Dread Natalie, Pirate Queen

by Heather LM, LizM and Catspaw

Archived November 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

The moonlight glinted off the wake of a swiftly moving,
double masted brig. The ship exuded an aura of wealth.
The white sails billowed in the wind, and a few crewmen
moved quietly over her clean, well-maintained decks. A
lone figure could be seen standing on the poop deck,
watching the glittering trail of light left behind as the ship
flowed onward.

On board the Bonaventure:

It was our fourteenth night out to sea. I was standing on
the deck, watching the stars, thinking about how the stars
above and the ocean below have never changed in all my
years. I was sailing to my plantations in Jamaica on my
ship, the Bonaventure. My crew was trustworthy and loyal
and we had had no problems so far, but I was lonely. I
missed the company of women, but I feared the harm I
always did to them.

Suddenly a ship appeared on the horizon. It was moving
quickly. Odd for this time of the night. No merchant or
passenger ships sailed so late at night. It was a large ship,
a three masted frigate, clearly used to battle judging from
the scars on her sides, and the cannon visible as she raced
toward us. I could see her crew lining her sides, all of them
heavily armed and looking well schooled in combat. I feared
the worst. Pirates! I roused my crew to action. I knew I would
be safe, but my crew! I had them ready their weapons. The
big ship came closer. I could see it raise the Black Flag just
before it attacked.

On board the Red Queen:

I walked up to stand at the railing of my ship, the Red Queen,
watching the moonlight reflecting off the sea. My crew was
below decks, counting the haul from our last raid. I was
growing tired of being alone. My crew was loyal, and they
feared me, but I wanted something more. My reputation
made finding an equal almost impossible. Most men feared
me, and the ones that didn't, I wanted no part off. A glimpse of
light off in the distance caught my eye and I took out my glass
for a look. There ahead of us was a ship. I called my crew on
deck just to be prepared. Many men wanted my head, and I
never took chances.

I decided to try and take the other ship undamaged. I saw that
their weapons were no match for the Red Queen, so I gave
the order and sailed close enough for my crew to board. We
scrambled onto the other ship. The battle between ships'
crews was short and bloody, but Dread Natalie was victorious
again. My crew rounded up all the survivors and herded them
all onto the Red Queen and below deck.

On board the Red Queen:

Captain Natalie noticed a tall blond gentleman about to go
below with the rest. She called "Stop! Bring him here!"

The man was handsome and had a look of wealth to him.
She smiled. "And what is your name, milord?" She sneered
on the last word, like it was a curse. Lord Nicholas said nothing.
"Are you the captain of this ship? Answer me!" she demanded.

"I am Lord Nicholas Howard. I own this vessel." He stood
before her, tall and haughty, looking at her.

She said, "Hmmmmm, I wonder how much we can get for

Lord Nicholas stiffened slightly at her words, and watched
with some trepidation as she started to look him over. This
could only be the woman they called Dread Natalie, the
infamous Pirate Queen. He had heard of this beautiful,
fearless woman. They said she was as strong and
dangerous as a lioness. That she knew how to get the
greatest reward from her prey, usually through ransom. She
was reportedly icy, yet she would kill without hesitation. He
realized he and his crew were in serious trouble. He was
determined to show no fear.

Captain Natalie walked slowly around her proud captive. She
liked his looks, but that pride could be a problem. "On your
knees!" she barked. The captive just stood there. She
signaled the men holding him and they forced him to kneel.

She ran one finger down his cheek and he jerked his head
back. She smiled a rather nasty smile and said, "You need
some special attention. Take him to my cabin!" The crewmen
dragged the helpless Lord Nicholas away. Captain Natalie
looked out over the ocean. Oh yes, she would enjoy teaching
this one. She then followed them to her cabin.

She went inside. "Tie him to that chair and get out! I'll handle
him from here on out."

The captain's cabin was luxurious. Rich dark wood and
polished metal gleamed in the soft glow of the brazier that
warmed the room. A table with two chairs sat in the middle of
the small cabin, with a lamp waiting to provide light. Natalie
walked over and lit the lamp, the better to see her captive in
the soft glow.

