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By Design By NiteMar April 2001


"What do you think, Grace?" Nat asked, as she turned in front of the mirror. Nat looked at her appearance in the clinging dress she had tried on. It seemed to cling in all the right places, accenting her womanly curves.

"Oh, Nat!" Grace gushed. "That looks gorgeous. Nick's eyes will pop out of his head when he sees you in that."

Nat had spent the afternoon shopping with Grace, trying to find something special to wear for her date with Nick tonight. They had been seeing each other away from work and their regular movie nights for about a month now. It was time to move things forward, and Grace had taken it upon herself to make sure Nat had something sexy and alluring, something the detective could not ignore.

"I don't know, Grace. I'm not sure about this one." Nat turned towards Grace. "Let's try one more shop." Nat was feeling so jittery over the upcoming night out with Nick. Something about his invitation for the night out made it seem different. Their relationship had been moving beyond work and their friendship of the past, but there was still so much uncertainty about where it was leading. She still wasn't sure how far Nick would let it go.

"Alright, Nat. But time is getting short. You want to have enough time to get ready," Grace warned, as Nat ran back into the dressing room to shed the current dress.


As they walked, looking for another dress shop, Grace insisted, "You know, Nat, you have to do something to get your shy detective to respond to you. First, he keeps denying you are more than friends, despite his obvious interest. Now that you are actually dating, you say all that has happened is some damn good kissing."

Nat chuckled at Grace recalling her words. "Well, yeah. But it's complicated, Grace. That's not exactly the whole picture," she started to explain carefully. But even knowing the complications of Nick being a vampire, Nat still wanted to push the limit, push him over the edge.

"Well, as I see it, the man either wants you or he doesn't... You want him, don't you?"

Nat smiled. "Yeah, I do want him. A lot." Nat had become increasingly frustrated with Nick, at his resistance to taking the next step. He had seemed to be taking that step with his recent interest in becoming closer to her. The dates they had shared that could no longer be seen as 'friends doing something together'.

"Well, then...let's get to work..." Grace said with a devilish grin.

As they turned the corner, they both spotted the shop at the same time. Unique Designs. Nat and Grace stared back at each other, smiling. They quickly stepped to the shop, anxious to see the designs inside. The dresses in the display windows were gorgeous and sexy. They couldn't wait to see more.

As they browsed inside the shop, they came upon a special section displaying very provocative designs. Nat stared at the mannequins in shock.

"OhmyGod, Nat. Would you look at this?" Grace rushed to the dress on the middle mannequin, reaching out to touch the material.

"Please don't touch the dress," a salesperson requested behind them. "It is very fragile." She watched the two women eye the dress, admiring its intricate detail. "But we do have some samples if you would like to try them on."

Grace looked at Nat with that determined look.

"No. No, Grace. I couldn't. There is no way I could wear that."

"Yes, you can. Trust me, it's perfect."

Nat continued to resist as the salesperson stood patiently nearby.

"Just try it on, Nat. Try it."

After Nat put the dress on, with the salesperson's help, Grace stood back and sized up how she looked in it. "Oh, Nick's eyes will definitely pop out on that one," she giggled.

"Grace, this is ridiculous. I mean, what will he say when he sees it?"

"Hopefully, he won't say anything," Grace replied with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Nat looked back in the mirror, to reevaluate the dress. "It's so fragile. It's so revealing. Why spend all this money for something that will not last?"

The salesperson interrupted. "I can guarantee you it will not last for a second wearing. It is meant as a one-time wearing only, whether the young man in question is involved or not," she said with a smile. "This line of dresses has been quite popular, and the trend is spreading. The creator of these even has a design for a wedding dress."

"A wedding dress?!" Nat repeated in shock.

"Nat, this is not like any other dress. Nick will have no way to ignore what this is saying," Grace reasoned.

Nat turned to Grace. "What is that, Grace? Fuck me?" Nat covered her mouth with her hand quickly, surprised at what she had said.

Grace chuckled and Nat joined her, as she looked back in the mirror. "Oh, God, how could I?" She turned to the salesperson and spoke quickly before she had a chance to rethink her decision. "Okay, I want this. I'll take it."


Nick sighed loudly as he set the file aside and grabbed the next one. He glanced up at Schanke who was quietly working his way through more paperwork. They always seemed to avoid this part of the job, causing it to pile up more than it needed to. But they never seemed to be able to do the paperwork when they should.

