24 Hours

by Heather L. Markle

Archived July 2001
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

This is actually a love letter to Stormy and her writing. It is set in her
universe 4 years after the events in Second Chances & Everything. If you
have not read these stories yet, Please! go and do so! They are my best
hope for Nick & Nat after Last Knight.They can be found on Stormy's fiction
page: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/2012/Fiction.html

       Natalie snuggled into her cloak as Nick held her tightly. How long
had it been since they  last flew? Since before their daughter was born,
she realized with a start. Where was he taking her? They had long since
left Toronto and Natalie didn't think they had ever flown this fast before.

        As if to answer her unspoken question, Nick said "New York, my dear."
        New York! No wonder they were going so fast. It was so cold Natalie
had to keep her face turned into Nick's shoulder. She was quite sure she
could not have survived the trip if she was fully mortal.

        ******          Tracy and Daniel had shown up early that afternoon
and without explanation, Tracy had dragged Natalie off to the day spa while
Daniel stayed with the children.
        Natalie was the first to admit she needed it. The combination of
motherhood and being a cop's wife, even a vampire cop's wife, had been
really wearing her down lately. If felt so good to go to the spa - hair cut
and styled, manicure, massage, facial. Natalie knew that something was up
when Tracy ordered a full make-over for her.
        Then Tracy , smiling so hard you'd think her face would crack, led
her to the boutique. As the sales ladies were gathering  evening gowns for
her to try on, Tracy pressed a box into Natalie's hands. "Here, put these
on, and don't tell Nick!"
        Natalie went into the dressing room and opened the box. Amazement
lit up her features as she pulled out a black corset with matching panties,
garter belt and black silk stockings.  She _never_ expected Tracy to come
up with something like this! Shaking her head in bewilderment she put then
on and started trying on gowns.
        It didn't take long to find "the dress". As soon as she stood in
front of the three-way mirror she knew this was it. All activity in the
shop stopped as everyone looked at the beautiful woman.
        Tracy sucked in her breath and simply said "Wow, Nat."
        The dress was covered in beadwork. The colors ranged from navy to
royal to peacock with gold accents. It had a scoop neckline in the front
ending just low enough to show a slight curve of the breasts. The back had
a deep v, showing off her hair and neck. There were two side slits coming
to just above the knee for walking.
        Natalie smiled back at the reflection, pleased for the first time
in a long time at her appearance, when suddenly he was there.
        "It's beautiful," he said, kissing the nape of her neck. "It just
needs one more thing to make it perfect." He slipped the de Brabant
necklace around her neck. The stone immediately started glowing blue.
        "Nick!" Natalie turned and kissed him. "But why?"
        "You'll see," he grinned and turned to Tracy. "Is everything set?"
        "Yep, see you tomorrow. Have a great time."
        Natalie noticed while they were talking that Nick had on his Armani
tux. What was he up to?
        Nick led her out of the store and helped her into a black velvet
cloak and gloves. They were heavier and warmer than she expected. Natalie
suspected they were lined with some insulation. Then, holding her tightly,
Nick took off.


        Landing unseen in the big city, Nick led her to the theatre.
        "Come on," he smiled. "We have an eight-thirty curtain."
        Natalie's face lit up when she saw the marque. "Here? But you said
you didn't want to see this show!"
        "Yes, but you said you did."
        They glided through the lobby and were shown to their seats - front
row center. "I considered getting a box, but I thought you might like it
better here."
        Waiting on her seat was a small plastic florists box which
contained a corsage. It had a white flower and was trimmed with a dark blue
velvet ribbon. Natalie breathed in its heady fragrance.
        "Jasmine. Night blooming, of course." she grinned.
        "Of course." Nick agreed as he pinned it to her dress. She kissed
him passionately, then they settled into their seats.

        Nick's heart sang as seeing seeing Natalie so happy. She was her
old self again. Smiling, laughing, singing, holding his hand. Just like she
had been on their honeymoon.  After the show and dinner - sushi, a rare
treat in Toronto - he let her take the lead. He was surprised when she
directed him to Central park and the Planetarium.
        "Please, Nick."
        "Your wish, my lady."
        He was even more surprised at how much he enjoyed the show. The
antique planetarium combined with the modern lasers and rock music. He
found himself laughing, pointing and singing along with Natalie.
        The evening was delightful. Full of talking, sharing and sweet
kisses. Every know and then, Nick could see Natalie's eyes change slightly
with desire. He was looking forward to later, when they would be alone.
        Next came dancing. Nick had to admit they made a stunning couple. A
number of people stopped them to compliment Natalie and she simply glowed
with the praise. When he sensed her beginning to tire he asked her if she
was ready to go.
        "What's next?"
        "You'll see" he flashed his most charming smile at her. Bundled up
they flew back to Toronto  and landed.
        "Here?" Natalies eyes reflected the wonder in her voice.

