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A Tower Tale By Nightlady (c)2000

(Monday night)

Nick hung up the telephone and smiled. Most of the time he was barely aware of the perks of being extremely wealthy, but tonight he was grateful for them. Humming softly, he lifted the receiver and dialed yet another number.

Nat sat at her desk and sighed. Once again, her birthday was rapidly approaching. She'd planned to ignore the day as best she could and just work her regular shift. To her dismay, however, her superior had also noted the date and upon arriving at work tonight, Nat had found an email from him informing her that he'd arranged for her to take the day off. "Great, now I get to sit home alone, because Nick is working that night, and ponder how old I'm getting." Nat muttered. 'Maybe Nick will actually remember my birthday this year.' Nat thought, then snorted. Nick's track record on remembering such things was not exactly great. Granted he'd always given her a card and usually some small gift, but they always seemed to be a last minute sort of thing.

On the other hand, the recent advances in their relationship and the promise of ever more intimacy with Nick was all the present she wanted. She felt a wave of desire wash over her as she remembered their most recent video evening at Nick's loft. A knock at her office door interrupted her thoughts. "Come in!" She called, then blushed slightly as the object of those thoughts entered. "Hi, Nick. What brings you here?" She said, smiling.

Detective Nick Knight returned her smile. "Do I have to have a reason to stop and say hello?" He asked.

Nat shook her head. "No, of course not." She replied.

"Good." Nick said, as he casually rested one hip on the corner of her desk. His blue eyes sparkled as he gazed at Nat. He'd fought his feelings toward her for over five years before finally admitting to himself that he loved her. Once he'd done that he knew he had but two choices, move on and leave her behind or stay and pursue the relationship. The former choice Nick quickly realized was impossible; his need to be with Nat was as vital to his existence as his need for blood. His decision made, Nick allowed himself to begin acting on the feelings he'd hidden for so very long and, as a result, in the past six months his and Nat's relationship had grown increasingly closer and more intimate. Thinking of their most recent 'video night' at the loft, Nick once again felt his groin stir with need. He never did find out exactly what the second movie was about, but he had discovered that Nat had an extremely sensitive area on the back of her leg, just above the knee. The fiery passion that his caress of that spot had unleashed had surprised and delighted him, leaving him aching to fully possess her.

Pushing back the desire to make love to her immediately, Nick leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "So, what's happening over here tonight?" He asked, as casually as he could.

Nat chuckled, "Thankfully, not too much. The good citizens of Toronto have been very careful tonight, so we haven't had many customers." She gave Nick a grin. "I'd guess, given the fact that you have time to just drop by here, that you and Schanke aren't exactly swamped with work either."

Nick laughed, "No, things are so quiet around the precinct that Schanke and I have even managed to get caught up on our paper work. Actually, I did have one reason for stopping here, other than just seeing you. Because things are so slow, Cohen 'suggested' that I take some of my vacation time. So after tonight, I'm off duty for the next three nights." Nick reached out and softly rubbed the back of his hand along Nat's cheek. "What's your schedule look like for the next three days?" He asked.

Nat grinned up at him. "I've got to work tomorrow night, but I have the next two nights after that off." 'Maybe I won't spend my birthday alone after all,' she thought happily.

"Then how about I take you out for dinner the night after next?" Nick said, adding in a softer voice, "and we can figure out how to spend the rest of our time off during dinner."

"I think that sounds wonderful." Nat replied as her heart skipped a beat at the idea of spending so much uninterrupted time alone with Nick.

"Great. I'll pick you up at your place just after sundown." Nick said. Tilting her face up to his, he kissed her softly on the lips. "I'd better go for now." He said.

Nat nodded. "Yeah, I've still got some paperwork I should finish if I'm going to be out for two nights in a row." She watched as he left and then sat at her desk, smiling for several minutes. Suddenly, she found herself actually anticipating her birthday.

On his way out of the building, Nick stopped by Grace's office.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping to arrange for Nat to be off on her birthday." Nick said.

Grace looked up from her desk and smiled. "My pleasure, Nick. I hope that you both have a wonderful time."

Nick nodded. "I hope so, too."

(Late Tuesday afternoon)

Nat had just finished showering and dressing for work when her doorbell chimed. Peeking through the small security viewer she saw a man dressed in the uniform of one of the best ladies clothing stores in Toronto and holding a stack of boxes in his arms. Puzzled, Nat cautiously opened the door. "Yes?"

