Don't Leave Home Without It

by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson


Archived October 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

  ~~Tatiana pulled Dieter closer to her cold necked body.  He could feel
   Tatiana's icy breath on his lips as he crushed them to hers.  "My dark
      angel,"he mumbled.  Tatiana replied, "...take me now my  prince.  We
will be as one~~

     "Yea, right,"she mumbled as she turned a page.     

     Another night off.  How many nights had she spent on the same corner
of her couch flipping through books?  A better question would be how many
*more* nights would she be repeating this same routine.  Sure, her and Nick
had occasionally met either at his loft or her apartment for movies, but
there were just so many movies one could rent without it involving romance.

    Personally, Natalie loved the romance movies, especially the romantic
comedy ones.  But she had seen how Nick had grown uncomfortable the past
few times she had made the selection.  And after their latest argument last
night, she couldn't care less if Nick showed up with the video store's
entire stock of romance movies. 

     Well, maybe a little.  Even if he didn't bring the movies.

     "Oh, god Lambert.  Get a hold of yourself,"Natalie moaned to herself
as she got up and tossed the book over her shoulder.  Turning off the lamp
near her, Natalie decided maybe she should just go to bed.  The room was
now drowned in pitch darkness save for the small glimmer of light that
emerged from the city's lights outside her window. 

     Not bothering to turn on another light, she plowed into the edge of
the end table. "Damn it to hell!!"  Natalie almost missed the couch as she
sat down to rub her unshaven leg.  After she flipped on the table's lamp,
she inspected her knee to find no major damage had been done.  Natalie let
out a breath.  "I've got to get out of her before I kill myself."

     There is something to be said about the dark.  In the darkness,
nothing is what it seems.  The thought and its prospects excited Natalie.

     After taking a shower, shaving her legs and changing into a pair of
shorts and a silk sleeveless shirt, Natalie stood before the mirror trying
to decide how she should wear her hair.  "I'm just going to look around for
an hour or so.  Nothing more,"Natalie said, trying to convince herself.
But she knew differently.  She wanted attention, craved for it though she
never admitted it to herself.

      Once she had her leather sandles buckled, Natalie quickly grabbed her
purse and car keys.  As she opened the door, Sydney meowed.  "Sorry Syd.
This is a solo trip."  Locking the door behind her, Natalie sauntered down
the stairs to her car outside.

     The mall could be fun.  Right.  It's just another place to get lost.
It might be exactly what she needed.

     Within twenty minutes Natalie parked the car outside one of Toronto's
largest malls.  The summer's warm breeze brought thoughts of past evenings
with Nick as she walked towards the doors.  His arm draped across her
shoulders; the smell of his freshly showered skin.  Her mind wasn't on
where she was heading when Natalie nearly plowed into a man in his
twenties.  "Oh, sorry about that,"she said embarrassedly.  The dark haired
young man smiled and gave Natalie the once over.  "No sorry necessary.
Believe me it was all my pleasure."

     As the young man walked away, Natalie couldn't help but blush.
Hurriedly, she opened the door and made her way into the mall with a huge
smile on her face.  Natalie had to admit, her evening was definitely
looking up.  Though, the void she felt inside her was not even close to
being filled.

     She knew that she was lonely and had hoped a certain vampire would
rectify that.   Men- mortals or vampires.  They were all idiots.

    The mall was crowed as usual for a Friday night.  Teenagers combed the
music stores while other people just roamed or window shopped.   Not sure
where to head first, Natalie chose to be among the roaming crowd and walked
past various shops ranging from clothing stores to jewelry shops.  She
hurried past the book stores and suddenly found herself in front of a shop
she hadn't noticed there a few weeks ago.

     Windows of this shop were painted black.  Somber music wafted out into
the crowd of curious onlookers.  The only thing on the blank black walls,
save the underage warning posted at the doorway, were above the entrance in
purple gothic lettering.

     The Mausoleum.  It wouldn't hurt...just to look.  She had nothing
better to do.

     With trepidation, Natalie stepped into the shop.  Goose bumps rose on
her arms and bare legs as a wave of cold air hit her. She knew it was
unseasonable hot outside, but to keep a portion of the mall this cold was
ridiculous.  Unless...nah.

     Blue and purple streams of light mingled with the low grey lights that
engulfed the store.  Mannequins were displayed in bondage outfits to the
left of her vision.  One, an obvious female mannequin, sat behind the
store's counter in a vinyl cupless bra and matching thong with a garter
belt and fishnet stockings.  Looking around, she could easily see that she
was overdressed for the occasion.  To her right, a few (she dared to guess
if they were male or female) with black lipstick and dark green hair
fingered through the vast assortment of adult toys while another group of
colourful people huddled over at the poster section as their heads slowly
bopped to the song that emanated through the store:
    //You thought that I would never see 
      What was meant for you was meant for me 
      I was distracted at the time 
      Forget about yours, now what about mine?

