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Date: Wed Apr 7, 1999 3:55 am

Subject: A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine

I have no klew where this came from <sigh>. It sorta snuck up on me and took over my keyboard for the past day or so, as I wrote this all in less than a day. (Eeek! I have been doing a good deal of writing lately, but for other various stories that I've been meaning to get done for some time (sometime soon, too! <sigh>)).

I realize, belatedly, that this story is similar to another one posted a while ago. Honestly, I didn't know, as I haven't read much fanfic in a very long time. I figured I wouldn't be the only one to use this idea and did a search on past email and lo and behold, a similar story had been written <waves, hugs and apologies to the author>.

Well, I only hope I can do this justice in my writing 'style' of preference (aka smut <weN&Ng>) Tis been a while since I wrote and posted a N&N Adult piece, so here goes. This story is `set' (do you need a setting for smut?) in a post-Last Knight time period, where things are pretty much status quo as they were in third season, with a few variations to keep with canon. Oh, a slight warning, as there is explicit sex, perhaps a bit rough, in this story.

As always, the characters in this story are the property of TPTB of Forever Knight, I'm only borrowing them for a while, much to their enjoyment, I hope. Permission to archive on, and the N&Npacker Adult website.

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A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine

by Mel Moser <red@f...>

April 1999

"Nat?" Nick called, his voice echoing around the main room of the morgue. But the room was quiet and noticeably empty. He was scheduled to meet Nat here after he got off work. She had said that she had a new medicine she wanted him to try. But where was she?

He was late. But it wasn't entirely his fault. Well, not exactly.

Captain Reese had been riding both he and his homicide partner, Vince Stello, pretty hard lately. Ever since his last partner, Tracy Vetter, had been killed in the line of duty several years ago, Reese had been pushing Nick pretty hard, especially about sticking to the rule of the law and the code of police work, and that included getting paper work done. Unfortunately, his partner Stello was just as bad about procrastinating about paperwork as he was. Their paperwork was perpetually late. And of all nights, Reese had chosen tonight to get on their case about it.

Nick had been eager to get off work, hoping to get off early and spend a little quality time with Nat, even if she subjected him to her latest protein shake or potential miracle drug. It would be worth it if he made some ground in patching up their topsy-turvy relationship.

But Reese had caught both him and Stello on their way out the door, insisting that all of the paper work be completed and on his desk before the end of the shift. Pronto. Or else.

Nick didn't want to know what that 'or else' would be. He had seen Reese inflict all kinds of medieval torture on his co-workers, making them work double shifts and desk duty, or even worse, serving a couple weeks out on the streets giving parking tickets. No, there were worse fates in the world than having to fill out necessary homicide paperwork.

Thus, Nick and his detective partner had spent the latter half of their shift filling out forms and typing up reports. They had had to rush in order to get all their work caught up, printed, stapled, copies filed, and the originals dropped off on Reese's desk before quitting time. And it had caused him to be late in meeting Nat here at the morgue. Not a good way to start off the long tedious road of improving his relationship with Nat.

It had taken them the better part of the last several years to get over that incident that had happened the night that Tracy Vetter had been killed. Fortunately, Nat had been made to forget most of it, thanks to the help of LaCroix. But the residual memory effects still lingered between them, especially since he still remembered all that happened that night, with terrifying detail.

"Nat?" he called again, this time, reaching out with his vampire senses to search the quiet morgue. He ignored the minor feelings of fear at her absence. He had become even more protective of Nat over the past several years, if not even more dependent on her as they continued to work on finding him a cure that would get rid of the vampire within him. He closed his eyes and concentrated, searching for the familiar feelings of her presence.

Nothing, not even a heartbeat. He could hear the hum of the morgue refrigerators, could smell the strong scent of disinfectant cleaners and the slight hint of old blood, and perhaps a slight scent of Nat's familiar perfume. But no Nat.

Perhaps she was out on a call, or had left already, he reasoned. He headed over towards Nat's desk. She could have left a note for him.


