Caught in the Act

by Jeri E. Friedman

Archived October 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie awoke to find herself lying in Nick's bed.  She smiled,
realizing that she must have fallen asleep toward the end of the
movie, and not wanting to disturb her, Nick had carried her
upstairs to sleep.  He must have taken the couch as usual.  She
was still wearing the sweatshirt and sweatpants she'd arrived
in last night and discovered Nick had removed her shoes but left
her socks on.

Something had disturbed Natalie's sleep, causing her to wake.
She thought it was a sound that had awakened her but she wasn't
sure.  Just then, her suspicion was confirmed.  She heard a moan
coming from downstairs.  Concerned, Natalie rose.  She padded out
of the bedroom onto the balcony and looked down as Nick moaned

Nick was lying on his back on the couch in his black silk pajamas.
He was moving his hips slightly and moaning now and then.  Natalie
noticed the tenting of the silk material over Nick's crotch.  Her
mouth dropped open in surprise as she realized he was having an
erotic dream.

Feeling like a voyeur, but totally fascinated by the scene below
her, Natalie sat down on the balcony by the railing to watch.  She
wondered what he was dreaming about, who he was dreaming about.
, Natalie thought sadly.  Even if that was true,
she still felt very aroused knowing that he was having a sexual

She had always wondered what Nick looked like nude.  Sure, she'd
seen various parts of him when she'd had to remove bullets that
didn't pass through, but she'd never seen him without his pants
or in a state of arousal like now.  She'd also often thought about
what it would be like to make love to him.  He seemed like he
would be very tender, loving and gentle.  A perfect lover.

Nick moaned loudly which snapped Natalie out of her reverie.  She
looked down and saw him writhing now on the couch.  He moaned
again and called out Natalie's name.

 she thought, putting her hand to
her mouth, stunned.

Suddenly, Nick's eyes flew open, glowing gold, and he growled.
He didn't notice Natalie watching him.  He inhaled deeply, closed
his eyes and exhaled slowly.  A smile appeared on his face.  Nick
then yawned, baring his fangs which were fully descended and
wiggled his rear end on the couch.  A contented "Mmmmmm" escaped
his throat.

Natalie was in total shock.  She had no idea that Nick ever
dreamed about her, let alone had sexual dreams about her.  She
always knew he had deep feelings for her, even loved her, but
this ... this was a total surprise.  Now very aroused, Natalie
continued to watch Nick.

Eyes still closed, Nick reached up and began unbuttoning his
pajama top.  He lightly ran his hands down over his chest,
pushing the fabric aside, and then returned to his nipples.  He
traced his fingers around them and then rolled them between his
thumbs and forefingers.  They became instantly erect.  He then
ran his hands down his chest to his belly and rubbed it

Natalie was watching intently as she idly began fondling her own
breasts through her sweatshirt.  Her breathing and heart rate had
increased but she remained silent.

Nick ran his fingers along the waistband of his pajama bottoms,
then undid the snap.  He reached down to where the silk was tented
over his crotch and undid the snap on his fly.  Lifting his hips
slightly, he tugged the bottoms down exposing himself.

Natalie's eyes widened as Nick's partial erection came into view.
thought as she felt a warmth growing between her legs.

Nick reached down with his left hand as he slightly parted his
legs and placed that hand under his scrotum.  He gently cupped it,
lifted it slightly and began squeezing and kneading his testicles.
With his right hand, he reached down toward his partial erection.
With his forefinger and thumb, he gently rubbed and tugged at his
foreskin.  Nick sighed loudly and his erection became slightly

It was then that he grasped his penis with his left hand and
retracted his foreskin with his right.  The exposed head of his
penis had a slightly rosy cast to it.

Returning his left hand to fondle his scrotum, Nick began to
gently caress his glans.  He trembled at the first touch, quickly
became hard, moaned loudly and called out Natalie's name.

