A Friend Indeed

by Sister Delight, D.S.S. (aka Nightlady)

Archived December 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Tracy Vetter smiled as she walked toward the table where her friend, Natalie 
Lambert was already seated.  They were in Edmonton, Alberta attending a 
series of lectures and discussions  for those members of the law enforcement 
community who dealt with homicides.  Actually Tracy and  her partner, Nick 
Knight,  were attending the lectures, Nat was here because she was one of 
the speakers.  As she reached the table,  Tracy saw Nat look toward the door 
way to the  hotel restaurant and smile.  As she  looked in the same 
direction, Tracy saw that Nick and an old friend of Tracy's,  Matt Rawlings  
were entering the restaurant.  As she saw the look of tenderness that came 
over Nick's usually solemn face as he made eye contact with Nat, Tracy knew 
that the plan she had put together with Matt just had to work!

When the trip had first come up, Nick had tried to beg out of going.  It 
wasn't until he found out that Natalie was also going to be there that he 
relented and agreed go.  He knew that it was not going to be easy to manage, 
being a vampire did indeed have it's drawbacks, but he was willing to do 
almost anything for the chance to get away from the pressures of Toronto and 
have some time with Nat.   Their relationship had been going through a rough 
period and Nick hoped that a change of scenery might help them mend the 
difficulties they were facing. 

 They both were feeling the internal pressures to change their relationship 
from good friends to that of lovers, and they both knew that to attempt this 
could end in disaster.  The  late nights and early mornings spent at the 
loft watching videos had dwindled, as neither one could bear the emptiness 
they felt when they said goodbye and  Nat would leave to return to her own 
lonely bed.  Nick didn't know which he hated more.  The unfulfilled longing 
he felt watching her leave, when he wanted to carry upstairs, tear her 
clothes off  and finally get to see the  body that haunted his dreams,  and 
spend the rest of the day, or even days,   making love to her, or not having 
the warmth of her body and the scent of her blood there at all.   Thus far, 
the chance to be near her on the trip was proving to be bittersweet, and 
Nick cherished every touch, every laugh and every tender look that was 

Nat could feel her hear beating more rapidly as Nick and Matt approached the 
table.  She had to fight down the urge to shout "Damn it Nick Knight! I 
don't care if you have to bring me across or even if  you kill me! If  we 
don't make love soon,  I am going to die of frustration anyway!"  She had 
been delighted when Nick had announced that he was going to attend the 
conference.  She only wished there were some way to dump Tracy, so that they 
could have some time  alone.  'Maybe we'll get lucky and Matt will ask Tracy 
to go bar-hopping or something.'  Nat thought. 

Nick pulled out the chair beside her and sat down.  She felt the gentle 
pressure of his knee  against hers under the table and looked into his soft 
blue eyes with silent longing.  Nat hardly noticed Matt greeting Tracy, and 
neither she, nor Nick saw the conspiratorial look the other couple gave one 

After Tracy, Nat and Matt gave their orders to the waiter, Nick surprised 
Nat by also ordering a small meal.  When she glanced at him, both pleased 
that he was making the effort and concerned that he would make himself sick, 
he met her eyes and gave her a smile.  Beneath the cover of the table, Nat 
felt his leg softly rub against her own.  Returning his smile, and the 
pressure of his leg, Nat joined in the small talk.  

Nick had managed to eat some of the rare steak he had ordered and to move 
the rest of the food on his plate around so as to make it appear he had 
eaten some of it.  This was helped by Nat who had 'tasted' some of the 
accompanying dishes.  
Just before the meal was ending, Tracy accidentally spilled a full glass of 
wine all over Nat. 

Apologizing, Tracy suggested that she and Nat go to Tracy's room, which was 
on the same floor as the restaurant,  and tend to the mess.  "That way we 
can get some club soda on it faster than if you have to wait on an elevator 
to go up to your floor. You know how busy they are at this time of day. You 
can give me your key and I'll run up to your room and bring you another 
outfit down."  

Nat did not relish the idea of riding up in an elevator full of people 
smelling like a winery and happily agreed.  Excusing themselves, the two 
women head out of the restaurant.  

