Advantages of Amnesia or, What really happened in the loft during Night in Question

by Liz Muller and Pat Witham

Archived December 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

  The second his cool lips touched hers she knew she was 
lost. She had yearned for this for so long, that the danger 
didn't matter anymore. She returned the kiss with rising 
passion, swept away on a tide of desire.

  She pulled back slightly, a last attempt to stop this 
before it went too far, but his arms slid around her and pulled 
her against his hard body, and he recaptured her lips, in a 
fierce kiss. Nat moaned as their tongues dueled and she slid her 
arms around his neck pulling him closer

  Nick couldn't remember much, but he did know that he loved 
this woman and needed to be with her. He felt her confused hesitation
and wondered what was bothering her. He resolved to take it slow,
not wanting to rush her. the feel of her warm body in his arms and  
of her lips on his, tested his control. All he wanted to do was to make
love with this beautiful woman.

  She snuggled into his arms and pressed herself 
against him. Puzzled, he wondered why the feel of her this  close wasn't
familiar. He was sure they had been together  before.

  She ran her hands over his jacket and clasped his  buttocks gently. 
Her touch sent him pushing her against the wall in an effort to get closer 
to her, to no avail. Too many layers of clothing between them.

  Impatiently, he tugged her jacket off her shoulder and 
she dropped her arms so it slid to the floor, never releasing 
his lips. As soon as her arms were free of the jacket, her 
hands found their way under his shirt to rub lightly across 
his hard chest. He shivered as her fingers began to toy with 
his nipples and he started to unbutton her blouse.

  Moans escaped from both of them as their hands explored 
each others bodies. Nick pressed himself harder against Nat, 
and she could feel his growing erection pressing into her.

  Gasping they separated and Nat pulled his shirt over his 
head exposing his torso to her view. She ran her hands over 
his chest, luxuriating in the feel of his skin under her hands. 
Nick reached out and cupped her breasts, squeezing and 
kneading lightly.

  She quivered in his arms and melted against him, a 
fine sheen of sweat covering her skin. The heat of her
body against his excited him further. He braced his arms against the 
wall and began thrusting his hips rhythmically against her core.

  The feel of his hips, thrusting into hers, something she 
had wanted  but hadn't really ever expected to feel, sent waves 
of desire coursing through her. She feverishly opened his belt and 
and slid her hands into his pants, amazed to finally have his 
shaft in her hands.

  It was cool, and smooth, and hard. She gently 
squeezed, and thought she heard a growl. She eased off, not 
wanting him to remember the vampire. Instead, she pushed his 
pants down, then, kissing him, murmured "Your turn."

  He pushed back, a little confused, then looked down 
at her, fumbled with  her skirt, and failing to make any 
progress, ripped it off her. She stood in her undies, 
slightly pink, but more than ready. She spread her legs, 
waiting for his next move.

  Nick stood staring at this beautiful woman he knew he 
loved, wishing he could remember what pleased her most. He 
smiled a slow seductive grin. Since he couldn't remember, he'd 
just have to experiment. Stepping forward slightly, Nick softly 
kissed her lips as his hand trailed down her stomach to her 
panties. Lightly, he began to run his fingers across her mound, 
smiling as she shivered and moaned at his touch.

  Her tongue darted into his mouth and her hands slipped 
around his waist pulling him closer, even as he began to 
increase the pressure of his fingers.

  Nick stroked the soft skin of her inner thigh, 
avoiding the sensitive parts of her this time, edging closer 
to the edge of her panty leg at each pass. One finger finally 
wriggled inside, and, teasing still, he barely touched her 
before pulling out again.

  She groaned, frustrated and hungry for more. She 
pulled his head down to  her breasts and made it clear what 
she wanted.

  He realized he wasn't going to have to experiment 
any more. She was perfectly capable of keeping him informed 
of the proper procedure. His tongue lapped at her nipple, 
while his finger continued to play around the edge of her 

  The dampness had seeped through. She was as ready as 
she would ever get.  He yanked the panties down, kissed his 
way down her stomach, and let his skilled tongue circle her 

  Nat gasped at the feel of his cool tongue on her hardened 
nub. She laced her fingers in his soft blonde hair and pulled 
him against her. Nick smiled even as his tongue danced over 
her, making her shiver with desire. A long, low moan was 
pulled from her as he sucked lightly on her clit.
She swayed and almost fell. Time to go upstairs.

  Nick lifted her in his strong arms and they slowly 
made their way upstairs, Natalie nuzzling his neck all the 
way. The bed stopped their progress, still conveniently 
unmade from Nick's rest when they got back from the hospital.
He gently laid her down and pounced.

