Early Saturday Morning- Sequel to Friday Knight at Nick's Place
by BJ

At the all-night pharmacy

"Nick put that down."


"Nick, don't touch anything."


"Nick...you see that lady over there? She's going to throw you out of the
store if you don't leave things alone."

"Can I ride in the shopping cart?"


"Please mommy?"

"Nick, will you behave!"

"Okay. Spoil sport."

They glided down a couple of aisles until they found the section with the
batteries. When Nat turned to ask Nick which ones went in the remote, he
was gone.


Then she noticed that the shopping cart was missing.

"Oh great..."

Then at the end of the aisle, she saw a blur speed by.

"Nick! Bring back that cart!"

When Natalie finally chased Nick down, he was near the cologne counter.



"What are you doing?"

"Trying on cologne."

"How many did you try?"


Natalie began a sneezing fit.

"I want you to stay with me until we leave the store! Don't touch
anything, don't ride the cart around, don't wander off!"

Nick looked down at the floor.


They went back to the battery aisle.

"Okay, is it AA or AAA?"


"The type of battery in your remote."

"I dunno."

"Wait! I forgot. I stuck it in my purse."

While Nat was scavenging for the elusive remote...

"What's this?"


"Ohhh, never mind."

"Nick, I said don't touch anything."

A saleslady came around the corner.

"Can I help you find something?"

Natalie looked up with the remote in her hand.

"Ha! Here it is!"

Nick was gone again.

"Well, I need to find some batteries for this remote."

"Okay. Let's see, oh, here they are."

"Thank you very much."

"Your welcome. May I ask you something? The man that came in here with
you? Your husband?"


The sounds of a toy gun echoing through the store.

"More like my big, overgrown, spoiled rotten kid!"

Natalie smiled apologetically at the woman and went to find Nick.

She was going toward the toy aisle...

"Nat, can I get this?"

"What is it?"

"It's a super-sonic laser gun with a built in voice activated control unit."

"Does it need batteries?"


"You don't need it Nick, you've got a real gun at home."

"But NAAAAATTTT...please?"

"Fine, but don't ask for another thing!"


"Whoa! Look at that!"

"I'm going to check out now..."

"Can't we stay longer?"

"No, the sun is coming up and you have to go to bed."


"I said no!"


"Now, go to the car and wait for me."

When Natalie finally got to the car, Nick was listening to the radio.

"Don't you usually listen to the Nightcrawler? What is that?"



"It's not so bad..."

"Let's go home."

Nat took the gun from the bag.

"This is kind of neat!"

"That's my toy."

"Aren't you going to share?"


"Fine then, be a brat."

When they finally reached the loft, Helga was already gone.

"Go up stairs and get to bed."

"Wanna go up with me? Read me a bedtime story?"

Nick waggled his eyebrows.

"You are in a mood tonight...what's gotten in to you?"

"I don't know, must have been that protein shake you left for me."

"What protein shake?"

"The one in the fridge."

Natalie took the container out of the refrigerator.

"Nick! This was my lunch from yesterday. It's one of those energy booster


"It didn't make you sick?"

"Nope. It was pretty good actually. Chocolate, I think...Got anymore?"

"No! Not tonight anyway...I'm tired. Now, go upstairs, put on your
pajamas and go to sleep."

"Tuck me in ?"


"Give me a goodnight kiss?"

"If you're a good boy."

"Oh, I'll be good...I'll be real good!"

The End