"Dr. Natalie Lambert?" The man inquired.

"Yes, I'm she." Nat replied.

The man smiled. "I have a delivery for you." He said indicating the items in his arms.

"Are you sure? I haven't ordered anything." Nat said. The shop specialized in one of a-kind designer clothing, with prices for a single dress that started in the low five-figure range.

"Perhaps these are gifts? There is an envelope." The deliveryman said, holding out the boxes to Nat.

Nat took them and saw the cream colored envelope that was affixed to the topmost box. "Maybe." She agreed. She placed the boxes on her dining room table and returned with her purse, intending to tip the deliveryman. To her surprise, he held up his hand to stop her.

"Thanks, but I was given a gratuity along with the packages." He said.

Nat could tell, from the look on the man's face that it had likely been a very generous gratuity. "Well, thanks again." She said as he turned to leave.

Nat glanced at her watched and decided that even if it made her late for work she had to see what the boxes contained. She carried them into her bedroom and set them on her bed. She checked to make sure that Sydney wasn't in the room before closing the door. Sitting down on the bed, she picked up the envelope on the topmost box and opened it. Taking out the single sheet of paper within she read the note.


Please consider wearing the accompanying items tomorrow night. I think that they will compliment your beauty.

I have some things to take care of tonight, so I'll see you at sunset tomorrow.


Nat opened the top box, revealing a pair of shoes. They had a medium heel and were covered with a fabric that could only be called opalescent. She smiled as she noted that they were her size. Just under that box was a thin, flat one. In it, Nat found a pair of self-gartering sheer silk hose.

She carefully opened the second to largest box and gasped. Inside lay an exquisite evening dress. It was made of the same opalescent fabric that covered the shoes, flashes of blue, green and yellow seeming to swim in the cream colored background. Nat lifted the dress carefully from the box and held it up luxuriating in the soft feel of the material. The dress was sleeveless, the bodice was a halter style that plunged to a deep V in front and left the back bare. From the waist, the dress fell in a smooth, straight line to the floor. Long slits on either side provided room for walking. Just holding it in front of her made Nat feel sexy. She noticed the subtle tag bearing the name of the designer and her eyes widened. He was known for his one-of-a-kind creations and Nat realized that the chances were high that this one dress cost nearly as much as her car. Returning the dress to its box, Nat opened the last, and largest, box.

A floor length black cape, in a rich deep velvet, lay nestled inside along with a small evening bag. Nat knew that the contrast of the ebony color of the cape with the pearly opalescent gown would be striking.

"Nick, I've got to say you have excellent taste in clothes." Nat said softly as she rubbed her cheek against the richness of the velvet. She carried the cape over to her closet and hung it up, not wanting it to wrinkle. Gathering the other items from her bed, she placed them inside the closet, too. Giving the velvet a last caress, Nat grabbed her usual coat from its hanger and headed off to work. As she drove, she pondered how she might wear her hair to best compliment the dress.

Nick watched Nat leave from the roof of the building across from hers. He'd wanted to see her reaction to his gifts and the expression on her face and the way she handled each assured him that she liked the outfit he'd given her. As Nat's car turned the corner and drove out of sight, Nick left the rooftop and retrieved his own car, which he'd parked several blocks away in the opposite direction. Smiling in anticipation, he headed out to finalize the plans he'd made for the next evening.

Nat had set her alarm for 5:00PM, but found herself wide awake almost an hour before that. Excitement over the upcoming evening was making her unable to sleep. She got up and headed for the kitchen, deciding make a pot of coffee and relax for a while before beginning her preparations for the night.

Sipping hot coffee, Nat smiled as she thought of Grace's look of satisfaction when Nat had informed her that yes, she did indeed have plans for her birthday and yes, a certain blonde detective was a part of those plans. Nat wondered what Grace would say if she'd known about the gifts Nick had sent. Explaining how a homicide detective could afford such items made it impossible for Nat to mention them.

Nat finished her coffee then bathed and washed her hair. Wearing her fuzzy, warm robe she dried her hair and then styled so that it was gathered up from the sides and cascaded in fiery curls down her back. She carefully applied a minimum of makeup then began to dress.

