1. What did Nick once do on Natalie's bed?
He walked across it, and also killed a vampire (Spark) on it in AMPH
2. Has Nick ever pulled Natalie from a burning car?
Yes - in Spin Doctor
3. What final question did Natalie ask the ghost of her grandmother?
Where are you?
4. How long was Nick dead in "Near Death"?
Less than 10 minutes
5. What does Nick use for his voicemail password?
His badge number
6. What type of flower did Nick once leave on Natalie's computer?
A red rose (along with a bottle of perfume)
7. Which type of vitamin pills has Natalie given to Nick?
Vitamin A
8. How old was Natalie when she met Nick for the first time?
9. Nat once fantasized about herself and Nick while reading a book. What was the title?
The Denied
10. Nick once said to Nat, "You look stunning. Were you at a party or something?" Where had she been?
A Coroners Convention
11. Natalie once said to Nick, "...if I didn't know you better, I'd say that this place frightens you." What place was it?
Kessel House (Dead of Night)
12. What was Nick referring to when he said to Nat, "How domestic of you. Just don't make me eat any."
13. What was Nick staring at when Dr. Vanderwal said, "Torn as he is by good and evil, Nick does have faith"?
A crucifix
14. Who told Nick that Lacroix was the source of the evil that infests Nick?
The guide in Near Death
15. Has Natalie ever assaulted anyone?
Yes - public defender in Undue Process, and vampire Spark in AMPH