Cats, Cops And Caddies

by Heather Markle, Liz Muller & Pat Witham

Archived December 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further
This story takes place immediately following "Let No Man Tear Asunder". 
(the "knee" episode) We always asked "what happened" after Nat duck's
Nick's kiss? Here is our answer.

       Nick followed Natalie out of the building, smiling over their
conversation in her office. He still wanted very much to kiss her, but she
seemed in the mood to play. "Nat, how'd you like to take a drive before I
drop you home?" he asked casually.
        They reached the caddie and Natalie grinned at him. "Sure, Nick,
sounds like fun. You can tell me more about you favorite bodyparts." Nick
snickered as he got into the car. 'If she only knew' he thought to himself.
        Soon they pulled into a spot near the lake. The lights of the city
glittered off the water as they sat in silence for a moment.
        Nat smiled as the whirr of the motor brought the ragtop down. She
enjoyed being under the stars. She leaned back on the seat to stare at
them.  She was aware of Nick's discomfort at the silence between them, but
Nat didn't mind at all. 'Let him sweat a little,' she thought, 'it'll be
good for him.'
        Nick turned on the radio. LaCroix was droning on about something
mournful. Nat reached over and turned it down. "I did not come her to
listen to that!" She smiled to soften her words.
        "So what do you want to hear, Nat? You seemed to be avoiding me at
the clinic." She really wanted to hear more of the Nick that flirted with
        She reached over and found a station playing soft romantic music.
Maybe she'd fallen into some lucky alternate radio universe, but she was
going to take advantage of it.
        She stretched her arms and lay back in the seat. "Nick, you said my
knee was one of your favorite body parts. Can you tell me what you meant?"
        Nick smiled to himself. He turned to Nat and gently laid a hand on
her knee. "I also said I liked the whole package, Nat." He grinned at her.
The touch of his cool hand on her knee caught her attention and her mind
wandered. Realizing Nick had spoken, she smiled. She had no idea what he
        "Nat? What's wrong?"
        "Hmmm? Nothing. I'm just fine," as she wriggled closer to him.
        "So, then, what are you thinking, Nat?"  Nick asked.
        Natalie smiled and blushed. "It's nothing really."
        "Come on, Nat." Nick was curious. "I've told you all my deep secrets."
         Nat took a  deep breath. "Well Nick, I like to pet Sidney. Don't
you? He feels sooo soft and nice. Wouldn't it feel great to be petted like
        Nick smiled and scooted out from behind the steering wheel so he
had more room and discreetly pushed the button that made the seat back flat
        Natalie squealed slightly at the seatback went flat behind her, but
Nick had his arm around her and gently eased her back. Nat smiled, 'this
was like something out of the fifties movie' she thought. Then Nick kissed
her and all thoughts left her mind.
         Nick lips where soft and full. His mouth cool and exciting. His
arms held her tightly against him. A part of her wondered if she should
worry, if this was bad thing, but her heart quieted those thoughts,
assuring her that this was right.
        The soft music from the radio, the stars overhead, the noise from
the lake, and the smoothness of the leather seats all combined to make this
a very sensuous environment. Nat relaxed in Nick's embrace and let him pull
her closer, all the while kissing her madly.
        She pulled back a little, murmuring into his open mouth, "Nick,
weren't you going to pet me?" He barely heard her, caught up in the soft
warmth of her in his arms and the feel of her mouth on his. But somehow the
tiny whispering sound got through.
         He loosened his hold and slowly started to pet her. She turned
limp and opened her body to him, letting his hands brush across her breasts
and then pet her stomach. She wanted to feel that wonderful caress on her
bare skin.
        Nick felt Natalie open herself to him and respond to his touch. His
breathing grew faster as he carefully tugged her blouse loose from her
skirt, and slipped his cool hand onto the warm, soft skin of her stomach. A
muffled groan came from her, as his hand traced patterns on her skin as it
drifted towards her breasts.
        She arched up into his hand, as he slipped it underneath her bra to
toy with her nipple. She wriggled and felt a hard bulge press into her
thigh. Nat's hand dropped and began to tease his straining manhood through
his jeans
        He unfastened her skirt and lay his open palm on her, just above
her soft curls, making small circles over and over, each one a little
larger, a little closer to where she wanted him