On her desktop, on the top of a pile of toppled file folders stuffed with papers, was a small Post It note addressed to him. He picked it up and read it:

"Nick, Had to leave early to drop off lab work. Try taking two of these pills every six hours. Let me know how they work. Love, Nat."

Nick looked down at the desk. Half-buried by the pile of folders lay a clear plastic sandwich bag. He carefully pulled it out from underneath the file folders. The bag contained about a dozen pills. They were blue diamond-shaped tablets with rounded edges. Interesting.

Nat must have left the Post It note and the pills on the top of the file folders for him to find. The pile had spilled over, partially burying the sandwich bag of pills.

Mystery solved, Nick tucked the pills and note in his pocket and headed out the door. He would have to catch up with Nat tomorrow night.

* * * * *

"Michael?" Nat asked her fellow coroner when she arrived at the morgue the next evening. She had come to work early, wanting to finish up the autopsy she had started the night before, as well as update her notes on Nick's latest treatments on their search for his cure.

"Yeah?" came a reply from the morgue cooler. Michael had been finishing up an autopsy of his own when she came in and was returning the body to the cooler before cleaning up.

"Did you see a sandwich bag of pills on the desk when you came in?" Nat asked. She remembered putting them here last night where she would see them and remember to send them down to the lab for testing as soon as she got to work. She had spent the last minute seated at her desk, searching unsuccessfully for the missing bag of pills.

"No, not that I recall," Michael replied, exiting the cooler and closing the heavy metal door behind him. "Was it evidence?"

"Um, yeah. The elderly man in the cooler?" Nat replied. "Heart attack, though I think the pills he was taking had something to do with it. I was going to send one of the pills down with his blood sample to confirm it."

Michael looked at her for a long second, thinking. "No, haven't seen it," he replied, turning back to cleaning up after the autopsy.

Nat thought for a moment. She doubted Michael would have taken the pills, especially off her desk, where they could potentially be evidence or have been tampered with. Besides, she had heard that their medical benefits covered the costs of the drug, if Michael wanted to get it for himself.

Who else would have been in the morgue between now and when she left last night?

And then she remembered. Nick.

Nat hurriedly dug through the pile of paperwork on her desk. She pushed the capsized folders aside and eventually got to the bottom of the pile. A flash of horror went through her as she saw and picked up the slim brown bottle of pills on her desk. Nick was supposed to have picked up these vitamins last night!

She began digging through the paperwork in search of the Post It note she had left for Nick. She had left the note and bottle in a clear space on her desk so that Nick wouldn't confuse it with the other pills there.

"Oh my God!" Nat exclaimed aloud, causing Michael to pause in his cleaning. The Post It note was nowhere to be found.

"What? Did you remember where you left them?" Michael called over his shoulder as he went back to work.

"Um, yeah," Nat replied, staring at the full bottle of pills in her hand. "I think I know where they are." A sinking feeling began to settle in her stomach. She needed to call Nick and see if he had indeed taken the wrong pills.

Just as she reached for the phone to call Nick, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Nat held the phone gingerly against her ear, hoping it was not whom she thought it was calling her.

"Nat?" came a familiar voice over the phone. His voice sounded strained and tired.

"Nick?!" she practically shouted into the phone. Then she remembered she was not alone in the room. Glancing over at Michael, she watched him washing down the examining table. She hoped he wasn't listening too closely. "Nick? Where are you?" she whispered into the receiver.

There was a long pause on the other end of the line.

"Um, I'm still at home, Nat," Nick replied, "I called in sick tonight."

"Sick?" Nat whispered back, trying to keep her voice down. Nick had only been `sick' once or twice during the entire time she had known him. Had he taken the wrong drugs? She began to worry as she felt her cheeks blushing with embarrassment as she realized her mistake.

"Yeah," he replied. "About those pills you ask me to take, Nat?"


"They're working."

"They are?" What kind of effect had the pills had on him?