"So, pretty boy, are you going to behave? Or do I have to teach
you a lesson?"

Lord Nicholas stared back at her, defiant. "You can offer me
nothing that will make me bow to your demands for ransom,
you... you pirate!"

Natalie shrugged out of her coat and came closer. "Call me
Captain, prisoner. Or you'll never see your family again. I'm in
need of a cabin boy and you look like you'd be perfect."

Nicholas struggled with his bonds, pretending to be
unimpressed, but his eyes were on the shadowy curves
visible under her loose shirt.

Captain Natalie eyed him as she crossed the cabin to pour
herself a glass of wine... he was handsome... how could she
break that defiant air... She noticed him staring at her. "Do
you see something you want, my fine lord? A woman like me
would be a change for you, wouldn't it?" She drew the knife
from her boot and played with it, close to his throat.

He squirmed to get away from the darting blade. The captain
reveled in his unease. "You seem a bit discomfited, my lord."
Her gaze was fixed on his beautiful blue eyes.

She noticed his expression beginning to change from anger
to fascination. She used the knife to cut off the buttons of his
white linen shirt, one by one. The knife slipped, brushing his
chest, and he flinched.

"Oh." She lifted her eyebrows. "Ticklish, are we?" She ran her
hand inside his loose shirt and tangled a finger in his soft
blond chest hairs, then pulled his shirt open, exposing his
finely muscled chest. The lamplight made his blond hair glow.
She walked around him, sizing up her prize.

She liked what she saw. It had been a long time since she had
had such an attractive captive. And she could feel his eyes on
her body. Well, she thought, this *will* be fun. She put her
booted foot on the footboard of her bed, giving him a nice view
of her leather clad legs.

She leaned over him, letting his breath cool the heated skin of
her tingling breasts. "Are you sure there's nothing I can offer that
will make you submit to me?"

He said nothing, but there was a noticeable twitch in his breeches.

Staring at the restricting cloth covering his groin, she realized the
rest of his clothing wouldn't present difficulties, but she was never
going to get those tight breeches off him without cooperation.

Lord Nicholas looked up at the beautiful pirate, her breasts only
inches from his face. It might be fun to be her cabin boy, but he
would never submit to her. Never! He held back. She was a pirate.
Who knew what she was planning? He could not give in to her.
As the thought entered his head, his tongue reached out and
licked the valley between her breasts.

The smell of her was intoxicating. Like nothing he had ever
found in a woman before. As his mind thought refusal, his
lips and tongue were trailing tiny kisses along the side of
her breast, pushing her shirt aside. Her taste was so
sweet, he almost broke his bonds with the desire to
possess her.

Captain Natalie smiled to herself. So much for his self-control,
she thought. Men were all alike, either fearing or wanting
her, or both in this case. Lord Nicholas' lips felt so good
against her warm breast. It pleased her that her captive
was well skilled, as well as being pleasing to the eye.

He reached the tip and took her into his mouth, sucking,
still saying over and over "I will not submit. I will not." He
could feel his fangs dropping. He carefully let one ever so
lightly scratch the soft skin of her breast and gave a soft
sigh. He became aware of what his mouth was doing and
abruptly pulled away from her.

Natalie frowned at his retreat. "Oh? What's wrong? Am I too
forward? Or maybe you just don't like the taste of my
commoner's flesh. Well, if you won't do it for me, or for
yourself... think about your crew." She leaned in closer again,
letting her breasts rub against his face. Cupping a hand over
his groin and squeezing him, she heard an odd purring
sound. She grinned at his reaction and said intensely,
"You seem to care about them. We wouldn't want anything to
happen to them, would we? Be mine and I'll release them!"

Lord Nicholas swallowed nervously. A cold knot of dread
settled around his heart. His crew... his one weakness. There
was no way he could let her harm them. He stared into her
blue eyes and quietly said, "If you promise not to harm my
crew... I'll do what you want." Captain Natalie gave a small
 smile and stood up.

