A Knight of Wine and Roses

by Jeri E. Friedman

Archived October 2001
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Humming, Natalie strolled into her lab.  The first thing that caught
her eye was a crystal vase with a dozen red roses sitting on her desk.
Settling into her chair, she pulled the small card from an envelope
nestled among the flowers.   The message was written in a familiar,
graceful hand:

"However rare true love is, true friendship is rarer."
--- La Rochefoucauld

For the past week, Nick had been extremely attentive, showering Natalie
with flowers and small gifts.  She really enjoyed this change in him.
He seemed so different ... even happy.  Everyone had noticed and they
let her know it.  Particularly Schanke.  He was ecstatic about the "new"

The door to the lab swung open and Grace breezed in with a file.  She
stopped in her tracks and grinned broadly.  "Well, well ... the
daring detective strikes again, I see."

"Hi, Grace."  Natalie blushed.  "Yeah, he did.  Uh, those the test

Grace handed them to her.  "Yup, and they're positive.  Drug overdose."
Bending over the flowers, she inhaled deeply.  "Ummmm ... the man knows
his roses."  She winked and gave Natalie a hug.

"Thanks.  Well, guess I can finish the report now."

"See you later."

Grace reached the door just as Nick came through.  "Good Evening,
Detective."  She eyed him knowingly with a sly smile.

He met her gaze with an innocent look as she moved past him and out the
door.  "Hi, Grace."

Natalie laughed.

"I think she's caught on to me."  Nick winked and kissed her on the
lips.  He raised his eyebrows at Natalie's look of surprise.  "What?"

"You've never done that before."  Her voice was slightly awed.

"Well, maybe it's time I did."  He pulled her up out of the chair,
wrapped his arms tightly around her and gazed into her sparkling blue
eyes.  "I hope you like the roses," he whispered, leaning in to kiss
her.  She nodded.

It was a soft, cherishing kiss that warmed her soul.  She felt him
nibble on her lower lip and then trace her upper one with his tongue.
A shiver rippled through her and she parted them in invitation.  Natalie
felt Nick hesitate.  She touched the tip of her tongue to his in
an effort to reassure him.  He responded by slipping his tongue inside
and exploring every inch of her mouth.  His hands wandered lower, coming
to rest on her rear end.  He pressed her into him.

Beginning to feel aroused, Nick had just begun to rub himself against
her when a loud "Ah-Hem" startled them both.

"OH! GRACE!"  Natalie blushed furiously.  Nick looked down at the
floor, his face coloring slightly.  "We didn't hear you come in."

"Obviously," Grace chuckled.  "I even knocked but you were ... umm ...
busy."  She winked.  "Anyway, here's the results on the Lawson case.
You wanted this as soon as it came in.  It's a match."

Nick looked up.  "Well then, we have a murder on our hands."  He took
the file.  "Thanks, Grace."

"You're welcome.  Now I'll just leave you two alone."  She winked.
Natalie began to protest but was cut short by Grace holding up her
hands, giggling, and beating a hasty retreat.

Nick started to laugh.  "I'm sorry, Nat.  I should have known better."

Smiling, she patted his chest.  "That's okay.  I should have, too."
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him soundly.

Nick pulled back, his eyebrows raised in child-like surprise.  "I think
I better get to work before Schanke comes looking for me."

At that moment, Nick's partner burst through the door.  "Too late!  Time
to break it up you two.  'Loverboy' here has to get to work before the
Captain docks him."  He clapped Nick on the shoulder.  "By the way, very
nice roses."

"Thanks, Schanke.  He's all yours."  Releasing Nick, she gave him a push
toward the door.  "Go catch some bad guys."  She smiled.

He grabbed Nick's arm and dragged him toward the door.  "Bye, Natalie,"
Schanke called.  "Say goodbye, Nick."

"Goodbye, Nick," Nick hammed as he waved to Natalie.  She rolled her

"Nick!"  Schanke whined and continued chattering as the door swung shut
behind them.  Natalie shook her head and chuckled.


The next night Natalie found a small box elegantly wrapped in shiny red
paper with gold hearts and a red and gold ribbon.  Beneath it lay a red

Opening the box first, she found a 14 karat gold heart, delicately
carved with roses and filigree, hanging from a thin gold chain.
Turning it over, she saw the inscription engraved on the back and
stared in stunned disbelief as she read: "You, and no other ... Always.
Love, Nick".

She knew Nick loved her but he had never said it or put it into writing
- until now.

She fastened the chain around her neck and opened the card.  The front
showed a photo of a man giving a woman a bouquet of wild flowers.
Inside, Nick had written:

"It is not enough to love those who are near and dear to us.  We must
show them that we do so."  -- Lord Avebury

On the opposite side was:

"The honour of your presence is requested for dinner at Canoe tomorrow
night at 7 p.m.  Semi-formal dress.  A special dinner has been
prepared in your honour.  Your transportation will arrive at 6:40.
Please pack an overnight bag.

                Your Knight in Shining Armour,

Natalie stared at the card, her mouth open in wonder.

Grace walked in and called her name.  No response.  She walked over and
waved her hand in front of Natalie's eyes.  "What has you so

"OH!"  Natalie jumped, startling Grace.

"Sorry.  Didn't mean to scare you."

Natalie took a deep breath.  "That's okay.  I was just thinking about

Grace took the card from her hands and read it.  She smiled and clucked
her tongue.  "My, my, my!  Canoe.  That's a fine restaurant; rather
exotic.  An overnight stay, huh?  I'd say he's got it bad for you,

"And look at this."  Natalie held out the necklace.  "I must admit, the
feelings are mutual."  She sighed and grinned.

"This is so beautiful!  And so romantic."  Grace read the inscription.
"It's about time you two stopped beating around the bush and got your
act together.  Everyone knows you're meant to be together."  The women

"I know.  It is about time, isn't it?"  Natalie smiled.

The phone rang.


Grace watched Natalie's expression and knew a body had been found.

"Okay.  I'll be right there."  Natalie hung up.  "Got another customer.
I'll see you later."  She grabbed her coat, purse and clipboard.

"I'll get a 'room' ready for our new guest."  Grace followed her out.


Natalie pulled up in front of the Victorian-style house in lower North
York, just west of Yonge and Lawrence, and edged her car in next to
Nick's Caddy.

Uniformed officers and forensics technicians were going over the
ransacked living room where the body of a middle-aged man lay on the
floor.  Blood from a chest wound had spread over the carpet.