      This is not my idea of a good time 
      This is not my idea of a good time 
      This is not my idea of a good time 
      This is not my idea...//
     No, this certainly was not a good idea Natalie thought.  It
wasn't...until she spotted the lingerie towards the back wall next to a
rack of chain mail bras.

     After wading through the sea of people in the middle of the store who
were looking over the selection of body oils, lotions, edible underwear,
whips, and leather restraints, Natalie finally made it to the lingerie
section.  A girl with at least a half a dozen piercings stood there holding
up a stretch thong teddy with brass chains to her body for her boyfriend's
inspection.  Natalie felt a little embarrassed when the boyfriend showed
his approval by kissing his girlfriend deeply while kneading one of her
leather covered breast.  Natalie couldn't help but be a little envious also.

     The couple left to look over the various types of vibrators and ben wa
balls leaving Natalie alone to peruse the many racks of lingerie.  There
were teddies, corsets, two-piece outfits, body suits, penqnoirs, - all in
an assortment of colours and fabrics.  And then she found it.  A sheer
black robe that tied in the front with a matching black lace bar and
panties.  She carefully removed the item from the rack and held it up.
Biting her bottom lip, she was torn what to do.

      Where would she wear such a sexy item?  As a matter of fact, who
would she wear it for?   Well, in her dreams there was one man.  What the

      Draping the garment over her arm, she headed toward the counter to
pay for the item when something next to the counter caught her full
attention.  Men's lingerie.  Thongs, beaded thongs, bikini's with zippers
in the front, bikini's with velcro many that Natalie couldn't
believe her eyes.  She looked around her to see if anyone was watching as
she slid the hangers one by one across the metal rack.  Of course, she
wouldn't touch them.

     Her eyes grew big as she spied a gem studded g-string.  Once more she
glanced over her shoulder to see if anyone would noticed before she picked
up the hanger and stared at the underwear as the light glimmered off the
crystals.  Nick's jewels wrapped in fake jewels, Natalie thought to herself
as her mouth curled into a sly grin.  Her body responded with heat and
tingling sensations as her mind began to paint the picture of her in the
black sheer robe and Nick clothed only in the gem-covered g-string she
caressed in her hand.

     Ice wouldn't be able to contain the heat.  She would invest in an
iceberg just to see for herself.

     "Come here often?"   Natalie spun around to see Nick grinning at her.
He pointed to the g- string still in her hand.  "Ah, Nat, I don't think
that will fit you."  With her mouth surely dropping to the floor, Natalie
couldn't say anything.  Where did he come from?  She tried to think, what
do I have in my hand?  When it finally dawned on her what Nick was saying,
she hurriedly tried to put the item back onto the rack as if it were
suddenly the plague.  "Nick...I...It's not what you think,"Natalie
sputtered.  "What are you doing here?"

    "Me?  Just cruising the mall on my night off," Nick said as he tried
to get a better look at what was veiled over Natalie's shaking arm.  She
swallowed hard, trying to think of a way out of this. "Oh, that's nice,"she
replied then scolded herself- great, was that all you could come up with?
"So...I called your place thinking you might want to catch a movie.  Guess
I should have called here."  When he'd try to call, Nick became alarmed
when he couldn't find Nat.  But, after remembering their dispute, he
thought it best not to go running after her.  When he sensed her heartbeat
while he was walking in the mall, Nick was glad to know Nat was safe.  But
at the same time was both shocked and aroused to find her in a place such
as this.  "This's the last place I thought you would be."

     Damn him.  Damn herself.  Out of all the places in the mall, he had to
find her here.  And caught with a pair of jewel studding g-string men's
undies no less.  Well, why shouldn't she be here?   

     Shaking her head, Natalie swore he said something about a movie.  With
what sounded like a pot-shot coming from Nick, she hurled, "Excuse me?  You
wanted & you, to watch a movie together?  After our argument last
night I thought *you* had decided that movie time for us was over with.
You said my movie choices was lousy and that *I* was making you feel
uncomfortable!" Natalie jabbed a finger into Nick's chest backing him up to
the edge of the store's counter.  "And furthermore, I don't appreciate
*you* ...especially you, who would never make the cover of Good
Housekeeping, judging me where I go and where I don't go,"Natalie balked as
her voice grew louder.  Other patrons stopped their shopping to listen to
what was obviously a lover's quarrel.

     "What do you mean judging?  I'm not judging!  Sorry for being
concerned about you!"Nick yelled back as he almost knocked over a display
of exotic condoms sitting on the counter.  Just as Natalie was about to
retaliate, the store clerk behind the counter interrupted the heated
discussion. "Like, are you going to buy that or not?  We don't mind people
expressing themselves as long as they buy something,"the tongued-pierced
lady informed Natalie.