Captain Natalie moved closer and ran a hand across
Nicholas' chest. "Good. Then you have my word. No harm
shall befall your crew and you shall be my servant." Lord
Nicholas nodded. Captain Natalie walked behind him and
released his hands. She leaned over and whispered in his
ear, "Now then, boy, why don't you remove those clothes so
I can inspect my prize."

He slowly and reluctantly stood and moved away from her.
How dare she! he thought. He could feel his eyes turn gold
in anger. He turned his back to her, careful to keep his eyes

Captain Natalie grabbed his arm and swung him around.
The slap that followed sounded like the crack of a whip.
"You gave me your word, Lord Nicholas," her tone biting,
"and I'll thank you to keep it. You are my servant and you
will obey!"

Lord Nicholas was careful to keep his head down. He didn't
how why, but he didn't want her to see his unearthly eyes.
"I'm sorry, Captain," he stammered, "You are right, of course."
He began fiddling with the buttons of his coat stalling, clearly
uncomfortable, as a grinning Captain Natalie poured herself
a glass of burgundy and leaned back in her chair to watch. He
knew if he tried to refuse, she would lose her temper again,
and he was afraid of the consequences, both to his crew and
to his control. The coat slid off his shoulders and he stood
there in white linen shirt and blue breeches.

The shirt came next. He pulled it loose from his breeches
and let it fall open, baring the golden blond curls on his broad

Her smile broadened. "Very nice," she complimented him,
holding up her wine glass.

He shrugged out of his shirt and hesitated.

Natalie looked him up and down, lingering on his groin, and
said, "Remove your breeches. Slowly! Show me what you have
that can pleasure me!"

es and the boots.
It had been so long since he had taken them off by himself.
She would get angry again if he didn't cooperate. He looked
at her, clearly distressed.

"Oh, poor little rich boy. You need help?" She walked to the
door and called a crewman in. "Remove his boots. Do
nothing else. Then get out!" She returned to her chair and
 picked up her wine glass, then waved the glass at him
and said "Continue."

The crewman looked inside, smiled secretly and complied.
He was gone in less than a minute.

Captain Natalie stood up and approached him. "Well, we still
need help removing our clothes, do we? Allow me." She played
with the buttons on his breeches, 'fumbling' a little, finding him
apparently enjoying this a lot more than he let on.

He pushed the breeches down and stood there, his manhood
rosy red and erect, ready for whatever was required of him by
this beautiful and terrifying woman.

Natalie looked at her servant. She smiled at what she saw. Yes,
this was worth the ransom she was giving up. Gold wasn't the
only thing dear to her pirate's heart.

She chuckled softly at his hardness. "I see you are enjoying this,
boy." She ran a hand lightly over his chest and abdomen, tracing
the fine line of blond hair that drew her eye to his manhood - and

Something was wrong. He was cool, too cool. "What are you?"
she whispered.

"I am your servant, Captain. I am here to please you. Please,
Madame Captain, let me pleasure you?"

The captain eyed her new servant with an eyebrow raised. She
took a step closer to him and took a sip of her wine. Afterwards,
she remarked, "Pleasure?  Oh, you will do much of that soon
 enough." Walking around behind him, the Captain ran her
fingertips along the spine of his back. "My, chilled are we?"

Her touch sent a shiver of electricity through his body. How Lord
Nicholas wanted to throw this vixen onto the wooden floor and
take her!! But he held back. He found to his surprise he enjoyed
her control over him.

While her fingertips traveled backward up to his neck, she leaned
in, her lips barely touching his cold skin. "No matter what sorcery
you are made of, your cold body will soon know heat of untold
proportions," she whispered, her words just a breath away from
his skin.

He shivered as her hot breath caressed his neck. He wanted so
much to take her into his arms but dared not. He had to think of
his crew.

