A Cookie Caper

by Nightlady

Archived October 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

It was Nat's night off from work, and she fully intended to spend it doing
absolutely nothing.  The past few weeks had been more than hectic; it
seemed like at least half the population of the entire province had managed
to get themselves killed.  Nat sighed. She had slept late and was now
curled comfortably on her couch, a good book in hand, just relaxing. It was
a warm spring night and the breeze that floated through her open windows
felt nice on her bare skin. She was dressed in only a small halter-top and
a pair of shorts.  The sudden shrill of her phone caused her to frown.  


"Nat, you've got to help me!" Nick's voice sounded slightly panicked. 

Nat sat up. "Nick? What's wrong?"

"I've done something really foolish," she heard him say, "and I need your

"Nick, are you okay? What have you done?" She asked worriedly. As she
listened to his reply, it was all she could do to keep from laughing in his
ear. At last she managed to say, "I'll meet you at the loft in about an
hour. Don't worry, everything will be fine." As she hung up the phone, Nat
gave in and laughed out loud. "This should be interesting." She said aloud.
She stood, a wicked smile on her face. "In fact, this could prove to be
more than interesting." Nat chuckled as she began to gather the things
she'd need to help Nick.

Just over an hour later, Nat pulled her car up by Nick's building.  As she
got out she spied Nick hurrying toward her. She noted that he paused
momentarily, eyeing her attire, and smiled. "I hope you've calmed down a
bit." She said, smiling as he neared. 

Nick gave her a sheepish look. "I'm still trying to figure out HOW I let
myself get into this predicament." He confessed. 

"Oh, that's easy." Nat said, in a teasing tone of voice. "You are a big
softy for a damsel in distress."

Nick looked at her and at last grinned. "Yeah, I guess I am," he shrugged,
"but if you could have heard how upset she was..."

Nat put her hand on Nick's arm, interrupting him. "I'm glad you agreed. I
think this could be very good for you."

Nick raised an eyebrow, his expression clearly showing that he was nowhere
near as sure about that as she was. Then he shrugged and reached to take
the bags Nat handed him from the back of her car. "I guess we need to get
started," he said, as they head toward the door.  Nick could feel himself
relaxing somewhat. Nat's presence always had that effect on him. As he
stood aside to permit her to get in the lift, he allowed himself to
appreciate just how lovely she looked in the outfit she was wearing. The
halter-top barely contained her full breasts and the shorts were just
that--very short. A pair of sandals completed her outfit. He felt his heart
ache, as it always did, with a longing to take her into his arms and into
his bed. 'At least I can enjoy being with Nat, even if the rest of this
turns out to be a disaster.' Nick thought as they rode the lift up to his

Once inside, Nat quickly got to work. She removed bowls, baking pans,
measuring cups and spoons, from one set of bags and arranged them on the
large dining table.  Flour, sugar, cooking chocolate, eggs and whipping
cream, among other items, were removed from the rest of the bags. She then
looked at Nick who stood watching her in a silk shirt and dress pants.

"Nick," Nat said, amusement clear in her voice, "it might be a good idea to
put on something a little less formal to do this. I'm not at all sure that
chocolate stains can be removed from silk." 'Besides, with any luck I might
actually get to see some of you!' She thought.

Nick looked down at his clothes. "I'm not sure I have anything less
formal." He confessed. 

Nat rolled her eyes. "Do you have a tee shirt?" She saw him nod. "Good, how
about a pair of shorts? Never mind, I can tell by that look that you don't.
I know that you have jeans. Go put a pair of them on." Nat ordered. 

Nick headed for the stairs and a few moments later reappeared, now dressed
in a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans that all but made Nat drool. He
wore slip on casual shoes with no socks on his feet. 'Oh well, I guess
hoping for a tank top style tee shirt was a bit much,' Nat thought, "but I
do like the way those jeans fit!' "Much better!" She said aloud. "Now come
on over here and we'll get started." 

Nick hesitated, "Nat, I'm not sure I can do this." The last thing he wanted
to do was become sickened by the odor of the food.

