A Little Surprise
by Nightlady

Nat sat at her desk trying not to fall asleep while plodding through the
mound of paperwork she had in front of her. Lately, anytime she got still
for a few minutes she found herself drifting off. Standing, she gingerly
rotated her head wincing slightly as the muscles in her neck protested. She
had strained them last night when Nick... 'No. Stop this Lambert. Tonight
is going to be hard enough to get through without thinking about that!'
she said firmly to herself.

She couldn't stop though. The memory of how close she had come to being
killed by whatever had possessed Nick last night still upset her. They had
been through so much in the past month and a half. She smiled as she
thought of the night that followed Nick's release from the hospital after he
had taken a bullet in the head protecting Tracy. Suffering from amnesia, he
had, for far to brief a time, been able to function as a mortal. She had
thought her heart would break when he reverted back to the vampire he was,
but the memory of their one night together was something she would treasure
forever. They had never spoken of it after that morning when Nick had
returned to the loft, burned by the sun and angrily demanding answers. The
loss was too painful. In the weeks following Nick's "recovery" their
relationship had become somewhat distant. Indeed, last night had been the
first time she had gone to the loft in over a month. Nick had been
spending his days with LaCroix trying to fill in the gaps in his memory.

While she understood that Nick had to know about his past, Nat wished that
it could have done with out LaCroix. On top of everything was the
incident last night, when Nick had seemingly been possessed by some sort
demon. When she had walked in during the exorcism, he had almost killed
her before the real Nick had regained control. She felt the tears welling
up in her eyes as she recalled how sad he had seemed tonight. She had
stopped by the loft before coming in to work, wanting to reassure herself
that he was all right. She left more concerned than ever. His desire for
human blood was back and stronger than it had been in years. Even harder to
stand was the memory of the fear she had felt when he had looked at her with
his eyes glowing gold. She knew that he had sensed her fear and that it
had added to his burden of guilt. How many more setbacks could he take in
his quest for mortality? Unable to stop them, Nat gave in and let her tears

After a few minutes, she got herself back under control. Still sniffling,
she looked down at the pile of papers awaiting her attention. She just
couldn't seem to concentrate on them right now. She was tired and she felt
vaguely queasy. Deciding that a cold drink might help her stay awake and
feel better, she turned away from the desk and headed for the soft drink
machine in the break room.

Grace looked up from the magazine she was reading when Natalie entered the
break room. As she watched her head for the soft drink machine, Grace
noticed that Nat really didn't look well. 'Come to think of it she hasn't
looked too great for the past week or so.' Grace thought. "Hi, Nat. Come on
over here and sit for a minute." Grace said aloud.

Getting her drink from the machine, Nat joined Grace and sat down. "If you
see me nodding off," she said, "try to keep me from falling out of my
chair." Nat opened her drink and took a swallow. "I feel like I could sleep
for a week." she said rubbing at her eyes.

"You look like you could use a week's worth of sleep. Are you feeling okay?"

'I guess so. I'm just tired all the time and I think I may have a mild
stomach virus. I keep getting this queasy feeling off and on."

Grace gave Nat an appraising look. She started to say something but at
that moment Wilkes, one of the morgue attendants, stuck his head in the
room. "Dr. Lambert? Sorry to bother you but we just got a call from
dispatch. You're needed at a scene in an alley off Park Drive."

"Thanks." Nat said starting to rise. "Any idea who's handling the scene?"

Wilkes, a look of distaste on his face replied. "Yeah, Jacks and Stimmons."

Nat closed her eyes for a moment. "Great, just what I need tonight," she
muttered. Jacks and Stimmons were best known for their sloppy
investigations and their resistance to women on the force or in any position
of authority.

Grace, reached out and patted Nat's hand. "Don't let them get to you. You
are one of the best ME's around and everyone knows it except for those two
throwbacks from the Stone Age."

"Thanks, Grace. I just get so irritated when Jacks calls me 'little lady'
that it's all I can do to keep from slugging him." She paused for breath.
"And Stimmons is even worse with his snide remarks on how 'ladies' don't
mess with dead bodies."

"Yeah, I've heard them both. What really bugs me is how I always feel like
the two of them are undressing me with their eyes." Grace gave an
exaggerated shudder.

Nat laughed, "Ah well, you know what they say. 'It takes all kinds'." As she
headed for the door she heard Grace call out behind her.

"I know, but why can't they all be as nice as Det. Knight?