Captain Natalie walked to the chair he had recently vacated,
allowing her hand to drift over his erection as she passed and
sat down. "Remove my boots," she commanded, "Nice and slow,

Lord Nicholas took her leg and moved his hands up to her thigh
 Slowly he eased the leather off the leg. Carefully he did the same
to its mate. She had beautiful long legs and his desire was
mounting. He longed for this beautiful woman and was fascinated
by her fearlessness.

Captain Natalie watched as her new toy removed her boots. She
was pleased with the way he had followed her orders so far and
could see, quite clearly, he was enjoying himself. He finished
removing her boots, and stood waiting, in front of her. She gazed
over him and smiled. "Now, boy, kneel."

He stared at her a moment before dropping to his knees in front
of her.

She stood up with her wine glass in her hand and stepped close
to him, her shirt hanging loose. She leaned over him, playing
with his blond curls, and let her lower body brush against his lips.

Lord Nicholas could smell the musk rising from her body, the need
she had for his loving hands and mouth. He longed to touch her,
please her. But he waited stoically for her command. He delighted
in being hers. He tentatively rubbed his face against her, waiting to
see what she would say. "I am here to please you, Captain. What
is your will?" he murmured into her loins.

She looked down at the top of his head, feeling his cool breath
through her breeches. She was suddenly much too warm. Well
he was supposed to be her servant, so...

Captain Natalie stepped back and once again looked down at him.
She was enjoying him immensely and knew he was enjoying her
as well. She felt his desire, and smiled to herself. Time to exert
some control. "Boy, I'm hot, and dirty from the battle. You shall bathe
me," she ordered, pointing to a bucket beside the fire.

Lord Nicholas brought over the basin of warm water and soft sponge
he found near by. "My Captain," he said, "May I remove your breeches?"
Captain Natalie smiled and nodded her head. Reverently he ran his
hands up her legs and undid her belt. Then he slowly removed the
red velvet pants. His eyes widened when he saw she wasn't wearing
 anything under her breeches.

Silently he dipped the sponge in water and squeezed it out. He knelt
before her and took her leg into his lap, gently stroking it with the
sponge, starting at her foot then moving up to her knee and thigh.
Captain Natalie closed her eyes as she enjoyed his careful

Lord Nicholas rewet the sponge and with equal care washed her
other leg. He longed to cover each leg with kisses. To bury his head
where her thighs met. Instead, he asked "My captain? May I remove
your shirt?"

Natalie looked at him a moment, considering him. Then she nodded
and raised her arms.

Lord Nicholas undressed her, careful of her beautiful, long tresses.

As Lord Nicholas sat back on his heels, he looked up at the sight
before him. Never in all his many years had he seen such beauty
 His heart ached with desire for this woman. Quickly he ducked his
head, knowing his eyes were amber with need.

"What's wrong, boy? Am I that hard to look at?" she asked, not
understanding his reaction.

"No," he stammered, "My captain, I am just your servant, not worthy
of such beauty."

Captain Natalie smiled slightly, curious to see what game he
was playing.

He stood again, and wrapping her hair around his hand, gently
moved the sponge over her back and buttocks. The hand holding
her hair went around her shoulders and he turned her away from

He dampened the sponge again and, asking permission before
he continued, drew the sponge around her breasts and down her
belly. She gasped and spread her legs, wanting more.

Breathing hard, he pulled her closer to him, eager for whatever
 came next.

Pushing him back slightly, Captain Natalie smiled. "Not just yet, boy.
You have to finish my bath first."

He groaned, breathing noisily, wanting her body touching him again.

The sponge was suddenly pressed against her loins, rubbing
between her legs. She pushed herself against the sponge, wanting
more pressure, wanting his hand there instead of the sponge.

He was near losing control, could barely tolerate her smell, her feel,
any more. He wanted the  feel of her bare skin, not that ridiculous

He fumbled and the sponge disappeared.

She looked at him, then at his hand, while he hesitated, unsure of
what to do. "Continue. You're not finished yet."