Nat looked at him. "Of course you can." She said reassuringly. "I'll help
you." She went to him and took his hand, pulling him toward the table. "Who
knows, you might even have fun."

Nick started to give her a doubtful look, when he suddenly realized that
one advantage of what they were going to do was that he would be in very
close proximity to Nat. "Maybe, I will." He mused. For the first time that
evening, Nick felt that perhaps this might not be such a bad situation,
after all. 

With Nat's help, he began to measure, sift and mix.  To Nick's relief, even
though the odors of the various ingredients weren't at all appetizing to
him, neither did they make him feel ill. In fact, he barely noticed them as
his attention was fastened on the unique scent of Nat. When she slid
between his arms to show him how to work the dough he'd made, he had a hard
time concentrating on what she was saying. The feel of her body touching
his was invoking a very definite response in him. 

Nat allowed herself to lean back against Nick as she guided his hands. She
smiled as she felt his hardness press against her butt. 'Good, he does want
me.' She thought as aloud she explained what to do with the dough. 

A short time later, the rich smell of chocolate filled Nick's loft. Nick
and Nat sat side by side on the leather couch, waiting until the cookies
were finished cooling. The windows were open and the cool breeze now
wafting through the large room was not only cooling the cookies, so that
they could be iced, but had made the room cool enough that Nat sat
comfortably snuggled in Nick's arms. 

"You never did tell me exactly WHY you had to bake cookies." Nat said
looking, at him. "All you told me was that it involved Jenny Schanke."

Nick chuckled, the actual cooking had gone far better than he had dared to
hope, and rested his face against Nat's hair. "It seems that Jenny's class
is having some sort of bake sale," he explained, "and one of the
requirements is that the items have to be baked by the child's father or
other male relative or friend. With Schanke out of town for that trial in
Regina, Jenny didn't know whom else to ask." 

Nat shifted in his arms so that she could look at his face. "I am very glad
that you agreed to do it. It shows compassion and consideration for Jenny."
She smiled at the pleased expression that crossed his face. "And I'm even
happier that you knew that you could call and ask me to help you." She added.

Nick kissed her lightly on the forehead. "I do have a tendency to yell to
you for help, don't I?" he asked.

Nat shrugged, "There's nothing wrong with asking for help. It's a very
human thing to do."  She could feel her heartbeat increase as Nick's arms
tightened around her. She loved being held in his arms and ached for even
more intimate contact.  'Let's get the cookies finished first, Lambert.'
She mentally reminded herself. 'Since Jenny was kind enough to provide this
opportunity, it wouldn't be nice to disappoint her.'  "We should finish the
cookies," she said aloud. 

Nick nodded, reluctant to release her; the feel of her against him was both
soothing and exciting. 'Jenny, I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I'm
making.' He thought as he allowed Nat to rise from the couch. He followed
close behind her as she walked over to where the cookies were arranged on
wire racks.  

The cookies had been cut into gingerbread man shapes. Nat instructed Nick
in how to whip the cream. She then had him mix in powdered sugar to form a
whipped cream based frosting. She fixed two parchment pastry tubes and put
half of the finished frosting in each. Handing one tube to Nick, she took
one for herself and showed him how to use the icing to turn the plain
cookies into clown cookies.

Nat quickly finished her share of the cookies and looked to see how Nick
was doing. Nat watched as Nick worked with total concentration. The earnest
effort he was putting into the job made her smile. 'He definitely needs to
learn to lighten up a bit,' she thought. Her smile broadened and she
quietly moved over to him. 

Nick was concentrating on getting just the right amount of frosting to form
a ruff on the cookie in his hand. He didn't realize that Nat had moved
until her hand was suddenly in front of his face and something sticky was
deposited on his nose. 

"Wha...!" He exclaimed. He looked at Nat, her eyes sparkling with mischief,
as she stood just out of his reach. 

Nat looked at Nick, with his golden blonde curls, cornflower blue eyes and
a large gob of white whipped cream icing on the end of his nose, and
started to giggle. "Oops?" she said, laughing. 