Finding a small, lacy thong style pair of panties, Nat donned them and then slid the silky hose onto each of her legs. The style of the dress made the wearing of a bra impossible. Taking the dress out of the box, Nat slipped into it. The soft fabric seemed to mold itself to her shape, accentuating the fullness of her breasts, narrow waist and the soft swell of her hips. Looking at herself in the mirror, Nat smiled in satisfaction at the image that looked back at her. She was trying to decide what jewelry to wear when her doorbell chimed. A glance at the window showed that darkness outside. Slipping on the shoes and taking down the cape, Nat went to answer the door. She lay the cape across the back of her sofa then, after checking through the peephole to be certain that it was Nick, unlocked the door.

Nick stood in the hall outside Nat's door, listening to the sound of her footsteps inside. He'd also heard the slight acceleration of her heart as she neared the door. When the door opened, he inhaled softly at the vision of beauty that stood before him.

Nat smiled as she saw the look on Nick's face. That the outfit obviously met with his approval was clear. Feeling bold, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, I've never worn anything this lovely." She told him.

Nick took her hand and kissed it. "You are lovely in anything you wear." He said softly.

Nat blushed slightly and raised her eyes to Nick's. She felt a shiver of desire wash over her as she gazed into his blue eyes. "I need to find some earrings and then I'll be ready." She said.

Nick gave her hand a small squeeze. "Ah! I knew there was something I needed to do." He said reaching into the pocket of the dark colored suit he was wearing, he removed a small, box. Handing it to her he added, "These weren't ready until this evening."

Nat opened the box. In it lay a pair of delicate filigree earrings, each with an opal in the center of the setting. Looking at them, Nat knew they were the perfect compliment to her outfit. "Nick, they're beautiful, but I feel awkward accepting all these very expensive items from you."

"I'd gladly shower you with such things on a daily basis, if you'd let me." Nick said. "Your, friendship," he said aloud while thinking 'your love', "has given me more peace than I've known in centuries. There isn't enough money in the world to let you know how much that, and you, means to me." Indicating the earrings he added, "Put them on."

Nat smiled and turning to the hall mirror, put the earrings on. She had to admit that they were perfect for the outfit. Nick came up behind her and slid the cape, which he'd retrieved from the sofa, around her shoulders. Nat leaned back slightly and he took the opportunity to give her a hug. "Shall we?" He asked, offering her his arm. Nat nodded and they left the apartment.

"So, where are we going?" Nat asked, as Nick maneuvered the Caddie down the darkened streets.

"We have a reservation at the 360." Nick replied. "According to Schanke, it's an ideal place to enjoy both excellent food and a superb view."

"The restaurant in the CN Tower?" Nat asked. She'd always wanted to dine there but somehow had never managed to. "Oh, Nick, that sounds wonderful!"

Nick smiled, pleased with Nat's reaction. "I didn't think a quick bite at Mary's Bar and Grill was quite the right setting for that outfit." He quipped, referring to a pleasant but certainly not fancy restaurant on Carlton St. not far from the Coroner's Building.

"You thought correctly." Nat said with a chuckle.

Soon they were at the CN Tower. Nick found a parking space not far away and they walked the short distance to the tower. Going to the restaurant's reservation desk, Nick spoke briefly to the woman there. Almost immediately, they were led to the lift that ran from the base of the tower to the restaurant.

As the lift rapidly rose to the restaurant Nat snuggled against Nick as they rose higher and higher in the air. When the doors opened, Nat realized that there were no other patrons in the restaurant. Before she could ask Nick about it, the Maitre d' appeared.

"Ah, Monsieur deBrabant, welcome. Your table is ready, exactly the way you requested." He said, indicating that Nick and Nat should follow him. He led them to a semi-circular table for two, situated near the outer rim of the restaurant. A plush-seat, almost a mini sofa but without arms, had been placed on the straight side of the table. Fine china, crystal and silver gleamed in the soft glow of candles placed strategically near the table so as to not obstruct the view of Toronto glittering beneath them like so many jewels in a velvet lined chest.

Nat realized that Nick must have bought out the restaurant for the night. The Maitre d' took her cape and she sat down, with Nick beside her. She waited until they were alone to give Nick an inquiring look.

"Schanke also mentioned that when he took Myra here for their anniversary, the people at a table behind them had several children who were not very well mannered. I didn't want to take the chance of anything spoiling our dinner, so I arranged for us to have a 'private' dining room." He said.

"Just don't tell me what this had to cost." Nat said, adding, "But I do love the idea of it being just the two of us."

"Deal." Nick replied.