He cupped his hand, dipped it in the water, and placed his hand
between her thighs. Slowly, he rubbed his hand against her mound,
allowing the water to drain between his fingers. As he continued to
stroke her, he felt her juices coat his hand, and the smell of her arousal
was becoming too much for him to bear. Glancing at her as if seeking
permission, he dropped to his knees in front of her, all the while stroking
her moist center with his cool fingers. He moved his head closer to her,
breathing in her scent. Gently parting her folds with his fingers, he
brought his lips to her mound and began to suck gently. Captain Natalie
moaned low in her throat as his tongue began to tease her hard and
aching point. Lord Nicholas sucked her harder, enjoying the growing scent
of her arousal, vibrating his tongue against her. As she moaned louder, he
could feel the vampire beginning to rise. He could not lose control! He
closed his eyes against her. She must not see the change, he thought.

Suddenly she grabbed his chin and jerked his head away. "You are a very
talented man," her voice quivering. "But I did not say you could taste me yet!"

Lord Nicholas breathed for a moment, fighting down the beast that wanted
to take this woman right now, and slowly opened his eyes. Looking into hers
he saw a wealth of emotions. Her eyes held a proud spirit, one that knew fear,
but also how to conquer it. She was so strong, yet had a side of her untouched,
like a mystery he vowed to solve. She wanted him, that was clear, but she
also needed to keep control. He realized then how very alike they were.

Captain Natalie watched as his eyes slowly opened and stared into hers.
She saw his desire for her, and something more... something she had
never seen in a man's eyes before. Respect. She realized that this man,
whom she had thought to make her toy, could be more....

She was overcome with a wave of emotion, emotion she had never felt
before. She turned away so he would not see the confusion in her eyes.

Lord Nicholas felt her confusion, it mirrored his own. He knew that this
woman was his equal, someone he could trust with his whole being,
perhaps even his dark secret. He wanted to gain her trust, and he wanted
her happiness. That meant following her orders. "My pardon, Captain.
I behaved improperly. How may I serve you?" he requested.

Captain Natalie wasn't sure of her emotions, but she knew her desires.
She pointed to the wooden double bed that dominated the room. "There!"
was her command.

Lord Nicholas walked to the bed as ordered, followed by
the Captain. He was amazed at the way she had such
bearing, even when totally naked.

Lord Nicholas reached the large, comfortable looking
bed and waited for her command.

Captain Natalie came up behind him and ran her hand
across his firm buttock. "Now, boy, help me up," she

Carefully he picked her up and laid her gently down,
entranced by the vision before him. How he longed to take
her in his arms.

Natalie looked at him. "You may finish my bath now, boy."

Lord Nicholas swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. Then
he knelt beside her on the bed, and slowly began licking
her thigh. She smiled in response as he moved up her leg
toward her core. Gently parting her legs with his hands, he
began to slowly lick her curls, coming close, but not quite
touching the fiery point of her desire. Teasingly, he ran his
tongue over her lips, tasting her wetness, and delighting in
her moans as her desire increased. Finally, he sucked her
point between his lips, swirling his tongue around it as she
began to writhe under his touch.

Captain Natalie was on fire as his tongue teased her. She
laced her fingers in his soft cloud of hair and pulled him
harder against her, even as she arched up into his touch.
This was incredible! No one had ever made her feel such
passion and she needed more. A gasp was pulled from
her as he began to nibble on her, sending waves of
pleasure through her that grew more intense as she felt a
cool finger slide deep into her moist chamber.

A second finger joined the first, thrusting in time with his
insistent sucking. As a third finger joined the others deep
inside, his tongue began to flick rapidly over her hardened
nub, driving her over the edge, and she screamed as she
came, a flood of moisture bathing his hand as he continued
to thrust into her.

Coming back to herself, Captain Natalie realized that she
had allowed her prize too much control. Her feelings toward
him were so mixed. She needed to regain the upper hand.
Sitting up, she gazed down at the handsome man kneeling
next to her. "You show some promise, my fine lord, but I did
not give you permission to do that. So, for your presumption,
you must be... punished. Lie down on your back and close
your eyes. Do not move, boy, if you value your crew."