Up on the balcony, Natalie was totally entranced as she watched
Nick begin to pleasure himself.  She was deeply moved by the
tenderness with which he touched his own body.  Seeing him become
fully erect and hearing him call her name inflamed her passion.
Natalie wanted him, wanted to caress him and have him penetrate
and fill her.  Feeling the growing wetness between her legs, she
could no longer resist.  She quietly removed her sweatpants and

Sitting right at the balcony's edge, Natalie drew up her knees and
spread her legs.  With her right hand, she wound her finger in her
pubic hair, stroked it and then began to gently rub her clitoris
as she continued to watch Nick's every move.  She couldn't believe
what she was seeing.  She didn't think vampires, that Nick, would
masturbate, although she couldn't imagine why he wouldn't.  He was
obviously a sensual being who had needs like everyone else.

On the couch, Nick stopped caressing his glans which was now deep
red in color and swollen with blood.  His penis was standing 
straight up and fully erect as he wrapped his hand firmly around
the center of the shaft.

Natalie was in awe of its appearance and size.  While Nick wasn't
huge, he was a good seven inches long and quite thick.  She
thought he was just gorgeous and wished she was down there with
him, her hand wrapped around his penis, her mouth surrounding and
tasting him.  She increased the intensity of her clitoral massage
and inserted two fingers of her other hand into her vagina as she
watched Nick begin to stroke himself.  Natalie bit her lip to keep
from moaning out loud.  She didn't want him to know she was

Nick slowly stroked the length of his shaft as he moaned softly
and his hips began slowly thrusting to the rhythm.  He fantasized
it was Natalie's hand that was stroking him, making his penis
harden to the point where he felt it would burst.  He imagined her
enjoying watching him respond to her ministrations and that
further aroused him.

Nick increased the speed and pressure of his hand on his penis as
he moved it closer to the head and made shorter strokes.  His
glans swelled further and the color deepened to purple.  Nick
snarled, brought his left wrist to his mouth and viciously bit
into it, furiously sucking his blood.  Suddenly, he released his
wrist, grabbed the edge of the couch, threw his head back with a
loud roar and cried out Natalie's name as his orgasm exploded
within him.

Nick's penis jerked in his hand as Natalie watched wide-eyed,
breathing hard and rubbing her clitoris wildly.  She saw him
ejaculate a large amount of bloody semen that landed on his chest.
He slowly milked the last drop of semen from his penis, shuddered
and dropped his hand to his thigh.  He let out a huge sigh, smiled
and relaxed as his penis rapidly softened.

Eyes still closed, Nick reached over to the coffee table where his
hand contacted a box of tissues left there from watching the movie
earlier.  He pulled some out of the box.  Just as he wiped the
ejaculate from his chest with them, Natalie's orgasm washed over
her like a tidal wave.  She cried out his name in a loud, long

Nick was jolted out of his dreamy, post-orgasmic state by
Natalie's cry.  Sitting up, he looked in the direction of the
sound to see Natalie with her knees up and legs spread wide as she
continued to masturbate through her orgasm.  Her eyes were closed.

Nick stared at her with a stunned expression on his face, the
scene registering on his mind in the form of a new erection.  He
thought she was gorgeous.  "Natalie?" he called to her with great

Natalie's hand abruptly stopped its motion and her eyes flew open.
She looked down to see Nick sitting up on the couch, his pajama
top hanging open, pajama bottoms down around his ankles and his
penis erect again.  He was staring at her, mouth open in shock.

Natalie grabbed her underwear and sweatpants and covered herself
as she scrambled to get to her feet.  Tears formed in her eyes
and she cried, "Oh, my God, no!" as humiliation made her face turn

Getting to her feet, she ran for the bedroom as Nick shouted,
"Nat!  Wait!"  He grabbed the waistband of his pajama bottoms and
pulled them up as he stood, snapping the snap closed.  Then he
flew up to the bedroom door that had slammed shut just seconds
before he got there.

