Christmas Day Knight

by Jeri E. Friedman

Archived December 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

This is the sequel to AND TO ALL ... A GOOD KNIGHT. 

It was about two hours before sunrise on Christmas Day when Nick
began to drift up to consciousness.  He became aware of feather-
light kisses on his chest and just lay there, eyes closed, enjoying

Suddenly, he felt a hand gently caress his penis.  He felt it
stiffen in response as his eyes blazed gold and his fangs dropped.
The sensation was just too much for him.  He sat bolt upright, eyes
flying open, a menacing growl rumbling up from deep within his
chest as he grasped the hand that cradled his now erect penis.

Natalie, startled, cried out in fear and desperately tried to pull
free from the iron grip on her wrist.

Nick let go fast and shouted, "Nat!  Nat!  It's okay.  I won't hurt

She looked at the vampire that stared at her with sadness in his
golden eyes and calmed down.

"I'm sorry, Nat.  I didn't mean to frighten you.  I haven't fed
and, your touch, it was just too sudden, too much.  I'll be fine
once I feed."

Natalie slid over next to him and put her arms around him.  "I'm the
one who should be sorry.  I forgot myself.  I wasn't thinking.  I woke
up and you were next to me and after last night, well ..."  Her voice
trailed off.

"I know.  It's alright."  He kissed her on the forehead and pulled
away gently.  His fangs had retracted but his eyes were still gold.
His erection was subsiding.  "And how do you feel this morning?  Let
me see your neck."

"I feel fine," Natalie said, arching her neck toward him.

Nick reached out and lightly touched the small wounds.  "They're
scabbed over and healing nicely."  He then leaned forward and kissed
them tenderly.

Throwing back the comforter, Nick said, "Now I really must feed."

"Hold on," Natalie said, putting a hand on his chest, "You stay right
here and I'll be right back."

He looked at her questioningly and started to speak when Natalie
interrupted him, "Shhhh!  Not a word."

Looking down at his groin as she got out of bed, she noticed dried
smears from his bloody semen on his penis and inner thighs.  "And
you need a shower."

"So do you," he said as he smiled and pointed to her.

Natalie looked down to see smears on her thighs.  "You're right but
not now."

She walked out of the bedroom, nude, noticing that Nick must have
turned the heat on last night before she arrived.  It was comfortably

Natalie returned to the bedroom with three wine bottles and a large
glass of orange juice.  She set them down on the night table and
helped Nick get propped up on pillows in bed.  Then she removed the
cork from a bottle and handed it to him as she took her juice glass
and joined him in bed.

"Wow!  Breakfast in bed.  Thank you."  Nick smiled at her as he began
to feed.

"Well, it's the least I can do after such a wonderful night."  She
smiled back.

When they finished, Nick was quite sated, the vampire well under

"Last one in the shower is a rotten egg!"  Natalie called out, jumping

Nick groaned and made a face.  "Ecch!  Don't mention eggs."

Natalie giggled as she dashed into the bathroom, Nick close behind.
She got the water running and the temperature adjusted as Nick stood
behind her with his arms around her waist.  He very seductively
rubbed himself against her rear end as he kissed her shoulders.

"Uh ... Nick?  We're supposed to be in here to shower," she told him
as she pulled away and turned to face him.

His eyes were filled with lust but still blue and he was obviously
becoming aroused.  He let out a big sigh.  "I know.  You're just so
beautiful and I love you so much.  I can't help it.  And now that we
know we can be together ... well ..."  He winked at her, moved very
close and again seductively rubbed himself against her.  She could
feel his penis growing stiffer.

"I understand.  I want you, too, but I can't let you have another pint
so soon."  She lovingly stroked his cheek as she moved back from him.

"I know," he said, letting out another big sigh.  "Let's get washed."

In the shower, they washed each other and both became aroused again.
Nick slowly and gently pushed Natalie up against the wall of the
shower stall and leaned his hands on the wall at her head level.
He smiled at her lovingly, leaned into her and kissed her as the warm
water flowed over them.