He was only too willing to do whatever would please her.
He was sure by now that she would do him or his crew no
harm. But he didn't know how much longer he could last.
Her scent was even stronger now, since he had given her
her release. And he could hear her heart, still beating fast
and strong, recovering from the pleasure he had given. He
lay back on the bed and closed his eyes, smiling.

The Captain got off the bed and stood, staring down at him.
His eyes had seemed to glow golden in the light from the
lantern, and he was still too cold, even after all their activities.
She didn't really know what she wanted from him at this point,
except that she still felt empty, and she needed him inside
her. The only problem was that she was sure it would be no

Lord Nicholas could feel her staring at him. He sensed the
questions tugging at her. He knew she wanted him, but she
also had to stay in control. He wanted her to trust him.
Strangely, he knew that he wouldn't hurt her. But how?
"Captain?" He kept his voice soft. "I am sorry, Captain, I only
wished to please you. May I look at you, Captain?"

Natalie, voice tight with emotion, said "Yes, open your eyes."

Nicholas saw the strong mask she wore to hide her emotions.
"Captain, I'm sorry, please let me serve you?" He lifted his
hand to her.

As he spoke and his eyes opened, she saw their unearthly
glow. "What manner of man are you?" she whispered, even
as she took his cool hand in her warm one.

He answered her, raising her hand to his lips. "Not a man at
all, a vampyre."

She pulled away with a gasp, her face clearly showing her
fear. Nicholas let her go. It was one of the hardest things he
had ever done. His heart froze. Had he made a mistake in
trusting her?

Captain Natalie took a breath, squared her shoulder and
turned back to him. The fear in her eyes had been mastered
and replaced by a questioning look. "Why did you tell me
this? Why?"

Lord Nicholas answered without hesitation, "Because I want
you to trust me. You are unlike any woman I've ever met. We
are kindred spirits. I understand so much of what you are
feeling, what you are afraid of. What you need." He held out his
hands. "I trust you, and I want very much to make love to you."

Captain Natalie smiled and, licking her lips a moment, reached
out to him. They came together in an embrace of burning
passion unleashed.

Pulling her to him, Lord Nicholas caught her lips in a desperate
kiss, unleashing all the pent-up yearning in a full assault,
thrusting his tongue deep into her welcoming mouth. Captain
Natalie met his attack with equal passion, pulling him tighter as
her hands ran over his back. Leaning into him, she pushed him
back onto the bed, straddling him, as their tongues dueled. A
growl escaped him as her fingers found his nipples and played
with them, pinching.

She could feel his hardness pressing into her. He had been
holding himself in for a long time, thinking of her needs, but she
didn't think he could wait much longer. She looked up to see his
face and saw his eyes glowing a deep, beautiful golden color.
One thing was certain, she wanted him inside her as much as
he did.

She nuzzled his neck, letting herself enjoy the feel of his cool
skin against her hungry mouth, then kissed her way to his
nipples, letting her lips replace her fingers. Her fingers trailed
the line of blond hair down past his stomach, past his belly
button, paused...

His hand had woven itself in her long chestnut curls, while its
mate was stroking her back and buttocks. She smiled at the
pleased sounds coming from his throat, then her hand slipped
down to grasp his shaft. He was hard like steel, but cool. She
wondered about its taste.

Gently stroking the head of his shaft, her fingers lightly teased
it, watching as moisture began to gather at the tip, and its
cocoon of soft skin drew away.

Her hair trailed along his belly, teasing his cock, tickling him.
Her warm breath drew it toward her as if she was iron to his
magnetic needle. His hips rose, pushing closer to her. When
she brought her mouth to him and licked, he roared and,
grabbing her shoulders, pulled her up and rolled her over.
His cock, seeping fluid, moved between her thighs, seeking
the entrance to her body.

