by Heather, LizM, and Catspaw

Archived December 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Warning: mild s/m and bondage content. No one gets hurt or inflicts

by Heather, LizM, and catspaw

Natalie heard the doorbell ring, surprised. She wasn't expecting any
visitors. She went to answer the door, looked through the peephole
and saw Nick standing there, dressed in a beat cop's uniform

She opened the door and started to ask why he was in uniform, but he
pushed his way in and said, "I have a search warrant here, Miss Lambert.
It'll be much easier for you if you cooperate."

Nat just stood there gaping at him. She had no idea what he was doing,
and couldn't read his face. His eyes were hidden by a pair of mirrored
sunglasses, giving him a very stern appearance. Nick approached and
began to run his hands down her sides. Nat jerked back in surprise.
"Just what do you think you're doing, Nick?" she asked. "I have a search
warrant for you, Miss Lambert. It would be best if you don't resist," Nick
said firmly.

"Resist? You're actually going to search me?" Natalie said, still in unbelief.
Nick then led her to the wall next to the door and turned her towards the
wall, "Spread 'em!"

Natalie tried to look over her shoulder as Nick "frisked" her.  Just as she was
going to ask for her rights, Nick spoke, "You have the right to remain silent,
you have the right to an attorney..." muttering under his breath, "But not

As Nat faced the wall, she wondered what the hell was going on!  Nick quickly
had her assume the position... and she felt... strange. As his hands ran down
her back, she wriggled at the sensations they caused.

Nick's hands were running up and down her body, lingering in places she never
had a hope of hiding any weapons. She shivered... waiting to see what he was
going to do next. His hands were under her arms, brushing the sides of her

She brought her legs together, tensing, a little uneasy, not sure what to
He whispered in her ear "You heard me. Spread your legs, and keep your hands
over your head. Or I'll use these," showing her the thickly padded handcuffs.

Natalie's face became sullen and defiant. She refused to move her legs apart
again. "Okay," he barked, "If that's what you want." He firmly grabbed her right
wrist and snapped the cuff on.

She struggled slightly as he grabbed her left arm. "Please cooperate, Miss
Lambert. I *don't* want to hurt you."

Natalie stood silently as she felt him restrain both her hands. He led her
silently down the hall and to his waiting Caddy.

Nat was now totally confused. Nick was acting so different. He kept one hand
on her arm as they rode the elevator in silence. She was extremely aware of
his cool hand and the power he radiated. They got to the Caddy and he belted
her into the front seat and got in. She turned to look at him. His face gave
nothing away. "Where are we going, Nick?"

"You resisted the search, Miss Lambert, now you have to go to jail." She gasped
at that. What was he talking about?

He drove to the loft and pulled into the garage. Pulling her out of the
Caddy, he
took her upstairs and into his bedroom.

She was finally beginning to understand the game plan a little and decided to
play along, just to see what he would do...

She pulled away from him and made a break for the bedroom door. He turned
on the vampire speed and beat her to it. He pushed her against the wall and
said, "I guess we're going to have to do a strip search. I've tried
everything else
and you just won't cooperate." Nat thought to herself that she was having too
much fun not cooperating...

"Strip search?" Natalie asked, a sly grin on her face.  Biting her bottom
lip, she
looked at Nick.  "Yes. Now we can do this the easy way... or the hard way," Nick
replied.  'Oh the hard way,' Natalie thought as Nick began to tug at her shirt.

As Nick began to pull her shirt upwards, Natalie gasped, then began to struggle
against Nick.  He suddenly pulled her to him, "Oh, I see you like the hard
well, Dr. Lambert, you are in for a treat!"

Nick pressed his long length next to her. She could feel his hardness pressing
into her, making clear what was on the agenda. She twitched and wriggled
against him, trying to get back at him in her own way...

He ran his hands over the cups of her bra then pulled down the straps, saying
"I think this has to go, don't you? You could easily hide something lethal
in there..."
He unhooked the bra and it dropped to the floor.

Nick smiled down at Nat and reached to his belt. He pulled a switchblade out
and opened it. "I don't think I can trust you if I take the cuffs off, so
I'll just have to
use this," he said as he opened it and carefully cut away her sweatshirt and
sliced through her bra straps, being sure to brush her breasts as he dropped
the ruined clothes.

Nat's eyes went wide as she saw the knife. She gasped as she felt the cold
blade move slowly against her skin. A part of her couldn't believe what was
happening. Nick had never done anything like this before, and neither had she...
But at the same time she was excited. She liked knowing that he wanted her,
and she was thrilled by the thought. Would he hurt her, maybe force her? It was
scary and yet very exciting.