"Uh huh."

"How do you know?" Nat wondered aloud.

She listened for a long moment, pressing a hand to her cheek. Her cheeks were warm. Yes, she was definitely blushing, especially after hearing Nick's answer to her question. She listened as Nick continued to fill her in on the questionable status of his health.

"You're sure?" she asked quietly. "You can't keep any of it down?"

She listened for another second. She prayed that Michael was more intent on cleaning up and wouldn't look up at her.

"I'll be right over," she replied, struggling to maintain her composure. She looked at the pill bottle in her hand, belatedly remembering the dosage and schedule of how she had asked Nick to take the pills. God, what would those pills do to him?

"Yes, I think it's a good idea, I need to check on you," Nat retorted. In more ways than one. But she wondered if she could squeeze in a quick stop at home first. "See you soon."

She hung up the phone.

"Michael?" she asked, using the sweetest tone she could muster.

"Yeah?" Michael had finished wiping down the table and was tossing his cleaning rags in the hazardous waste bin.

"Any plans for tonight?" she asked. She knew Michael was married and both of his kids were in college. It was hard to imagine the quiet man having much of a busy night life, especially on a week night.

"No, why?"

"Want to earn a little overtime?" Sure he did. He was putting two kids through school. She picked up the morgue log report from the desk and scanned it. There weren't many open cases. She quickly guessed that the night's work would be light.

"You want me to cover for you while you visit your sick friend?" Obviously, he had heard part of her conversation, though she couldn't detect any humor or sarcasm in his voice. He clearly didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Good.

"Could you?" Nat crossed her fingers behind her back.

"Sure," Michael walked over and took the log from her hands. "I hope your friend feels better soon."

Nat stood up, grabbed her purse and started for the door. "Oh, I'm sure he will," she answered. "Real soon, I imagine."

Less than an hour later, Nat found herself walking inside the warehouse where Nick's loft was located. Distracted, she realized her mind had been on automatic for the past several minutes since parking her car outside and entering the building. She wasn't how sure how long she had been standing there, staring at the elevator.

Shaking her head, Nat entered the elevator and pressed the up button. She hummed nervously to herself as the elevator slowly rose, taking the time to quickly assess her situation.

She was definitely crazy. She had stopped at home briefly to change her clothes, touch up her makeup and brush her hair, finishing by giving herself a few extra sprays of her favorite perfume. She wasn't even sure if all her hasty preparations would be necessary, but it certainly couldn't hurt to be prepared. She clutched her overcoat a bit tighter around her body as she felt the coolness of the warehouse around her. The coat was fully zipped up the front, but she knew it was her lack of heavy clothing underneath the coat that made it seem so chilly. She did a quick pat check and made sure her purse was over her shoulder still. In her other hand, she clutched her medicine bag. She was as ready as she could be for the encounter ahead.

`What are you doing, Nat?' she asked herself. She couldn't be sure what kind of condition Nick would be in when she found him. She cursed herself for being foolish, for being so willing to take advantage of this situation.

The elevator ground to a halt as it reached the top level of the warehouse. Taking a deep breath, Nat stepped forward and opened the sliding door that led to Nick's loft.

"What took you so long?" Nick growled, grabbing her as soon as she walked through the door. He pulled her inside and started backing her up towards the nearest wall. He was dressed in his black silk pajamas, though both appeared quite wrinkled as if he'd been in them for quite some time. His silk pajama shirt was partially unbuttoned, exposing the smooth flesh of his chest.

Startled, Nat dropped her medicine bag, hearing it drop to the floor with a loud thud. Her purse slipped down her arm and onto the floor as well. She stumbled backwards, trying to steady herself by grasping Nick's arms. His arms were tense and flexed at her touch.

"I got here as fast as I could!" she answered, a bit surprised by his aggressive behavior. Her back ran into the wall and Nick paused, looking at her intently before tearing his eyes away in anguish.

