otherwise. Will it be a problem mom?"

"I don't see why it should", Katherine commented, "You can go after supper
and be sure to be back before ten, okay?"

"Thanks", Tasha kissed her mom's cheek and ran upstairs to get changed.

"I still don't think he can look that much like daddy", Anonda grumped.

"I don't either, but let's humour Tasha, okay?" Katherine smiled at her
youngest and went back to work on supper.


Tasha walked up the drive of the old MacNeill place and was suprised to
see a little white sedan parked out front but no cadillac. She walked up
to the door and knocked, and a pretty young woman, short with long auburn
hair and sparkling blue eyes answered.

"Hi, I'm Tasha", Tasha spoke up, "I promised Mr. Knight, I mean Nick I'd
come and help unpack."

"Hi Tasha", the ladie said as she swung open the screen door, "I'm
Natalie, Nick's wife. He mentioned you might come by." Tasha looked
around expectantly and was greeted by an overenthusiastic grey and white
cat who bashed her legs with his body and purred loudly. Tasha bent down
and picked him up.

"Oh Sidney, you big old mush ball", Natalie smiled and petted the cat's
head, "Don't let him bully you into petting him, he's a old dear but a
terrible flirt. Come on in and sit down, would you like a coke?"

"Sure", Tasha followed Natalie into the kitchen where an round, antique
dining table and chairs sat covered in boxes and bags and sat down,
putting the cat down in the process. The cat walked over and began to
munch contentedly out of food bowls. Natalie opened the fridge, one of the
state of the art jobs that Tasha hadn't seen since Hollywood and pulled
out two cans of coke.

"I like to drink mine from the can", Natalie handed Tasha one, "Would you
like a glass though?"

"Nah, this is fine", Tasha looked around, "You guys have some great

"Wait til you see Nick's big screen TV and stereo set up.." Natalie
smiled, "He's out picking up his DTS system."

"Wow", Tasha's eyes gleamed, "Can I come over and watch MTV sometime?"

"Well I prefer MuchMusic, but sure I don't see why not", Natalie shrugged
and chugged her pop.

"If you don't mind me asking, how far along are you?" Tasha looked at
Natalie's slightly bulging tummy.

"Only three months. It's either one huge baby or twins... or I'm just
eating too much." Natalie smiled, "Tit for tat though.. Is Tasha short
for Natasha?"

"Yeah, I guess.." Tasha answered reluctantly and Natalie started to laugh,

"Oh, because I always used to get called Tasha or Natasha by my
grandmother. Natasha was her name and I was named for her, but my parents
anglicized it. She refused to stop calling me that though. At least it's
really your name." Natalie smiled, "Well shall we get to work?"

"Sure thing", Tasha jumped up as Natalie eased herself out of her chair,
"where first?"

"Living room, I think. That way Nick can just set up the DTS when he gets
back", Natalie smiled and led the way into the living room.


Tasha had been spending every moment of spare time with Nick and Natalie
helping them unpack. Nick was alot like her dad, but happier. Natalie
had laughed when she said that and had commented that she wouldn't have
said that if she knew him when they lived in Toronto. "So where is your
dad, Tasha", Natalie finally asked.

Tasha stood silent for a while and then said, "Mom and him are having
problems. He's gone back to LA."

"Oh", Natalie answered rather lamely. She had guessed that that might be
the case but hadn't wanted to bring it up til now.

"I miss him real bad", Tasha said the emotion coming through in her voice.
Natalie came over and wrapped her arms around the teen's body. Tasha
sobbed into Nat's shoulder. "Why?"

"I don't know Tasha", Natalie stroked the girl's hair, "These things just
happen sometimes. Look at the brightside though, they may be seperated
but at least you still have them both. My parents died when I was young,
my grandmother raised my brother and I."

"I guess", Tasha said.