Natalie could hear Nick and Schanke questioning a woman in the next
room.  She snapped on a pair of latex gloves and bent down to exam the

Several minutes later, she stood up and turned to find Nick standing
behind her, smiling.  "Don't do that!"  She slapped his shoulder

"Sorry."  Reaching out, he cupped the heart hanging from her neck and
smiled sweetly.  "Do you like it?"  His voice was soft and full of love.
"Yes.  It's the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me."  She
gazed into the deep blue pools of his eyes.

"Stop by the loft after shift?"

"I'd love to."

Nick gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as Schanke joined them.  "So,
Natalie, what did you find?"

"Stab wound to the heart.  There are also some defensive wounds.  I'll
know more after the autopsy."


Nick had showered, donned a pair of black silk pajamas and fed by the
time Natalie arrived at the loft.  He was washing out his glass when he
heard the lift motor engage.

Natalie slid back the door to find Nick standing before her, smiling.
She returned the smile.  "Hi."

"Hi."  He led her to the couch.  Turning, he gazed deeply into her eyes
while he ran his fingers down the gold chain to the heart that lay
between her breasts.  "Do you really like it?"

"Yes."  She leaned in, kissed him on the lips, then pulled back

Nick's face lit up and his eyes shone with delight.  "I'm so glad.  I
want nothing more than to please you."  Wrapping his arms around her,
he held her close.

"You please me, Nicholas de Brabant.  You please me very much."  She
kissed him again.

Nick's body was pressed into hers.  Through the thin silk, she could
feel a growing bulge and it aroused her.  Gently and tentatively, she
moved her thigh against it.  Nick responded by boldly rubbing her
crotch with his now full erection.

He pulled back slightly and Natalie found golden eyes gleaming at her,
but they were filled with love and desire.  "Please, Nat, don't be

Love radiated from her.  "I'm not afraid."  She reached up and tenderly
caressed his cheek.  His eyes closed in rapture.  

He smiled softly and opened his eyes.  "I don't ever want you to be
afraid.  I would never hurt you," he said emphatically.

"I know that."  She kissed him tenderly on the lips.  He held her in a
tight embrace.

After several minutes, they separated and sat on the couch.  Nick
put his arm around her and she snuggled into his embrace.  In an effort
to calm his rising passion, he changed the subject.  "Will you be able
to find someone to take care of Sydney for the next couple days?"

"That's no problem.  Grace volunteered, happily.  She's so thrilled to
finally see us together."

Nick chuckled.  "So's Schanke.  He's been totally insufferable lately
and won't stop calling me 'Loverboy'.  He's driving me crazy!"

Natalie giggled and gave him a sympathetic pat on the chest.  "He's
just thrilled we're finally together, like Grace.  He really cares about
you, you know."

"Yeah, I know," he sighed.  "I shouldn't be upset with him.  In fact,
it's actually nice to have someone who cares so much about me."  Natalie
smiled and squeezed his hand.  "But I could never tell him that.  I'd
never hear the end of it!"

"You're probably right!  They both laughed.  "But I am glad that you 
have him for a friend.  Having friends is one of the nicest things about
being human."

"Yeah, it is ... but the nicest thing of all - human or vampire - is
having you in my life, Nat."  He reached up and tenderly stroked her
cheek with his fingertips.  Natalie could see blood tears forming in his
eyes and felt tears well up in her own.

A solitary red drop broke free and rolled down Nick's cheek.  Leaning
forward, Natalie kissed it away, and the softness of her lips against
his cold skin made his body ache with longing.  She wrapped her arms
around him and whispered in his ear, "I love you, Nick."

"I love you, too," he whispered back.

They held each other in a tight embrace for several long moments, then
parted reluctantly.  "Well, I really should go get some rest.  I have a
lot to do before tonight," Natalie said, her desire to stay showing
clearly in her eyes.

"I know.  I should get some sleep, too."  They rose as one.

After Natalie left, Nick remained standing by the lift door until the
sound of her car engine faded into the distance.

Upstairs, Nick fell asleep to pleasant dreams of the night to come.

Natalie awoke around four o'clock, filled with anticipation of the
evening ahead.  After showering, feeding Sydney and packing her bag,
she headed for the closet.  "What on Earth am I going to wear, Syd?"
she asked her furry companion who had followed her into the bedroom and
perched on the edge of her bed, watching her intently.  "Not much of a
choice here."

She pulled out several dresses, examined them, and with a discouraged
expression, hung them back up.  Finally, from the back of the closet,
she pulled out a long burgundy, velvet dress.  It was cut low in front,
more daring than what she normally wore.  She had bought it for a formal
dinner at the Forensic Pathology Conference in Edmonton the previous
year and had only worn it once.  Nick had never seen it.

She held it up and looked in the mirror.  Sydney gave an emphatic meow
of approval.  Natalie smiled.  "You're right.  It'll knock his socks

Laying the dress on the bed, she retrieved a pair burgundy heels from
the back of the closet and a matching clutch bag from the shelf.

She looked at the ensemble critically and gave a positive nod as she
headed for the bathroom.  An hour later, she emerged from the bedroom
fully attired, her hair pulled back in French braids.  The dress hugged
the curves of her body sensuously.

Sydney twitched his tail at his mistress in obvious appreciation.
"You be good for Grace and I'll see you in a couple days."  She  bent
down and scratched the cat behind the ears, eliciting a purr.

The doorbell rang just as she set her bag down by the front door.
 she thought, glancing at her watch.

The door swung wide and Nick's mouth dropped open at the sight before
him.  He caught his breath.  "You are a stunning vision."

Natalie blushed.  She looked over his neatly brushed silky-gold waves,
his open, long black coat and elegant black dinner suit with
deep red bow-tie that matched the single, perfect rose he held out to
her.  "Thank you.  You look devastatingly handsome yourself.  Please,
come in."  She stood aside.

Nick entered and Sydney sauntered up to him, swishing his tail in
greeting.  "Hi, Sydney.  Okay, if I borrow your mistress for a couple
of days?"  He reached down and scratched the cat under the chin, who
responded by purring and rubbing against Nick's leg.

"I'd take that as a 'yes'," Natalie laughed.

Nick smiled.  "Are you ready to go?"

"All set."

Downstairs, Natalie was stunned to find, not the Caddy, but a stretch
limo.  Nick smiled.  "A special lady on a special date on a special day
deserves to be treated in a special way.  Happy Valentine's Day, Nat."
He kissed her as the driver came around to open the door for them.

As the driver negotiated the early evening traffic, Nick opened a bottle
of champagne.  Natalie reveled in the elegance of sipping the rare Dom
Perignon, while Nick added to her pleasure by joining her in a few sips
from his glass.