Nick moved his hands down her hips to her leggings. "I'm afraid I will have to
remove these, Miss Lambert. Orders, you know..."

Natalie felt Nick's hands next to her skin as he pulled down her leggings,
"accidentally" brushing her mound as he pushed them to the floor. She wriggled
again. He was harder than ever. How long could he keep this up? She didn't think
she could stand much more...

And then she felt the knife against her stomach, the cold blade flat and
He pushed it carefully inside her panties and twisted. She was stark naked. He
tossed the knife away, and his hands were all over her body. She leaned back
against him, giving him better access to her... She moaned, pushing herself into
his roaming hand.

He growled, "Like that, do you? What else do you like?" as he found the hard
of her need and grazed it with his thumb... He lifted her and laid her on
the bed,
cuffing her to the bed frame.

Nick gazed down at Nat amazed. He couldn't believe how much she trusted him.
He could sense how much she was enjoying this, so he said, "Now, Miss Lambert,
it's time for a cavity search," and ran a finger suggestively from her mouth
to the top
of her mound, then bent down and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth.
He ravaged her lips with his, delighted when she moaned with pleasure.

Natalie lay back on the bed, watching his face as his hands moved all over her
body. What is he thinking, she wondered? Suddenly his hand slipped between her
legs... She moaned aloud as he began touching her lips and folds, his fingers
cool against her heat, her wetness covering his fingers. "Oh, yes," she
sighed, as
he put a finger inside of her.

Part of her was amazed at her brazenness. Here she was, lying naked, handcuffed
to a bed! But Nick began moving his fingers in a way that forced all coherent
thought from her mind.

"Well, Miss Lambert. I see you have been hiding something," holding up his wet
fingers. He put them in his mouth, licking them clean. Nat groaned, pleading,
"Nick, please. Do it, now!"

He pulled away from her and stood up, stripping off the leather jacket, the
shirt, the
belt, the pants. She stared at his naked body. He was hard with desire. She
realized how much this was turning him on. Twisting and turning, she tried
to free
herself so she could touch him... 

He fell back on top of her, kissing her mouth, licking her throat, sucking
on her
nipples, making them impossibly harder. He slid down her body, pinning her
to the
bed so she couldn't move.

Natalie moaned and writhed under his weight. All she wanted was to touch him,
to have him inside her. " Nick, please!" she gasped, straining into his
touch. Nick
smiled down at her, the glasses still hiding his eyes. He rolled on top of her,
pressing her down. "What do you want me to do, Miss Lambert?" he asked

"F**k me, Nick. I want it all. Lick me. I want your tongue on me and your c**k
inside me. Please."

Nick growled, "You seem to like being arrested, Miss Lambert. Are you sure you
have nothing more to hide?" She spread her legs as much as she was able and
rose to meet him as he thrust into her, as excited by the game as she.

Nat felt him enter her as his mouth captured hers on a kiss. She wrapped her
legs around him to force him deeper into her. His hands squeezed her breasts,
pinching her nipples. "Nick," she moaned, encouraging him to thrust harder
into her.

Suddenly he pulled his mouth away. Natalie felt her heart stop as he grinned
at her,
showing her his long, sharp fangs. She was terrified and at the same time
She wished she could see his eyes behind those glasses, but in a way the
lens added to her excitement.

"Nick!" she screamed, as the excitement overwhelmed her and she began to
come against him.

Nick felt Nat come around him, her muscles tightening against him, and he
groaned. The feel of her orgasm overwhelmed him and he thrust harder and
faster into her, grinding against her. He dropped his head to her breast and
began to lick her erect nipple.

She arched up into his mouth, panting and moaning constantly. Nick felt his
hunger rising and quickened his thrusts. Nat began to come again, and he bit
down, gently sliding his fangs delicately into her.

Nat felt his fangs slide into the skin of her breast and she screamed in
The feel of him suckling at her breast filled her with more pleasure then she
could have dreamed. Her orgasm flashed though him and he shuddered as his
washed over him.

As Nick collapsed on top of her, she whispered in his ear, "I'm ready to confess
now, Detective Knight."

He lifted his head and stared at her... He finally pulled off the sunglasses and
smiled at her. "Oh?" "Then I guess I can release you, Miss Lambert." He quickly
removed the handcuffs.

Natalie's hands flew to his face and stroked his cheeks gently. She could see
some uneasiness there. He was worried she hadn't liked this. "Nick," she smiled,
"I love you."

He smiled back at her, love and relief filled his features. "I love you,
Natalie," he
whispered as he took her into his arms.

Nat gently kissed his ear. "But next time, I get to be the cop."

Nick chuckled deep in his throat. "Anything you say, Natalie. I love playing
cop when you're the criminal."

The End