        Shivers raced through her as Nick's hand slowly and sensuously
drifted closer to her core. She moved her thigh, rubbing it against the
bulge in his pants. He let out a low moan, and pressed against her leg. Nat
slipped her hand between them and loosened his jeans. Slipping her hand
inside, she let her fingertips just brush him.
         Nick's eyes closed at the feel of her warm hand against him. Her
touch was like fire and he let himself be carried away with it, as he
stroked her softness like the beautiful cat she was.
         Nat moaned in disappointment as his hand moved away from her core.
She felt it slide underneath her and gently unclasp her bra. His lips
kissed their way downward, as his hands made her bra and blouse disappear.
His lips lock around her nipple and she moaned as he teased it with his
tongue and lips. Her hands were busy as well, sliding his jeans down, and
running over his tight, well-formed butt.
        One of Nick's hands moved under her skirt, reached up and pulled
down her panties. His other hand was curling around her cheek and smoothing
her as if she had rumpled fur. She opened her legs and he found her furry
         Nat sighed softly as Nick gently pushed her flat on her back. He
slid her skirt up to see her beauty in the starlight. "Nat, you are so
lovely. Let me pet you some more?" Natalie moaned in response as his
silken-haired head dropped between her legs and began kissing her thighs.
        His lips and tongue teased his way up her inner thigh. She was so
soft, so warm.  He wondered why they had waited so long for something they
both wanted so badly.
        Natalie rubbed her head against Nick's leg. His muscles were like
steel. She shivered slightly at the thought of those powerful thighs
thrusting him deep inside of her. Finally Nick had found the target his
mouth had been searching for. Natalie opened herself to let him have full
excess to her.
        Her hands wandered up to stroke Nick's hardness. His tip was
glistening in the starlight. A wicked smile came over her face as she eased
her head between his legs.  She grasped him and gently brought his velvety
head to her tongue.
        "Nat, what are you doing?" Nick asked. Natalie only giggled and
then sucked his whole length into her mouth. Nick gasped a moment. Her
mouth was so wet and hot. 'Well, if thats what she wants.' he thought. He
returned to giving her a full and vigorous licking.
        Natalie was awash in a sea of sensations. Nick was licking her with
abandon, like she was the most wonderful thing he had ever tasted. One of
his hands what squeezing and playing with her nipple, while the other's
fingers were gently entering her moist core.
        During that time, she was sucking him into her mouth. Thrilling to
the feel and taste of him. Her hand stroked is butt, marveling at the fine,
soft fur she found there.
         Nick and Natalie moved in a rhythm that was both ancient and new.
Their bodies touching, licking, pleasuring. Nat felt her body stiffen as
Nick pushed her closer and closer to climax. She sucked madly on him as she
felt her senses slip away into the rush of glowing orgasm.
        Nick's pleasure ceased as she lost her concentration on him and
succumbed to her own ecstasy, lost to his skilled mouth. He pulled back,
dissatisfied. He twisted around and stroked her with his hard manhood. She
helped by rubbing back and forth against him, purring.
        He growled and thrust into her, increasing his thrusts, wanting
more, and needing more.
        Natalie snaked her hands under Nick's open shirt and clawed her
nails into Nick's back. She pulled him closer, deeper into her. She was so
wet and burning with desire for his rock hard cock that had so recently
been in her mouth.
        They struggled to be closer, but the caddy was NOT Nick's huge bed
at the loft! Nick flipped Natalie over, so that she was riding him, her
hands braced against the dash.  Nat threw her head back, as she realized
that this position gave Nick easier access to her breasts, which he took
full advantage of as his mouth suckled long and hard on her nipple
        She felt a tingling, compulsive for something more. Her nipple was