As their tongues explored each other, Nick rubbed his erect penis on
Natalie's belly.  He moaned softly through the kiss.  Natalie pushed
back against him with her whole body.

Shifting his position, Nick manuevered his penis between Natalie's
legs and gently began to thrust.  His shaft rubbed against Natalie's
clitoris and she jumped at the sensation, gasping, her eyes popping
open.  She found herself staring into loving, desire-filled, golden

Nick leaned forward as he continued his gentle thrusting and whispered
in her ear, "I want to be inside of you.  I love you, Nat."

Natalie whispered back as she put her arms around his waist, "I know.
I want that, too.  I love you ... but we can't.  And, if we don't get
out of here soon, we're both going to be prunes."

Nick let out a big sigh, gazed into her eyes, kissed her tenderly on
the lips and pulled away from her, still fully erect.  He knew she was

They got out of the shower and Nick wrapped a thick towel around
Natalie.  She wrapped one around him and began to dry him off.

"Uh ... Nat," he said hesitantly.  "I better dry myself, okay?"

She looked into his eyes, which were still gold, and understood.
"Sure, I understand."

As they dried off, Nick's eyes became blue again and his erection
slowly subsided.  Natalie could see the frustration behind the smile
he gave her.  He couldn't hide it from her.

, she
thought.  Saying nothing to Nick, Natalie let her mind work on the

Back in the bedroom, Natalie sat before the mirror using Nick's brush
to untangle her curls.  He sat on the bed watching her and yawned
several times, which she noticed.

"Sun must be up," she said, turning to look at him.

"Yes.  I'm going to have to sleep.  I'm sorry."

"That's okay.  I'll go home and feed Sidney and myself while I'm
there, change my clothes, get a few things done and I'll be back.

"Sure.  That sounds good."

Nick sat watching her get dressed, enchanted by her beauty.  He yawned
again as Natalie walked over to him.

"Okay, let's get you into bed, Sleeping Beauty," she teased, taking
his hand and helping him up.

Nick walked to the side of the bed and crawled in.  Natalie pulled
the comforter over him and gave him a long, tender kiss.  "Sweet

Nick smiled and closed his eyes.

Back at her apartment, Natalie had changed her clothes and packed an
overnight bag.  She knew she'd be staying at the loft again.

After giving Sydney his food, she opened the refrigerator to find
something for herself.  Nothing looked interesting, then she
remembered.  She opened the freezer and pulled out a small box
containing a pouch of creamed, chipped beef.  Setting it on the 
counter, she got a plate and put two pieces of bread in the toaster.

Natalie opened the box and pulled out the pouch.  Reading the
directions, she opted for the microwave as the easier of the two
preparation methods.

Placing the pouch on the plate, she got a fork and stabbed it.  She
stood there staring at the fork in the pouch.  Suddenly, it hit her.
"Damn!  That's the answer!  That's it!" she shouted.

Sydney looked up at her annoyed to have his dinner interrupted by
such noise.  He meowed loudly at her to voice his displeasure.

"Sorry, Sydney, but I just found the answer to our problem.  Nick
and I won't have to wait."  She reached down and scratched his
head, then popped the plate in the microwave.

After eating and washing out Sydney's bowl, she cleaned his
litterbox and did some housework.  Then sat with Sydney watching
television after lunch.

While watching TV, she kept playing with the locket around her neck.
Every now and then, she'd open it and smile back at the photo of
Nick that smiled up at her.

It was three hours before sunset when Natalie got into her car and
left for the morgue.  She wanted to be sure she arrived at the loft
before Nick woke up.

Parking her car in the back, she got out and unlocked the door.
Only a few people would be working today.  It would be easy to slip
in and out unseen.