"Detective Knight?"

Nick looked up to see a delivery courier with a small package at the front counter. Finally, thought Nick. He had been getting worried about the package arriving on time for tonight.

"Sign here, please," the courier requested when Nick arrived at the counter.

Nick signed the delivery papers and walked back to his desk, setting the box in the center of his desk. The box was now obviously Nick's main focus, and a curious Schanke looked up from his work.

Schanke, the ever-inquisitive friend and partner, probed, "What's that, Nick?" Of course, any excuse for a small break from the paperwork was welcomed.

Nick opened the box, and removing some packing material, lifted out a smaller box. He opened the small box to look at the contents, and smiled in appreciation.

"Nick!" Schanke repeated. "Come on. You have to tell me. Let me see." Schanke jumped from his chair and rushed around to Nick to look at the item.

"Whoaah, Nick. Are things moving that fast?" Schanke asked, staring at the open box. Suddenly, he hit his forehead, thinking of what he had said. "What am I talking about? You were moving so slow before. Now, I can't slow you down... Where are you taking her tonight?"

Nick looked up at his partner, grinning. "Someplace special tonight. It's a surprise. I'll tell you tomorrow about Nat's reaction," Nick said, closing the box and slipping the item into his jacket pocket.

"You better! Damn, once you stop denying your feelings, there's no stopping you, buddy," teased Schanke. "Hey, best of luck."

"Thanks, Schank."

Nick set aside the larger, empty box and the bubble wrap that had been used as packing material, and they both returned to their work. Subconsciously, Nick's fingers played with the bubble wrap, and he started popping the air-filled bubbles.

Schanke looked up at Nick with an irritated look. "This paperwork is hard enough to get through, Nick, without that noise."

"Sorry," Nick offered feebly. But after only a few moments, he returned to popping the bubbles.

Finally, Schanke had to comment again. "Don't tell me," he started sarcastically. "You are one of those people who have to pop every bubble on the bubble wrap."

Nick smiled sheepishly at being found out and put the remaining bubble wrap inside the box, moving it away from his reach so they could finally finish their work.


Nat carefully slipped into her new dress, cautious with the delicate material. She had already applied her make-up and arranged her hair loosely about her face, hoping for less of a chance to damage the dress. She stood in front of the full-length mirror to examine her appearance. Oh, God, what had she been thinking when she bought this? She couldn't go through with this. Or could she? It definitely would get a reaction from him, that was for sure, she thought with a devilish grin. It was all Grace's fault. Whenever she was with Grace, she did crazy things.

She turned sideways in front of the mirror, looking at how the dress molded to her body. It wasn't really that revealing because of the way the design was constructed, but it was the idea behind the dress itself that was so suggestive. The dress simply screamed, "Take me. Now!" Nat blushed at the thought of Nick doing just that.

The doorbell rang, interrupting her private thoughts. In a panic, she looked at her watch. He's a few minutes early, she thought. She quickly slipped her sandals on her feet and rushed to the door. On the way, she grabbed her long trench coat lying on the couch arm. She stopped in front of the door, quickly putting the coat on and secured it at the waist, making sure her dress was well covered.

Nat opened the door and Nick stepped inside, placing a soft peck on her cheek. Worried about Nick noticing the dress, she stepped back, creating some distance between them.

Surprised by her reaction, Nick looked at her entire appearance and noticed the long coat she was wearing. "Nat, it's a nice night out. You won't need that coat."

Trying to ignore his comment, Nat asked, "Where are we going, Nick?"

"Well, I wanted to keep it a surprise. Why?" Nick answered as he watched Nat run back into her bedroom, apparently finishing getting ready.

"How public will it be?" she shouted from the other room.

Nick smiled, thinking about his special plan for tonight. "Not very. Why, is something wrong?" Nick asked, peering around the corner.

Nick's questions were starting to get her very nervous, but Nat couldn't avoid him. She turned to return to the living room only to run into Nick. Blushing, she turned away. "I just don't want to be around a lot of people," Nat mumbled.

Nick wondered what was bothering her. She was acting very strangely. Was she afraid to be alone with him tonight? No. She had specifically wanted to not be around other people, but to be alone with him. He watched her fidget as she pulled her coat around her and she smoothed it. "You ready to go, Nat?"

Nat paused and looked up at Nick, feeling unsure. "Just a sec, Nick." Nat rushed over to the mirror to check her hair, as if inspecting loose hairs or something that was uneven on her.