     Great, just perfect.  The night from hell.  The very least Nicholas de
Brabant Knight...whatever his name is...could do was to get out of her way
so she could escape from this inferno of desire.

     Natalie shoved Nick out of her way and flung the black sheer robe and
its accessories onto the counter top.  The clerk took the item, scanned the
price and pressed a button on the store's register.  "Will that be cash or
charge?"she asked as she put the item into a black box lined with purple
tissue paper and set it on the counter.  Opening her purse, Natalie turned
her back to Nick and answered, "Cash, please."  She rummaged through her
purse for her wallet.  When she opened it, there was no cash to be found.
Ok, don't panic. Just use the credit card, Natalie told herself.  "I guess
it will be charge."

      This was hell.  No doubts.  And she was stuck in a sex store
searching for something that wasn't there with the one man she wanted more
than anything.

     Where in the hell are they?  This is the wallet, she hurriedly
thought.  Her brain scrambled to try to think of where her cash and credit
cards went to.  She frantically searched her purse again.  Nothing.  Why
did he have to stand so damn close?  "Something wrong, Nat?"  With her
nerves at the point of braking, Natalie turned to Nick and blurted, "Yes.
You.  I love big jerk!"  Then, she promptly took the box from the
counter and slammed it into Nick's chest.  "Hope you enjoy sleeping with

     With the box still in his arms, Nick watched helplessly as Natalie
stormed out of the store.  Even after she was gone, he stared at the empty
entrance way.  Nat admitted she loved him.  You blew it, once again, Nick
said to himself as he let out a long breath.  He thought about the movie
they had fought about last night.  It was a wonderful romantic movie. The
way she had curled up next to him as her eyes welled with tears.  It moved
Nick to see Nat filled with emotion, so full of life, brimming over with
passion.  How he wanted to have told her how he felt.  But instead, they
had argued and, he knew how she felt.  Nick had no doubts how he
felt about the coroner who had touched him so many years ago.  The clerk's
words snapped Nick out of his world, "So, you think you may be interested
in one of our dolls to go with that negligee?"  Nick looked at her as if
she was nuts.

     So many years.  Why had it taken so long to realize what Nat had known
all along?  Nick loved her with all his soul.

     Later that evening, Natalie sat in front of her television crying
until her vision was blurred.  When she arrived home, she found her cash
and credit cards in her old wallet.  She had totally forgotten to transfer
them over into her new one that morning.  Nick and the argument had been on
her mind all last night and she hadn't slept well.  She blew her nose.  She
wished she could erase the terrible things she had said to Nick at that
store earlier.  "Well, Lambert, you did it this time.  The only man you've
ever loved and you had to humiliate him." Just as she was about to grab
another tissue a commercial about a credit card came on interrupting her
music channel.  The only thing she heard was, "Don't leave home without
it."  Natalie threw the box of tissues at the T.V.  "Now you tell me!"

     She felt awful.  And there was nothing she could do about it.  Natalie
got up to retrieve her box of strewn tissues.  As she gathered them, there
was a knock at the door.  She looked up toward the ceiling and pleaded, "If
you could spare just a little mercy for me, it would be greatly
appreciated."  Natalie grudgingly pulled herself from the floor and opened
the door.

     "Hey Nat."  He was here and Natalie stood there gaping, not wanting to
believe her eyes.  "Can I come in?"  Moving aside, she replied, "Sure."
Slowly Nick walked in the room.  From the look of Nat's eyes and the tissue
everywhere, he knew that she was in pain and it could have all been
prevented if he had told her what he was there to say now.  Nick sat the
box he had brought with him down onto the end table.  Staring at the floor,
Natalie almost collapsed into tears once more when Nick took her into his

      This is what she had wanted.  But now, Natalie had felt she had
ruined everything for her, for them.

     Tenderly, Nick lifted Natalie's tear-streaked face and kissed her wet
saline lips.  "I love you too Natalie. That is why I've been difficult
lately.  I love you so much it almost physically hurts."  She walked away,
dazed still in her confusion.  "I'm sorry for the things I said.  I
understand if you don't want to see me again." What?  What did he say?  His
kiss.  Turning sharply back around, she pushed her hair back with her
hands. "You love me?"

     Nick walked to Nat and took her back into her arms.  He brushed her
tears away with his fingers as he spoke.  "I love you Natalie Lambert.  You
are the most sensual, passionate woman I have ever encountered."  Once more
he kissed her, this time deeply as their tongues met and their bodies
melted together.  Without giving Natalie any warning, Nick broke their
kiss.  Had she done something wrong?  Nick reached behind him and picked up
the box.  When had he brought that in?  " for you."  He opened the
box which read, The Mausoleum and withdrew the sheer black robe along with
the lace bra and panties.

     It was a night Natalie would never forget.  It was the night she had
dreamed of, longed for, and hoped with all her heart.  Nick was

The End