Dr. Lambert & Ms. Hyde

by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

Archived November 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further
The characters belong to whoever/whatever/tptb of "Forever Knight."
The story belongs to the twisted mind of Pam (Jaxie).
The lyrics belong to "Queer," written & sung by Garbage.
The standard "I claim to be no great writer," applies also.

She stood in front of her full-length mirror. Smoothing her hands over
the black lace teddy that clung to her porcelain skin, she sighed. What if
he rejected her? Well, she had waited long enough for him to make the first
move. The lipstick was far too dark and not normally what she didn't wear.
But, tonight was something she didn't do either. Foregoing hose, she took
the new
shoes from their box and slipped them on. She put on the last item of
clothing. Tying a single knot, she took a step back. It was someone else
that stared back from the mirror.
A wild woman. An untamed animal. A black cat, ready to pounce.
Tonight, the cat and mouse game ended...once and for all.


She could hear the music from the other side of the door. It wasn't
his type of music. But, it matched her attitude. Her heart pounded as if
it were going to escape her chest at any moment. Just as she was about to
knock, the door opened.

Nick slid the door back to find Natalie standing before him in a long
black overcoat that was tied around her waist and in black high-heel shoes.
He was finding it difficult not to pull her hard next to his body and run
his fingers through Natalie's hair that cascaded down.

"Nat, wh..."Nick started to say until she placed her fingers over his
lips. He looked and saw her fingernails painted a deep shade of red. This
wasn't his Nat. Where was the real Natalie Lambert and who had her?

Natalie began to slowly move toward him as he walked backwards from
her. When their bodies were only inches apart, she let one of her fingers
travel down his chest against the smooth, slick fabric of his black silk
pajama top. When she did, Nick could feel his manhood strain against the
loose fabric of his matching silk pajama bottoms.

She glanced down and could feel herself blush slightly. 'Don't lose
your nerve Natalie,' she silently told herself, ' ...it's way past time for
both of you.'

She closed her eyes for the briefest second, then looked straight into
his eyes as if she could devour him. "I'm here for you. For us. No
discussion. No explanations. " As she began untying the knot, Nick couldn't
believe his eyes. He tried to breathe, to move. But all his strength
allowed was to watch as the woman he had longed for all these years stripped
off her shyness.

//Hey boy, take a look at me. Let me dirty up your mind.
I'll strip away your hard veneer and see what I can find.//

Nick couldn't tear his eyes away from the vision before him. This
couldn't happen. He couldn't believe this was *his* Nat. He tried to
envision his sweet Natalie in her everyday doctor's labcoat, but it was no
use. If only he had known what lay under that labcoat years ago. His mind
fought with his urges. And then, he grabbed her and pulled her against him.
He throbbed against her. Natalie almost lost senses.

Nick found her mouth, crushing it with all the passion that had been
captive far too long. Willingly, she gave him her mouth as their hands explored.

Natalie moaned as he began to loosen the ties that encased her breasts.
'He wants me. And I want him. Oh, Nick...'Natalie begged silently as her
head was spinning.

Her hands shaking, she hurriedly unbuttoned his top so she could kiss
his chest. As she lowered her kisses, Nick caressed her hair. She trailed
her kisses back to his neck. Slipping off his shirt, she softly licked down
his neck onto his left shoulder letting the silky fabric to fall.

Just as Nat was about to start on his pajama bottoms, Nick pulled away.
His breathing was rapid, his eyes wild. Nat's heart felt as if it were in
her throat, her own breathing fast and hard.

Nat thought he was about to turn her away when Nick reached for the
thin straps of her black lace teddy. One strap slid carelessly down her
arm, then the other. Within her next heartbeat, the teddy layed on the
floor around her high heels. She looked down and pushed the teddy away with
the toe of her shoe. When she looked back up, Nick was staring at her. No
sound, save for the music playing. At first she thought to run, but she
stayed in place. ' No, this is what I want. Go ahead Nick and take the
forbidden fruit. LaCroix is wrong. Take a bite. It won't kill you.' The
silent words screamed in her head.

//I know what's good for you...you can touch me if you want
I know you're dying to...you can touch me if you want...//

Before she knew it, Nick had scooped her up in his arms and was taking
her in front of the fireplace. Natalie ran her fingernails down his back
as he lengthened his naked body against her own. Funny, she couldn't
remember when his pajama bottoms had left.

With one hand Nick held her head while the other cupped a breast,
teasing the dark nipple to stiffen. In one smooth motion, his lips were
there sucking it, then the other eagerly waiting mound of flesh. With eyes
closed, Natalie turned her head from side to side, unable to control the
feelings that travel from her moist area. Then, she felt his hand there,
slowly teasing her to her peak. Moaning in exquisite agony, she
couldn't...wouldn't endure this torture anymore. "Nick, please. Now,
Nick..."she heard herself moan as he positioned himself above her, kissing
her neck. She felt his hardness against her. Then she felt another
hardness of another kind. When she opened her eyes, he looked down at her
with his own eyes, glowing. Without hesitation she said, "You won't hurt me.
Don't stop."

//I know what's good for you...you can touch me if you want
But you can't stop.//

In the next breath, Nick buried himself with her. She held onto him as
he began, harder with each thrust. Nick felt her warmth surrounding him.
He wanted release. The beast also wanted its release. Nick held onto Nat.
While he did, he made a fist and sank his fangs deep into his skin...tearing
it wide open as the final thrust was made. Nick collapsed beside her when
his release came.

Natalie felt something cold on her shoulder. Reaching up, her fingers
brought the site of blood. "Nick! What happened?"

As he showed her his fist he said,"Something very minor compared to
what just happened tonight."

Natalie reached over for his pajama top to wrap around his fist, "I had
to do something. I wasn't sure if you'd ever make the first move on the
everyday Dr. Lambert."

"Well, Ms. Hyde, I'd say you certainly brought new light to the Dr.
Lambert I know and love,"Nick said, smiling evilishly kissing the tip of her

"I love you too, Nick,"Natalie said as they held each other and
enjoyed the night.


The pulsating beat of the music had long stopped and the couple was now
asleep, tangled together on the floor. He looked down from the skylight,
staring at the couple while the shadows of the fire from the fireplace
danced on their nude bodies.

"Oh, Nicholas. What have you done? You will learn, Nicholas...you
will learn,"LeCroix said into the night.

//You learn to love the pain you feel,
Like father like son."

The End