"God, Nat," he cried. "I don't know what those pills are, but they are working like gang-busters!"

"No pun intended?" Nat chuckled, noticing Nick's tense posture. He didn't appear to be that threatening to her. Just stressed, if not uncomfortable, like he sounded over the phone. She felt a brief flash of guilt at what she had done to him, albeit accidentally. But she was determined to take full advantage of the situation.

"I haven't been able to sleep or eat since I began taking them last night!" Nick clutched her coat at the waist, making Nat shift uncomfortably on her feet.

"No blood?" She stared at him, surprised, trying not to let his closeness affect her too much. Nick should have been delirious with blood hunger by now. They had repetitively tested the duration he could go without feeding before. Eighteen hours was a long period of time for him to go without sustenance.

"No blood. I even tried real food, a slice of that bread you left here a while back. I kept it down for about a minute before throwing it back up."

"Interesting, that's the longest you've been able to keep down any normal food," Nat replied, trying to keep her voice calm. But his closeness was distracting, even after Nick removed his hands from her waist. The thought of his state of mind, and body, was affecting her.

"So, what do you plan to do?" he asked, running his fingers through his hair, a gesture he must had been doing a lot, as his hair was quite tousled. She found the gesture intriguing.

"Do?" Nat asked, trying to appear innocent. But the evil streak in her took over. "Run a few tests, of course. We have to see what this is doing to your metabolism."

"Tests? You've got to be kidding?!" Nick stepped close to her again, pressing his body against her as his finger trailed down her cheekbone to trace the outline of her lips. "Now?" His voice was hoarse with emotion, his lips tantalizing close to hers.

"Yeah," Nat answered, then swallowed hard, looking up at him. "And the first one will be to determine how quickly you can take off my coat and see what I'm wearing underneath!" She smiled wickedly, amazed at her own bravado.

"Oh. I think I can handle that." His mouth landed on hers as Nick began kissing her deeply, longingly, and passionately.

Nat struggled to stand up, her mind and body whirling from the assault on her senses, and her lips. How many times had she dreamed of being kissed like this? She had to be dreaming.

The kiss continued for what seemed like eternity until Nat was forced to bring the kiss to an end, pushing back against Nick as she came up for air, panting.

Her coat began to disappear off her shoulders before she even realized it had been unzipped. Nick pulled her forward into his arms as the heavy coat dropped to the floor at her feet. He returned his hands to her waist as he continued to hold her against him, then roughly leaned them both back against the wall. His hands caressed her waist, then he paused, looking at her in surprise, no doubt finally noticing what she was wearing.

"Nat!?" Nick's voice was a mixture of shock and approval. It had definitely gotten his attention. Nat had gotten the black lace teddy a few years ago and had been waiting for the perfect time to wear it. Now seemed like the perfect time. She knew it made an interesting contrast against the pale color of her skin.

Nick stood back and let his eyes trail down her body, his expression one of wonder and adoration. Nat blushed, suddenly realizing how revealing her lacy garment was.

He raised his head to look at her, using a finger to catch her chin and make her look into his eyes.

Nick's eyes were dark blue, swirling with passion and adoration. It took her breath away. "God, you're beautiful," he whispered.

Cupping her chin with his hand, Nick began stroking down her throat, caressing and exploring her tender skin with his fingertips as he stepped closer to her again. His mouth followed his finger touches as he kissed her on her chin, then up to her mouth, nibbling greedily on her lips.

Meanwhile, his hands slipped down her bare shoulders then lower, taking both her breasts in his hands. He cupped and kneaded both of her full breasts, stroking the hard nubs of her nipples through the sheer fabric of her lace garment.

Nat moaned with pleasure as she collapsed back against the wall behind her, her legs turning to jelly. His hands were not exactly gentle, but neither was he hurting her as he roughly squeezed her breasts in his strong fingers. His touch was cool and rough against her warm flesh. She arched her back with pleasure as Nick's hands continued to slip lower, finding the hem of lace at her hips.