Nick could hear Natalie's heart pounding and hear her crying as he
listened quietly.  He tried the door.  It was locked.  He knocked
gently.  "Natalie?  Please open the door."

"No!  Go away!" Natalie shouted between sobs.

"Nat, please!  Let me in.  You didn't do anything for which you
should feel ashamed," Nick pleaded.

"Yes, I did!  I made a total fool of myself.  Now, please, leave
me alone," Natalie begged him.

"Nat, listen to me, please.  I know you saw and heard what I did
and that's why you were up here doing the same thing.  Please,
don't be ashamed.  What you did was natural ... and so beautiful.
Please, Nat, open the door and let me in.  I love you and I know
you love me.  Please, don't shut me out," Nick tried reasoning
with her, then waited patiently, listening.

He could hear Natalie's heart rate slow and the sobbing stop.
There was silence for several minutes, then he heard sock-covered
footfalls approach the door and the lock click.  The door opened
slowly and Natalie peered out at him.  He noticed she had put her
sweatpants back on.

Natalie looked at him and noticed his erection straining against
the material of his pajama bottoms.  Even with how she was
feeling, she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Nick saw where her eyes were staring and looked down at himself,
then up at her.  "I'm sorry, Nat.  I can't help it.  You are just
more beautiful than I ever imagined and  ... I want you," he told
her softly, love filling his eyes.

Natalie blushed deeply and averted her eyes as she opened the door
fully and motioned for him to enter.  As he walked past her, Nick
took her hand and led her to the bed.  They sat down together.

Natalie stared at her lap.  "Nick, I'm so sorry I spied on you.  I
woke up and heard you moan.  I walked out on the balcony to see
what was wrong and discovered you were dreaming.  It was
obviously ... ummm ... an erotic dream.  I ... I was ... I just
couldn't take my eyes off of you.  And, well, when you ... ummm
... I ..."  Her voice trailed off as she began blushing deeply

Nick cupped her chin with the palm of his hand and gently lifted
her head till she was looking into his eyes.  He smiled tenderly
at her.  "I'm so glad that you watched me and that you enjoyed
what you saw.  I'm so thrilled that I'm pleasing to you and that I
arouse you so," he told her softly and leaned in to kiss her
before she could say a word.  It was a cherishing kiss.

He withdrew slowly and she smiled at him.  "You are the most
gorgeous man I've ever seen.  I couldn't take my eyes off of you,
Nick.  I wanted to be down there on the couch with you," she
whispered in reply.  She leaned forward and kissed him back,
pushing his pajama top off as she did, then trailed her hands
down over his chest, tickling his erect nipples, which elicited a
low moan from him.

She then withdrew.  He smiled and reached up to place his hands
upon her clothed breasts.  Cupping and squeezing them gently, he
asked, "May I?"  Natalie nodded.

Nick pulled her sweatshirt off over her head and tossed it on the
floor.  He gazed into her eyes.  "Go ahead," she told him and he
removed her bra, tossing it to join her sweatshirt on the floor.

Nick smiled at her and cupped her bare breasts in his hands.
"Beautiful ... just beautiful," he murmured lovingly as he leaned
toward her.  He reached out with his tongue to softly lick her
right nipple.  The cool touch of Nick's tongue made her gasp
slightly and she tangled her fingers in his golden hair.  She
could feel her nipple harden as Nick's tongue alternately licked
and teased it.  It felt wonderful.

Nick loved the taste and smell of her.  She was truly
intoxicating.  Becoming lost in the heady scent, he began to
suckle gently at her breast.  Instinctively, Natalie wrapped her
arms around him and held him to her.  After a few minutes, he
pulled back slightly and switched to her other breast.  She
lovingly stroked his hair as she moaned softly.

Several minutes later, Nick pulled back slowly and smiled.  As he
sat back, his pajama bottoms slid over his erect penis, the silk
caressing the head, causing him to shudder and moan out loud.

Natalie had been watching the material slide over the huge bulge,
when suddenly, Nick's penis popped out through the fly.  Her eyes
widened and she reached out to touch him for the first time.

