Aerial Encounters
by Michele

The bank robber slit the officer's throat with a letter opener then snatched
the gun out of his limp hand. He grabbed a slender, dark haired woman in a
buisness suit as a shield then ran through the night.

A mint green '62 Caddy pulled up with flashing lights and two officers
poured out to chase the suspect on foot. At least one of them was on foot,
that is. Immmediatly after exiting the car, the good-looking blond
disapeared from his partners side and took to the air. The other officer a
balding, dark-haired man turned to speak to him but found that his
mysterious partner had once again pulled a disapearing act.

Schanke sighed in exasperation and wearly set off in independant pursuit of
the suspect.

Nick soared into the air after the perp. He was so busy scanning the
streets with his nightvision that he failed to notice a fellow flyer in the
night sky. To be fair neither expected to encounter anyone else flying and
so it came as a great suprise when vampire homicide cop Nick Knight and
Clark Kent aka Superman crashed in midair over downtown Toronto while both
tried to apprehend the suspect who had robbed the Toronto bank and kidnapped
Lois Lane.

It felt like Nick had suddenly hit a brick, he lost control of his powers of
flight and began plummiting to the ground. Superman was also startled and
began falling as well. Nick got tangeled in superman's cape and vamped out
ripping the specially formulated material to shreads. Clark saw the glowing
eyes and fangs of the vampire detective assumed he was an adversary and
flammed him with his heat vision. Since Nick was all but on top of Superman
both of them caught fire lighting up the sky. The two pseudo-humans hit the
ground makeing a large dent in the pavement directly in front of the perp
who shot at the apparitions of doom then ran screaming in terror at the
sight of our flaming heros.

Lois hugged Clark, Nat hugged Nick. Schanke looked between the human sized
hole in the pavement, the man in the blue and red leotard, his vampire
partner, and his shoes and promptly fainted.

Nick growled at Clark and Clark glared at Nick. They sized each other up
then Nick cuffed the perp to a metal post and pulled out his badge regarding
the strange being who was not a vampire before him.

Lois ran to Clark and hugged him.

"I take it you know him" Nick said dryly to Lois.

Just then Nat ran into the ally and saw the large whole in the ground,
Superman's clothing, Nick's vampire state and schanke unconcious on the ground.

"Are you okay Nick" She asked regarding Clark warily.

"I take it you know her" Clark echoed.

Nick and Clark continued giving each other the evil eye.

Nat looked from one to the other sized up the situation and promptly
introduced herself to Lois Lane.

Finally Lois managed to get Clark's attention and Nat was able to talk sense
into Nick. All four of them decided to start over with introductions.

Schanke came back to awareness in time to see the guy in the weird suit
kissing the kidnapping victom and Nick and Nat involved in a less then
chaste exchange of thier own.

Then still kissing, the two couples rose into the air and flew into the
starry night sky.

Schanke decided he had to be dreaming.


Schanke sat up in bad and wiped the sweat from his forehead "I had the
weirdest dream Myra"

"What is it hon?"

"I dreamed that we were chasing this perp and Nick and this guy in a really
strange outfit collided over Toronto. Nick was flying and had these wierd
glowing eyes and long teeth like a vampire or something"

"Why don't you go back to sleep, hon. It was just a dream."

Schanke couldn't go back to sleep and turned on the news.

"This just in a ball of fire was reported over down town Toronto last
night..." Schanke switched off the television and decided he had to still
be dreaming.

The End