At the restaurant, they were ushered to a private room that had been
transformed into an elegant wonderland of red and white velvet
streamers, balloons and roses.  Soft music played in the background.  A
round table draped with a red tablecloth and white hairpin lace overlay
was in one corner, leaving room for dancing.  The subdued candlelight
created a cozy, romantic atmosphere.  "This is gorgeous, Nick!  Thank
you."  Natalie turned to see him beaming.

"You're welcome.  Nothing but the best for the woman I love."  He gave
her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Once seated next to each other, the waiter brought a bottle of fine
Cabernet Sauvignon and poured it for him.  Nick took a small sip and
nodded his approval.  Natalie was thrilled to see him taste it, which
made him happy.

When the appetizer plate arrived - sliced, smoked salmon surrounded by
raw salad vegetables - Natalie realized how hungry she was.  She

devoured most of it while Nick delighted her by tasting a bit of

"Dinner will be about 20 minutes.  Would you care to dance?"

Natalie noticed they were alone.  "I'd love to."

Nick rose, bowed and extended his hand.  She took it and they glided
to the center of the dance floor.  Taking her in his arms, he led
into a waltz.

"Nick, this is just incredible.  I don't know how I can ever thank you."

He pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips.  "Just enjoy yourself
- and the company."

"I am enjoying myself ... and especially the company."  She caressed his
cheek, pressed herself against his body and kissed him.

His hands slowly drifted lower down her back as she nibbled on his lower
lip.  He slipped his tongue between her lips, deepening their kiss.
Slowly, they came to a stop in the middle of the floor, engrossed in
their rising passion.

Natalie felt Nick's hands roam lower until they rested upon her rear.
His touch sent chills through her as he rubbed and kneaded her flesh
through the velvet.

Having fed heavily prior to picking her up, Nick was able to enjoy this
intimacy without the vampire interfering.  It felt wonderful to be able
to enjoy the arousal that Natalie evoked in him.  He wanted her
badly and was unable to resist the urge to rub himself against her.

As he did so, Natalie could feel Nick becoming erect.  Her own arousal
grew and she could feel herself becoming wet in anticipation.  With
great reluctance, she pulled away from him, to find his deep blue eyes
flecked through with gold.  They were both breathing heavily.  "I think
we better sit down.  The waiter will be here with our food any minute
and it looks like you could use a little time to compose yourself,"
Natalie chuckled.

Nick could feel the change that had occurred in his eyes, then glanced
down at the rather large bulge in his dress pants.  He grinned
crookedly.  "I do believe you are correct."

As he helped Natalie to her seat, he intimated, "You do realize that I
fully intend to continue from where we left off later on."  He grinned
at her look of surprise.

"But how?  You've always been so afraid of losing control."  She took a
sip of her wine.

Nick looked down at his hands and Natalie was surprised to see a guilty
expression.  But he looked up at her with love in his eyes, took her
hand and brought it under the table to the still-large bulge in his
pants.  Her eyes grew wide.  "This is for you alone, Nat, just as my
heart is.  I want to be with you.  I love you."

She reached up with her free hand and turned his head to look into his
eyes.  They held sadness and that strange hint of guilt.  "I love you,
too, Nick.  I've wanted nothing more than to be with you.  I'm working
as hard as I can to find a cure."

"I know.  And I know that's why you're not going to approve of what I'm
about to tell you ... but tonight is so special.  It's Valentine's Day.
Everyone had something special planned with the one they love, even
Schanke."  He chuckled softly.  "I didn't want you to be left out and
I'm tired of not being able to give you what you want ... what you

"Soooo?"  Her eyes probed his.

"So ... I've been feeding heavily for the last week ... on ... uh ..."
Nick lowered his eyes again and took a deep breath as he blurted, "on
human blood."  He met her gaze then but raced on, allowing her no time
to respond.  "It's given me the control I need to be with you tonight.
To give you what you deserve, to love you the way you deserve to be
loved.  I'm sorry, Nat, if I've disappointed you but I didn't know what
else to do."  There was desperation and frustration in his voice and
love in his eyes.

  Natalie leaned in and gave
him a kiss full of love and gratitude.  She pulled back and smiled at
him.  He looked like he was waiting for a bomb to explode.  "I'm not
happy about it, Nick," she said, "but I'm not angry either.  You've done
it for me because you love me and I certainly can't fault you for that."

He let out a huge sigh and whispered "I love you so very much" into her
ear and kissed her with all the love and joy that was in his heart.

The waiter, entering with their meals, witnessed the passionate embrace
and cleared his throat.  "Uh, I could come back."

They broke apart.  "No, no, we're ready," Nick said.  Both smiled
sheepishly and Natalie's face colored slightly.

Natalie had equal portions of roasted caribou filet mignon, sauteed
pheasant and carmelized root vegetables.  There was also a large square
of sweet cornbread.  It looked beautiful as well as delicious and
smelled heavenly.  She then looked at Nick's plate to find a small,
virtually raw, caribou filet and a smaller amount of the same

She looked at him in surprise and he smiled.  "I hope you enjoy it, Nat.
I thought it would be fun to have something exotic.  And I wanted to
join you."  He looked extremely pleased with himself.

How could she possibly be angry with him when he was so willing to try
to share a meal with her?  "Well, you thought right.  This looks
fabulous!"  She cut a piece of the filet and tasted it.  "Oh, it's

Nick cut a small bite of his, popped it in his mouth and chewed.  His
face remained neutral though she could tell he had some trouble
swallowing it.  Once it was down, he broke out in a huge grin at the
pleasure on Natalie's face.

She then tasted the pheasant and vegetables.  "This is incredible!  I've
never had either caribou or pheasant before but I hope it isn't the last
time."  She took a sip of wine as she watched him trying to hide his
struggle to get down a small bite of vegetable.

"Nick, I truly appreciate what you're doing.  It's very sweet of you but
you don't have to force yourself to eat with me."  A look of concern
washed across her features.  She didn't want him to make himself sick
on her account.

He smiled sweetly.  "I'm fine and I want to share something truly human
with you tonight."  He ate another bite of caribou and took a sip of

She kissed him on the cheek.  "Okay, but don't make yourself sick."

"I promise."

As they were enjoying the meal, Chef Jacques Dicarlo entered.  "Good
evening, Detective Knight.  Doctor Lambert.  Is everything

"Everything is perfect, Jacques.  Thank you."

"Yes," Natalie added, "the food is superb."

Jacques bowed his head slightly and said with a gratified smile, "I'm
thrilled.  For dessert, Dr. Lambert, I have prepared a special chocolate
confection which I have created especially for you.  It will be served a
half hour after you have finished your meal to allow time for
conversation and dancing."

Natalie looked at Nick, who simply grinned, and then at the chef.
"Thank you, Jacques. I look forward to it.  I love chocolate."