His hand slipped between her legs, as he cupped her mound and no doubt felt her damp heat there. She had spent the entire drive over here thinking about what Nick had said over the phone, wondering if it was really possible, that at last, they could make love. And she had begun to ache with need and want, gently stroking herself as she drove, preparing herself just in case Nick was in as bad as shape as she feared.

And he was. She had seen just a glimpse of the tightness of the fabric of his black silk pajama bottoms. Nick moved his hands back to her hips and pressed against her again, grinding his hips into hers. She felt the power of his arousal through the thin fabrics separating them. God, her body was beginning to throb with need again, wanting to feel him deep within her. But wait, she had come here to also check on Nick, to make sure the drugs hadn't had too dangerous of an effect on him. She struggled to focus her thoughts.

"So," Nat asked between kisses, "when did this all start?" She didn't know all that much about the drug, other than it worked on maintaining sexual arousal, rather than necessarily causing it. She needed to determine exactly what kind of affect it was having on him. But it wasn't easy with his hands and lips roaming and exploring her body. His hands moved up to cup and knead her breasts again.

"I took the drugs before I went to sleep," Nick began, his voice hoarse, his breath warm against her skin as he kissed and nibbled on her shoulder. "And I woke up after a dream. A very detailed dream-"

"Mmmmm," Nat replied, curious about exactly who Nick had been dreaming about. Meanwhile, he had replaced his hands on her breasts with his mouth, taking each aroused nipple into his mouth and sucking hard, then running the tip of his tongue around each aureole. Nat worked hard to focus her thoughts. What was he telling her? Oh, yeah. About his dream.

"-about you and me, and a very romantic getaway," Nick gasped for breath as he kissed up between her breasts to place a flurry of kisses up and down her collarbone. "And I've been like this ever since." He pressed his hips into hers again, leaving her little doubt about the effect of the drug. Nick was fully aroused, as a mortal man.

Nat wasn't sure if she should feel honored or worried by his amorous attention. Things were moving way too fast. He returned to cupping and kneading her breasts, as his mouth kissed up her throat to her chin, then took her lips again in a long, deep kiss. How long had she dreamed about him kissing her like this, about him touching her, stirring up the passion within her? Focus, Nat, focus. Damn, it was nearly impossible. Nick kissed her nose and up her cheekbone, freeing up her mouth to speak, if she could get out the words.

"But what-" Nat panted, "about the vampire? Have you been hungry for blood?" This wouldn't be any good if he ended up biting her anyway.

"Not since this started." He nibbled back to the tender skin in front of her ear, whispering his answer in her ear. His hands stroked down her sides and around to cup her rear, holding her in place as he rubbed his hips against her again.

"So what have you been doing in the meantime, until I got here, that is?" Her mind was working on overdrive right now, as her body was nearly lost to the overwhelming distractions of the pleasure echoing up and down her spine. She could hear her heart pounding in anticipation, especially at the knowledge that it was likely that the drug was keeping the vampire at bay, even if only temporarily.

"Pretending." Nick lifted her gently up so that she was nearly standing on her tip toes, while his leg and hand began parting and stroking up between her legs.

"Pretending?" Nat raised her eyebrows at that. She struggled to keep her balance, grabbing Nick's shoulders for support. Mistake, as she felt his powerful arm muscles flexing underneath the silk of his shirt as he began lifting her higher.

"Think about it," Nick rasped back. His hand found the bottom lace of the teddy and his fingers quickly skimmed underneath the sheer fabric and tangled in her mound of curls beneath it. He expertly opened the bottom of the lace teddy, as he kissed down her cheek and began nibbling at her lips again.

"Oh God!" Nat realized what he meant just as he slipped his fingers inside her hot core, probing and finding the center of her desire. In and out, his fingers began to move within her, faster and faster until Nat felt sure she was going to explode.

Nat moaned, her lips parting slightly, just enough to allow his tongue to slip inside her mouth and eagerly begin exploring it. It distracted her, momentarily, as she felt Nick shift slightly.