In her lab, Natalie gathered a foot-long piece of IV tubing and a
60 ml syringe, then opened the drawer where the empty blood bags were
kept.  She took one out and closed the drawer.  Hesitating a moment,
she reopened the drawer and took out nine more.  "Oh, what the hell?
Think positive!" she said out loud and laughed.

Putting everything into the paper bag she'd brought with her, she
turned out the light and left.

Next, Natalie drove over to a Chinese restaurant and bought an order
of shrimp fried rice and pork lo mein, then she headed to Nick's loft.

Natalie let herself into the loft quietly.  She figured she had an
hour and a half before Nick woke up.  He often rose before the sun
had fully set, so she had to hurry.

She put the food in the refrigerator and removed five bottles of
blood.  She was glad Nick had heavily stocked up.

Natalie removed and discarded the plunger from the syringe and
attached the tubing to the tip of it.  Then she attached the tubing
to one of the bags.  Uncorking the first bottle, she poured blood
into the end of the syringe and used it as a funnel to fill the bag
with blood.  When finished, she sealed it and went on to fill the
next bag.

It took her nearly an hour to fill all the bags.  Finished, she put
them in the refrigerator and smiled to herself with satisfaction.
She removed the Chinese food and put it into the microwave to heat
up.  Then she disposed of the empty wine bottles.  The microwave
chirped and Natalie sat down to eat.

Fifteen minutes into her meal, Natalie heard Nick call to her from
the balcony.  She looked up to see him standing above her.  He had
on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve turtleneck shirt.  His feet
were bare.

"Get everything done?" he asked as he came down the steps.

She smiled broadly.  "I sure did."

Nick walked over to her and noticed she was wearing the locket.
"The locket goes beautifully with your sweatsuit," he teased.

Natalie slapped him lightly on the arm and laughed.  "I see you're
wearing the ring."

Nick looked down at his hand.  "Yes.  I haven't taken it off since
you gave it to me."

Natalie smiled at him.  He bent down and kissed her on the lips.
"Merry Christmas, my love."

"Merry Christmas to you," she said, stroking his cheek.

"Now I need to get something to eat," Nick said as he straightened

"You're welcome to share this," she told him, waving her hand at her
plate and the boxes of Chinese food.

"Very funny.  Think I'll pass," Nick replied, making a face at her
and heading to the refrigerator.

Opening the door, he grabbed a couple of bottles and then noticed
all the blood bags.  "Nat, where did all those blood bags come from?"

"I put them in there.  Oh, don't worry.  They're all cow."

"What are they for?" Nick asked, puzzled.

"Later," was all Natalie said and smiled.

"You're not going to tell me?"

"Nope.  Sit down and eat."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Nick sat down and quietly began feeding as Natalie finished her food.
They'd look at each other occasionally and smile.  When they finally
finished, Natalie threw away her food containers and washed off her
fork, while Nick disposed of his empty bottles.

"So, any plans for tonight?" Natalie asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes," Nick grinned at her.  "I thought we'd
drive out to the suburbs and look at the Christmas lights.  What
do you say?"

"I'd love to!"

Nick put on his socks and shoes.  They got their coats and things,
went downstairs to the Caddy and drove off.

Driving through the streets slowly for the last hour, they admired
the lights.  Natalie cuddled up to Nick and he put an arm around

"This was a great idea, Nick, not to mention romantic."

"Yeah, you're right," Nick responded, removing his arm from her
shoulder and placing his hand on her upper thigh.  He began to caress

Natalie turned to him and kissed him on the cheek, then placed her
hand on top of his and squeezed it.  "You need to pay attention to
your driving, before we run off the road," Natalie laughed.

Squeezing her hand back, he looked over at her with an impish grin.
"Then maybe we should head home."

She kissed him again.  "I think that's a good idea."

Nick drove home and pulled the Caddy into the garage.  They walked
up the stairs together and took off their coats.  Natalie gave a
little shiver.

"Are you hungry?  I'm kind of chilly, so I'm going to make some tea."