  Landing next to her, Nick ran his hands down her sides and 
across her stomach, one hand cupping a breast the other 
sliding  between her thighs to massage her aching mound. 
Nat arched up into his hands as tiny moans began to escape her.

  Gently Nick inserted one cool finger into her hot, moist core
and began to thrust gently. Slowly he added a second 
finger and his thumb moved to massage her clit as she began to 
thrust urgently against his hand.

  The feel of his cool fingers sliding in and out of her 
astonished her. Her hand reached out and cupped his erection, 
and she began to stroke it gently, pleased as he grew harder 
at her touch

  Realizing that he was losing control under her warm 
touch, Nick rolled over and pressed his body down on hers, 
trapping their hands between them.  His head dropped and he 
took her nipple into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue 
around it, bringing it to a hard point, even as he continued 
to thrust his fingers inside her.

  Nat moaned and wrapped her legs around him, pulling 
him harder against her She couldn't believe this was really 
happening, after so many years of wanting and loving him. 
It felt so right, and natural.

  She let her fingers drift from his shaft to the 
hand that was pleasing her. She gently pulled his hand 
free and pressed her wet, aching mound against his 
throbbing shaft. Grasping his butt with her hands, she 
arched against him, moaning, silently begging him to 
enter her.

  He resisted, teasing her, rubbing his shaft 
against her mound. She screamed, in frustration and 
passion, and took matters into her own hands. Rolling 
them over, she fit herself against him.

  Circling him with one hand and steadying 
herself against his belly with the other, she impaled 
herself on him, no longer willing to wait.

  Nick moaned as he felt her silky wetness engulf his 
shaft. His hands slid up her thighs to her hips and pulled 
her down further onto his shaft, as he began to thrust 
slowly into her. Nat threw back her head and moaned, the 
feel of him filling her driving her to the edge. Nick Sat 
up and captured a nipple in his mouth sucking and teasing 
it. Nat began to shiver as she rapidly spiraled upwards 
towards a climax

  Nick continued to thrust his shaft into her 
body, faster and more irregular in speed and force. He 
bent his head up and kissed her, his tongue thrusting in 
and out, in rhythm with his other thrusts. A hand caressed her 
breast, while the other one reached between their bodies 
and pressed against her clit again. She screamed, 
spasmed, and collapsed against him, all her dreams come 

  Feeling Nat spasm around him, pushed Nick to the 
edge. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled them 
over, continuing to thrust into her. Pulling him tightly against her 
with both hands  she ground herself hard against him, 
wanting him to share her release. His final thrusts were 
hard and deep and then he arched against her, exploding 
deep inside her welcoming core. He moaned her name as he 
felt her come again, as he continued to pump into her. 
spent, he collapsed ontop of her and slowly kissed 
 her as they lay basking in the glow of their passion

  Nat relaxed as she felt the tension drain away 
from him. But when she heard a snore, she jumped. He had 
fallen asleep! She couldn't believe it. He was closer to 
being mortal than she had realized.
She cuddled up next to him and pulled up the 
comforter, preparing to go to sleep herself
As she drifted, on the edge of sleep, she 
remembered the night they had met.

  With a start, Nat jerked fully awake. Despite what 
they had just done, Nick *was* a vampire. Yes, he *was* 
acting like a mortal, but he wasn't one. As she cuddled 
closer to him, she could feel the coolness of his body 
against hers and wondered.

  He didn't know what he was, or how to recognize the 
beast as it woke. What if her presence here, in his bed 
next to him, drove him beyond his ability to control it?

  She stroked his face tenderly as she thought. As much 
as she wanted nothing more then to stay here, in Nicks 
bed, in his arms, she just couldn't take the chance. With 
tears in her eyes, she slowly and sadly got up and took a 
blanket off the bed and wrapped it around herself.

  She stood for a moment, looking down at his peaceful 
face, remembering the feel of him inside her and wondered 
if they would share this magic again. Closing her eyes, 
against the tears that threatened to fall, she made her 
way downstairs, and drew on her robe. Sitting on the couch,
she thought about all that had happened, feeling alone and sad 
that she couldn't trust him to keep her safe. Stretching out on 
the couch, she closed her eyes, and the tears began to roll down her 
cheeks, as she drifted off to sleep.

  A smile appeared on her sleeping face as she dreamt
of her and Nick, walking in a park, watching the sunlight 
glimmer off the unruly blonde curls of the child in front 
of them.

The End