His hands on her hips, he effortlessly lifted her another notch higher, pinning her against the wall at her back so that she was position slightly above him.

Nick stepped between her legs, parting them wider as he held her with one hand and slipped his hand down his pants with the other.

In one swift movement, Nick lowered her down and guided himself to thrust deep inside her hot core, impaling her on his erection as they both moaned loudly at the powerful joining.

He barely waited a second for her tightness to stretch to hold him before he began moving inside her. His arms wrapped around her hips, his hands slipping behind her back to hold her up and allow him to more easily withdraw from her, only to thrust deep within her again.

Nat closed her legs around his hips, pulling him tighter and deeper inside her. It hurt at first, but never in her life had she felt such completeness as she did now. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, tangling her fingers in his hair to pull him hard against her. His silk pajama shirt began to fall off his shoulders, so she helped it the rest of the way. She wanted to feel his bare flesh against hers. She clung to him, eyes closed, moaning softly as he began to move within her.

He thrust up into her, hard and fast. Nat felt the hardness of the wall and the firm flesh of his arms and hands behind her, only partially cushioning her as she felt him plunge deep within her, again and again. She cried out, a cry of pleasure and astonishment. In her ear, she vaguely heard Nick crying out, his moans echoing her own cries of ecstasy.

Instantly, her body began to blaze with growing heat and pleasure. She could feel Nick's muscles flexing as he moved and worked, pumping up and into her, driving them both faster and harder until nothing else remained but the two of their bodies and the feverish race they were running.

Again and again, he thrust within her, their cries growing louder as the sensations continued to build. Faster and faster, they approached that peak of climax, the passion growing to a sweltering heat as it blazed between them.

Waves of pleasure flowed up and down her body until Nat felt sure that she was going to explode.

But the world exploded around her first, as Nick completed several powerful thrusts within her and sent them both spiraling over that edge, peaking in wave after wave of heated splendor, shattering her senses with light and brilliance. Her body trembled as a tidal waves of sensations shot through her, ripping up and down her spine and all the way down to her toes. Wave after wave of intense pleasure began to swell within her, beginning in her center and traveling outward.

She vaguely heard Nick groaning loudly as he shuddered and climaxed within her, bringing their fervent marathon to an abrupt end. He collapsed against her, pinning her against the wall as his arms tightened around her, his head nestling in the curve of her neck. His body trembled with an exploding orgasm that mirrored her own and seemed to go on forever. Nat tightened her arms around him, threading her fingers through his damp hair to hold him close as she relished the amazing sensations she felt coursing through Nick's body. But as soon as her orgasm began to subside, she felt Nick's heat inside her still, sending her into another wave of sensations.

How long this continued, she had no idea, until finally, she felt the world slowing down around her, her breathing becoming more regular and the pounding of her heart settling into a less vigorous rate.

The room was silent and dark around them, except for their hushing moans as they both returned to their bodies, holding each other tightly for support.

"I'm sorry, Nat," Nick finally spoke, after several long minutes. Neither of them had moved after their passionate lovemaking. Nick still held her against the wall, his weight resting against her, holding them both upright.

"For what?" Nat raised her head to look at him quizzically.

"For hurting you," he continued. He kissed her softly, tenderly on the lips. He lifted a hand and cupped her cheek in his hand.

Nick's hand was warm against her skin. Could it be that he was becoming mortal? His body seemed to be warmer, but her own body was still burning with smoldering passion. Maybe it was her imagination.

"You didn't hurt me," Nat finally replied, sweeping the damp hair out of his eyes with her fingers. His eyes were shining bright with emotion, but she also saw the hint of shame in his eyes. She wanted to hug him to death and take that shame away. She closed her eyes and kissed him back, softly, lovingly on the lips, backing up her words with actions. "Far from it," she added, whispering softly as she opened her eyes to look into his, letting him see her love for him burning there.