Their waiter approached with menus. The next several minutes were spent ordering dinner. Nick even ordered a meal, consisting of Steak Tartar, and a Filet Mignon cooked very rare. Nat chose a Cream of Cauliflower soup, followed by grilled Salmon. As they waited for their first courses, Nick reached over and took Nat's hand in his while they talked softly, just enjoying being together.

Nick managed to eat enough of his meal to not look suspicious. He feasted his eyes, however, on the vision of loveliness beside him. Nat's hair shone with fiery highlights in the flickering light of the candles and her skin glowed with a soft radiance.

Nat tried to memorize every moment of the evening. Her meal was wonderful, the soup light and savory and the Salmon cooked to perfection. The view was spectacular, and the service ideal. Most of all, she was sharing it all with the man who'd captured her heart. Nick's attentiveness, the way he managed to softly touch her arm and the firm feel of his thigh against her leg fed her very soul. She wished that this dinner could last forever. She ate her dessert, a double chocolate pie with fresh raspberries, slowly wanting to prolong the meal as much as possible.

"Nick, this was wonderful. Thank you so much." She said laying her head against his shoulder.

Nick found himself treated to a most delectable view he gazed down at Nat. The neckline of her dress offered him a tantalizing glimpse of the creamy fullness of her breasts. "I'm glad. I wanted to do something special for your birthday and this seemed like a good idea."

Nat looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with happiness. "You remembered." She said. The simple fact that he'd remembered it was her birthday meant more to her than anything else.

"Yes, and I remember that it's also the anniversary of the first time we met. I hadn't planned to get blown up that night but, since it brought you into my life, I'm glad that it happened." Nick said, as he lightly brushed his lips against her forehead.

"You'd think after nearly eight hundred years, you'd have found an easier way to meet women." Nat teased, evoking a laugh from Nick. "Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to go powder my nose." She added.

Nick rose and watched her move gracefully across the room. He motioned to the Maitre d' and took care of the check. When Nat returned, Nick suggested, "Why don't we take a stroll on the observation deck?"

"I'd love to." Nat said. She took her cape and they left the restaurant. They spent a few minutes outside on the deck, Nick pointing out to Nat where the location of the loft was, even though it was too dark for her to be able to actually see it. Returning to the inside portion of the deck, Nick spotted the glass floor and headed over to it. As they neared it he became aware of Nat slowing her pace. Nick stepped onto the thick glass and saw Nat suddenly stop, her foot poised in mid air. "Nat?" He asked.

"I'm sorry. I just can't quite make myself step on to that." Nat said, in a distressed voice. "I know that it's perfectly safe, but part of me says that there's nothing there and if I step out, I'll fall." She drew a slightly ragged breath. "I want to walk out, but I'm afraid." She admitted.

Nick could hear the quickening of Nat's heart. "It's okay. I'll help you." He said softly.

He walked over, stood just in front of her. "I would never let anything happen to you, Nat. Do you trust me?" He said quietly. 'Can you trust me to not kill you if we make love?' He thought.

Nat looked into his eyes. "Yes, I trust you, Nick." She replied without hesitation.

Nick smiled. "Good." He held out his hand to her. "Take my hand and just look into my eyes." He urged. He felt her hand grasp his. He could tell that although she was still nervous, her fear was receding. "That's right, just hold my hand and come." Nick began to walk slowly backwards, leading Nat out onto the glass floor.

Nat kept her eyes locked with Nick's. Looking into the crystal depths of their blueness, feeling his hand holding hers, she stepped onto the floor. Her heart did a small leap, but she did trust Nick and she would willingly follow him, anywhere.

In just a moment they were at the center of the floor. Nat took a deep breath and looked down at the darkness beneath her. She automatically tightened her grip on Nick's hand, but when she looked back at him, her face was radiant with happiness. "Oh my, I can't believe I did this!" She said.

Nick pulled her close to him. He reached up and cupped her chin in one hand. "I'm glad that you know you can trust me." He murmured.

He kissed her softly on the lips. As she sighed slightly and returned the kiss, Nick dropped his hand down to slip under her cape. He caressed her back, relishing the soft smoothness of her skin. Moving his hand forward, he slipped it into the vee of her neckline, finding and caressing the nipple of one of her breasts. He felt his groin respond as Nat leaned into his touch.