Nick quietly walked up behind her and softly rested his hands on her shoulders. "You look beautiful, Nat."

Nat turned quickly, afraid Nick would know what lay underneath just by resting his hands on the coat. "Let's go then," she said excitedly, and rushed toward the door ahead of a very confused vampire.

As Nat sat down on the front seat of the car, she heard a muffled sound under her leg, almost like a squeak of bare skin against leather. But she knew exactly what the sound was, and it wasn't a squeak. Oh, boy, she thought, this was going to be a long night. She hoped she was doing the right thing, pushing Nick over the edge with this dress.

As they drove, Nat quietly thought back on the recent times they had shared, times that convinced her how much he loved her, desired her. She took a deep breath and convinced herself that her decision to wear the dress was the right one. "Are you okay, Nat? You are so quiet."

Realizing how quiet she had been, she looked over at Nick, smiling. "Yeah, I'm okay, Nick. Better than okay. I was just thinking about things."

"What things?" Nick asked, curious about Nat's strange quietness tonight.

"Well, um... the times we've had together lately, you know," Nat said.

Nick was just about to ask more to get to the bottom of things, but realized they were almost at their destination. Nick pulled into the drive to an abandoned private park overlooking the city. They passed some structures along the road, but Nat couldn't make out what they were in the dark. The road led to a hill looking over the lake where an old building stood, softly lit with lights.

"What's this place, Nick?"

Nick stopped the car in front of the building, turning off the car. He turned to her, grinning. "This place was a popular amusement park years ago, just outside the city. Of course, when all the new and bigger parks opened, this one lost its customers and went out of business. But nostalgic parks are making a comeback, and the property was recently purchased by a new owner, who is restoring the buildings and grounds for a reopening."

Nat watched Nick's face filled with excitement. "And who might this new owner be?" she asked.

Nick smiled. "Take a guess."

Nat smiled, already knowing who that owner was. She didn't need to guess.

Nick turned, opening his door, saying, "Let's take a look." He rushed over to her door and opened it for her. Nat swung a leg onto the ground and started to step out of the car, just as she heard the sound again. She paused and cringed at the sound, knowing it was from the fragile dress she wore.

"Are you okay, Nat?" Nick had heard the sound twice now. He wanted so desperately to ask her what that sound was, the sound of which she was apparently aware.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Nat said as she finished standing.

Nick grabbed her hand in his and guided her towards the building, explaining its origin. "This used to be a popular dance hall in the '40's where they played the big band music. It's being restored to the way it once was. The surrounding park, too," Nick explained as he swept his hand over the surrounding grounds.

As they approached the building, Nat noticed the intricate trellises and hanging blooms near the entry. "This is beautiful, Nick," she commented, overwhelmed with the scope of Nick's plans. "Nick, why are you doing this? Does this place have some special meaning to you?"

Nick started to explain. "I found out about this place during a case, and I just fell in love with it. I don't know why." Nick paused at the door, grabbing Nat's other hand in his as he faced her. He added softly, "No, it doesn't have any special meaning to me. Yet."

Nat's heart beat at the obvious romantic meaning of Nick's words. After tonight, the place would definitely hold some memories, Nat thought in anticipation as Nick opened the door.

Nick escorted her through the door, watching her reaction to what was inside. He hoped she was pleased with his arrangement for a romantic evening together.

She stared at the startling clean interior. Nick had been very busy. Although the building was still in need of repairs and restoration, much had been done on the interior. The floors had been replaced and finished. New soft lighting, reminiscent of a nostalgic look, hung from the ceiling. At one end of the hall, a single table was set with linens and china.

Nat looked at Nick, smiling hopefully at her, his eyes full of love. "Nick, it's so beautiful." She turned to take in the entire room. "You've done so much here already." She turned back to Nick, and he gently placed a hand on the side of her face and kissed her lips.

Nat placed her hand over his, grasping it as he pulled away from her lips. They walked over to the table, and just as Nick started to coax the coat off Nat, a man, obviously the server judging by his attire, entered the room, carrying the wine. Glad that she had only started to loosen the belt of the coat, she quickly reacted to another person's presence by pulling the coat tighter around her.

"Nat, this is just the server. It's okay," Nick assured her.

Nat blushed. "No it's not, Nick. I thought we would be alone," she responded nervously.

