Country Living

by Eric McCann

Archived December 2003
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

They drove through the early evening to reach the house.  The owner had
tried to arrange a meeting in the daytime, and Natalie had gone, but
once explaining to the owner about Nick's "allergy," he had agreed to
let them come and stay for the evening.  

"I'm almost moved out of here, anyway," he'd said. "Too much land for
one old man to worry about."  

Natalie had loved it - all that land - the house had been a working
ranch when first built, and still had several acres, a wonderful house,
some stables and a barn.   They arrived at the house shortly after ten. 
The old man met them at the door.

 "It's mostly empty, already.  I'll be gone for the weekend, so get
comfortable, and let me know Monday if you like it."  

Nick and Natalie agreed.  The first weekend they'd both had off together
in nearly two months - AND getting ready to move in together - they
couldn't believe their luck at finding such a place, far enough away to
be private, but close enough that work was no problem.  Nick brought in
the bags.  "Well.... " he said, as the old man drove off.  "Planning on
showing me around?"

Natalie was thrilled - he looked as though he loved the place already. 
She almost bounced her way through the house, showing him all the room
they had, the wonderful view from the living room, a place he could use
for his painting, the spacious bedroom - and she paused while showing
him the enormous tub.  "Looks  wonderful, hmmm?" she purred.  He smiled,
and nodded, and held her closely for a moment.  "The house looks
wonderful, Natalie... Why don't you show me the rest, though, before we
unpack? Were those stables out there?"
  Natalie smiled.  "Yes, they were, mister Knight," she laughed. Nick
started getting lost in thought, then snapped out of it.  Smiling down
at her, he said "Show me."  Natalie grabbed his hand, and they headed

The stables were about a three minute walk away, all told, but it took
longer, as they admired the clear night, the stars sharp little points
of light with no city haze to obstruct them, and the green, mildly
rolling fields that made up the land.

The barn and stables were painted green with white trim, in beautiful
repair, everything in perfect order. They went into the stables to
inspect the horses' stalls and tackroom. The stable was neat and sweet
smelling. They could see that someone took good care of it and the
horses that were here. The faint stomp and whinnies of the different
horses could be heard as the walked, arm in arm through the stable.

Stopping at a stall, they peeked inside. "Oh, Nick, Look! This one has a
baby." Nat whispered as they looked inside.Nick left Natalies side and
walked into the stall, moving slowly, so as not to spook them. Using a
soft, soothing voice, he spoke to the mare, and examined the foal. It
was only a few days old. He ran his hands skillfully over it, and soon
pronounced it the be a healthy male.Nat slipped inside the stable with
Nick.  She seemed a little hesitant - the mare was eyeing her.  "Easy,
Nat.  Just come up here slowly."  She eased over to the foal.  "He's
beautiful," she said, running her fingers along his nose, and neck. 
After a moment, she noticed Nick staring at her, smiling.  "What?" she
asked. He just kept smiling.  "He's not the only beautiful creature
here," he said, nudging her. Natalie smiled slightly back, and then went
back to petting the foal.

After a few minutes, Nick stood, pulling Natalie gently up with him. 
"It's still early, Natalie.  Why don't you finish showing me around, and
we can come back?"  She patted the mare's side.  "You don't mind, do
you?"  She snorted in response, as the pair walked out of the stable. 
"Bye, little guy, we'll be back." They passed two other horses, then a
row of empty stables, and exited through the back. 

Natalie slipped her arm from behind Nick's back, and took his hand. Just
next to the stables was the barn - more a glorified hayloft, thought
Nick, but it *did* add to the wonderful atmosphere.  They opened the
door, to utter darkness.  "Uh, Nick?" Natalie whispered, as he left her
side.  She heard a skittering... then a light clicked on.  "We would
have killed for a light switch a few centuries back," said Nick,

"Why? You didn't have any light bulbs to go with them then... And don't
leave and sneak around on me like that!" she added, with a swat at his

Nick looked around at the modern - but still familiar - inside of the
barn. Not much had really changed in the past few centuries - outside of
quality, perhaps.  He looked around at some of the tools scattered on
the walls, and his mind started drifting again.  Natalie noticed. 
"Yes... " he said, thoughtfully,"... and no."  He looked up to the loft,
and saw the windows at the top, facing out.  He grabbed Natalie's hand -
not trusting the strange ladder, more for her sake than his - he flew
them up to the loft. "Nick?" she asked, suprised.  He took her over, and
opened up the window to the evening - and she caught her breath. Though
it really was not that much higher, they had a breathtaking view of the
surrounding countryside, the horizon coming up to meet the stars, the
late-rising moon barely ksising the treeline as it rose.

 Nick wrapped his arms around Natalie as he stood behind her, and rested
his head on her shoulder as  they looked out into the night. "It's
beautiful, Nick." 

He smiled, and kissed her neck.  "When I was a boy, we had a barn - much
larger than this, but much the same.  I used to sneak out at night, just
to watch the evening sky.  It got to where I would fall asleep in the
hayloft about once a week in the summers, just because I would stay out
so long, staring at the stars." 

 "I can see why." Natalie wasn't sure which she was enjoying more - the
beautiful view, or having Nick holding her so close.  She looked down at
his hands. "You probably brought a lot of girls up with you, when you
were older..."  