At Tracy's room, Nat quickly removed the wet dress as well as her bra, which 
was also soaked.  Slipping into a rather sheer robe that Tracy offered her, 
Nat frowned a little as she tied to fasten it.  The robe was just a bit 
small. The front reveled a large amount of her breasts, the darker areas of 
her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric and it was so short that 
it barely covered the lower curve of her buttocks. A glance in the mirror 
showed that the robe did very little to conceal any of Nat's body. Feeling a 
little uneasy wearing only the robe, garter belt, stockings and a very tiny 
black satin and lace thong, Nat gladly gave Tracy her key.  

"Nat, I lucked out an ended up with a suite." Tracy said indicating a door 
on the right side wall. "I just happen to have a couple of bottles of soda 
in the other room. They're in the bottom of the beside table on the far side 
of the bed.  Why don't you go and get it while I head up to your room." 
Tracy had opened the door leading out into the hall a bit, and casually 
peeked through the crack in time to see Nick and Matt pass by.  With a gleam 
of mischief in her eye she listened as she heard Matt open the next door 
down the hall.   

Natalie nodded her agreement and opened the door Tracy had indicated.

Matt and Nick had taken care of the dinner bill, and at Matt's suggestion 
headed to his room.  Matt had some difficult case files that he had asked 
Nick to take a look at and Nick agreed.  They would telephone Tracy from 
Matt's room and make arrangements to meet her and Nat in a half hour or so.  
He entered the room, Nick realized that it was part of a suite.  

"The files are in the other room on the bureau." Matt said pointing to a 
closed door on the left wall. "Why don't you go on in and get them and I'll 
try and reach Tracy."

"Okay." Nick readily agreed.  The sooner he finished with the files the 
sooner he could return to Nat's company. 

Nat had entered the room and crossed to the indicated nightstand. As she 
squatted down and opened the door on the bottom of it she didn't hear the 
door through which she had entered close, or the sound of the lock engaging 
on the other side of it.  The inside of the cabinet was empty, and as Nat 
stood up preparing to check the one on the other side of the bed, she became 
aware that there was another door leading into this room and that it was 

She stood there stunned as Nick entered the room and headed for the bureau, 
sitting on the wall opposite the bed.  Before, she could move the door 
through which Nick had just entered was slammed shut.  

Nick whirled at the sound of the door closing and froze as he saw Nat.  He 
could not take his eyes off of her as she stood there, the thin fabric of 
the short robe allowing him to see the rich fullness of her breasts as they 
strained against the fabric. More times than he could remember, Nick had 
imagined being able to look at Nat dressed as she was now.  He could feel 
himself becoming aroused and knew that he wanted her more than he had 
allowed himself to realize.  

Nat felt the blood rush to her face as Nick stood looking at her. Finally 
she found her voice. "What are you doing in here? This is part of Tracy's 
To her dismay, instead of the forceful statement she had meant for it to be, 
her voice was more of a breathless whisper.  Nat realized that she was 
breathing rapidly and that her legs were shaking slightly.

A puzzled look crossed Nick's face. "Matt asked me to get some papers from 
in here. He said it was part of his suite."  Feeling as if he were a piece 
of iron in front of a large magnet, Nick moved slowly toward Nat.  He could 
hear the fast beating of her heart and the quickness of her breath.  'She's 
afraid of me, afraid that I'll hurt her.' He thought sadly.

Nat watched as Nick moved toward her and then stopped.  She was aching to 
feel his arms around her. She had often wished that she had the nerve to 
dress in something incredibly sexy and tempt him.  'He doesn't like what he 
sees. I'm nowhere near as pretty as Janette.' She could feel tears 
threatening and attempted to shield her body from his view.

Nick reached out and gently took her arm. "Don't," he said softly, "I've 
wanted to see you like this for so long." He saw her eyes widen and released 
her arm. "I promise that I won't hurt you Nat. I ... I just want to look at 
you. You are so very beautiful!" He waited to see her reaction.

Nat looked into Nick's face and the love that she saw there made her heart 
jump in her chest.  Swallowing the lump that was in her throat she took a 
step toward him.  "I know you won't hurt me Nick. I've never been afraid of 

Her words sent a rush of relief through Nick. He could feel his desire for 
her increase to almost unbearable proportions. Having just promised that he 
wouldn't hurt her, he wanted to pull her down on the bed and ravish her.  
Nick fought to control himself, he could feel the bulge of his penis as it 
strained against the fabric of his briefs. Turning away for a moment to 
collect himself he noticed the envelope on the bureau. 

Stepping over to it, he picked it up. "This is addressed to both of us Nat." 
He said as he carried back to where she still stood.