Nick narrowed his eyes at her. "Oh, oops?" He stood slowly, his lips
quivering as he sought to keep a straight face. He pointed to his nose,
"Somehow, I don't think that THIS qualifies as oops."  He moved toward her.

Nat raised her tube of frosting. "Oh, and just what are you going to do
about it if it was on purpose?" She nodded toward the tube in her hand.
"Remember, there's plenty more where that came from." She managed to say
between giggles. 

Nick suddenly was in front of her, gently pinning her arms down away from
his face. "What are you going to do now?" He inquired as he leaned down
toward her. "I think you need to at least clean this stuff off of me." He
added, smiling to be sure that Nat knew he wasn't really angry with her.  

Nat looked into his eyes. "You're absolutely right. I should clean it off
of you." She murmured as she raised herself on tiptoe to lick at the
frosting. As she lowered herself her lips brushed against his. She heard
him draw in a sharp breath then he was pulling her against him. His mouth
clamped down on hers, and she gave herself to his kiss. At the same time,
she eased one hand toward the waistband of his jeans. 

Nick tasted the sweetness of the frosting, but it was overwhelmed by the
taste of Nat's lips. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, hungrily pulling
her against him. He could feel her warmth and hear the singing of her
blood. He felt her hands at his waist, and moaned as she undid the button
and zipper on his jeans. He could feel his excitement growing as he
anticipated the soft warm touch of her hand on his now pulsing member.  His
own hands were running through her hair, and over the soft skin of her back
that the halter exposed.  It was only when he felt something that he KNEW
was NOT Nat's hand on his manhood that he broke the kiss. 

Nat had managed to keep enough of her wits about her to carefully insert
the open end of the frosting tube into the waistband of Nick's briefs. Once
she was sure it was aimed as best she could without looking she gave the
tube a solid squeeze. She felt Nick start as the frosting covered his
already hardening member. As he broke the kiss, she looked up at him and
feigning contriteness said, "Oh, I guess I'll have to lick that off, too."

Nick stood completely still for a moment. He couldn't quite make himself
believe that he'd heard Nat correctly. Not that he minded the idea, indeed,
he'd had many a fantasy of her doing exactly that (though with out the
frosting, of course) however, the idea that she might actually not only be
willing but actually want to do so had not really entered his mind. "Nat,
are you sure that's what you want to do?" he rasped out of a suddenly dry

Nat nodded, "It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time."  

Nick heard the plain desire in her voice. He stepped out of his shoes and
jeans and allowed her to lead him over to the leather couch. There she
removed his briefs and with a small push made him sit. Nat knelt between
his legs and slowly began to lick the frosting from his swollen cock. Nick
gasped as her tongue caressed and teased him. When she took him completely
inside her mouth, still licking him and sucking on him as if her were a
lollipop, he groaned aloud in pleasure. His breath came in gasps as his
need for her grew in intensity. He wanted to taste her, too. To see the
fullness of her beauty and, he admitted to himself, to make love to her. He
smiled as he managed to find his voice to call her name, while his hands
swiftly undid the tie holding up the halter-top she had on. 

Nat felt Nick as he hardened and grew under the ministrations of her tongue
and mouth. She knew that he would require fresh blood to achieve his
release, but she wasn't afraid. In her very soul, she knew that Nick would
never harm her. When he called her name, she raised her eyes to his face.
She realized that he had undone the tie on her top and smiled in
anticipation. When he urged her up from her kneeling position, she
complied, the top falling unheeded onto the floor.  

Nick watched her rise. The creamy whiteness of her breasts, with their
darker nipples, called to him. Slowly, making sure that he had her consent,
he first stroked both breasts with his hands, then took one soft, smooth
nipple into his mouth. He heard Nat's sigh of pleasure as he teased it to
hardness with his tongue. She leaned toward him, breathing rapidly as his
actions caused waves of exquisite feeling to run through her. 