"Sure and who knows what'll happen in the future", Natalie commented, "you
may be suprised. Sometimes miracles really do happen." Natalie's face was
so hopeful that Tasha started to believe too.

"Thanks Nat", Tasha said.

They continued to dust and set out the small bits of decor left in boxes
until they had finally finished unpacking and Nick had promised them a
celebratory barbeque this afternoon.

"Nick's a great teacher, but there's one thing I'm going to miss", Tasha
spoke up conversationally.

"What's that?" Natalie asked curiously.

"Soccer, we don't have a coach for soccer anymore..." Tasha sighed,
resigned to a year with no soccer.

"I may be able to help", Natalie volunteered.

"YOU", Tasha looked at Natalie suspiciously.

"As long as I take it easy, this shouldn't be a problem", Natalie
reassured the girl while patting her belly, "I used to play soccer at my
high school and then I was Team Captain at college."

"Alright", Tasha squealed enthusiastically and hugged Natalie.

"What's that all about?" Nick asked as he walked into the living room.

"Just made Tasha an offer she couldn't refuse", Natalie smiled and kissed
Nick deeply cutting off any further questions from him.

"Okay, we'll get back to that later", Nick smiled bashfully, "I have some
bad news. I am a horrible barbequer..."

"What have you done -now- Nick?" Natalie stood glaring at her husband.

"I burnt everything", Nick shrugged, "Good news is, I'm taking all of you
out for dinner. We might as well get your sister and mom too, Tasha."

Natalie sighed, and pulled Tasha up the stairs behind her, "You can help
pick something out to wear.

"This is going to be wierd", Tasha shook her head as they climbed the

"Nick specializes in weird. One day I was eating a peanut butter and
banana sandwich and he wanted to try it." Tasha looked a little
disbelieving that he'd never tried on before but Natalie continued,
"Nick's family stuck very much to normal food. You know meat and
potatoes. Anyway I made him one and used up the last of the peanut
butter. He loved it so much that he wanted another one, but no peanut
butter right? Well he created the banana and raspberry jam sandwich..."
Natalie stuck here tongue out and made the 'gag me' motion.

"Gross", Tasha's face scrunched up in disgust, "That's worse than the
stuff 'Nonda likes to eat."

Natalie smiled and pulled a denim jumpsuit out of her closet. "What do
you think?"

"That's really cute, Natalie", Tasha nodded, "What I meant was I'm gonna
love seeing mom and 'Nonda's reaction to Nick. They don't believe
anyone who tells them how much he looks like dad."

"Really", Natalie laughed, "Well they better get used to him. Nick's
talking about buying one of your family's lobster yachts. He loves his
expensive toys."

"So, I've noticed", Tasha laughed and plunked on the bed while Natalie
got changed and ready in the bathroom.

"Well, I'm ready", Natalie came out, hair fixed, and make-up done, "You
better call your mom and tell her we're coming."

"'Kay", Tasha picked up the phone and dialled.

Katherine was relieved. Tasha had called and said that Nick and Natalie
Knight were taking them all out to dinner. She was going to insist on
meeting them soon anyway, since her daughter was spending most of her free
time with them. Even her brother and sister-in-law were telling her how
much Nick Knight looked like her Nick. She still didn't want to believe

There was a knock at the door and she yelled out, "Coming." She pulled
open the door to find Nick standing there. Crying out "Nick", without
thinking she threw open the door and wrapped her arms around him, kissing
him full on the lips at the same time.

He blushed bright red, and withdrew from her grasp, "Sorry. Wrong guy,
Mrs. Haskell. I'm Nick Knight. Tasha's new teacher. Hope you're ready
for dinner."

Katherine stood there gaping, this man and her husband could be twins.
Tasha had been telling the truth. "If I can get over my embarassment I
will be. Please forgive me."

