Eternal Friends?
by Judith Freudenthal

Nick was reading a brochure when he happened to glance at the telephone
and decided to call Nat at the morgue. He sensed she needed a break after
all she'd been through recently and decided to surprise her. He missed
hearing her laugh. She hadn't arrived yet and he couldn't go see her as the
sun had yet to set.

Finally the sun set and Nick entered the morgue to find the surprise was
on him. Nat was laying on the floor with a knife protruding from her chest.
He could hear that she was still alive, but barely. Nick knew there was no
time to get help. He quickly debated whether he should let her die or
condemn her to his hell. He wanted to let her die but he couldn't and hoped
she would forgive him.

He picked her up and with vampire speed was out of there before anyone
had seen anything unusual. He set her down on top of the building, knowing
that he had only moments and sank his fangs into her neck drinking her apple
and cinnamon scented blood. Under any other circumstance he would've savored
it more than he did then. He pulled the knife from the wound and slit his
wrist with it, holding it up to her mouth where she quickly grabbed hold and
drank until he pulled away.

Now he hoped they could both live with the aftermath of his decision.

Back in his loft Natalie awoke to his gentle touch. He was gently
sweeping the stray strands of hair off her face and had not meant to wake
her. He saw the confusion on her face and well as the hunger for blood. He
handed her a green wine bottle and nodded at the unasked question in her
eyes. He knew he'd have to answer more questions later and was prepared to,
he owed her that much. As soon as she had downed the bottle she began to
panic. Nick worked to calm her. He learned about the computer disk hidden
in the morgue containing all of her research and observations over the years
and promised to retrieve it.

Someone had been after it when they had stabbed her. They had called
her a liar when she had denied knowing about vampires. Natalie was pretty
sure it wasn't an Enforcer as she was not drained, nor was the attacker
stronger than the average mortal.

Nick planted a quick kiss on her forehead to reassure her that he would
return with her disk and that everything would be okay. Shortly he returned
with the disk and a suitcase containing some of her clothes, as she would be
staying with him for a while.

She grabbed him knowing she had gotten her wish, to be with him in body
and soul, even if she had meant for them to be mortal together. Their kiss
was tender yet very passionate. Before long their bodies became one and they
knew the depth of the other's soul.

The End