Nick found the waistband of her shorts, and hooking his fingers in it
pulled them, and the small bikini underpants beneath them down over her
hips. As he did so, he moved his own hungry mouth lower across the firm
flesh of her stomach. He kissed her navel as the scent of her arousal
reached his nostrils. His hands stroked her butt and then moved down to
caress her thighs before gently urging them apart. 

Nat felt the cold fire of Nick's lips and tongue as they traced a path of
pure sexual pleasure across her body. She willingly opened her legs to
admit his cool touch on the hot, swollen center of her arousal. When he
slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt, she felt as if a bolt of
lightning had struck her. She moaned with need and desire, grabbing at his
hair to press closer to him. Even though she was not used to being naked in
front of a man, being this way with Nick felt so right.  

Nick felt the hot slickness of her innermost being and in that instant knew
that there would be no going back. His need to bury himself deep in her was
overwhelming and would not be denied. He removed his fingers and pulled her
down onto the couch with him. 

Nat kicked off her sandals and stepped out of the clothes pooled around her
ankles. The feeling of Nick's cool body against her made her squirm with
lust and need. She met his mouth with her own, hungrily searching it with
her tongue. She felt him stiffen as his fangs descended and knew that this
time she would not permit him to back away. She could no longer stand the
frustration of her unconsummated love for him.  

"Nick," she panted, "I know that you will need to feed from me. It's all
right. I WANT you to, I want to be one with you." She met his gold eyes
with her blue ones. 

Nick looked into Nat's trusting eyes. "I want to be one with you, too. I
love you," he told her, "and I cannot stand another night apart from you."
Her smile and the look she gave him strengthened his resolve to not take
too much. He would love her; he would not harm her.

Nat's heart sang as she heard Nick finally say the words she had despaired
of ever hearing from him. "I love you." She said, her voice carrying a
message far deeper than the three simple words. She opened her legs and,
taking his hard member in her hand, guided him to her slick opening.  She
cried out in joy as she felt him enter her. He filled her slowly and she
knew that never would she be any happier than she was at this moment.

Nick eased his shaft into her. As her warmth surrounded him, he felt his
climax begin to build. Slowly, he moved in her. His mouth covered hers and
his hands explored the oasis of her body. He felt her answering thrusts and
together they rose to the heights of their mutual ecstasy. Just as he
sensed Nat was about to reach her climax, Nick sank his fangs into her
pliant flesh. He felt her body spasm in orgasm as her blood burst into his
mouth. He felt her love for him, her absolute sureness that he would not
harm her and the first tenuous formation of a bond between them. Her love
and faith filled him and his hunger was quickly sated. His body shook with
his own release, and he withdrew his fangs from her. He held her snugly in
his arms knowing that his bleak, lonely existence was a thing of the past.
>From this moment on, Nat would always be at his side and his world no
longer cloaked in darkness. The brightness of her love for him would banish
the shadows.

Nat barely felt the sting of Nick's fangs so powerful was her orgasm. Wave
after wave of feeling washed over her causing her vaginal muscles to
contract around Nick's steel hard cock. As he drank, she felt his fear that
she would loathe him for his beast's nature and then his joy as he felt her
love for him. His love for her wrapped around her like a cocoon and she
knew that she would never again feel alone, or frightened.  She knew that
from now on she would always be safe in Nick's love and in his arms. It was
with a sense of sorrow she felt his fangs withdraw but the feel of his
overwhelming joy as he achieved his own climax comforted her. 

They lay wrapped in their love for one another for several minutes. At last
they rose and finished the cookies, carefully storing them in the fridge
until Myra would come by to pick them up later in the day. After cleaning
up the kitchen,
Nick and Nat went hand in hand up the stairs. Nick knew that unless Nat
found a cure soon he would bring her across. He could not bear to exist
without her and he now knew that she felt the same way. Perhaps, sometime
in the future, when they did find a cure they could live out their mutual
dream of a family. Nick smiled content in knowing that together, they would
face whatever the future held in store, unafraid and secure that with their
combined love and faith, they WOULD know happiness. 

The end