Nat felt her entire body respond to Nick's caresses. She moaned softly as she savored the wonderful sensations that were sweeping over her. When Nick broke the kiss, she let out a small cry of sorrow. She looked into his face, seeing the gold flecks within the blueness of his eyes. "Nick..." She sighed, as she lay her head against his chest.

"Nat, I love you and I want you." Nick whispered huskily in her ear.

Nat felt her eyes fill with tears of joy. "I'm yours, Nick. I love and want you, too." She reached down and gently caressed the large, hard bulge in his crotch.

Nick gasped as need burned in his veins. He felt his eyes change and his fangs drop. "Nat, look at me." He commanded, his voice deepened by the emergence of his beast. As she looked up at him he added. "This is what I am, Nat. Can you love this? Can you trust this?"

Nat reached up and caressed his cheek. "I love you, Nick, and I trust you unconditionally."

Nick looked back into her steady gaze and heard the ring of truth in her voice. Closing his eyes he forced his beast down. When he opened them, they had returned to their normal, blue. "Nat, will you let me take you back to the loft and make love to you, the way I've dreamed of doing."

Nat nodded. "Yes."

Neither spoke on the ride down from the observation deck. As they walked back to where Nick's car was parked, Nick kept his arm around Nat's shoulders. She encircled his waist with her arm as she snuggled close to him. Once in the car, Nick turned to Nat. "Are you certain, Nat? There is a chance that I might not be able to control the vampire. If I can't you could die or I might be forced to bring you across."

"I've never been more certain of anything." Nat said. "I understand that there is a risk to me if we make love, but I will gladly take that risk to love you."

Nick lifted her hand and kissed it, then started the car.

The short drive back to the loft was quiet. Nat could scarcely believe that she was about to realize what she'd only dared to dream. She could feel her heart beating rapidly with excitement and anticipation. It was taking all of Nick's power to concentrate on the drive when all he really wanted to think about was at last being able to show Nat how much he loved and cherished her. He silently vowed that no matter what he would keep control; he would not violate her trust in him.

Nick pulled the Caddy into his garage and helped Nat out. Hand in hand they went to the lift and rode up to the loft. Once inside, Nat removed her cape, laying it across the back of one of the dinning room chairs, while Nick lit a fire in the fireplace and put a CD of soft music on to play. Returning to where Nat stood he stopped just if front of her. He studied her face carefully, looking for any sign that she might be having second thoughts about her decision. To his joy and relief she met his gaze with a steady, calm one.

"It's okay, Nick. I haven't changed my mind and I won't change it." Nat said quietly as if she'd read his mind. She stepped forward and Nick automatically wrapped his arms around her as he met her lips with his.

Nick felt Nat's arms encircle his neck as she pulled his head down to her. As their lips touched his need to know all of her, to feast his eyes on her naked beauty, lose himself in the feel of her flesh, and drink of the sweetness of her very essence flooded through him. Giving a low moan he tightened his hold on her as his tongue probed into her open willing mouth. One of his hands moved up into the silky softness of her hair and he found the pins holding it up and pulled them free so that her hair tumbled loose. His other hand ran slowly down her back and pulled her hips tightly against his groin.

Nat felt as if every nerve in her body was singing with pleasure. She could feel the bulge of Nick's manhood against her and that, combined with the feel of his tongue as it dueled with hers, made her ache with need. She met his passion with her own. She ran her fingers through his wavy hair and slowly moved her hips in a circular motion against him.

Nick moved his lips from Nat's to rain kisses along the curve of her jaw. He inhaled the scent of her hair and perfume and the even richer scent that was uniquely Nat. The spicy honey scent of her lifeblood. His ardor increasing, Nick began to softly kiss and lick his way down her throat. He could feel the pulsing of the large vein that lay there. He heard Nat making soft sounds of pleasure as he continued his ministrations.

Nat could feel her juices flowing as Nick fanned the flames of her passions. She was dizzy with the sensations of ecstasy that his lips were causing. Her hands reached up and began to undo the buttons on his shirt. She wanted, no she needed to feel his skin beneath her fingers. She slid her hands inside the shirt to run them along the firm planes of his muscles.

Nick let out a low growl at the pleasure Nat's soft warm touch brought. He could not wait any longer. Effortlessly, he lifted her into his arms and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. There he placed her on her feet and with skillful hands undid the halter of the dress and then the zipper. As the garment fell to the floor, Nick at last feasted his eyes on Nat's beauty. He drank in the vision of her firm breasts, the nipples already hard and erect with desire, and the soft curves of her waist and hips. "Nat, you are even more beautiful than I'd imagined." He said softly. Unable to restrain himself, he lifted one rosy tipped breast and began to gently suckle the nipple, while running his tongue across its tip.