"Nat, what is the problem? I said it wouldn't be very public," Nick commented, concerned about her shyness tonight. When Nick watched her cling to her coat, he turned to address the server. "Michael, could you please leave the room a moment."

"Certainly, sir. Call me when you need me." He turned and left through the service door.

After Michael had left the room, Nick turned to Nat. "We're alone now. What is it?"

She had been ready to remove her coat before she knew there was someone else around, but she couldn't avoid it any longer. Nat opened her coat and slipped it off her arms, and draped the coat on the chair. She stood there as Nick's eyes examined every inch of her, his mouth hanging open. Nat started to worry she had made a mistake. Had she assumed too much, was she being too suggestive? As she grew more uncomfortable, she started to cross her arms across the front of her.

Nick grabbed her arms and pulled them back. "No, don't. Nat, I..." His eyes ran up and down her body, taking it all in. The dress was made entirely from bubble wrap. It was an actual design, not just sheets of wrap around her body. It had the lines and shape of a real dress, with a scoop neckline and fitted waist. The design would be a beautiful dress in any elegant fabric. But it was made from bubble wrap. The use of the packing material was such that it was opaque, not revealing details of the body underneath, only a vague tint of flesh color penetrating the material. But Nick's imagination had been enticed. He reached for her face, tilting it to look in her eyes, and smiled.

Nat smiled back, relieved that Nick seemed pleased, even excited. Nick reached for her and softly pressed his lips to hers. As he leaned against her dress, he popped a few bubbles. Nick pulled back with a huge grin, thinking of his conversation with Schanke regarding his need to pop all the bubbles.

Then he remembered Michael in the other room. He pulled away from Nat. "I'll be right back. I need to take care of something," he whispered huskily, as he made his way towards the service area where Michael was.

After Nick had dismissed Michael and brought out the wine and food by himself, he happily found Nat at the table. Nick struggled not to stare too much, but he couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry, Nat. It's just so... I mean, I really can't see anything through the plastic, but..." he tried explaining, before taking a swallow of his blood wine. He was so preoccupied with her dress that it was hard to concentrate. How was he going to get through this evening?

Nat watched his reaction with pleasure. He wanted her. He stared at her, popping the bubbles in his mind, undressing her. She noticed how he kept adjusting his trousers and the gold flecks that would appear in his eyes from time to time. She took some bites from her plate as she continued watching him, but she wasn't really hungry. Not for food.

Nat started to notice sounds of music drifting into the building from somewhere in the distance. "What's that music, Nick? Do you know where that is coming from?"

"That's one reason we came here," Nick explained. "Down by the lake there is an outdoor concert of big band music. Would you like to dance? Or do you want to wait till you're done eating?"

"Dance," Nat answered with a word.

Nick rose and reached his hand out for Nat to grasp. As she took his hand and stood, he pulled her tightly against his chest. Pop! Pop! Nick looked into her eyes with a devilish look and spun her away from the table onto the center of the floor.

"You did that on purpose, Nick!" Nat gasped in mock surprise.

He answered her with a grin and pressed his hand into her waist for a few more pops.

Oh, she had created a monster! He was popping them right and left. As his hand slid over her back, with a little applied pressure, there were a few more pops. As the song ended, Nick held her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. The pressure of leaning against her in the kiss popped even more. She started to laugh into his mouth at the sounds.

Nick couldn't help it. He laughed too. He pulled back, looking at Nat. "You didn't know you were out with a bubble-popping maniac, did you?" Nick proceeded to place his fingers on her lower back and popped a few bubbles. Then a hand slid over her rear and popped a few there.

Nat wiggled from his grasp, squealing and laughing, and his hands explored her dress, finally coming to rest near her breast. They stared at each other and both stopped laughing.

Nick suddenly found himself in an intimate situation, much faster than he had intended. He looked in her eyes for some sign that she was upset with him for his touch. Her look was intense, but not upset. Then he saw her smile shyly at him. Nick pressed into the bubble where his fingers rested.

Nat continued to hold his gaze. Nick's finger inched closer over her breast and popped another, then another, until finally his finger rested over the bubbles covering her nipple. Nat licked her lips, never breaking his gaze.

He could hear her heart beat rapidly. Nick pressed the bubbles and massaged her nipple through the plastic. Watching Nat, Nick lowered his lips to cover her nipple and bit the plastic, tearing it over her breast, exposing her flesh to his lips. He covered her nipple with his lips, flicking his tongue across the pointed tip.