"No problem", Nick smiled graciously, "Will .. Anonda be joining us

"No, she's out with her grandmother", Katherine said as she stepped out
and locked up, 'Thank goodness', she thought, 'Anonda would never take the

"Alright then, let's go", Nick smiled, "I made reservations for us at the


Dinner had started out a little strained but soon Natalie and Nick's good
nature and vibrant personalities won out and put everyone at ease.
Katherine offered to throw the young soon-to-be mother a baby shower and
Natalie accepted graciously. Dinner had been excellent and they talked
about a multitude of subjects, from parenting to Natalie's practice she
wanted to start when the baby had been born. As they finished up,
Katherine noticed Vicki going into the lounge.

"Mom", Tasha started, "Isn't that Vicki? Maybe you should go and ..."

"Just what I was thinking Tasha", Katherine got up, "Thank you all for
dinner. I have to go and make sure a .. 'friend' gets home from the
lounge okay. If you could take Tasha home?"

Nick and Natalie looked at each other, "If you could use some help.." Nick

"Yeah, mom. I can get home on my own. Nick and Nat are good at this kind
of stuff." Tasha got up and picked up her jacket. "I'll go get Michael
to drive me home."

"Alright", Katherine replied, "but straight home, you hear?"

"Yeah mom", Tasha split, kissing Natalie and her mother on the cheek.

"So what's the story", Natalie asked.

"Vicki has 'problems' and sometimes she takes herself off her medicine",
Katherine started out.

"And either way alcohol isn't a good idea", Natalie nodded, "Is there
anyone we should call?"

"Tasha will get him", Katherine stated matter-of-factly as if not wanting
to bring up his name. Natalie backed off sensing a sore spot.

"Okay so we just go in and keep an eye, til the cavalry comes", Nick
gestured to the lounge door. "After you, ladies."

They entered the lounge, a band played rollicking country and folk tunes.
The woman 'Vicki' mingled and made her way to the front of the stage. The
band invited her up and she began to sing. Nick looked at Katherine.

"She wanted to be a singer", Katherine explained, "And it's an open stage

Nick nodded and watched. Vicki had attracted the attention of someone who
looked very familiar to Nick but he couldn't place from where. Nick
continued to watch closely as she came down from the stage.

"Maybe we should move closer to the stage", Natalie suggested. Both
Katherine and Nick nodded and they moved up. Many stares followed them
but the trio was oblivious, only trying to keep an eye on the woman.
She'd been approached by the handsome stranger and he'd bought her a
drink, they were now sitting at a table not far from where they were.

One of the waitresses came over. "It's your turn", she said.

"Our turn?" Nick asked.

"No one sits this close to the stage and doesn't sing.. House rules", the
waitress informed them. Katherine made a sorry I forgot motion and Nick
shrugged pulling Natalie behind him.

"Come on", Nick said, "Might as well not break house rules." He climbed
the stage stairs with Natalie being forced to follow.

"Why the hell not?" Natalie asked exasperated.

"We'll have a better view to keep an eye on her from up here", Nick
whispered into Natalie's ear. She nodded reluctantly. Nick turned to the
band, "Silly question, but do you know 'Fare Thee Well Love'?"

The band leader nodded and the music struck up. Nick started after the
intro, gazing at Natalie lovingly.

"Fare thee well, love
Fare thee well, love
Far away, you must go.
Take your heart, love
Take your heart, love
Will we never meet again no more?"

Natalie looked deep into Nick's eyes meeting his gaze and started her

"Far across, love
Far across, love.
O'er mountains and country wide
Take my heart, love
Take my heart, love
No one knows the tears I've cried."

It was obvious to everyone in the bar that this song had special meaning
for the two. The emotion that echoed from their voices in the words spoke
volumes. It was obvious that the pair had narrowly escaped this fate.
Together they sang the chorus.

"So I'll drink today, love,
I'll sing to you, love
in pauper's glory, my time I'll bide
No home or ties, love
A restless rover, if I can't have you by my side."

Nick took Natalie's hand and bent down onto one knee.