Her fingertip slid across his exposed glans which was slick and
glistening from a small amount of seminal fluid ... further
evidence of Nick's high state of arousal.  It felt as soft as
velvet.  His penis twitched and Nick let out a long, low moan
ending in a growl.  Natalie looked up at him to find his eyes now

"Please.  Let me remove your pants now," Nick pleaded with
Natalie in a husky voice.

"Only if you let me remove yours," she replied, giving him a lewd

"Deal," Nick said getting off the bed and standing up.  Natalie
did likewise and stood in front of him.  He reached out and
carefully pulled her sweatpants down as Natalie stared at his
erection protruding through the fly of his pajama bottoms.  It was
pointing straight at her.  She felt herself become wet in
anticipation of what was about to transpire.

Nick was surprised to discover she didn't have underwear on.  His
penis twitched when he finally saw her completely nude.  Natalie
stepped forward out of the pants heaped around her ankles.  She
bumped Nick's penis with her belly and his knees buckled slightly
as he gasped.

"Sorry," Natalie giggled as she backed up a bit.  She gave the
problem before her long consideration as Nick stood there with a
worried look on his face.

"Is something wrong, Nat?" he asked hesitantly.  "Don't you like
what you see now that you're up close?"

"Nothing's wrong, Nick," she said, cupping his cheek in her hand.
"And, yes, I love what I see.  You're gorgeous.  I've never known
a man who was uncircumcised before.  It's very attractive and I
find it extremely erotic.  I'm just trying to figure out how to
get your bottoms off without hurting you.  You're ... ummm ... 
obviously too hard to bend."

"Uh, why don't you just undo the snap on the waistband and they'll
just fall off," he chuckled with a crooked grin.

Natalie blushed.  "Uh, I guess I'm just a bit distracted," she
laughed.  Nick laughed, too, then she followed his suggestion.

He moved up close to her, put his arms around her waist and rubbed
his penis on her belly.  "Feel good?" she whispered.

"Yes," he whispered back, sighing deeply.  "Come to bed."

They laid down next to each other, Natalie on her back.  Nick
moved down the length of her body and sat facing her.  "Nat, will
you please draw your knees up and spread your legs for me?"

She looked at him with surprise at his boldness but complied.
She'd do anything for him.

Moving between her legs, Nick laid on his belly.  His golden eyes
twinkled with love and joy as he smiled at her.  He then ducked
his head down to begin tenderly licking and kissing her inner
thighs.  "Mmmm," Natalie moaned.

Slowly, Nick worked his way up toward her pubic area, then
stopped.  He lifted his head, then leaned on one elbow.  "You are
absolutely exquisite.  Like the petals of a perfect pink rose," he
purred, admiringly.  She blushed.

Reaching out, he stroked her pubic hair lightly with his
fingertips, then progressed to lightly stroking her outer lips.
She trembled slightly.  He smiled at that.

Gently, he took one of her inner lips between his thumb and
forefinger and rubbed it gingerly, watching for her reaction.
She moved her hips slightly and sighed.

Releasing her, he reached a little higher and delicately tickled
the hood covering her clitoris.  Natalie gasped and jumped and
Nick saw the opening of her vagina contract several times.  The
scent of her washed over him and he saw the glistening of her
lubrication.  He was totally spellbound.

With tremendous care and tenderness, he retracted the little hood
to expose her erect clitoris to his view.  He was amazed by its
beauty and how trusting she was to allow him to touch her in this
manner.  "You're just so beautiful.  I love you, Natalie," he
crooned softly and leaned in to place a kiss directly on her
clitoris.  Natalie moaned loudly at the contact and moved beneath

Nick began to tease her clitoris with his tongue, then released
the hood and began to lick Natalie in earnest, reveling in the
sweet taste of her and the feel of her hardness against his
tongue.  Natalie shuddered, moaning with each lick, then she felt
Nick stop.  She groaned in protest.