Nat moaned at the sensations he was producing in her as he sucked and licked at her sensitized flesh. Her fingers slid into his hair as his other hand slid over to cup her rear.

The pounding of her heart called to him and fed his desire for her. He felt consumed by her heat, as he slid his hand under the edge of the bubble dress and cupped her mound with his palm. As Nat push into his hand, his fingers became wet with her moist desire.

Wild with passion, he carried her to the table. Swiftly pushing the table's contents to the floor, he set Nat on the table's edge. Nick stepped between her legs, and Nat quickly grabbed at his shirt, unbuttoning it and pushing it aside. Nick pressed against her and captured her swollen lips.

Her hands slid into his hair and pulled him tight against her. Her hands slid down over his back's firm muscles as Nick's lips wandered over her face and neck.

As Nick broke his trail of kissing and pulled back to gaze at Nat, she saw rich golden eyes looking back at her. She slid her hands down Nick's backside, placing them firmly on his butt, and pulled him against her center. Nat heard a subdued growl from his chest and smiled. Moving her hands to the front of his trousers, Nat quickly fumbled with the belt and zipper.

Nick grabbed at his trousers as Nat undid the belt and zipper, pushing them over his hips along with his boxers in one swift movement. His desire, his passion for his Natalie, was consuming him. He couldn't think straight. He didn't even care about the vampire as it wakened in him.

Nat's heart raced in anticipation, as Nick stripped out of his clothes. She looked at his body as he stepped from the trouser legs. His member stood out, thick and long. He was beautiful. She reached out to grasp his cock, wrapping her fingers around it.

Nick tilted his head up as he moaned at her touch. As her fingers slid over his pulsing flesh, the moan turned into a deep growl and he looked back into her eyes.

Glowing, red eyes stared back at her. It excited her, scared her. She watched Nick as she licked her lips in hungry anticipation.

Nick pushed her back on the table, leaning his face into her breast. He bit into the dress, tearing it open with his fangs down the middle, as his hands spread open the material. His hands slid over her warm, living flesh as he moved the dress aside. When the dress had been split all the way down, he paused at her mound, breathing in her scent of desire, allowing it to overwhelm him.

His fingers massaged her mound and slid between her folds, spreading them. Nick slid his tongue inside the open folds, drawing her moisture from her opening and up to her already engorged clit.

Nat squirmed under his intimate touch and held him tight against her. "Oh, God, Nick. Yes."

Nick continued his assault on her clit as she moaned and squirmed under his ministrations. Her scent had nearly blinded him with the undeniable desire to have her, possess her. As he felt her release come, he couldn't resist. He nipped at her with his fangs, tasting a bit of her blood sweetened with her pleasure. It was exquisite. He wanted more.

Nat was surprised at the nipping of her flesh, but Nick's soft sucking at the pricks on her flesh felt warm and sensual. It was not like an invasion, a cut or injury. It was an intimate sharing, however brief.

Nick rose and pressed his cock against her swollen center, and then pushed into her welcoming sheath. He pulled back and again plunged into her, starting a rhythm as Nat wrapped her legs around him. Nick again plundered her lips, overwhelmed with his need to possess her. His lips left hers to kiss her cheeks, neck and breasts, only to return to her lips.

Nat cried out as he pounded against her sensitive clit, bringing her close to the edge again. Nick licked at her neck and increased the rhythm of his thrusts, bringing her to climax again. Sharp fangs bit into her neck at the moment of her release, and Nat felt the warm connection she had only a glimpse of earlier.

Nick drank her lifeblood, again tasting her pleasure, but much more this time. He thrust into her one more time as he found his release, spilling his seed into her center.

Nick released her neck and collapsed against her in his spent pleasure. He eased her legs down and lifted his weight from her. As the blinding passion passed, he realized what had taken place, what he had allowed to occur. He quickly grew scared at Nat's lack of movement.

"Nat?" Nick looked at her and slightly slapped his hand against her cheek. "Are you okay? Please, be okay."

Nat turned her head and looked at Nick, a satisfied smile crossing her face.

A very relieved Nick pulled her into his arms, and he covered her with light kisses. "Oh, Nat. How could I? I am so sorry."

Confused and hurt, Nat questioned, "Nick? What do you could you?"

"I lost control, Nat... I never meant for this to happen."