"What? Open it. What does it say?"

Nick opened the envelope and removed a single sheet of paper. 

Hi you two, I know that you may both want to kill me for this, but you'll 
have to wait until sometime tomorrow to do it.  I along with everyone else 
at work have watched you both dance around your feelings for each other long 
enough. So consider the situation you now find yourselves in as a shove from 
all of us.  

Matt's dad owns this hotel and he arranged for the room set up tonight. The 
doors are locked from the other side and the phone has been removed. So why 
don't the two of you enjoy yourselves?

See you in the morning!

Have Fun,


For a moment neither of them spoke, finally Nat looked at Nick and smiled. 
"Who would have thought prim, proper, by the book Tracy Vetter could be so 

Nick chuckled. "Who indeed?"

He laid the letter down on the foot of the bed and turned to Nat.  "She's 
right though, we have been 'dancing around' our relationship." 

Nat looked into Nick's eyes. "Do we have a relationship, other than friends?"

Nick reached out and caressed her face. The slight relief that he had 
received while reading the letter had faded and he was painfully aware of 
how much he wanted to follow Tracy's advice. Allowing his hand to slide down 
her neck, he gently pulled her toward him. 

Nat could feel herself quivering as Nick touched her face. When he urged her 
toward him, she willingly went closer. Placing her hands on his chest, 
paused and looked into his eyes. Her heart was pounding as she waited for 
him to answer. 

"I want one Nat, but I'm afraid I'll harm you. That I won't be able to 
control myself." 

Nat could hear the pain and the desire in Nick's voice. Smiling at him, she 
took his hand in her own. "Nick, we'll never know unless we try. I'm not 
afraid of anything you might do." She could feel tears fill her eyes. She 
kissed his hand and then looked into his face. "I... I love you Nick. I want 
to make love with you."

Nick pulled her into his arms and laid his face against her hair. "I love 
you too Nat. I have from the first night I met you." The feel of her body 
beneath the thin robe was like fire along his nerves. 

Nat melted against Nick and immediately became aware of just how aroused he 
was. The bulge of his penis pressing against her caused her own juices to 
begin flowing. That he wanted her, fueled her own desire. Shifting her head, 
she lifted her face toward him.  His lips were so close to hers that it took 
only a slight movement of his head to cause them to meet.  Nat shivered as 
his lips touched hers, feeling as if her entire body were tingling.  She 
parted her lips, and as his tongue met hers, she felt her knees weaken.  

Nick was drowning in the glory of finally holding Nat in a loving embrace. 
So many days he had lain awake imagining how it would feel and now he found 
that his dreams had been but pale imitations of the actuality.  When her 
tongue met his own questing one, Nick felt as if a jolt of electricity had 
flooded his body.  His desire to know her fully screamed for satisfaction. 
Slowly, he slid his hand beneath the sheer fabric of the robe, the warmth of 
her skin calling to him. As he softly cupped her breast in his hand, feeling 
the hardness of her already erect nipples, Nat leaned into him.  The 
fullness of her breast pressing against the palm of his hand. As he began to 
lightly rub his thumb across her nipple, she gave a small moan of pleasure.  
Nick released her lips and looked into her passion filled eyes. With a small 
sound of his own, he let his lips follow where his hands had gone, moving 
slowly down her throat.  Finding the sash that held the robe closed, he 
swiftly undid it. Nat gasped with pleasure as he found her nipple with his 
mouth and the feel of her body, trembling with enjoyment only increased 
Nick's own pleasure. The taste of her was like ambrosia to him. Lifting his 
mouth from her breast, he once again claimed her lips.

Nat felt as if she would die of pleasure.  Nick's cool lips on her skin sent 
waves of desire through her.  When he began to gently suckle her breast she 
gasped with delight. She knew that she had to have him fully, had to feel 
him deep inside her.  As he returned to her welcoming lips, she finally 
managed to find her voice. "Nick, please make love to me," she whispered 
into his ear.

Nick looked into her eyes, "Nat, you know that for me that requires blood.  
I'm afraid that I might take too much, that I might harm you."  He held her 
tightly against him, the loosened his hold enough to look at her. "Are you 
willing to take that chance with your life?"

Nat smiled at the man she loved more than her own life. "Yes, I am Nick. I 
KNOW that you will not hurt me. I KNOW that this is something we can do."  
She felt tears on her checks, "I can't explain how I know this but I have 
never been more certain of anything in my life."