"So I've been told," he replied, winking at Nick.  "Well, enjoy your

"The meal was fantastic," Natalie said as she placed her napkin on the
table.  "Everything is so beautiful and the company is just superb.
Thank you for such a wonderful night."  Natalie's eyes were glowing with

"There is still dessert and, of course, the best is yet to come."  Nick
smiled slyly, almost leering.

"Hmmmm ... sounds interesting."  She kissed him.  The Blue Danube Waltz
began to play.  "Let's dance."

Nick swept her into his arms and led off.  He was exceedingly graceful
and polished.  Natalie thoroughly enjoyed herself.  They were both
laughing in each other's arms when the music ended.

s slow music began to play, Nick became serious and pulled Natalie
close to him.  She laid her head on his shoulder.  He leaned his head
against hers, kissing her hair once, then wrapped her protectively in
his arms.  They swayed gently to the music, hardly moving from where
they had begun.  Tenderly, he caressed her back.

When the song ended, Natalie lifted her head and hungrily covered his
mouth with hers.  He responded to her passion with his own, thrilled
that she wanted him.  He hoped that wouldn't change later.  He loved her
more than any woman he'd ever known and simply wanted a chance to show

Natalie was consumed by her feelings for him.  She wished they could
leave right at that moment, to return to his loft to make love.  Knowing
the risk but not caring, she was ready to let him taste her blood; to
give him that ultimate gift.

He began to rub himself against her thigh as he again became erect.  She
responded by pressing her body into his and moving her leg gently over
his erection.

Nick's knees buckled slightly and he stifled a moan.  "Uh, maybe we
should sit down," he whispered breathlessly in her ear.  His eyes were
solid gold.

Without a word, she led him back to the table, held him at arm's length
and nodded with approval as she looked him up and down.  She lightly
touched the bulge in his pants.  "I like what I see - and feel."  Her
voice was husky.  Natalie saw Nick's cheeks color almost imperceptibly
in what passed for a vampire blush.  His eyes became blue again.  "Don't
be embarrassed.  I love you," she said.

"I know.  It's just that no one has ever said anything like that to me
before."  He held her chair for her, then took his own seat.

"Are you serious?"  Natalie exclaimed in amazement.  She found it
difficult to believe that no woman had ever complimented him on his
obvious physical attributes.  She could tell he was somewhat larger than
average which only served to whet her curiosity.

"Yes.  I wouldn't lie to you about something like that.  Oh, there
have been a few who told me I'm handsome but nothing beyond that."
Again, Natalie saw him color slightly.  This was obviously an
uncomfortable topic for him.  She would see to it that situation

Reaching under the table, Natalie laid her hand on Nick's erection,
gently squeezed it and put her hand on his shoulder.  "You're not just a
pretty face.  You're kind and sweet, thoughtful and loving.  I love you
for who you are, Nick."  She kissed him tenderly.

Hesitantly, he reached out to caress her breast.  "I feel the same way
about you.  I want you but for many more reasons than just the
physical ones."

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.  When they
separated, Natalie was staring into gold eyes.  As the waiter entered
with dessert, Nick quickly closed his eyes and took a couple of
deep breaths.  When he opened them again, they were blue.

Natalie found herself staring at a large goblet containing a
chocoholic's dream come true - a layer of chocolate cake laden with
chocolate chips, covered with rich fudge and chocolate mousse, all
topped off with whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate shavings.  She
smiled broadly.

Nick picked up a spoon.  "May I?"

"Of course."

He scooped up a large spoonful of whipped cream and mousse, ate a small
bit of it, then fed the rest to Natalie.  "Ummmmm ... this is
absolutely exquisite!  I love it," she purred.

Nick beamed with joy.  The evening was going better than he'd expected.
Natalie seemed so pleased with everything, including him.  He continued
to feed her; occasionally taking small bites and delighting her with
chocolate-flavored kisses.

By the time the dessert was finished, Natalie's hand had found its way
into Nick's lap, resulting in him becoming fully aroused again.

"Let's dance," Nick said in a husky voice, after the waiter had cleared
the table.  A slow piece was playing.  He pulled her close and pressed
his body tightly against hers.  Placing her head on his shoulder, he
wrapped his arms around her again.  As they swayed to the music, Nick
rubbed himself on her thigh.

After a few minutes, Natalie raised her head.  "Why don't we go home?"
Her voice was breathless.

Nick kissed her ardently.  "Excellent idea, but I better put my coat on

His eyes, which had become gold again, returned to their normal blue but
the large bulge in his pants remained, making Natalie giggle.  "I think
that would be wise."  She patted it lightly, causing Nick's knees to
buckle slightly and he gasped.

Nick instructed the limo driver to take the "scenic route" home.
The compartment was dimly lit and the tinted windows offered anonymity
while affording them a clear view of the cityscape.

While Nick poured the champagne, Natalie unbuttoned his coat.  She took
a sip from the glass he offered her and watched as he sipped his.  
Putting hers aside, she took his, dipped her finger into it, put it
aside and rubbed the liquid on his lips.  She then proceeded to lick it
off.  The kiss that resulted took her breath away.

Natalie came up for air to find Nick's eyes solid gold with a slight
red tinge around the edges, lust mixing with love.

He reached out one hand and cupped her breast, squeezing gently, then
ran his index finger inside the cut of the dress, brushing her nipple.

Gasping, Natalie smiled and ran her hand down his chest to the waistband
of his pants.  She hesitated there briefly, then continued further to
grasp his erection and gently knead it.  Nick gasped loudly and moaned.

After only a few seconds, he grasped her hand and removed it from his
penis.  Still holding it, he stroked it with the fingertips of his other
hand.  He looked deep into her eyes.  "Nat, we need to talk."

She looked at him incredulously.  "Talk?  Now?  You must be kidding!"

"No, I'm not."  His expression was extremely serious.  "Natalie, I love
you very much.  I told you I don't ever want to hurt you."  

"I know."  She stroked his cheek.

His eyes closed at her touch.  Bringing her hand to his lips, he kissed
her palm.  When they opened again, his eyes were still gold, still
serious.  "Nat, if we are to make love tonight, I'll need to feed again.
Even then, I can't guarantee I'd be able to avoid biting you.  I, uh,
can't complete the act without that.  I ---"

"Is that what you've been so worried about all this time?" she


"Nick, I love you.  I want to make love with you.  If you have to bite
me in order to do that, it's okay.  I would love nothing more than to
share my blood with you."  She leaned forward and kissed him on the
cheek, nose and then his lips.

"Are you sure, Nat?  I want you to be absolutely sure," he implored.