Suddenly Nat felt very embarrassed. She had caused this to happen. He would never have made love to her without her provoking him. Making love? It was more like he was consumed with lust and ravaged her. He never wanted to make love to her. She had enticed the man and the vampire. And they gave in to the temptation of it.

She pulled away from him, standing and hoping to hide the tears sliding over her cheeks. "It's all my fault, Nick. I shouldn't have worn that thing. I was just wanting... I'm sorry."

Nick stood and grabbed Nat's shoulder, pulling her back to his gaze, cupping her face in his palm. "Nat, I'm sorry only because I never intended to release the vampire like this. At least not yet."

"Not yet?"

Nick smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Come on, let's go home. We can talk more." Nick grabbed Nat's coat and helped her into it, and then put on his own clothes. He started to guide her to the door, when she paused and looked back at the mess. "Don't worry about it, Nat. It will be taken care of. Come on."

Nat was still confused as they started their drive back to the loft. "I think you should just take me home, Nick." She was feeling so embarrassed at coaxing Nick into this intimacy, when he didn't even want it. But teasing the vampire had been too much for him to control.

Nick turned to her with pleading eyes. "Nat, why? Please come back to the loft with me. There are things I want to talk about."

She could never resist those eyes. She grasped her coat around her tighter. "Alright, Nick." Maybe he wanted to explain why this could never happen again.

Nick reached his arm around her shoulders and coaxed her closer. "Come here."

Nat allowed him to draw her closer, and he snuggled her close to him the rest of the way back. She was asleep before they arrived back at the loft.

Nick pulled into the garage and quietly carried Nat inside. She showed no signs of stirring, so he carried her upstairs to his bed and made her comfortable.


Nat woke slowly to her surroundings, finding herself in silk sheets. She turned and realized she was lying next to Nick. The previous night's events started tumbling into her thoughts. She had gotten what she wanted. Nick had noticed. But her doubts returned, doubts about Nick loving her. Was it just the vampire aroused last night?

Nick woke to Nat watching him. "Mmm...Nat," he mumbled as he snuggled closer to her. Nat snuggled with the man she was in love with as she thought over what had happened.

After a few moments, Nick lifted his head and leaned on his arm. "Are we okay, Nat? I didn't totally mess things up last night, did I?" Nick asked, watching the emotions play across her face.

"You mess up? Nick, it's all my fault. I just wanted more. I tempted the vampire...I'm sorry, Nick."

"Come here," Nick commanded, lying back and pulling Nat to his chest. He fingers lightly caressed strands of her hair. "You really took a chance last night doing that, arousing the vampire like that... Actually, you tempted more than the vampire. You tempted the man pretty well, too," Nick chuckled.

Nat pressed her face into his chest at his words, sliding her fingers across his chest.

"You never intended to make love to me," Nat stated. "It was only because of the dress."

Nick smiled as he remembered Nat in the dress when she first took off her coat, and then later as he tore it off her body. "Nat, no. I didn't intend to make love to you last night. Not that I didn't want to. I didn't think we...our relationship was ready for it yet. I didn't want to be too presumptuous. And yes, the dress did prompt it to happen last night. I did want our first time to be slower. I wanted to control the vampire better, to love you the way you deserved to be loved."

Nat smiled. "You didn't scare me, Nick. I know what you are. And I love all of you."

"And I love all of you," Nick said, easing Nat gently onto her back and leaning over her to capture her lips in a lingering kiss. His fingers lovingly caressed down the side of her face and neck.

Nat gasped as Nick broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, his sparkling blue pools smiling, full of love. She reached her hand up to caress the side of his face. She smiled, slipping her hand on his neck, and pulled him back to her lips.

Nick needed very little coaxing and captured Nat's lips again, his hand slowly slipping down to her breast, where he paused to massage her fullness before teasing her nipple erect.

Nat's hands moved down his strong back as Nick probed her mouth with a building desire. Nat opened her mouth to him, meeting the intensity with her own as his caress stirred her body awake. She slid her hands around to his chest, caressing his cool body and fueling her passion.

Nick pulled his mouth from hers and she whimpered in frustration, but only until he slid his head lower and captured a nipple in his mouth. Flicking a teasing tongue across the sensitive tip, Nick continued to assault her senses.

Nat moaned as he alternated the sensations with sucking and licking, only to be repeated with her other breast. Nat involuntarily pushed her pelvis towards his in response to the fire and need building in her core.