Natalie was shocked for a heartbeat, then she smiled. He
may be a vampyre, but he hasn't dealt with Dread Natalie yet,
she thought. Using balance more than strength, she rolled him
over on his back. "I prefer it *this* way, tiger," she purred, as
she impaled herself on his ridged cock.

Pausing for a moment, reveling in the exotic feel of his cool,
hard member inside her, she smiled, a rather mischievous
grin, then suddenly pulled herself up, almost entirely free of his
cock, and swiftly thrust down, impaling herself again, moaning
at the tight fit.

She rested on him for a minute, letting him do the work, while
she got her breath back.

The feel of her soft breasts pressing against him and his cock
enclosed by her was too much. As his cock hardened even
more, he could feel his fangs dropping and extending. Aching
for more, he kissed her soft skin, letting a fang scratch her
breast again.

She pulled herself slightly away from him, feeling a tingling
awareness in her breast that made her want to thrust it into his
mouth whole. She began moving on his cock again,
encouraging his thrusts.

He could smell and see the few drops of her blood from his
light scratch. He was losing coherency and rational thinking.
Instinct was controlling his actions now. His tongue licked
obsessively, tasting drops of her blood, wanting more.

The feel of his tongue licking her breast, and the scratch he
had made drove Natalie wild! Moaning incoherently, she
ground herself harder onto him, feeling his cock harden
even more as he thrust upwards with more force. They
moved closer to the edge as passion and desire took over.
He nestled his head in her neck, sucking at her throat,
wanting to bite... The feel of his lips on her neck excited her
even more.

Nicholas could feel her orgasm approaching, as was his.
He wanted, no, needed to taste her, to taste her orgasm as
they came. Her pace sped up again, driving him nearly
insane with need. Pulling back from her neck, he stared into
her desire laden eyes, and croaked, "Oh, please!! My
Captain!! Please! Let me taste you, taste your blood! I *need*
to taste you!" his eyes begging hers with unearthly need. "Let
me taste you, be one with you!"

Looking down into those glorious eyes filled with desire and
something more, she felt the need to be one with him. "Yes,
oh, yes!" she breathed even as she thrust deeper onto him.
His hand slid sensually up her neck, pulling her down on his
chest, and he began to lick and suck over the vein, drawing a
moan that started deep inside her. As her chamber began to
tighten convulsively around his shaft, he slid his fangs into
her neck.

The taste of her blood, so sweet, and like none he'd ever had,
drove him over the edge and he arched up into her, as she
ground down onto him, her release flooding into him though
her blood. A primal scream of pleasure erupted from them
both as they achieved a pinnacle of pleasure neither had felt
before. His head fell away from her neck and he gazed in
wonder at the only woman he had ever loved enough not to kill.

Warmth flooded Captain Natalie's body. In his embrace she
had found not just the greatest pleasure her body had known,
but also a love that filled her whole being. This strange
creature in a man's shape was her perfect match. They
understood each other in every way possible.

She rested against his body, her hair streaming across his
chest. His eyes had returned to their clear blue, and his
expression had a sense of wonder.

How was she going to let him out of her life? She had
promised his crew's freedom, and after what they had
shared, she could not keep him as a servant. She climbed off
the bed and wrapped herself in a robe, then looked at him,
her eyes shiny with tears. "My crew has been sailing all night
to take you to port. We have arrived. You and your crew are
free to leave now."

Lord Nicholas stared at the woman who had first captured
his ship then captured his heart. He saw the tears in her eyes,
and knew what the offer cost her. He found he did not wish to
be free. He wanted to be with this remarkable woman for as
long as he could. "Natalie," he said as he rose from the bed
and walked over to her. She looked down, afraid to watch him
as he destroyed her heart. His cool hand reached out and
gently lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. "Natalie, I
am yours, now and forever.... If you will have me?"

She looked deeply into his eyes, unable to believe that this
incredible man would want to stay with her. She saw the truth
shining in his eyes, and her tears began to fall. Reaching up
to cup his cheek with a shaking hand, she whispered, "Yes,
Nicholas, I want you to stay. And I am yours... forever."

The End