Nick kissed the tears from her checks. "You are my heart and the other half 
of my soul, Natalie and I will love you forever."  He released her only long 
enough to remove his shirt, smiling as her eager hands reached to undo his 
belt and pants. 

As Nick's trousers dropped to the floor, Nat could hear the pounding of her 
own heart in her ears.  She could feel the warm dampness in her crotch, as 
she looked at Nick's body.  The fine blond hairs that covered his chest 
shone in the light from the floor lamp.  His firm muscles rippled beneath 
his pale skin. As he removed his underwear and freed his erection, Nat saw 
that he was very well built indeed and her own body trembled at the 
wonderful thought of his thick, hard manhood inside her. Shrugging the robe 
off and letting it fall to the floor Nat reached down to undo her stockings. 

Nick reached out and stopped Nat's hand. "May I?" He asked.  At her nod Nick 
knelt before her. Running his hands from her ankles her thighs, he undid the 
garters from the stockings. As he slowly rolled first one, then the other 
stocking down her legs, he once again followed his hands with his tongue and 
mouth. After removing each stocking he slipped the garter belt and thong 
from around her hips and allowed them to drop to the floor.  He paused, 
drinking in the sight of her nude body, then pulled her into his arms. 

Nat melted against him, the feel of his cool skin against her seemed to 
cause every nerve in her body to come alive.  She tilted her face toward his 
and met his searching mouth with her own.  This time, she plunged her own 
tongue in to his mouth, exploring it and delighting in the sensation.  She 
felt Nick's arms tighten around her and he deepened the kiss they shared.  

Nick broke the kiss to allow Nat a chance to breath and scooping her up in 
his arms, laid her gently on the bed. He lay beside her and again kissed her 
while his hands caressed and played with her breasts. Nat moaned with 
pleasure at his actions and, timidly at first, began to explore his body 
with her hands.
As Nick indicated his pleasure at her actions, Nat began to fondle and 
caress him with obvious joy.   As her warm hand encircled his penis, Nick 
felt a wave of pleasure sweep through him. The thought of being surround by 
the warm moistness of her vagina was nearly driving him insane with need.

Wanting to sample that moistness, Nick slid his hand down between Nat's 
legs. He smiled as she opened her legs to allow him full access. Gently 
rubbing the sensitive area of her clitoris with one hand, he slipped a 
finger of the other inside her.  Nat made small mewling sounds of pleasure, 
and pressed against his hand. Withdrawing his finger, Nick slid his body 
between her legs.  He kissed the inside of her thighs, and gradually moved 
to the sweet muskiness of her sex.  

Nat felt waves of pleasure sweep over her as Nick nibbled and licked her.  
The sensations were bringing her ever closer to fulfillment.  Just as she 
thought she would faint from the ecstasy Nick  shifted himself and plunged 
his hard manhood deep within her. She gave a small scream of passion as he 
entered her and grabbing for him pulled him into her embrace.

Nick did not move for several moments, just enjoying the moist warmth of 
Natalie. He found her mouth and their plunging tongues met. At last he began 
to slowly move inside her. Together they rose on a spiral of sexual enjoyment. 

As Nat neared climax, she pulled Nick's head to her throat, "Come with me 
Nick. I know you need my blood." She panted into his ear.

Nick found that he could not resist the closeness of the blood pulsing 
through the vein in Nat's throat. He felt his fangs drop and eager for his 
own release, sank them in to her creamy flesh.  As her blood filled his 
mouth, her love filled his soul.  Above the pleasure of her own release that 
now rocked her body, was her love for him and he knew that she was right, he 
would not harm her.  As his own climax shook him, he removed his mouth from 
her throat and looked up into her shining eyes. He knew that she had felt 
the strength of his love for her through the blood bond they would now share 

As her orgasm shook her Nat felt Nick's fangs on her throat.  She was 
stunned and then delighted with the feelings of warmth, caring, and above 
all love that she received through the bond that this act formed between 
them.  His love for her matched hers for him and Natalie knew that never 
again would she feel loneliness.  When he withdrew his fangs from her, she 
felt a sense of loss that was eased only by the realization that the bond, 
though not as vivid still remained.  

No words were needed as they snuggled into each other's arms, they both knew 
in their very souls that they would never again be parted from one another. 
As sleep claimed them the last thought they both had was that Tracy Vetter 
was a good friend indeed.

The End