"God, Nat, it was just so-" Nick struggled, trying to find the right word, "overwhelming."

"The drug," Nat offered, stumbling over her words, "or making love?" She almost said `sex' instead of `making love', as it had been more of a carnal act instead of romantic. But they could work on that.

"Both," Nick replied, trying to remain serious, but failing as he no doubt saw the mirth in her eyes. He smiled back at her, absently caressing her chin with his thumb.

"I figured what had probably happened," Nat added, "when I realized you had taken the wrong drug."

"You knew?" Nick asked, incredulous. He kept staring at her. Nat couldn't ever remember seeing Nick so relaxed, his face filled with the look of boyish satisfaction.

"I guessed," she answered. "I've noticed that drugs either do not affect you at all, or have an overblown effect on you." She touched his face with her fingers, trying to convince herself that this was not a dream. She felt the roughness of his unshaven cheeks tickling her fingertips.

"And this is one of those cases of it having an overblown effect?" He captured her hand with his and placed kisses on her fingertips.

Nat nodded. "I'm sorry, Nick, I didn't mean for this to-" Nick shuddered within her, his eyes closing. "Nick?"

"Oh God, it's happening again!" he exclaimed, dropping her hand and holding on to her for support.

"What? Oh!"

Sure enough. She felt Nick growing stiff inside her. Her body began to respond in kind, beginning to burn and tense with anticipation.

"Um, Nick?" she whispered in his ear as he started to tremble again.

"Yeah?" His voice was hoarse.

"Could we perhaps do this next time on the sofa? Or maybe the bed?" she suggested, nibbling on the smooth skin of his neck.

"Um, sure. Why?" Nick shifted uncomfortably on his feet, making her all too aware of their joined bodies and the growing heat between them.

"I'm getting a bit dizzy from not having my feet on the ground." Her legs were still wrapped around his hips. And her back was getting slightly scraped up by the rough brick of the wall.

"Can you wait until next time? I don't think I can hold off that long."

"Next time?" Nat looked at him, incredulous. No man could keep up such a strenuous pace. But Nick wasn't just a man, she remembered.

Sure enough, Nick began to move within her again, his pace picking up speed with each thrust. Nat felt her body reawakening as the sensations began to build within her again.

God, this was going to be torture, Nat thought to herself. Sweet, glorious, passionate torture.

* * * * *

(Meanwhile, elsewhere in the vampire world...)

"Look what I got today!" Tracy smiled, holding out a small pill bottle, practically waving it under Vachon's nose. In the past several years since leaving Toronto, Tracy and Vachon had been traveling about the world, having arrived in Madrid a few months ago. They had taken up residence at a penthouse Vachon had access to when he visited his former homeland.

"Birth control pills?" Vachon guessed, trying to keep the sarcasm from his voice. He had long grown use to the fact that Tracy had retained much of her cheerfulness since he had brought her across back in Toronto that fateful night long ago.

"No, silly," Tracy replied. She opened the bottle and dumped several of the blue pills out into her hand.

"What are those?" Vachon was leery of any sort of drugs or medication, especially since his own near death several years ago. He now knew that vampires were not as invincible as he had once thought and did his best to protect both himself and Tracy from any potential harm, especially from what appeared to be `mundane' things like drugs.

"Someone down at the nightclub suggested we try them." They had found a local club that catered to both mortals and vampires, a place that reminded them both of the Raven back in Toronto.


"Well, you actually, it's a pill for men called Viagra. It's all the rave in the States. It's supposed to spice up one's sex life, not that we really need it, but." Tracy blushed, but her eyes were sparkling with mischief.

"O-o-o-kay," Vachon replied. He vaguely remembered hearing something about the drug in the news. It was supposed to be the cure for impotence, not that he had that problem as a vampire. His sex life, especially since Tracy had come across, had been fairly active and healthy. "But will it work on vampires?"

"Only one way to find out!" Tracy suggested, handing him a bottle of blood with one hand and the pills in the other.


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