Nick walked over to the refrigerator and took out a bottle.  "Yeah, I
am a bit," he said as he walked to the table and sat down.

In a few minutes, Natalie joined him.  They sat there drinking and
discussing the lights they'd seen, how beautiful everything was with
the snow.  When they finished, they went and sat on the couch.  Nick
used the remote to turn on some Christmas music and the tree lights.

Natalie moved close to him and put her arms around him.  "This has
been a wonderful Christmas.  One I'll never forget," she told him.

"And neither will I," Nick replied, softly.  He reached up and
caressed her cheek, then leaned forward and kissed her.

Pulling back, Nick gazed deeply into her eyes.  "Nat, I want to make
love to you.  I can't without taking some blood and I know I can't
take any more from you now.  I hate this."

Natalie smiled at him.  He looked at her questioningly.  "I found
an answer for us.  That's what the blood bags are for.  Instead of
biting me, you bite one of the bags.  It's only cow but it's blood.
In a month, you can safely take another pint from me."

Nick pulled Natalie to him and hugged her tightly, kissing her.
"Nat, you're wonderful!  I should have known you'd come up with
some clever solution."

He wiggled uncomfortably and Natalie saw the bulge in his jeans.
"I'd say you're ready to go upstairs," she said softly as she
reached out and rubbed his erection.

Nick gasped loudly then said, "Yes," in a somewhat strangled voice.

She couldn't help but giggle.  "Wait here.  I'll get the blood."

Returning from the refrigerator carrying a blood bag, Natalie held
out her hand to Nick and pulled him up off the couch.  He embraced
her and began kissing her hungrily.  Natalie rubbed herself against
Nick's groin, feeling the iron hardness of his erection, which
aroused her further.

"Yes," he whispered breathlessly, "let's go upstairs ... now."

Natalie led him to the bedroom and set the blood bag on her pillow.
Turning to Nick, she discovered he'd already kicked off his shoes
and pulled his shirt out of his pants.

She walked over to him, took his hands from his shirt tail and put
his arms at his sides.  Natalie put her hands on his shoulders then
dragged them down over his chest slowly.  She could feel his hard
nipples.  Nick gasped and his body tensed when her hands slid over
them and continued down to the waistband of his jeans where they

Natalie then slid her hands under Nick's shirt and rubbed his nipples
gently.  His eyes closed and he began to make soft whimpering sounds.

Moving her hands back down, Natalie ran her fingers around the inside
of Nick's waistband.  He began to squirm slightly and a moan escaped
his lips.

Grabbing the ends of his shirt, she pulled it off over his head.  Now
she could see the huge bulge in his jeans that threatened to rupture
the zipper.  Lightly, she ran her finger over it, causing Nick to
jump and gasp.  She began rubbing him in earnest.  Involuntarily, he
pushed himself hard into her hand and moaned loudly.

Pulling away, Nick opened his eyes to look at Natalie.  They were
gold.  She smiled at him and he smiled back.  His fangs hadn't
dropped yet.

He reached out to her and removed her locket, setting it on the night
table.  He removed her sweatshirt and bra next, and then reached out
to her to caress her breasts.

Natalie put her hands on his hips and closed her eyes.  His cool,
gentle touch was arousing and she began to make soft noises.
Lowering her hands to his crotch, she cupped the large bulge and
gently kneaded it, then undid the button on his jeans.

As she pulled the zipper down, Nick let out a huge sigh of relief
as the pressure exerted on his erection by his jeans was relieved.
She pushed them over his hips and they fell to the floor.  Stepping
out of them, he moved forward and pulled down Natalie's sweatpants.

They stood there in their underwear just gazing into each other's
eyes.  Unconditional love was all they saw.  Nick smiled at her and
this time she saw his fangs.

She took his hands in hers.  "How are you doing?" she asked him,
love radiating from her eyes and her smile.