Nick replaced his tongue with his fingers, lightly touching her as
he sat up.  "Natalie?" he called softly to her.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him to see he was fully vamped,
his fangs glinting in the soft light.

"I'm sorry, Nat, but I have to be careful.  I don't want to hurt
you."  He eased a finger into her vagina as he continued, "I know
you are ready but if I make love to you, I'll have to bite you ...
but ... I have an idea."

"What's that?" she asked between gasps as Nick moved his finger
slowly in and out.

"I'm going to concentrate solely on pleasuring you.  I want this
to be special.  Trust me?"

"Yes, I trust you."

With that, Nick moved closer to her and placed his legs under her
raised knees.  Grasping his erect penis, he rubbed it against her
vaginal opening.  Feeling the cool hardness, Natalie lifted her
head and opened her eyes in surprise.  She started to protest but
Nick silenced her.  "Shhhh.  It's okay.  I'm fine.  I can do this
for you.  Please, just lie back and enjoy it."  He smiled broadly
at her.

She leaned back on the pillow again.  In addition to his penis
rubbing her, she now felt his fingers stroking her clitoris.  It
felt wonderful.  She was drifting on a wave of pleasure when she
felt a short thrust and heard Nick growl softly.  He had
penetrated her with the tip of his penis and began to thrust.
Short, sharp thrusts and firm finger pressure elicited loud moans
and grunts from her.  She could hear his rapid, ragged breathing
and it further aroused her.

Natalie loved the feel of Nick's penis in her and felt the tension
rising as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.  She began
to thrust her hips toward Nick trying to bury him deeper inside of
her.  Gasping, she suddenly felt her orgasm explode and race
through her body, shocking all her nerve endings.  She screamed
his name and grasped his ankles which were within her reach.

Nick kept thrusting until he felt her grip on him relax.  He
pulled out gently, panting hard and laid down on top of her,
wrapping his arms around her.  He kissed her closed eyelids, her
forehead, her cheeks, her neck and whispered over and over, "I
love you, Natalie.  You're so beautiful."

Slowly, Natalie came back to her senses and felt Nick's lips
nibbling at her ear.  She also felt his engorged penis crushed
into her abdomen, seminal fluid oozing out, and it saddened her.
"Nick?"  She reached up and caressed his back.

He raised his head and looked at her questioningly.  His eyes were
still gold and his fangs still visible.

"What about you, Nick?  You're still extremely aroused.  I want to
make you feel as good as you made me feel."  She wiggled her hips
beneath him to emphasize her word 'aroused'.  He gasped as the
friction against his penis sent shocks through him.  She felt his
penis twitch.

"I know you want to pleasure me but it's too dangerous.  I'll bite
you," Nick told her sadly.

"What if I bring you a couple of bottles and you feed well first?"
she asked, hopefully.

Nick smiled at her.  "It won't work, Nat.  You don't understand.
The hunger is a problem that's fairly easy enough to eliminate,
but there's ... uh, more to it."  He paused and she waited for
him to continue.  "You see, I have to bite.  Biting is what
triggers my orgasm.  I can't ejaculate if I don't bite."

"Well, why can't you let me pleasure you and when you reach the
point when you're ready for release, bite your wrist like you did
earlier?  It certainly is a safe alternative, isn't it?"

Nick grinned at her broadly.  "It won't be as satisfying as biting
you but it is definitely an acceptable, safe alternative and I
guarantee you that I will enjoy whatever you do for me.  Three
things you must promise me, though.  First, stay completely away
from my face, my fangs.  Second, don't mount me under any
circumstances.  And third, at no time pin down both my arms.
Other than that, you can do whatever you wish.  Promise?"

"I promise.  Can I kiss you now, before I begin to touch you?"

"Yes," he replied with a smile as he rolled off of her onto his
back.  "Come here."  He held his arms out to her.  Carefully, she
moved on top of him so as to avoid getting his penis near her
vagina.  She took his head in her hands and kissed him lightly on
the lips.  He kept his mouth tightly closed.  She kissed him again
and ran her tongue over his lips, then withdrew, frowning.

