9-1/2 Hours by Soulseeker
24 Hours by Heather L. Markle
101 Reasons to Take a Bath by Sis Wckdnes

A Comet Tale by Jeri Friedman
A Cookie Caper by Nightlady
A Friend Indeed by Sister Delight, D.S.S. (aka Nightlady)
A Knight of Wine and Roses by Jeri Friedman
A Lesson Learned by Heather L. Markle
A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine by Mel Moser
A Tower Tale by Nightlady
A Wealth of Joy by Nightlady
Advantages of Amnesia or, What really happened in the loft during Night in Question by Liz Muller and Pat Witham
All in Love is Fair by Kathy Whelton
Alone No More by NightMar
April Showers by Mother Superior Convent of The DSS
Arrested by Heather, LizM, and Catspaw
Attention to Detail by Mother Superior/Sister Dementia

Birthdays by Nightlady
Blizzard by Nightlady
By Design by NiteMar

Cabin Fever by Eric McCann, Liz Muller, Pat, NiteRose, and Mickey K
Cats, Cops and Caddies by Heather Markle, Liz Muller & Pat Witham
Caught in the Act by Jeri Friedman
Christmas Day Knight by Jeri Friedman
Country Living by Eric McCann

Didacts and Narpets by Dave Galloway
Don't Leave Home Without It by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Dr.Lambert & Ms.Hyde by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Dread Natalie, Pirate Queen by Heather LM, LizM, and Catspaw

Every Time I Fall Back by Jody

For Michel by Heather L. Markle
Forever in My Heart by C. Brady
Forever, My Love by Mel Moser
Forum by Heather Markle
From the Depths of Despair by Nightlady
Fun With Nick and Nat by Convent of The Decadent Sin Sisters

Games Coroners and Detectives Play by Patty Constantino
Games Detectives Play by Patty Constantino
Games Strangers Play by Patty Constantino

Hearts Bound by Patty
Heart's Slave by Nightlady
Heavenly Knight by NiteMar
Homecoming by K.C.Smith and Shana Dempsey
Hot Fudge Sundae by Nightlady

I Want You Now by LizM

Laundromat Lark by Nightlady
Leapin Lizard by Nightlady
Leitmotif by Nancy Taylor
Lust for the Truth by Jeri Friedman

Magic Fingers by Mel Moser
Methods of Relaxation by Catspaw, LizM
Monk Nick? by Lisa a.k.a. KnightOwl
Monkey in the Middle by Susan B.
Moving On by NiteMar
My First Erotica by Heather L Markle

Nashville Knights
by Vickie Sykes and Nancy Taylor
Never Enough by StormyNite
New Beginnings by Carla Martinek
New Year, New Life by Nightlady
Nick, Nat... Caddywhacked by Nancy Taylor
Nick & Nat Join the Mile High Club by Jeri Friedman
No Dream Too Farfetched by Nightlady

Of Eternal Bonds by DragonLady
One Night Til Forever by NiteMar
Only With The Heart by Jeri Friedman
Overtime Has Its Benefits by Nightlady

Private Passion (Sequel to Private Parts) by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Psychoactive Knight by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

Risks by Nightlady
Rosebud Part 6: The Fantasy by Soulseeker

Secret Desires by NiteMar
Sex and the Single Vampire by Nancy Taylor

The Drive In by HBKat, Jaxie, KaraKat, LizM, PatWitham
The Falling Rain by Cj
The First of Forever by Nightlady
The Horseback Ride by Catspaw, Jaxie, LizM
The Last Tango by C.T. Brennan
The Passions of Painting by Lisa a.k.a. KnightOwl
The Promise by Joanne Cohen (Whitelight)
The Rewards of Jealousy by C.Brady
The Warmth of the Sun by Nightlady
Three Parts Dead by Jeri Friedman
Thunderstorm by Heather L. Markle & Chris Rosmini
Tight Spaces by Mel Moser
Tintinabulation by E. McCann
To Every Thing, There is a Season by Nightlady
To Face Eternity by Nightlady
Together by Nightlady
Truly, Madly, Deeply by SisWckdness

Users by Kate Keene

Waterbeds and Stairwells and Blackouts...OH MY! by Mother Superior/Sister Dementia