Do You Remember What Happened Last Night?
Sequel to Girl's Night Out
by Rebecca Tanner

This story is based an characters created by J. Parriott and B. Cohen
for the TV series Forever Knight.

If you haven't read "Girl's Night Out" you can get it at Stormy's fiction page: Stormy Fiction Page

Nick slowly swam up to conciousness. He had been having the most
pleasant dream. Natalie had come over, confessed her love and fallen
asleep in his arms. As he woke he felt a warm body snuggled up against
him and realized that the last part at least was true. He moved a
little and felt the blanket on his skin. On *a lot* of his skin.
Panic chased away sleep and his eyes popped open.

Yep, that was Natalie and she seemed to be all right aside from
smelling like a still. This discovery helped him to calm down and he
became aware that they were not alone. He listened carefully and
could hear two heartbeats upstairs. Memory flooded back and he
remembered what had happened.

Moving carefully so as not to wake her, Nick extricated himself
from Natalie's embrace and stealthily crept up to his room. He
cautiously poked his head through the door.

They were both as out of it as Natalie was. He froze as the blond
stirred. Being seen like this by Nat when she was drunk was one thing,
but there was no way he was going to parade himself in front of a
stranger. Throwing caution to the wind, Nick blew in and out of his
room so fast he almost created a sonic boom, but at least he had
some clothes to wear.

With vampiric speed, Nick changed into his regular clothes.
He picked up the thong he had been wearing and was about to toss
it in the trash when he looked at it and suddenly smiled. He shoved
it into his pocket with a very wicked grin and sauntered back

Nobody else was awake yet. Nick checked time and saw that
there was still a couple of hours until sunset. There was a shop
down the street that would deliver purchases and Nick decided that
it would be a good idea to have some food and painkillers on hand
when the sleeping beauties woke up.

Thirty minutes later nobody had stirred and the only sounds were
the soft wheeze and whistling noises being made by the three women.
Nick had finished his breakfast and was reading quietly. The door
buzzer broke his concentration.

Nick looked at the security camera. The groceries had arrived.
Without a word Nick buzzed him in and grabbed some money.

When the elevator doors opened a man stepped out and said, "Nick

"Yes, thanks for delivering that stuff so quickly." Nick handed
him a few bills which the man took and stuffed him in his pocket. He
made no move to leave and Nick looked at him curiously. "Is there
something else?"

"What? Oh yeah. My name is Agent Mulder, I understand that my
partner Agent Scully is here?" The man held out his ID.

"She's the redhead, right?" Nick said as he examined the

"That's her."

"She's still asleep." Nick looked at the agent curiously.
"Agent Mulder, why did you deliver my groceries?"

"I met the delivery boy downstairs figured I might as well take
them since I was coming to visit you anyways." Mulder said.
"Speaking of that, why didn't you just get the groceries yourself?"

"I have a severe skin condition so I can't go out during the

"Really? That reminds me of a case I had a couple of years
ago in Los Angeles. There were these people who thought they were
vampires. Called themselves the unholy trinity and burned when they
went in the sun. I never believed in vampires until I met them, but
they were very convincing."

An awkward silence descended. Mulder realized that Nick had
probably heard as many vampire jokes because of his skin condition as
he had heard fox jokes and decided to change the subject.

"So." Mulder said with a sly grin. "Anything interesting happen
last night?"

Nick looked back with a similar grin, but before he had a
chance to reply there was a loud groan from the couch. It was
difficult to tell, but he thought it was a plea for help.

Nick grabbed the bag and extracted several bottles of pain
killers. It had been nearly eight centuries since his last hangover
so he was a little unsure what the best remedy was. He decided to
play it safe and take them all over to Natalie. He grabbed a bottle
of water and took it with him.

"Nat?" Nick said gently as he knelt beside the couch. "How do
you feel?"

Natalie struggled with the monumental task of opening her eyes.
When she finally got them opened she was met by a dizzying display of
color which eventually resolved itself into the altogether too perky
face of Nicholas Knight, Vampire Cop Extraordinaire. It made her
want to throw up.

"Nick." She mumbled, although in came out more like "Nif". A
bottle of water swam into view and she grabbed it and drank greedily.
When she stopped to breathe, there were several bottles of painkillers
on her abdomen. She opened the closest one and downed four tablets.
Having thus exerted herself she decided to lay back and rest. Her
body had other ideas though and put in a rather urgent request.

"Oooohh." She moaned as she rolled off of the couch and onto her
feet. More or less. She gratefully accepted Nick's steadying arm as
he helped her to the bathroom.

When he got back to the kitchen Mulder regarded him with some
astonishment. "Is Scully that bad?"

"I don't know, the others are still sleeping."

"Others? How many people do you have here?"