"I'm positive."  She smiled.  He smiled in response, then placed her
hand back on his crotch.  She was surprised to find that he was still
hard.  As she began to fondle him, Nick leaned in to kiss her.

The buzz of the intercom interrupted them, signaling arrival at the
loft.  They quickly straightened their clothes and got out.

As the limo drove off, Nick scooped Natalie into his arms and
carried her into the lift.  Setting her down, he backed her into a
corner.  His eyes turned to gold as he began to kiss her and rub his
erection on her belly.

The lift motor stopped and Natalie pushed him away playfully.  "You
need to go feed."

Nick extended and bared his fangs.  "Okay.  Now that you mention it, I
am a bit hungry."  He advanced toward her, arms extended and walking
like the Frankenstein monster.

Natalie laughed and squealed as she darted past him, out of the lift.
She yanked open the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle with a Raven
label.  Human blood.  She shrugged.  

Popping the cork, she held it out to him as he continued toward her,
fully vamped and with a not-so-straight face.  Shoving the bottle into
his hands, she commanded, "Drink!"

Breaking into a fit of laughter, Nick nearly dropped the bottle.
Natalie, too, began to giggle.  Both collapsed on the couch to catch
their breath.

Finally, Nick was able to speak.  "I'm glad I didn't scare you.  I was
afraid these might."  He bared his fangs.

"No, I knew you were playing.  You looked so funny in that dinner suit."
Reaching out a finger, she touched one of his fangs, then rubbed it.
Nick gasped and shivered.  She jumped in surprise.

"Sorry, Nat.  They're extremely sensitive ... it's, uh ... sexually
stimulating."  His cheeks colored slightly.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't realize."  She grinned sheepishly.  "So, that felt

"Very."  He smiled.  "Uh, while I am able to, uh, function pretty
much like a mortal, my primary sexual pleasure comes from stimulation
of my fangs and neck."  He looked away and paused.

Natalie knew this was uncomfortable for him but she was fascinated and
she did want to know how to bring him the most pleasure.  "Go on, Nick.
Tell me more, please."  She reached out and tenderly caressed his cheek,
then withdrew her hand.

He looked up again to see sparkling blue eyes and a warm, understanding
smile.  Nick knew she would understand.  "That is why the urge to bite
and feed is so strong, Nat.  The sex act for us is biting and exchanging
blood.  Our orgasm centers in our fangs.  We can't climax without
biting.  Ummm, I, uh, like it when you touch my penis.  It does feel
very good but I won't ... ummm ... nothing will happen."  Nick paused
briefly.  "Nothing has happened in nearly 800 years, but I know there
are things you will want to do to me because they arouse you."  He
reached up and caressed her cheek.  "I love when you touch me, and I
will respond, so please don't hesitate to do whatever you want to.  I
still remember what women like and I promise I will do my best to please
you."  He swallowed hard, hoping she wouldn't be disappointed.

"I know you will and you already do."  Natalie reached out again and he
bared his fangs.  With great tenderness, she gently caressed first one,
then the other.  Nick's eyes fluttered shut and he leaned his head back
on the couch.  He moaned softly as he writhed involuntarily.
Withdrawing her finger, she kissed him carefully on the lips.  "Let me
feed you."

Nick opened his eyes.  "I'd rather you didn't."

"Why?  Come on, Nick.  That's your hang up.  It doesn't bother me to see
you drink blood.  I let you feed me.  Now it's my turn.  Don't spoil the
mood, okay?"  She smiled.

He smiled back and retracted his fangs.  "Okay.  You're right.  I'm

Natalie snuggled up to him, held the bottle to his lips and carefully
poured the blood into his mouth, pausing occasionally to kiss his cheek,
nose or lips.

"Would you like some more?" she asked when it was empty.

"No, thanks.  I'm full but I would like to take a shower.  Care to join

Putting her arms around him, she nibbled his neck and ear, "That sounds
like a wonderful idea."

"Good.  I hate to shower alone."  Grinning from ear to ear, he pulled
her up off the couch, grabbed her overnight bag and led her up to his

nside the bedroom door, he dropped the bag and pulled her into his
arms.  "I love you."

"I love you, too."  She reached up, undid his bow tie and dropped it on
the floor.  She then began unbuttoning his shirt.  When she reached the
last visible button, she pulled his shirt out of his pants.

Nick stood still, his hands resting lightly on Natalie's shoulders.
He released her long enough for her to remove his shirt.  Underneath, he
wore a white silk tee shirt.

She ran her hands lightly over his chest, causing his nipples to become
erect.  Natalie noticed and traced them with her fingers, enjoying
Nick's reaction.  He couldn't hold still and his penis became engorged
again.  The gold returned to eyes.

Grabbing the sides of the shirt, she tugged it from his pants, pulled it
over his head and stared, silently, at his chest.

Nick cocked an eyebrow.  "Is there ... something wrong?"

"Oh, no!  Nothing's wrong.  I'm sorry," she quickly replied in an effort
to reassure him.  "You are just so handsome."

He smiled, took her hand, kissed it and placed it against his chest.
She lovingly caressed him.

They both kicked off their shoes.

Nick reached behind Natalie and loosened her braids, letting her hair
cascade over her shoulders.  He entwined his fingers in it and gently
pulled them through the tangled curls.  "I love your hair, Nat.  It's so
soft and beautiful."

"I love yours, too."  She ran her fingers through his silky, golden

Again, reaching behind her, Nick undid the hook on her dress and slowly
pulled the zipper down.  He brought his hands to her shoulders and
hesitated, looking deeply into her blue eyes.

"Go ahead.  It's all right," she encouraged him and kissed him on the
nose.  He kissed her back and slowly pushed the dress off her shoulders.
It slid down her body, pooling at her feet.

She now stood before him, bare-breasted, wearing only pantyhose.  Nick's
eyes grew wide and he spoke in a voice filled with awe.  "You are the
most beautiful woman I have ever seen."  She smiled.

He reached out to cup both breasts and ever so gently squeezed them.
Fascinated by their look and feel, he lightly ran his thumbs over the
nipples.  Natalie moaned softly as they hardened.

Pleased with her reaction, Nick pulled her into an embrace that pressed
her breasts into his chest.  She loved the feel of his cool skin against
her passion-warmed flesh.

Running her hands down his back, she moved them around to his belt
buckle.  Nick pulled back.  She undid it, opened the button on his fly
and pulled down the zipper, pushing his pants over his hips.  They fell
to the floor and he stepped out of them.

He was wearing clinging, red silk boxers that accentuated his large,
erect penis.  Natalie could not resist staring, unaware that her mouth
had dropped open.