aching and burning, wanting him to ...
        He continued to pump into her, wanting more also, smelling her,
tasting her, feeling her soft skin. His eyes turned gold and his fangs
         She twined her hands in his golden mane of hair, stroking,
petting, tangling her fingers in it. Breathing hard, he buried his face in
the valley between her breasts, turned his head to the side and bit.
        Nat gasped and arched forward, pulling his head closer to her. She
closed her eyes as his feelings swept through her. She felt such a tangle
of love, fear and desire coupled with the intensely erotic feel of Nick
suckling on her breast that she began to come. Moaning, she began to grind
harder against him.
         Nick was so lost in the feel of Natalie's soul, that when her
orgasm cascaded through her blood it drove him ever closer to the edge.
Pulling her even closer to him, his thrusts increased in speed and force,
then with a purr of pleasure he released himself into her.
        Nat felt she was drowning in pleasure, knowing she had never felt
anything this good before, when Nicks release flowed over her and she
        Nick gently removed his fangs and began to lick the wounds as Nat
continued to tremble. Gasping, Natalie pulled his lips to hers and kissed
him passionately.
        Nick held Natalie tenderly to him, waiting until the trembling went
away. Suddenly they looked up at each other and started giggling  together
in pure joy and happiness at what they had shared.
        Just then Nick froze. "Nick, what is it?"
         Nick looked around and said "Get dressed, quickly!"
        Rushing like frantic teenagers, they pulled on their outer clothes
and stuck 'unessentials', like underwear, under the seat.
         A flashlight shone into the car, Nick's eyes reflecting the light
like a cat. Too late, they were caught redhanded.
        A beat cop from the nearest precinct looked at them and said,
"Don't you two think you're a little old for this kind of thing?"
         Nat turned beet red and buried her face in Nick's neck. This was
going get all over the department. They'd never live it down.
         Nick replied in a low throbbing voice, "We were stargazing. You
haven't seen anything. You're going back to your patrol now." Nick repeated
it twice more... The cop just smiled and said "Yeah, sure. And you're a
         Nick looked a little stunned at the cops reaction. 'Not another
resistor!' he thought.
        Natalie cautiously peeked at the cop. Lifting her head, now that
she'd managed to compose herself somewhat, she looked the cop straight in
the eye, and in her best 'Don't-mess-with-me' look she said,  "Officer, we
were just looking it the stars. We are two grown adults, and public
servants at that. Thank you for your concern, but I believe we will be
leaving now."
        Nick snapped out of his shock and automatically leaned forward and
started the car. Carefully, he pulled away from the stunned cop and quickly
headed out of the parking spot.
         As they drove they the night, Nat laid her head on Nick's shoulder
and sighed happily. "Why didn't we do that before?"
        "What? Tell off a cop?" Nick grinned

        No!" Nat slapped Nick's arm, then she leaned back against him.
"Nick, when we were together, I felt how worried and scared you were for
         Nick took her hand and kissed it. "If you felt that, then you also
know that I love you."
         Natalie smiled and kissed him quickly. "I love you to, Nick
Knight! Now how about we try that again, in a bed?"
        "Sounds good to me, after a slight detour. I think we should go to
the precinct office and check out that officer's file. We need to find
something we can use to keep him quiet. I don't think we convinced him."
         Nat leaned back and looked at him coyly. "Are you really sure you
want to make a stop now?" She purred as she ran her hand over his thigh,
stroking softly. Nick swallowed and his mind wandered.
         Snapping back as Natalie began to knead him, he smiled. "Nat... I
think your right, we can always do that later, petting is so much more
fun." Nick turned the caddie towards the loft, gunning the engine and
breaking every speed law on the books

The End