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Subject: Adult: Alone No More

Well, this is my first fiction, adult or otherwise. It is very short and more like a scene from a story, than an entire story. Please be kind.

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WARNINGS: Short though it is, this story is ADULT and if

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Alone No More

by NiteMar

(c) May 1999

The hot, steamy water beat down on her tired, sore body.

She leaned into the warmth and the languid touch of the water

as it enveloped her in its warm wet cocoon. Her day had been

such a hard one. The atrocities man commits upon man. As

much as she had seen, the condition of tonight’s murder victim

truly sickened her. As the water caressed her scalp and long

tresses, it fell over her face blending with the tears as they

fell, hidden from the world.

She wished Nick had stopped in that evening, even if

briefly. Sometimes just a shared look gave her the comfort she

needed. She wished he were here now. But she found out that

he had booked off for the night. She wondered if everything

was ok..

Nick had taken the evening off work angsting more than

usual. He couldn’t hide it anymore. He needed her in his

life, and not just as a friend. What he was afraid of most

was not that he would take too much blood from her, or that

he was truly afraid of bringing her across, but of her seeing

him in his entirety. All of him, the man and the beast all

the things he had done in the past, all the things he was in

the past. And he knew if they shared blood, she would know

it all. Would she still want him? Could she love him still?

He was afraid, but couldn’t stand it anymore pretending to be

just friends, hoping no one noticed his looks of longing, his

smiles when he thought of her or when she first entered a

room. He couldn’t play that game anymore.

Nat took a sip of wine that she had poured for herself,

a deep red Merlot matching the silk robe she wore. Grace

gave her the robe for her last birthday after she saw her

pink terry terror. When Nat had been sick with a bad case of

the flu, Grace insisted on helping her take care of Sydney

and some things around the apartment. The calming warmth of

the wine soothed her as she returned to her bedroom. The

coolness in her room abruptly stunned her until she noticed

the french doors were open. Then she saw him, standing in

the corner. Smiling, she set down her wineglass and eagerly

stepped towards him.

"Nat, I need..I want.."

As she got close to him, she could see his beautiful

blue eyes, reflecting the struggle he was having with his

words. Nat reached up around Nick’s neck, lacing her fingers

through his blonde curls, pulling him in a tender kiss.

After a few moments, Nick pulled back and buried his head

into her thick hair, breathing heavily. Nat realized that

he was struggling for control. She reached for his face and

gently pulled it from its safety of her hair.

"Nick, look at me."

His eyes remained closed.


Slowly, he opened his eyes to reveal the golden hue.

"Nick, I love you."

Nick was so overwhelmed with love for this woman in his

arms, this gift he didn’t deserve.

Huskily, he told her, "I can’t deny what I feel anymore, Nat."

His lips grabbed hers in a searing kiss. Tongues dueled.

Nick, holding Nat’s shoulders, turned her back to the wall,

pressing his manhood against her burning core of desire. Nick

slid his hand under her robe on her shoulder, slipping it down her

arms as it fell to the floor. Nick stepped back and stopped to

gaze at her nude body, making her feel like a blushing virgin.

Nick moaned as the bulging in his pants grew painful. Nat started

to reach for his zipper to relieve him, but Nick quickly grabbed

her arms and held them pinned over her head as he again leaned

into a searing kiss and pressed into her, moaning on her lips.

With one hand, he held her arms and the other hand reached to

caress her moist curls, flicking a finger just inside to feel her

readiness. She moaned in protest when he removed his hand. But

only to relieve his jeans of the bulging member. He again reached

for the moistness and his fingers reached deep to draw out her


"Oh, Nick, please. Let me touch you."

Ignoring her pleas, Nick nuzzled her neck and his fingers

continued their wet caress. His tongue licked her sweet skin, as

he felt her blood call to him. The aroma of cinnamon and cloves.

His fangs scraped against her tender skin and he licked the few

droplets that was pure Natalie. In the ecstasy of tasting her

blood, one of Nat’s arms slipped from his grasp. She immediately

took advantage and reached to touch his swollen member that he

had only teasingly pressed against her so far. At her touch, a

low growl emanated from his chest and he gazed into her eyes with

deep golden ones. He put his hands on her rear, lifting her up

and lowering her onto his throbbing manhood as she wrapped her

legs around him. Leaning into her against the wall, he moaned as

her warmth enclosed his cool member. As he stroked inside of her,

she met his thrusts. The rhythm built as his cool member buried

itself deeper into her hot core. Nat moaned as she edged closer

and closer to release.

He again nibbled at her neck. This time his fangs pierced

her flesh and he drank. He drank of his love. He saw her life,

her struggles, and her pain. Her pain at the ugliness in this

world. And he saw her love. Her love for him. It filled him and

his release came from her blood with a taste of her own release.

She saw into his past. All that he had been through. It

went by so fast. So much pain and loss. So much that he had done

long ago -just as he had said many times. Yet, that was a different

man. She loved Nick and now knew how much he loved her, for she

saw that too. As he released her neck and eased her down, he looked

to her passionate eyes. Nick sighed in relief and his arms tightened

around her as he realized she was ok.

Breaking the silence, Nat asked, "Nick, stay the day with me?"

Nick looked at her with blue eyes and smiled. He knew she

truly loved all of him. She had seen it in his blood.

"You couldn’t keep me away."


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