Nick frowned back at her, then raised an eyebrow and smiled.  "Oh,
all right.  But be careful."

She grinned at him and not saying a word, leaned in to kiss him
again.  She ran her tongue over his lips and this time he parted
them.  Tentatively, she slid her tongue into his mouth and felt
his move forward to entwine with hers.  She then moved her tongue
to cautiously caress each fang.  She heard a low, rumbling growl
and felt his penis twitch several times.  She withdrew her tongue,
kissed his lips and pulled away so she could look into his eyes.

"Erogenous zone," he said with a sheepish grin.

"Sorry.  I didn't realize," she told him and then leaned in to
nip, suck and lick his neck.

He let out a moan that ended in a growl.  Without lifting her
head, Natalie stated, "*That* was intentional."

"Mmmmm," Nick responded.

She moved down to his chest and slid her hands over his creamy
white skin.  His light brown nipples were already hard as she
began to suckle them.

More growls rumbled through Nick's chest.  She could feel his
penis throb against her upper abdomen.  She smiled to herself,
knowing that she was bringing him pleasure.

Natalie lifted herself slightly and slid further down on Nick's
body.  She positioned herself so that his penis was wedged between
her breasts and then lowered her body again.  Then she began to
slide up and down Nick's body just enough to rub his penis with
her breasts, simulating intercourse.

Nick began panting and cried out several times as the sensations
jolted him with each 'thrust'.  He threw an arm across his
forehead and bared his fangs.  Natalie was watching him intently
and told him, "Not yet, Nick.  Hold on.  Not yet."

The only answer she received was a moan ending in a snarl.  His
eyes were tightly shut, his face twisted into a grimace.

Natalie slowed her movements and then stopped.  She didn't want
him to orgasm until after she'd had time to closely examine him.
She was very curious about his foreskin and she wanted to pleasure
him in other ways, too.

Nick's breathing slowed and she felt him relax beneath her.  She
moved further down his body until her head was even with his
penis.  Quietly, she visually examined it.

The skin of his shaft was pale with a slight pinkish tint.  The
glans was beautifully shaped like an acorn, swollen and dark
purple, the meatus gaping open at the tip.  His foreskin was
retracted in folds directly behind the glans.  Nick's scrotum
had tightly contracted his large testicles against his body.  A
moderate amount of curly golden hair surrounded the base of his
penis and was lightly sprinkled over the skin of his scrotum.
Natalie loved what she saw.  He was very beautiful to her.

Natalie's inactivity puzzled Nick.  He propped himself up and
opened his eyes to see what was going on.  He saw her staring at
his penis.  "Nat?  What's wrong?"

"Not a thing, Gorgeous.  I'm just admiring you."  She leered at
him wickedly.

Nick's face colored slightly in a vampire version of a blush.
"You can touch me, Nat.  It's okay.  In fact, I'd *love* for you
to touch me."  He leered back at her.

"Oh, don't worry.  I intend to touch you ... and more."  She
lowered her face to his scrotum as Nick watched and nudged it
with her nose.  She inhaled deeply, drinking in his clean, musky
scent.  Nudging him a little harder, she began to lick him,
rolling his testicles around as she did so.

Nick continued to watch as the warmth from Natalie's tongue spread
through his pelvic area.  She was gentle and it was very

She licked her way up his scrotum to the base of his penis where
she sucked gently on him, then stopped.  Sitting up, she grasped
his penis at the base and ran her tongue among the folds of his
foreskin causing him to tremble, close his eyes and moan softly.


He opened his eyes and looked at her.  "Yeah?" he breathed,

"Will it hurt you if I pull your foreskin over your glans?"

He looked at her puzzled as to why she'd want to do that but said,
"Uh, no.  It's loose enough.  You won't hurt me."