Nick felt a combination of pride and embarrassment at her obvious
appreciation.  "Nat?"

"Hmmmm?" She gave in to her desire to touch him, gently grasping his
penis near the base and sliding her hand along its length.  The
sensations from her hand and the silk made him groan.

"I love the feel and size of you," Natalie said softly.

 he thought and grinned.  "I am SO
glad," he said aloud.

Nick hooked his fingers in the top of her pantyhose and ran them around
her waist.  The skin of her belly was velvet-soft and warm.  He loved
the feel of her.  She smiled.

Carefully, so as not to snag them, he pushed the pantyhose down.
Finally, she stood naked before him.  At the sight, red again tinged his
golden eyes.  "You ... are ... ravishing."  Natalie blushed deeply and
tried to cover herself with her hands.

"No, don't."  Nick pulled her against him, enfolding her.  He ran his
tongue up her neck to her ear, sucked on her earlobe and whispered,
"Please, Nat, don't ever hide yourself from me."  He ran his hands over
her back, caressing her, as he kissed her and gently thrust against her

Natalie's self-consciousness faded away when she felt Nick's hard penis
pushing against her.  It inflamed her passion.  She had to see him nude.
"Let me remove your shorts," she whispered in his ear, "please."

He backed a few feet away and seductively wiggled his rear end, teasing.
She watched the movement of his erection beneath its silk covering.  It
was mesmerizing.  Nick smiled at her expression.

He held his hands out to her, beckoning.  Natalie approached and hooked
her fingers in his waistband at his sides.  She ran them around to the
front and popped open the snap.  Moving down the fly to the center, she
popped the second snap, freeing him.

Natalie watched as Nick's erection sprang free to reveal the pale shaft
and swollen, red glans.  She pushed his shorts down exposing his
pendulous scrotum sprinkled with golden blond hair.

Nick knew by the leering smile that she was pleased by what she saw.
He felt great.  Stepping out of the shorts toward her, he grasped the
shaft of his penis and lewdly stroked himself.   His foreskin slid
back and forth over his glans.

"You're not circumcised!"  Natalie's eyes grew wide.

Nick froze in mid stroke.  "Uh, no.  I'm not."

She reached out tentatively and touched his foreskin with her index
finger.  "It's ... very sexy," she admitted, looking down, suddenly shy.

Lifting her chin so her eyes met his, he exhaled in relief.  "You truly
think so?"

"Oh, yes ... I truly do."  Her shyness faded as she sensed how important
this was to him.  She advanced until his erection was pinned between
them, then put her arms around him.  Natalie kissed him soundly and
rubbed her belly against him.  "Now, how about that shower?"  Without a
word, he led her into the bathroom.

"Uh, Nick?  Would you mind giving me just a few minutes?"  At his
quizzical look, she explained, "I need to use the bathroom."

"Oh, right!  I'm sorry.  I forget about that.  Sure.  No problem.  I'll
just wait out here."  He backed into the bedroom.

Emerging a few minutes later, Natalie found Nick lying on his bed, his
legs spread, hands behind his head and eyes closed.  Though no longer
erect, his penis was still somewhat engorged.  She stood for a moment
admiring the view, noting that only the last third of his glans was
exposed.  She sat next to him on the bed.  He opened his eyes to watch
her but remained silent.  She delicately ran her fingers over his
foreskin.  "What does it feel like?"

"Like someone touching me."  He grinned mischievously.

Natalie slapped him lightly on the belly.  "Very funny!  You know what
I mean."

He chuckled softly.  "It feels like when you touch any other part of my
skin, only it's a bit more sensitive.  It feels really nice."

Cupping his large scrotum in her hand, she hefted its weight and smiled.
She loved the feel of him.


"Ohhhh nothing ..."  A wicked grin spread across her face as she rose
and walked into the bathroom.

"Natalie?  Wait!"  Nick jumped up and ran after her.

She was just about to turn the shower on when he grabbed her arm and
turned her to face him.  Natalie laughed at his confused, forlorn look.

"What is so funny?"

"Other than the look on your face?  Oh, all right.  I'm sorry."  She
realized he was serious.  "I was just thinking ... uh, now how can I put
this ... how 'well-endowed' you are and what an impression you must have
made on all those women over the last 800 years."

Nick's face colored slightly.  He looked down.  "Ummm ... there weren't
that many women, actually, and the only impression I truly care about is
the one I make on you."  His voice was so soft, Natalie had to strain to
hear him.

Touched by his honesty, she threw her arms around him and kissed him so
thoroughly, he nearly fell over.  His eyes were wide with surprise.

"You sure know the right thing to say."  She stroked his cheek with the
back of her hand.

"What I said is the truth."  He was subdued.

"I know."  She gave him a sweet smile.  "Now let's shower."  Natalie
adjusted the water and they got in.

Nick picked up the shampoo.  "May I wash your hair?"

"Yes, I'd love that."

He proceeded to gently work up a lather.  "Your hair is so beautiful,
Nat.  YOU are so beautiful."

She blushed.  "Thank you."

After rinsing, Natalie proceeded to wash his hair, enjoying its silky

When she finished, Nick lathered up his hands, swallowed and with a shy
smile, asked, "May I wash you?"

Love shone in her eyes.  "Yes."

Turning her around, he began to soap her neck, shoulders and back,
massaging as he went.  "Mmmmmm," Natalie purred, "that feels so

He worked his way back up, then did her arms.  Moving slowly closer,
he tentatively washed under her arms and down her sides.  Nick pressed
his body against hers and she gasped slightly.

Natalie loved the sensation of his still-cool flesh against her
water-warmed skin.  She could feel Nick's swelling penis pressed against
her buttocks and smiled, thrilled that she affected him so.

Sliding his hands around her sides, he washed just below her breasts as
if afraid to touch them.  His hands withdrew to her sides again but then
slowly and tenderly slid forward over her breasts.  Nick felt her
nipples become instantly erect and so did he.  Ever so gently, he rubbed
and kneaded them while he leaned his chin on her shoulder and nuzzled
her neck and ear.

Natalie moaned and jerked back against him, forcing his penis vertically
between her buttocks.  She shivered at the erotic sensations.

Not wanting things to move too fast, Nick pulled back, turned her to
face him, knelt down and began washing her legs.  He started at her
upper thighs, being very careful to avoid her groin and worked his way
down each leg and foot.

When he finished, Natalie looked down to see his head near her crotch.
Staring into her eyes, never releasing her gaze, he kissed her pubic

The warm water of the shower cascaded over them as Nick ran his hands up
the back of Natalie's legs and over her buttocks as he stood.  He soaped
and massaged them, then slid one hand in between to tenderly rub her

His eyes never left hers, which widened in surprise.  She groaned with
pleasure.  No one had done that to her before and she couldn't believe
how good it felt.  She became instantly wet with arousal.