Arriving at the scene, Nat took a deep breath and headed for Jacks and
Stimmons. "What have you got?", she asked in her most professional tone of

Jacks looked at her. He was balding and always looked as if he had just
bitten into something sour. "Well, little lady what we've got is one very
dead John Doe." He gave her a nasty grin. "Looks like he's been here a
while too."

"Smells even worse than he looks." Stimmons added. He was a fairly good
looking man but his attitude toward women didn't win him any popularity
around the precinct. Nat managed not to flinch, as he leaned closer to
her. "Not the sort of thing a lady should be around."

Nat slowly counted to ten then spoke. "Let's have a look." She walked toward
the alley, Jacks and Stimmons a few steps behind her. . As she neared the
body of the man, laying face down in the alley, she felt her stomach lurch.
He had been dead for at least a week and decomposition was well advanced.
Nat's stomach lurched again and she felt a cold sweat break out on her
forehead. She stopped short distance from the corpse, trying to get her
stomach under control. As bad as this body was, she had dealt with far
worse over the years. Now, she could feel her legs trembling and she tasted
sourness in the back of her throat. 'What on earth is the matter with me?
I haven't had this kind or reaction to a body in years.' she thought.

Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned to see Wilkes and another
attendant approaching with a gurney and body bag. Wilkes stopped next to
her, concern written on his face. "Are you okay Dr. Lambert? You look
awfully pale."

Nat nodded her head, "I'm fine." After pulling on a pair of latex gloves,
she began to examine the man. This close the stench was overpowering.
Struggling not to be sick, she started to roll him onto his back. A gust of
wind carried the odor from the body directly into her face and her stomach
let her know it had just passed its limit.

Moving hurriedly, she managed to make it away from the body before she was
violently ill. Catching her breath and trying to overcome her embarrassment,
she was dimly aware of Jacks and Stimmons laughter in the background.
Looking around she saw that most of the other officers as will as the two
morgue attendants were watching her. She could feel the blush spread over
her cheeks. Crossing to Wilkes she said, "I'll radio dispatch and have them
send someone else out here. I'm not feeling well. I think I better go

"Sure thing, Dr. Lambert. Do you need someone to drive you?" Wilkes voice
was sympathetic.

"No." She gave Wilkes a weak smile. "I can manage, but thanks for asking."
Avoiding the eyes that followed her, Nat went back to her car and drove off.
Several blocks away she pulled into a parking lot and cried for several
minutes before heading home.

Nat had been home for about an hour when her phone rang. She had changed
into a nightgown and robe and was propped up in bed. Sidney was curled into
a ball next to her, and her left hand rested on his soft fur. On her lap
was a novel she had been meaning to read, but she couldn't seem to get past
the first page. Picking up the phone she heard Grace's voice.

"Nat, Wilkes just got back. What happened?"

"I don't know. All of a sudden I just couldn't stand the odor and got
sick." Nat gave a short, bitter laugh. "It would have to happen in front
of Jacks and Stimmons. I felt so foolish."

Grace snorted. "Who cares about them. Nat, I know this is probably none of
my business, but I like you and I worry about you. I know you haven't been
yourself for the past couple of weeks. Maybe you should see a doctor."

"I don't think that's necessary. It's been rough few weeks, what with Nick
getting shot and helping him while he was recovering...then last night he
came down with that flu that's going around. I'm probably trying to come
down with it myself."

"Well, you are the doctor." Grace suddenly chuckled.


"Oh, I was just thinking," Grace said, "my sister had the same symptoms as
you do. She thought it was some sort of bug she had picked up at work."
Grace paused, "The 'bug' is going to turn five years old next week."

"Very funny, Grace." Nat managed to say. At the same time the thought of
that night when she and Nick had been together flashed through her mind.
"Look, I'll probably be okay by tomorrow. I think I'll see if I can't catch
up on some sleep. See you then." Nat waited only until she heard Grace's
answering "Good night, and take care of yourself!" before she hung up the

Nat's mind was racing. She suddenly realized that Grace's joke might very
well be true. The timing was right. "What if I am pregnant?" She
wondered aloud. She picked up Sidney and cuddling him in her arms, buried
her face in his fur. "Oh Sidney," she said quietly, "what was I thinking of
that night?"

(Flashback to "Night in Question" and what I think happened during the

"Is it important?", Nick asked between kisses as he gazed into her eyes.

"No...not now." Nat answered, her voice barely a whisper.

She leaned into his kiss, responding with all the passion she had held in
check for four long years. She wanted this time with a mortal acting Nick.
She knew that there was a chance that the change caused by his head injury
would not be permanent. If Nick reverted to his vampire state, unless she
found a cure for his condition, this might be the only time they could be

"Let's go upstairs." Nick breathed into Nat's ear and led her to the
bedroom. He knew in his soul that she was his life and his desire for her
was beyond anything he could imagine.