"Okay, good," she replied, happily.  Carefully, she grasped the
ends of his foreskin and slowly and gently stretched it forward
until it was completely smooth.  The last third of his glans was
still exposed.

Nick growled as his foreskin moved over the sensitive surface but
he did not take his eyes off of Natalie.  She looked up at him to
find his fangs bared and sheer lust in his eyes.  She grasped the
middle of his shaft and gently stroked it twice.  Nick growled and
snarled.  "So, this is how you look when you're not erect?" she
asked seriously.

Nick could only nod in response.  He put his wrist near his mouth
to signal Natalie that he was wanting release.

"Not yet.  Hold out just a little bit longer, Nick.  Please?"

He nodded again.

"Just lie back and relax, okay?"

He did as she asked and closed his eyes.

Natalie leaned forward and ran her tongue across the tip of his
penis.  Nick jumped, gasped, grasped the sheets of the bed and let
out a sound like a howl.  He panted hard as Natalie put her mouth
over the head of his penis and ran the tip of her tongue under his
foreskin.  She loved the feel and taste of him, even the taste of
his bloody semen that occasionally leaked out of him due to his
extreme arousal.

Nick was tossing his head from side to side and moaning loudly,
occasionally growling.  Natalie pushed his foreskin back and
began to suck on him vigorously as she stroked his shaft.  Nick
began to thrust and grunted with every push of his hips.

As she sucked on him, Natalie thrust her tongue back and forth
over the top of his glans driving Nick wild.  He began writhing
and moaning continually.  Removing her mouth from him, she quickly
slid her hand up along his shaft so that her stroking would rub
his foreskin over his glans.  With her other hand, she cupped his
scrotum and began gently kneading it.  Nick's growling turned to
whimpering and Natalie knew he had reached his limit.  "Now, Nick!
Let yourself go!" Natalie cried out, encouraging him to come.

Nick pulled his wrist to his mouth, bared his fangs with a savage
snarl and viciously tore into his wrist.  He sucked down his blood
for all he was worth.

While Natalie was watching him, she felt Nick's penis spasm hard.
At that very moment, he ripped his fangs from his wrist and let
out a loud, unearthly roar as his orgasm thundered through his
body.  His ejaculation was so forceful that his semen was
propelled the length of his torso, splattering across his left
shoulder and the pillow and sheet beyond.

As Natalie kept stroking him, Nick moaned and cried out as his
penis spasmed twice more in rapid succession after the first
spasm, ejaculating two smaller amounts of semen that landed on
his belly.  Reaching out, he grabbed Natalie by the forearms and
pulled her up the length of his body, hugging her tightly to him.
He buried his face in her neck and she could feel him kissing,
nibbling and licking her.  She wasn't afraid and hugged him to let
him know.  He responded with subdued little murmurs and lovingly
caressed her back and hair.

Five minutes later, Nick moved his head so his lips were near
Natalie's ear and whispered, "That was the most incredible,
fantastic, awesome lovemaking I've ever experienced in all my 800
years.  Thank you, my beloved Natalie."

Natalie lifted her head and looked into deep blue, smiling eyes
that were filled with love.  She kissed him ... a deep, cherishing
kiss and returned his smile.  "You're welcome, my precious knight.
And thank you for the most wonderful, gentle lovemaking I've ever

"So, I pleased you, did I?" Nick smirked.

Natalie laughed and playfully slapped his chest.  "Like you really
need to ask!"  Nick laughed softly and kissed her.

They lay entwined together for a long while, just cuddling and
kissing.  Then Nick said, "I don't know about you, but I really
need a shower.  And the bed linens need changing.  It seems I've
made quite a mess."  He had a sheepish look on his face.

Natalie sat up and looked at herself.  She had bloody streaks all
over the front of her.  "Hmmmm ... looks like I could use one,

Nick sat up next to her and said, "You know, we really must do
this again very soon."

"Absolutely!" Natalie replied with a big grin and they went into
the bathroom together to shower.

The End