Seeing that he was having the desired effect, Nick continued the gentle
massage as he glided his other hand around her hip to her pubic hair.
He worked up a lather, then gently moved a finger between her legs,
causing Natalie to jump.  He smiled.

Nick moved his finger slowly back and forth until it slid between her
labia, finding her slick with lubrication.  He loved the feel of it and
knowing that he was the cause.  He tickled his way up until he brushed
her clitoris.  Natalie jumped and yelped at the sudden contact.
Quickly, he covered her mouth with his and tongued her.  Her knees
buckled.  Supporting her, he withdrew, allowing her to catch her breath.

She stared into his gleaming gold eyes.  "My God!  That was incredible."

Nick beamed.  "I only want to please you."

"You do, my fair knight.  You do."  She stroked his hair and kissed his
cheek, then picked up the soap.

Natalie worked up a huge lather, turned his back toward her and began
soaping his broad shoulders and neck, then slowly worked down his back.
His enjoyment was obvious.

She returned to his shoulders and washed each arm and underarm.  Moving
closer, she lightly brushed her erect nipples across his back.  Nick

Next, she lathered his sides and slid her hands around to his chest.
She loved the feel of the short blonde hairs covering his muscled upper
torso.  Lightly, she brushed his nipples.  They were already erect.
Taking each one between a forefinger and thumb, she rolled and gingerly
pinched them.  Nick gasped and jerked back, bumping her with his
buttocks.  She rubbed herself against them, eliciting a smile.

Natalie turned Nick toward her and, imitating what he had done,
proceeded to wash his legs and feet, working up to his belly as she
slowly came back to a standing position.

The whole time, Nick's erection stood out straight and waggled when
Natalie's movements jostled him.  She found the sight extremely
enticing, but resisted touching his penis.

Grabbing the soap again, she worked up another lather for his pubic
hair.  Golden eyes watched her every move.  Natalie slid her hands down
past the base of his penis to his scrotum where, with great care, she
began to wash and massage him.  She gently squeezed each testicle and he
moaned slightly.  Her hands then drifted back up to the base of his
penis, hesitating.  She saw his reassuring look and nod, then proceeeded
to leisurely slide her hands along the shaft to the tip, soaping him as
she went.

"Mmmmmmm ..."  Nick's eyes closed and an expression of rapture washed
over his face.  "You have the most wonderful hands," he breathed as she
reached the tip and circled her fingers around it.  The glans began to
swell and deepen in color.  The foreskin was completely retracted.

Moving one hand from his penis to his hip, Natalie glided it back over
his right buttock.  She kneaded it for a moment then her hand drifted
further back.  Her fingers found their way to his anus.

Nick inhaled sharply at the contact and lurched closer to her.  He
moaned and made thrusting motions with his hips which rubbed his
penis on her belly.  His knees buckled slightly and his eyes shot open.
His gold irises were now red-tinged.  Taking her hands in his, he
brought them to his lips and kissed them.  "Let's rinse off and go
inside."  His voice was thick with lust and the vampire.

"All right," she replied with a grin that he could only interpret as

After they had dried off, Nick took Natalie's hand and led her into the
bedroom.  Seating her on the edge of the bed, he knelt before her and
kissed her hand.  Peering into her eyes, he spoke with deep affection.
"Natalie, I love you and I want you but I will not do anything that you
do not want to do."

She smiled, tears welling up in her eyes.  With his index finger, he
lightly traced the curves of her lips, then leaned forward and kissed
her.  It wasn't a passionate kiss, but rather one that spoke of how
much he cherished and treasured her.

"Are you sure you still want me to make love to you?  Even if it means
my biting you?"

"I'm sure.  I've never loved anyone the way I love you.  And there is no
one I want to make love to me more than you."  She smiled and cupped his
chin in the palm of her hand.  "And if it means you must bite me, I will
be more than happy to share my blood with you.  I want you to be happy
and satisfied.  Please, Nick.  Make love to me."

He rose between her legs and laid her back slowly, gently pushing her
further onto the bed.  He then carefully laid down on top of her,
supporting most of his weight on his elbows, and leaned in to kiss her
quickly on the lips.  "As my lady wishes."

Nick began by kissing and nibbling on her nose.  From there, he traced a
path to her earlobe with his tongue and lightly sucked on it.  Moving to
her neck, he nuzzled, licked and gently nipped.

Natalie was surprised that through all their foreplay and Nick's high
arousal, his fangs hadn't dropped.  His control was evidently much
better when he fed as nature intended.

He lifted his head and smiled, his eyes once again gold.  "I can smell
your blood.  It's very intoxicating," he purred, licking her neck.

She tenderly stroked his face.  "What does it smell like to you?"

"Roses and cardamon.  Very heady ... delightful."  He appeared somewhat
intoxicated, his eyes slightly glazed.

Moving down along her body, Nick's lips found her right breast and
gently locked on to her nipple.  He suckled noisily as Natalie caressed
his hair.  The sensations he created in her were electric and she

Nick released her, ran his tongue across her chest and latched on to her
other nipple.  As he suckled, his penis began to throb and he felt the
urge to rub it against something.  The closest object was Natalie's leg.
It felt good and she didn't seem to mind.

Feeling his erection on her leg, Natalie became very wet.  She couldn't
lie still any longer.  When Nick raised his head to check her reaction
to his ministrations, she swiftly put her arms under his and tugged him
up toward her.  She grinned lasciviously and attacked his mouth with
hers as she rolled him onto his back.

Nick was stunned by her quick movements but pleased that she wasn't shy
or afraid to express her sexuality or take what she wanted.  He found
her aggressiveness to be quite arousing and encouraged her by whispering
in her ear, "Take me, Nat.  I'm all yours."

Natalie responded by nipping, licking and sucking on his neck.  Nick
gasped and his penis twitched beneath her belly.  She wriggled her hips,
rubbing him.  He grunted then moaned loudly as she moved down to suck
briefly on his left nipple.

Continuing down his body, she ran her tongue over his belly, took the
head of his penis into her mouth and sucked gently.  Nick's body spasmed
and he cried out her name.  Natalie looked up to see glowing red-tinged
eyes and glistening fangs.  She smiled at the knowledge that she was
exciting him.  She sucked on him and nipped at his foreskin a bit more
until he could no longer remain still, then moved back up to kiss him.