"Oh come back, love
Oh come back, love
The sun and moon
refuse to shine."

Natalie pulled Nick to his feet and sang to him.

"Since I've gone, love
Gone away love
this lonely girl has had no peace of mind."

Nick pulled Natalie into his arms and they swayed gently to the music
while they sang.

"So I'll drink today, love,
I'll sing to you, love
in pauper's glory, my time I'll bide
No home or ties, love
A restless rover, if I can't have you
by my side."

Nick noticed Vicki and the stranger get up and leave together, but he and
Natalie couldn't just leave and not finish the song. Instead Katherine
got up and followed them out.

Nick sang the melody and Natalie sang the harmony.

"Fare thee well, love "
"Fare thee well "
"Far away, you must go "
"Take my heart, love "
"Take my heart, love "

Then they sang together.

"Will we never meet again no more?"
"Will we never meet again no more?"

Just as the song ended the lounge exploded into applause, there were tears
in some of the patrons eyes, and Nick remembered where he had seen the
stranger before. At the Raven, before Divia... He was one of the young
ones that LaCroix housed.

"Damn", Nick yelled, vaulting from the stage and began to push his way
through the crowd, pulling a wooden beer tap from the wall as he went.
Natalie cried out after him but was unable to follow due to the crush of

He had no idea where to look but he checked the alley and then headed down
to the docks. He saw them standing beneath, the fellow had already vamped
out and Katherine was standing either mesmerized or in horror as the
vampire pulled Vicki to him.

Nick charged down the beach forgetting that he was no longer a vampire.
The young one sneered and batted Nick aside violently as he reached him.
"LaCroix's little lost son", he laughed haughtily, "Stupid human now..
Meat for the beast. Don't worry De Brabant, I'll get to you next."

Then suddenly there was a flurry of movement and two familiar figures held
the young vampire. "He shall never be meat for the beast." LaCroix

"Oui", Janette grinned evilly, "You however.." And she drug the offender
away to be dealt with.

"So Nicholas, still protecting the innocent", LaCroix strode to Nick.
Katherine was still terrified but now just cradled Vicki in her arms.
LaCroix glanced at them dismissively following his one-time son's gaze.
"Do not fear Nicholas, they are safe. We'll make sure they are -safe- for
all involved. You very nearly caused me to have to kill you as a hunter,
Nicholas. Do not -ever- do so again. Stay here and I will make sure that
the community knows that Black Harbour is off limits to all."

"Thank you, LaCroix", Nick said.

"No thank's are necessary", LaCroix smiled malevolently, "I am looking
forward to seeing my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so forth
grow up." LaCroix turned away when he heard the young vampire's scream of
anguish, looking in that direction, then turned back to Nicholas. "Do not
think however that my motive is a humanitarian one, Nicholas. You see I
have decided to watch your line and when one is born that interests me, I
will come to him or her and make the offer. I am certain one of your
children will have the sense to take the gift that you rejected."

Nick gulped, there was nothing he could do. For now he could protect Nat
and his children, but later. Time was on LaCroix's side, the only thing
he could do was pray that Natalie's good sense was an inheritable trait.
LaCroix had turned his attention to Katherine and Vicki and was making
sure that the events of this evening were suitably clouded. Finally they
were done and LaCroix and Janette took off, when Natalie finally found
them on the beach.

"What happened?" Natalie asked pointedly. Katherine and Vicki were
shaking their heads.

Nick mouthed, 'I'll tell you later' but said, "I found them down here
arguing, very nearly had to break up a fist fight. Let's take them back
up there."

"Yeah, Vicki's husband is waiting for her", Natalie informed Nick.

"Good", Nick said. He didn't know how to break the news about LaCroix and
Janette to Natalie. He'd have to find a way later, but for now Black
Harbour was the safest place for them to be. Whatever else, LaCroix would
keep his word, here there would be no vampires as long as his ex-master
and 'daughter' existed.

The End