"Three, and they were quite a handful, let me tell you. My
guess is that they are all going to be in a lot of pain when they
wake up."

Mulder shook his head. "I've never seen Scully as drunk as your
friend seems to be. She doesn't drink much. I wonder what got into

"From what I could gather last night, they started drinking while
waiting for the floor show and things just snowballed from there.
They had the lock up full of happy drunken law enforcement women last
night and since Nat doesn't have any family around here, the officer
called me to take her home. The other two wouldn't leave her and so
I ended up taking all three of them home with me."

"The officer I talked to mentioned something about a riot?"

Nick grinned. "Apparently the ladies were being entertained by
some dancers and Nat took a fancy to one of the costumes. The dancer
was reluctant to part with it so she helped herself. When he tried
to get it back the rest of the women set up a perimeter around her
so she could keep it."

"Scully?" Mulder said in disbelief. "Scully did this?"

"From what I heard, she was one of the leaders."

The two men started laughing at the thought of their respective
friends doing something so uncharacteristic.

The sound of water announced that Dana and Alex were finally
up. Fifteen minutes later Nat, Alex and Scully had joined Mulder
and Nick in the kitchen.

"Scully, you look awful." Mulder said as he looked at his
bedraggled partner.

"Thank you Mulder, that makes me feel so much better." Scully
muttered as she gave Mulder a death glare. She grabbed some water
and pills, as did Alex.

Natalie was starting to look better now that the drugs had kicked
in. She was getting a little nervous however at the looks she was
getting from Nick.

Nick finally asked the question that had been on his mind ever
since Nat had woken up.

"Do you remember what happened last night?"

"Not really." Natalie answered quickly. This wasn't strictly
true. She remembered several things but she was really hoping that
they were dreams rather than actual memories. She was pretty sure
that the bit about Nick dancing in a leopard thong was a dream, but
she wasn't so sure about the riot and jail memories. The part about
her removing a thong from one of the strippers had to be a dream.
She was sure about that. There was no way that she would ever, sober
or drunk, ever strip a stripper. No way.

"You're sure?" Nick persisted.

"Yes." Natalie was starting to get concerned and a little

"What was the last thing you remember?"

Natalie thought
feverishly for the last thing she was sure really happened. "Grace
had just introduced Alex and we were having a drink before the show
started." Natalie said with more assurance than she felt.

"And after that?" Nick prodded.

"It's kind of a blur?" Natalie watched as the side of Nick's
mouth twitched into a... Was it? Yes, it was! It was a smirk.
Natalie knew that
she had been feeling a bit lonely and depressed. That's why she went
to the show, to get her mind off of the frustration she felt in her
relationship with Nick. What had she said? She looked at the other
man. He was
smirking too. It was obvious that they knew something that they
weren't telling.

"You're sure?" Nick asked again.

"How many times do I have to tell you? NO!" Natalie snapped.

Nick removed the thong from his pocket and dangled it in front of

Natalie stared at it with her mouth open and slowly blushed a
deep red from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Or at
least that's what it felt like. She grabbed for it but Nick was
easily able to keep it from her grasp.

"Too bad you don't remember it." Nick said as he continued to
smile at her, the offending garment swinging gently from his fingers.

"Nick," Natalie pleaded, trying to keep the whine out of her
voice. "Give it back."

"But Nat, you went to so much trouble to give it to me. I
wouldn't want to you to think that I was ungrateful by returning such
a lovely present." Nick said with an innocent look.

Mulder could no longer contain himself, he leered at Scully and
asked, "Did you get *me* a present Scully?"

She turned and gave him another death glare. Unfortunately,
the drugs hadn't started to work for her yet and she was completely
unable to come up with a satisfactory response. She could tell
though that Mulder had only just begun and she would be hearing about
this for weeks if not months.

The same thought had crossed Natalie's mind as well. She was
left with the sinking feeling that *everything* she remembered about
last night, no matter how unlikely it seemed, had actually happened.
Not only that, everybody she worked with had probably heard about
this little escapade and she would never ever be able to show her
face in Toronto again. She ducked her head and stared at her hands.

Nick continued to watch Natalie and was amazed when she turned an
even darker shade of red. He was starting to get a little concerned.
She might break something if she kept it up. With sudden insight he
realized that she was afraid that everybody knew what had happened.

"Nat," He said as he touched her cheek gently with the hand that
was not holding the thong. "It's okay. The guys downtown don't know
what the riot was about. They won't be spreading any stories. I'll
make sure they don't."

Natalie nodded but kept her eyes down. Nick was relieved to see
that she was only a little flushed. He promised himself to be
careful about teasing her, but there was no way he would *ever*
forget this experience. Maybe he could get her some leopard print
underwear for her birthday.

The End