Nick turned her, slightly, and put his hand under her chin.  Raising her
eyes to meet his, he told her "No.  That's one thing I kept to myself -
my secret treasure.  I've never shared it with anyone..." he said.
Moving his lips in closer, he whispered "Until now." and kissed her,
slowly, tenderly, lingering.  Natalie felt herself lose herself in his
kiss, and wrapped her arms around him, returning his kiss with one of
her own.
They stayed that way, neither one wanting to break the moment, both a
little nervous about what it meant.
   Finally, it broke.  Or rather, one of the hooks, holding a pitchfork
down below, did.  At the sound of the clatter, they both jumped.  "What
was that?"  Nick looked in her eyes for a moment, wondering if his
reflected the same intensity as hers did.  "I'll check," he said, and
started to turn away.  Natalie grabbed his hand.  "Nick...
stay...please.  It was nothing." Nick looked into her eyes again, and
saw her needs - and this time, truly let himself see what she felt for
him. She looked into his eyes, the moonlight shining in them, and saw
him understand.  
 And he knew he had been mistaken to hide his feelings for her, in any
way.  "Natalie, " he said, as he let her draw him closer to her, "I was
a fool for never saying this earlier.  You mean everything to me, and
have brought a light I've not known since I lost my soul.  I love you,
and always will."  Natalie smiled.  "I know.  I love you too, Nick." 
She caressed his cheek.  "They say the eyes are the windows on the soul,
you know.  I promise you, Nick, from what I see now - you have a soul,
one filled with hope, love, and faith.  One I want to be with,  always." 

With that, she embraced him, and kissed him again, harder this time.
Nick only broke away once, and asked, "Are you sure?"  Her recapturing
of his lips was all the answer he needed. She slipped off her jacket -
it was suddenly much too warm for it.  He trailed his kisses down her
neck, and  slowly lifted them both off the ground, just barely.  Natalie
looked at him, momentarily startled, then raised an eyebrow and smiled.
He returned a mischevious grin, and settled them back down near one of
the piles of hay.
Nick undid the few buttons on the blue Hensley Natalie wore, and slid it
off of her.  She stiffened,  partially with excitement, partially from
the cool night air suddenly caressing her warm skin  She responded by
unbuttoning his shirt, and shucking it off his shoulders. He worked his
way back down her neck, his lips moving over to her shoulder, and she
let out a slight gasp.  Nick moved around behind her, and nuzzled the
back of her neck, as his hands ran over the soft skin of her stomach. 
She leaned back against him, enjoying the sensations, the feel of his
breath against her skin, the coolness of him against her back.  She slid
her hands up his arms, as his hands slid down to unbutton the top of her
jeans.  She smiled, and kissed him deeply as he slowly unzipped them,
and she let them fall forgotten to the floor.He slid his hands up her
back and unclasped her bra as she turned to face him  

It dropped, joining her jeans, as she ran her hands down his sides, then
down to free his slacks. He stepped out of them, and lowered her onto
the bed of hay, the bulge in his briefs blatently obvious.  She
wriggled, giddy with anticipation and with the sensation of the hay
against her bare back.

 He worked his way down from her neck, and kissed his way onto her
breast.  The vampire in him was  starting to show, but more for form's
sake - for once, he felt he controlled it, not the other way around. He
kissed her already stiff nipple, tracing around it with his tongue,
letting the side of his barely descended fangs run up and  down the tip,
as his hand massaged her other nipple.   She was breathing harder, now,
holding his head to her  breast.

 He broke off suddenly, eliciting a small protest until he came back up,
kissed her passionately once more, and slowly slid just the tip of his
tongue from her chin, down her neck, through the valley between her
breasts, to  the waist of her panties. Raising her, slightly, he slid
them down just a little - so she wasn't laying on them, then  moved his
head between her legs.  Grasping the edge with his teeth, he tugged, and
carefully slid them off her.  
 Natalie was reveling in this - she had only allowed herself to dream of
this once in a while, but had always fought it down, not wanting to be
let down because of the walls they had put up between them.  Now,
though, it  was all coming back to her, with the feel of his breath
between her legs, his teeth just barely brushing against her, the feel
of the slight stubble he now had dragging lightly down her leg.

 As he came back up, she looked toward him, and with a quick grin
snagged his briefs with her toe - so as he came toward her, she removed
his last bit of covering as well.  Nick breathed in - the night air
around him, and  Natalie's scent, were bringing other urges forward like
they had not been since he was mortal. He worked his way  up, nibbling
the back of her knee, kissing the inside of her thigh.

 She was breathing hard, as was he, as he nibbled and kissed around her
opening.   Natalie was awash in a sea of sensations, and let out a moan
as he plunged his tongue in.  He, too, was lost in their own world, his
only thoughts of Natalie, but feeling the pressure building in himself
as well.  Doubts tried to surface in his mind, but were quickly subdued.

 Finally, he could wait no more.  Pulling himself up to her, he kissed
her deeply, and entered her at the same time.  He caught her breathless
moan in his kiss, and she pulled him deeper inside.  They were captured
in each other, falling into each others rhythim, his cool skin warming
with each moment, each touch of her warm body.  Finally, they could hold
it no more, and with her release came his. 

 He collapsed on top of her, their breathing slowly returning to normal,
as they touched each other in the cool moonlight that came in from the
window.  They kissed again, and wrapped their arms around each other,
and looked up and out at the night.   After a moment, Nick pulled them
both up, so they could sit next to each other, leaning against one of
the smooth wooden supports.

 He ran his fingers through her hair, as she rested  her head against
his chest.  Running his fingers down her side, he smiled.  She looked up
at him. 


 "Just thinking.  You were right.  This would be the perfect place for a
new beginning."

 Monday evening, the old man came back.  "Well? How's it suit you?" 
Looking at each other, Nick and  Natalie smiled.  "It's just what we
needed.  We'll take it."

The End