Sliding her tongue into his mouth, she carefully caressed his fangs.  A
deep, rumbling growl emanated from his chest.  Nick gently pulled back,
panting.  His eyes were a glowing red.  "You are driving me crazy," he
growled in a deep, lusty voice.  He smiled, baring his fully extended

Seductively licking her upper lip, Natalie responded, "Well then,
maybe you should just do something about it."

Nick snarled and grasped her by the shoulders.  Using his vampiric
strength and speed, he flipped her onto her back, then kissed her
carefully but passionately and licked her neck sensuously.  He ran his
hand down her side to her thigh and slid his fingers between her legs,
wanting to be sure she was ready for him.  She was extremely wet.  He
knew she needed to be penetrated, to be brought to orgasm that way.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her again, using his knee to
gently spread her legs.  His erection slid between them as he raised
himself slightly and he began to rub it on her labia.  She moaned
loudly and it inflamed him further.  His penis became slick with her
vaginal fluids and he could no longer restrain himself.  Looking deep
into her eyes, his voice came out in a sub-human rumble.  "Always
remember, Nat, how very much I love you."

Natalie smiled.  "I love you, too."

She felt Nick rub himself against her once more.  He shifted slightly,
raised himself higher and thrust forward.  At the instant he penetrated
her, she cried out his name, ending in a long, deep-throated moan.  A
grunt ending in a rumbling growl escaped from Nick.  Natalie couldn't
help but thrust her hips toward him, causing him to grunt again.

"I want you," she whispered.

"You have me," he whispered back and began thrusting.

Natalie wrapped her arms tightly around him, holding him close.  She
nuzzled and licked his neck causing him to shiver and lose his rhythm,
but he quickly recovered.

Nick was breathing heavily as his vampiric senses and mind were pounded
relentlessly by sensations and emotions that he hadn't felt in nearly
800 years.  The intensity of his love for this mortal woman was almost
more than he could bear.

Her warm flesh cradled and caressed his cold, hard penis.  He found it
was arousing physical sensations and needs he hadn't felt in centuries.
It was strange and wonderful at the same time.  He could feel a pressure
building deep within his pelvis.  The head of his penis was becoming
more sensitive every second causing him to thrust harder and faster.
Nick was astonished at the pleasure he was feeling and hoped that
Natalie felt it, too.

She was riding wave after wave of sensation.  When Nick had penetrated
her, his penis had slid easily into her vagina, filling her completely.
The cold, hardness of him was exhilarating.  She loved him so much and
had dreamed of this moment for so long.

Natalie felt herself building to orgasm.  She wondered when he would
bite her and what she would experience.  She began moaning.

Nick felt his fangs throbbing incessantly with the need to sink into
Natalie's neck but he knew he had to wait.  Suddenly, Natalie gasped and
her body spasmed as her orgasm exploded within her.  She cried out with
a loud scream and groan that drove him over the edge.  Rearing his head
back, Nick snarled loudly, then sank his aching fangs into her neck.

Her blood flooded his mouth and he could taste her orgasm and feel her
deep love for him.  That triggered his own orgasm.  Nothing had ever
felt so wonderful.  Then, to his enormous surprise, he felt his penis
jerk and a strong wave of contraction moved through his pelvis,
relieving the feeling of building pressure with a violent ejaculation.
The physical ecstacy was so intense, Nick released Natalie's neck and
let loose a deafening roar as he frantically thrust in and out, pumping
his bloody semen deep within her.

When Natalie had felt his fangs penetrate her neck, she had felt only a
slight undercurrent of pain mingling with the euphoria of her orgasm.
Then a flood of images had burst into her mind along with a rush of
emotions.  She had realized they were Nick's.

Scenes of them together had flashed through her mind.  They were all
pleasant, but one had stunned her.  It was Nick alone in bed,
masturbating, to thoughts of her.  She was overwhelmed by the love and
desire she felt from him.

Basking in the receding sensations of her orgasm, she had been aware of
Nick suckling at her neck just before she was assailed by the emotions
and sensations of his powerful orgasm, which caused her to cry out.  She
felt as if it was hers.  The contact was broken with a roar.

After several more hard, frantic thrusts, Nick collapsed on top of her,
gasping for breath.  She enveloped him in her arms, holdly him tightly
against her so he couldn't pull out.  He was still erect and she loved
the feel of him.  They lay there together, unmoving.

While stroking Nick's blood-sweat soaked hair, Natalie rhythmically
contracted and relaxed her vaginal muscles around his penis.  It caused
him to jump slightly every so often.  She smiled.

His breathing back to normal, Nick gently nuzzled and lapped at the
oozing wounds in Natalie's neck, sealing them.  He knew he hadn't taken
more than a half pint of blood and that she was fine.

"Ummmmm," she purred at the touch of his tongue.

He kissed her ear and asked in a soft voice, "Did I please you, Love?"

"Oh yes.  Very much," she whispered back, smiling, then ran her tongue
from his earlobe to his neck.  He shivered.  "Did I please you?"

He pulled his head back to look at her.  "More than you'll ever know,"
he said with a satisfied smile.  "I must be crushing you."  He tried to
move off of her.

She gripped him tightly.  "No!  Don't!"  The words came out louder than
she intended.  A look of surprise crossed his face.  "I have wanted you
this way for so long, Nick.  I'm not ready for it to end yet."

He smiled and gave her a warm, cherishing kiss.  Sliding his arms
beneath her, he held her tightly, creating the feeling of security and
closeness she desperately wanted from him at that moment.  Contracting
his pelvic muscles, he made his still semi-erect penis twitch within
her.  "It's very happy right where it is," he murmured.

She contracted her muscles around him again.  "I'm so glad."

They lay there in silence as Nick slowly lost his erection.  Finally,
his soft penis slipped out and she let him roll off of her onto his
side, smearing bloody semen across her thigh.

Nick moved down her body slightly, tenderly took her closest nipple
into his mouth and gently suckled.  She stroked his hair and softly
moaned.  He then kissed it once, released it, and moved back up.

"Nat, do you realize what happened tonight?"  His voice was soft and
full of awe.

"We made love and you only took a little blood."

"Well, yes, but something even more important than that."  His
excitement was rising.  He pointed to the bloody smears on the both of
them.  "I ejaculated for the first time in nearly 800 years."

She looked at him in surprise.  "But I saw you in my mind, uh,
masturbating to thoughts of me ..."  She blushed.

"Well, yes, but I, uh, always bite my wrist for orgasm.  It never
happens the other way.  That just feels good, along with rubbing my
fangs with my tongue."

Natalie grinned and kissed him.  "Well, maybe this is another step
toward becoming more human.  Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart.  I love
you."  She kissed him passionately.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Love.  I love you, too."

They entwined themselves in each other's arms and fell asleep.

The End