"I'm doing fine.  I'll just have to be very careful so I don't
accidently hurt you."  He bared his fangs at her in a non-threatening

"I know," she told him and kissed him on the lips.  He kept his mouth
closed and she could feel the hardness of his fangs through his lips.

Pulling back, she smiled at him and said, "Let's get into bed."
Reaching out she pulled his underwear down, completely freeing his
erection.  He removed hers.

"You're so beautiful, Nat," he said softly and put his arms around
her, pulling her close.  He rubbed against her briefly while kissing
her neck.

"So are you," she whispered in his ear.

Gently, he pulled away, took her hand and led her into bed.  They
laid down next to each other and Nick began rubbing Natalie's belly,
moving lower and lower.

Natalie made sure the blood bag was next to her neck on the pillow
and then relaxed.

As Nick's fingers wandered over Natalie's inner thighs, she spread
her legs and he began to gently caress her clitoris.  She reached
out and wrapped her fingers around his erect penis as he continued
his attentions to her.

Soft moans escaped Natalie's lips and her breathing increased.  She
gripped Nick's penis tighter as the sensations washed through and
over her.  As she began to gently stroke him, a soft growl rumbled
in his throat.

Natalie's hand on him, the feel of her slick wetness and her soft
scent caused the bloodlust to rise.  He had to have her.  He had to
be in her, to feel her soft warmth surrounding his penis.

He pulled himself gently out of her grasp and moved on top of her.
Natalie wrapped her arms around him and opened her eyes.  Gold eyes
were looking back at her, gleaming.

"Natalie, I love you and I want to be in you," Nick told her in a
soft, husky voice.  He was rubbing his penis on her belly as he spoke.
She could feel the wetness of his bloody seminal fluid that was
dribbling out of him in his excitement.

"I love you, too, Nick, and I want you in me."  She kissed him on the

Raising himself over her, he grasped his penis and guided himself
into her.  He shuddered at the moment of penetration.  Natalie
gasped and held him tight.

Nick began to thrust immediately with long, slow strokes.  As his
breathing became more ragged, his thrusting increased in speed and
force.  Soon, he felt Natalie shudder and heard her cry out as her
orgasm exploded within her.

Hearing Natalie brought to orgasm by his lovemaking drove Nick wild
with bloodlust.  He reared his head back and let loose a terrifying

Natalie's eyes opened to see his fangs bared in a vicious snarl and
his eyes blazing red, yet she felt no fear.  She trusted him
completely.  She knew Nick was very close to orgasm and held him
tightly as she rubbed his back.

Lunging forward, Nick struck the blood bag that lay next to Natalie's
head, draining it in a matter of seconds.  His thrusting became
frantic and Natalie could hear him whimper as she came again.  That
finally pushed him over the edge.

Suddenly, he gave one hard, final thrust as he shuddered convulsively
and cried out, discharging his load of bloody semen deep within her.
Natalie wrapped her arms tightly around him as he collapsed on top of
her, burying his head in her neck.

After a few minutes, she felt little nibbles and kisses on her neck.
Reaching up, Natalie put her fingers in Nick's hair and gently rubbed
his scalp.  She could hear muffled little murmurs of happy
contentment coming from him.  She turned her head slightly and kissed
his neck.  "Mmmmmm," was all that came from Nick.

After a few more minutes, Natalie felt Nick's soft penis slip out of
her.  He lifted his head and smiling blue eyes gazed lovingly at her.
Tenderly, he kissed her, tracing her lips with his tongue until she
allowed him entrance.  They kissed for a long time, holding each
other close.

Gently, Nick pulled away and moved off of Natalie.  He lay on his
side cuddled up close to her, tracing circles on her belly.  "That
was wonderful, Nat!  Your idea was brilliant.  Now we can be together
whenever we want.  What a wonderful gift you've given to me ... to
us."  He smiled at her.

"And this is the very best Christmas I've ever had ... being with
you.  Really being with you," she told him softly with wonder in her

They hugged and kissed once more, then fell asleep in each other's

~~~ THE END ~~~