With great tenderness, they explored one another savoring each moment of
their lovemaking. Much later as they lay in each other's arms, languid with
the calm that followed, they still found the need to touch and caress each
other's bodies. At last, with a sigh, Natalie rose from the bed.

"Stay." Nick's voice was soft. He reached out to take her hand and pulled
her back toward him.

"I have to go to work in the morning and you need to rest. If I stay here
neither one of us is going to get any sleep." Nat smiled and kissed him.
"It'll be better if I sleep downstairs."

Nick realized that she would not be talked out of it and reluctantly
released her hand. He watched as she left the room. Slipping on a pair of
pajamas he lay back on the bed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with her
scent lingering in his mind.

Downstairs, Nat put on her own pajamas and snuggled under the comforter on
the couch. Feeling happier than she had in over four years, she drifted
into a dreamless sleep.

(end flashback)

Nat knew the answer to her question. She had been thinking only of loving
Nick. She hadn't stopped, or wanted, to consider that there might be an
unexpected consequence to her actions. "I know better, I'm a doctor." She
said aloud. Sidney purred and licked her hand. Nat felt the tears as they
rolled slowly down her cheeks. "This isn't doing any good, I need to calm
down." She said firmly. "In the morning, I'll go to the store and get
one of those home test kits. If it's positive, I'll see my doctor and have
her confirm it." She turned off the light and still snuggling Sidney lay
down. Her last thought before sleep claimed her was 'If I am pregnant, how
do I tell Nick?'

Nick sat alone in his loft, listening to Liszt's Liebestraume on the stereo
and wishing that Nat was beside him. He hadn't seen much of Nat, outside of
work, in the past six weeks. He had spent most of that time with LaCroix
regaining his memory. As he thought of the events of last night, Nick
shuddered. When the demon had possessed him, Nick had been helpless. Nick
had been able to see and hear what his body was doing, but unable to control
those actions. He had watched in horror as the demon had nearly killed
Natalie. His love for her and his fear for her life was what had enabled
him to expel the demon from his body. Now, he had to overcome the effect of
that experience. He had told Nat, earlier, that his craving for human blood
was more powerful than it had been in a long time. What he hadn't told her,
was that it was HER blood he craved more than anything.

Stretching out on the couch, Nick closed his eyes and sought comfort in the
one bright spot of the recent past. He let his mind drift back, as it had
so many times in the past few weeks, to the night following the shooting.
He smiled as he remembered every touch, every sensation, every moment of his
and Nat's lovemaking. That memory strengthened him and enabled him to
believe that somehow they would find a way to be together ... forever.
Feeling the craving within him finally quieting, he slept.

Natalie left the doctor's office with her mind in a whirl. She had done an
over the counter test early this morning, and the positive result had sent
her to the phone to try and get in to see her doctor today. She had been
lucky, there had been an unexpected opening and she had gratefully made the
appointment. The doctor had confirmed the at-home test. Nat was eight
weeks pregnant.

'I want this baby,' she thought as she drove to work. 'It's a part of Nick
and a reminder of our love. If we never find a cure, at least we will have
this child.' She pulled into her parking space. "Now if I can figure out
how to break the news to Nick." She whispered to herself as she headed to
the morgue.

Nick sat at his desk staring at the file he was holding and trying to resist
the urge to call Natalie. Earlier, as he was entering the station Jacks had
called to him.

"Hey, Knight. Too bad you weren't here yesterday." Jacks' tone was one of
smug satisfaction.

Nick had stopped and fixed Jacks with a cold stare. He didn't like Jacks
or his partner, Stimmons. He particularly didn't like the way he had seen
Jacks looking at Nat. Nick knew that Nat, as well as most of the other women
who had to work with the pair, found them repulsive. "Why?" Nick inquired
in a bored voice.

"You could have comforted your favorite coroner after she got sick all over
a scene Stimmons and I were handling." Jacks gave a short bark of laughter.
"I thought for a minute she was going to pass out face down in what was
left of the corpse. I would have been glad to offer her some real nice
comforting if she hadn't left so fast, after all she's..."

Whatever else Jacks had planned to say was cut off as Nick reached out and
grabbed him by the shirt collar. Seeing the barely contained fury in Nick's
face, Jacks tried to get loose, but Nick held Jacks as easily as if he were
holding a small child. "Be glad that you didn't." Nick said in a quiet,
deadly tone. "If I ever find out that you've tried ANYTHING with her, you
will answer to me. Do you understand?" Jacks, eyes wide with unconcealed
fear, bobbed his head up and down. "Good." Nick said releasing him and
walking away. Jacks leaned against the wall for support. He didn't relax
until Nick had disappeared around the corner of the hall.

