April Showers

by Mother Superior Convent of The DSS

Archived October 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie leaned into the shower spray and sighed as the water ran over her
tired body. She was beginning to think that working the night shift would be
the death of any muscle mass she might have!!
The water was nice and hot, just the way she liked it. She reached over for
the soap and rubbed it between her palms to lather it up. The steam gathered
around her as she slowly ran the bar across her flat stomach, up her ribcage
and over her breasts.

She was so into the relaxing pulse of the water on her bare skin that she
didn't even notice the shower curtain moving away from the side of the tub.
It wasn't until the sudden change of temperature made her shiver that she
realized she wasn't alone.

She started to turn around, but a pair of strong and cold hands stopped her.
They slid around her waist and faced her away from their owner. 

Natalie was about to let out what she hoped would be a bloodcurdling scream
when she heard a very familiar voice speak to her.

"Don't turn around." His lips brushed against her ear, causing her to shiver.
"I want to watch you."

Natalie relaxed when she recognized the shroud of desire in Nick's words. She
began to slowly rub the soap in her hands again and spoke quietly. "You know,
my husband will be home soon. He is a very jealous man."

Nick reached up and ran a wet finger down Nat's back starting at the nape of
her neck. "I don't care, and I don't think you do either."

She arched her back at the contact of his skin against hers, she could just
imagine what he could do with more than just his finger. "I love my husband,
but..." She moaned as his finger made it's way down to the curve of her back
just above her behind. She tried to hold on to the soap and finish her
sentence coherently. "But, I think I need more than just love. I need

Nick let his hand take the place of his finger and slowly caressed the soft
roundness of her flesh as he spoke into her ear. "I want to give you that
passion Natalie, and I think that you want it from me. I think you want me so
much that it hurts."

She lost control of the soap as it flew out of her hands, she didn't know
whether or not to pick it up or just enjoy the feel of his cool hands on her

Finally, her choice was made for her as she felt Nick's form slide down next
to hers. She willed her legs to stop shaking, thankfully they followed her
mental order and ceased their nervous tremors.

Nick knelt behind her and grabbed the soap in his hands, he lathered it for a
second and then started to run it over her perfectly smooth bottom.

He rubbed the soap in circles and watched with a smile on his lips as he
noticed her body starting to relax under his touch. Slowly he let his hands
wander up her spine as far as he could reach from his kneeling position, and
then slid them back down again. He made his way down her hips and around to
the soft part of her inner thigh that he knew would elicit a moan or two from

Natalie smiled contentedly as his hands rubbed the circles up and down her
back, when he reached in between her legs and began to massage her thighs she
reached out and clutched the soap dispenser.

Nick knew every inch of her body, every centimeter of every erogenous zone...
and he intended to take full advantage of that knowledge. 

He expertly began to rub the soft pale flesh of his lover and kneaded it in
his hands as he worked his way to the core of her. 

Natalie held onto the soap holder with one hand and slowly raised the other
to run it across her face, her fingers gently touching her lips as she
imagined they were his mouth.

Nick continued to use his hands to caress her body and moved inward to place
his lips on the wet and soapy skin. He waited as the water washed the bubbles
off, and then let his tongue lick at the droplets that ran in continual
procession down from her head to the bottom of her feet.

He smiled as she slid her legs apart to give him entrance to her. Making love
to her was always full of passion and desire, but the sexual dance beforehand
was always exquisite for the both of them. 

Natalie loved the way his tongue worked it's magic on her body, bringing her
to orgasm every time! She leaned forward and moved her legs apart so he could
get exactly where he knew she wanted him.

Nick let his teeth take turns with his tongue on her skin, each sharp nip
made her gasp with delight. He felt his fangs itching to drop but willed them
back, there was plenty of time for that later. Now was the time to savor the
taste of her to drink in the sweetness her excitement and lust had to offer
for him.

Slowly he let his hand crawl across her legs until his fingertips brushed the
soft, short curls that dripped with the juices of her arousal.

He parted her further and let his tongue run across the coarse hairs, she
shivered and let her hand slip down to fondle her breasts. 

She knew Nick could feel her stimulation through their blood link. She could
also feel his but was thrown off balance as he began to lap at her soft flesh
in earnest.

He let his tongue glide over her lips, scraping each side as his fangs
dropped of their own accord, and then plunged it inside her throbbing sex.

He placed a finger against her clit and began to rub slowly as he continued
to suck on her with his tongue buried as deeply inside of her as he could
Natalie rocked against against him and reached around to grasp the back of
his head. She started to grind upon him as the waves of orgasm pushed through
to their link, she felt her fangs starting to drop and press against her lips
that were pursed tightly from the sheer force of trying to control her sexual

Nick felt her body shake from the beginning of the uncontrollable explosion
of gratification that he knew was about to rack her body. 

He licked greedily at the flow of cum that flowed from her, but he resisted
the urge to sink his fangs into her soft pink flesh. He knew they both needed
to share the climax... to share their love.

Natalie pushed him away from her and whirled around so fast, she almost fell
on top of him. 

He stood just as swiftly and grabbed a hold of her, he drew her into his arms
and pushed out to their link to keep the intensity of her summit. He felt her
pushing back and was sensually assaulted with her climax, he reared his head
back with a loud and guttural growl emanating from deep within his chest. 

Natalie felt her own fangs extend themselves fully, she shook from the
prolonged sensation of her blood calling out for Nick's and his for her. She
let out a howl of rapture and let her sharp canines sink smoothly into her
husbands smooth skin.

Nick groaned at the animal instincts she brought out in him and plunged his
own fangs into her flesh.

The sharing of blood pushed them over the edge into a tumultuous vortex of
orgasm and hunger.
When each felt the crescendo cresting within themselves and each other, they
parted and took turns licking the open neck wounds inflicted during the
moment of fulfillment.

Nick lifted her from the floor of the tub and carried her to the bed, not
worrying about the running water. They collapsed into each others arms and
slept contentedly until the alarm for work went off. As they stirred from
their spent slumber, Natalie reached up and stroked Nick's lips. "Remind me
to repay you for the favour."
He drew her to him and kissed her deeply and with all the passion he had felt
for her for the past two hundred years. "What about your husband?"

She kissed him back and smiled wickedly. "What he doesn't know won't hurt

Natalie decided that if she stayed in bed any longer, she would never get up.
She stood and made her way across the room to her vanity, as she was reaching
for her robe, she noticed a parcel that had been shoved through the mail
drop. When she picked it up she cursed at the torn pages within.

Nick looked at her with mild concern. "Did he do it again?"

Natalie tossed the package on the bed and nodded her head. "Yes. When is he
going to stop ruining the scripts? I can't remember the last time I was able
to read the first ten pages without having to request a second copy!"

Nick crossed over to take her in his arms. He smiled down into her eyes.
"I'll have a 'talk' with him tonight."

She looked back at him and let herself relax. "Okay, but I'll tell you
this... if he weren't a relative of Schanke I would have taken care of the
situation a long time ago! He's lucky I want to honour Don's memory, but this
is getting ridiculous!"

He waggled his eyebrows playfully. "You know, you get more and more
aggressive as the centuries go on! I like it!"

She looked over to the clock and back at her vampire husband. "If you would
like, I can show you something you'll like a lot more." Her voice was
seductive and her smile promised something spectacular if he made the right

He smiled and scooped her up into his arms. "You bet!"

As they rolled around on the bed playfully making love, the parcel dropped to
the floor. 

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The End