Nick could feel smell Nat's desire rise, demanding its release. He watched her face as her pleasure grew along with the frustration. He slid his hand to cup her mound and smiled as she pushed into his hand, wanting more.

"Nick, please..." Nat looked at Nick, begging with her eyes.

Holding her gaze, Nick slipped a finger inside her to be rewarded with abundant wetness. "Mmmm...Nat, you feel so wonderful." Nick quickly slid his mouth down to her wet folds and slipped his tongue inside, tasting her. Moving his mouth away from her, he added, "And you taste luscious, too." He quickly slid his tongue back to her slick desire and caressed her nub.

Nat bucked her hips forward as Nick thrust his tongue into her and caressed her sensitive nub. "OhGod, Nick. That feels...ohGod...Nick." She was suddenly thrust over the edge into blissful release, and she squeezed her fingers in Nick's hair.

Nick slid between her legs, pressing his throbbing cock into her waiting core. He kissed her lips, pressing his tongue into her as his cock thrust deep inside her.

Nat whimpered and she wrapped her legs around him, pushing him deeper. As Nick pulled back, he increased the thrusting rhythm as he watched the pleasure on Nat's face.

Nat turned her neck to him as she saw him near his release. She barely felt it as Nick slid his fangs into her flesh and drank from her. The sensations from the contact were stronger this time, though, a connection deeper and more vivid than before. Flashes of images bombarded her senses: Nick hunting, Nick battling LaCroix, Nick with other women. Images of the pain of watching friends die, strangers, sometimes because of who he was. The bloodlust, the hunger that was always present. Nick's love for her, a love since he first saw her, hidden from her to protect her. Unable to fight his growing love for her, his desire to be with her, his need to have her.

Nick was overwhelmed with the taste of love freely given in Nat's blood, even stronger than before. After a few sweet swallows, he had no trouble pulling his fangs from her neck. Not that he didn't want to keep tasting her lifeblood, taking it into himself, but he didn't have an intense fight with the vampire's hunger or need to possess so totally. He licked the wounds and kissed along her neck and chin to meet her lips.

Nat whimpered as Nick stopped taking her blood and kissed his way to her lips. The intensity of their connection extended the strong sensations surging through her body still. She sighed into his mouth as she tightened her hold around his neck.

Nick reluctantly lay to her side, pulling her with him. They cuddled, relishing in their extended ecstasy. Nick caressed her arm and kissed the top of her head. After several minutes, Nick whispered, "Nat, I have something for you."

Nat mumbled, "Mmmm... something more?"

Nick chuckled, kissing her forehead. "Yes."

Nat lifted her head, looking up at him with a questioning look.

Smiling, Nick continued, "I planned to give this to you last night, but... with how things happened, well, I had to wait until later."

Nick turned away and reached for his pants on the floor, pulling out a small jeweler's box and handing it to her. "Nat, we have known each other for years, but as friends. I don't want this to seem so sudden, so rash, because it really isn't. I've been struggling with my feelings for you a long time because of what I am. But I just can't imagine my life without you, Nat. I love you."

Nat opened the box and gasped at the beautiful diamond ring in a setting with blood-red rubies. "Nick?" she said in shock, looking up into his smiling eyes.

"Will you marry me, Nat?"

Nat took the ring from the box and slid it on her finger, admiring it quietly for a moment. She then threw herself at Nick, hugging him and kissing him. "Yes! Yes, I will marry you, Nick."

Nick rocked her in his embrace, happy as he ever thought he could be.

Nat pulled back and looked at him. "You decided to ask me before you knew we could make love...without hurting me?"

Nick paused, answering with uncertainty. "I didn't know for sure. I only hoped. I just knew I couldn't go on without you." Then a slow grin crept over Nick's face. "But you solved the problem of not knowing about the vampire hurting you, didn't you?"

Nat laughed. "Yeah, now we know I can survive sex with a vampire. And a vampire with an obsession with bubble-popping," Nat chuckled.

~The End~


Author's Note: This story was inspired by a chat in IRC about a unique fashion trend a few of us heard about. I saw the trend using bubble wrap for dresses and swimwear talked about on a cable program when I was channel surfing one night, and Micki saw some of the apparel in an Edmonton shop. After much silly speculation about Nick's reaction to Nat wearing such a piece of clothing, it was suggested a story be written to explore that scenario. I hope you enjoyed the story.<G> Let me know what you thought at Nitemar@w...