Nat felt a moment of shyness as Nick's eyes moved over her body. She wondered if he were comparing her to the many other women he'd undoubtedly known in his long existence and if he found her appealing. His murmured words filled her with joy. As he started to kiss her breasts, she threw her head back and moaned aloud from the pleasure. She felt her womb begin to tighten as her body drank in the sensual sensations. By the time Nick had repeated his actions on her other breast, Nat was panting with the wonderful pleasure of it.

"Your turn." She managed to say. Nick smiled and shrugged off his shirt and jacket and stepped out of his shoes while Nat's fingers undid his belt and then the fastening of his trousers. He let out a sigh as his now erect manhood was freed from the tight constraints. His sigh turned into a gasp of delight as Nat's warm hand encircled the sensitive flesh of his hard staff and began to slowly stroke him.

Nat had always known that Nick was well endowed, but when she finally gazed at the object of her desires she smiled in eager anticipation. A shiver of pure lust ran through her at the knowledge that soon, very soon she hoped, Nick's long, thick hardness would be inside her. She felt his muscles twitch as she started to stroke him and heard his gasp of pleasure. Looking up to his face, she gave him a wicked grin and then dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth.

Nick closed his eyes in enjoyment as Nat licked and sucked his throbbing cock. He gave himself to the sensations, until he felt his fangs drop as he neared his need for release. "Nat, stop." He said, his voice husky. "I want to be in you, to feel you come, too."

Nat gave his manhood a final soft kiss. "Yes, I want to feel you buried deep inside me, too." She said. She saw the glint of his descended fangs and the now gold glow of his eyes, but she never hesitated. Rising to her feet, she stood on tiptoe to kiss him.

Nick dropped his hands to her waist and eased the thong off her hips before lifting her to lay her upon the bed. He removed her shoes and each stocking, lovingly caressing the soft, sensitive skin of her thighs and legs as he did so. Then he joined her on the bed, his hand dropping to the wiry curls between her legs as he sought the core of her pleasure.

Firmly, but with great care, he began to move his thumb around her clit. At the same time, he kissed her throat, breasts, and finally claimed her mouth. He could feel the gradually building tension of her muscles as she responded and moved toward her own release. He growled in pleasure as she returned his kiss and ran her tongue along his fangs. As Nat began to writhe and moan at the pleasure he was giving her, he suddenly stopped just long enough to slide between her legs. With a smooth thrust, he entered her.

Nat cried out as Nick stopped the wonderful stimulation of her clit. She cried out again, with satisfaction as she felt him enter her, filling her completely. She wrapped her legs around him, as they lay still for a moment. Then Nick started to slowly move back and forth within her, each motion taking her nearer to totally gratification. She met his thrusts with her own and they gradually increased the speed and force of their movements. Just when Nat thought that she couldn't bear any more she felt her body shudder in a glorious wave of release. Crying out Nick's name, she almost blindly reached for his head, pulling his lips, and fangs, down to her bared throat. As Nick's sharp fangs penetrated her skin, she experienced a second, even more intense orgasm.

Nick felt Nat's muscles spasm around his cock and knew that he could no longer deny his own release. When her hand urged his mouth to her throat he, eagerly sought the sweet elixir of her blood. The first drops triggered his own release. Giving a final thrust, Nick felt his seed empty into Nat even as her blood filled him with a sense of peace he'd all but given up hope of ever knowing. He could feel his beast become satiated and retreat as the power of Nat's love ran like liquid fire through his veins, warming him and soothing him. After only a few mouthfuls, he withdrew his fangs, the strong, steady beat of Nat's heart assuring him that she'd come to no harm.

Nat felt Nick drinking from her and at the same time she felt his love for her. Never again would she wonder if he truly cared for her. The power and depth of his love was like a warm blanket, encasing her in a sense of total security and peace. When he removed his fangs, she almost wanted to tell him to not stop, as she didn't want that feeling to end. To her joy, she could still feel it and she realized that she would always carry it with her.

Nick brushed a lock of hair from Nat's face and softly kissed her lips.

Nat smiled up into his once again blue eyes. "So," she quipped, "what do you have planned for my next birthday?"

The End

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