Putting the file down, Nick picked up the phone and dial Nat's office.
After several rings, it was answered not by Nat, but Grace. Grace quickly
assured Nick that Nat was in, but busy doing an autopsy right this moment.
Thanking Grace, Nick said he would call again later. Hanging up the phone,
he saw Tracy watching him from her side of their desks.

"I just wanted to see if she was feeling okay." He said.

Tracy smiled and went back to her work. Ten minutes later, Nick's phone rang.

"Knight, 96th precinct."

"Hi Nick. Grace said you called a few minutes ago?"

"Nat. .I heard about last night and I just wanted to be sure you were
feeling okay."

Nick heard her sigh before she answered. "I'm fine, mostly, I'm just
embarrassed." Nat took a deep breath then continued. "Nick, would you mind
if I stopped by the loft when I get off. There's something I need to tell you."

"Of course I wouldn't mind. Is something wrong?" Nick could tell by her
voice she was either upset or nervous.

"Um...I..I'd rather wait until I can see you to say anything more. I'm off
at 3:00. I'll go straight to the loft."

"Okay, I'm on until 4:00. I'll see you at the loft." Nick slowly hung up
the phone. Ignoring Tracy's raised eyebrows he opened the next file.

Nat let herself in to Nick's loft shortly after 3:30 am. She had grown
increasingly nervous, wondering how Nick would react to the news that he was
going to be a father. She still didn't know exactly how to tell him. She
sat on the couch and waited for Nick to arrive. 'Oh please, let him be happy
about this.' She silently prayed.

Nick was lucky, and it was a slow night. He booked off at 3:30 and drove to
the loft. He had spent the rest of his shift trying to figure out what Nat
needed to see him about. 'What if she's decided that she can't take any
more of the trouble I always seem to bring into her life?' he worried. He
knew if she told him it was over between them, that he might well walk into
the sun. He loved her too much to be able to go on without her. Arriving
at the loft, he hurried inside. He could hear her heartbeat from upstairs.
As the lift motor started, he heard it increase slightly. The lift stopped
and taking a deep breath he went inside.

Nat was standing near the fireplace. She smiled as Nick walked toward her.
Reaching her he kissed her on the cheek. He could feel the tension in her
body, but at least she hadn't tried to pull away from him. "Why don't we
sit down and then you can tell me what's bothering you." He said gently.
Nat nodded and they crossed to the couch. When they sat, Nick noticed that
Nat left a little distance between them.

"I've been trying to figure out how to say this all day long." Nat said
looking down at her hands. Nick felt an icy ball of dread form in his stomach.

"I guess I'll just come out and say it," Nat continued. "Nick, I saw my
doctor today and I'm pregnant." She looked up to meet Nick's blue eyes. "
It happened when we were together, after you were shot. We're going to have
a baby."

For a moment, Nick was too stunned to move. He realized Nat was still
talking. "know you didn't plan on this and neither did I, but I want this
baby. Please, Nick say SOMETHING." Then he reached for her hands, and
lifting them to his lips kissed them. Looking back into Nat's eyes he could
see they were full of unshed tears.

"I...I don't know what to say...a baby," Nick stuttered. Nat was having a
baby...HIS baby. Closing his eyes Nick savored the feelings of joy and love
those words produced.

Nat couldn't tell just what Nick was feeling and began to try and explain.
"Please, don't be angry...I wasn't thinking that night..." The tears began
to slip slowly down her face.

Opening his eyes, Nick took her face in his hands. Looking into her eyes,
he smiled. "I'm not angry. I love you. I've dreamed of us having a child,
but I never dared to hope that dream would come true." He watched as she
returned his smile, her eyes radiant with relief and joy. "Thank you." He
whispered as he bent to kiss her.

The End.

Author's notes: Okay, I know that I'm leaving Nat pregnant and single but,
I figure that the rest is a whole other story. (And I admit that I have a
few interesting thoughts about it too. )

IMHO, if this had been the result of whatever happened in "Night in
Question" Nat would not have been so depressed and "Last Knight" would
never have happened. The effect of impending fatherhood on Nick, not to
mention LaCroix's reaction when he found out, would have been good for
several episodes. I rather think Uncle would be intrigued by the
"possibilities" a mortal child of Nick's could provide.

The End