        The loft. She hadn't seen it it since they had moved out, over two
years ago. She looked around and was flooded with memories: the first time
she had come here; Nick at the piano; watching videos on the couch
together; the night he had brought her across  and she had
saved his life... So many memories. She had fallen in love with Nick here.
Silent ears ran down her face as she was overwhelmed by nostalgia.
        "Nat?" Nick's voice was filled with concern as he took her gently
into his arms and started kissing her tears away.
        "It's okay, it just...memories." She smiled through her tears at him.
        "I know. I felt the same way when I opened it up." He held her closer.
        After a moment she looked up at him. Her eyes locked with his.
"Thank you for bringing me here, Nick. It was so very thoughtful." She
kissed him lightly at first, then, with a sigh, she relaxed into his arms
and let he kiss deepen. His lips were cold from the long flight. They
excited her. She kissed him again and again, each time longer and hotter.
She moaned slightly as his tongue played with her's. After a few minutes
she broke away and breathed raggedly "Excuse me, a moment..." she stammered
and backed away.
        Nick's eyes where already glowing pale as he nodded silently.
Natalie disappeared into the guess bathroom.
        He stood still a moment, savoring her taste and the feel of her
body as it passed against him. She was so beautiful. He was surprised at
how aroused he already was.
        Nick lit the candles on the mantle and was working on the fire when
Natalie came back. He stood and turned around. His first reaction was
shock! Natalie stood there, almost naked,  the firelight making her silk
stockings glisten. Her pale flesh glowed between the strips of black lace.
her breasts were pushed up by the corset  into sexy mounds. Nick's
jaw dropped and his fangs quickly followed.
        Natalie's eyes flashed amber with desire - blood desire! Nick's
smell was driving her crazy. She lifted her head, bared her fangs and
        That was it! Nick's humanity was gone, totally forgotten and the
animal-beast inside of him replaced it. He leaped over the couch and had
Natalie in an instant. Hungrily they began to kiss, crushing each other's
mouths. The scent of the other's blood drove their insanity. Simultaneously
they sunk their fangs into each others neck and drank.
        As Natalie's sweet blood flowed into him, it quenched his desire
and reignited it as he felt her desire for him. Over and over again the
fire burned through them - like a charge in a closed circuit. They held
each other so tightly that mortal bodies would have been crushed and
broken, but the pain only sweetened the blood pleasure between them. Slowly
the roaring in their heads quieted and the blood thirst was sated.
        The animal hunger drained away. It was replaced by the needs of a
man and a woman. Nick gently removed his fangs from Natalie's neck, kissing
and licking the wounds gently as they healed. He released her from his iron
grip as he felt her do the same.  He looked into her eyes. They were clear
blue again, but the burning desire he saw in them made his knees weak. He
knew his eyes burned with the same need.
        "Nick," she said huskily.
        He kissed her forehead as he pulled her close. She was undressing
him. His jacket disappeared and he was aware she was ripping the buttons
off his shirt with her teeth.  He quickly removed the bowtie and shirt and
was back in her arms again. The feeling of her breasts, in the lace corset,
pushed against his bare chest was incredible. He kissed her eyes, her ears,
her neck and back to her luscious mouth. Their tongues were alive, touching
and probing each other's.
        Nick heard himself moaning as her mouth traveled down his neck and
to his nipples. As she sucked and bit, he pressed his cock into her soft,
hot breasts. He tried to undo his pants, but was having trouble with it.
Natalie quickly sensed his frustration and removed them and his silk
underwear as well - which were soaked with his excitement.
        Natalie sat on the couch and grabbed his ass, pulling his hard cock
into her mouth. She played with his tip, grazing it lightly with her teeth,
then suddenly deep throating his whole length. He gasped as he felt her
mouth engulf him- it was so hot, so wet. His hands grabbed her hair.
        "Nat!   Please... not yet!" he begged.
        Slowly, achingly slowly, she teased him. Nick's breath came in
short gasps. Recovering a moment, he knelt in front of her. Kissing her, he
could taste himself on her. His hands wandered over her body, resting at
last on her breasts. She moaned as his fingers caressed her rock-hard
        He stopped kissing her so he could free her breasts from the
corset. His eyes drank in the sight of her; her lips swollen from kissing,
her hair pulled free of its fancy setting, the red mark on her neck from
their earlier intercourse, her round breasts freed for the black lace, her
nipples red and huge, like sweet berries. He felt his desire soar. He
wanted her like never before.  He saw her looking at him, at his long cock,
dripping with wetness and knew she was reaching new heights as well.
        He began sucking her nipples, first one, then his tongue would
trail over to the other. Natalie's moans became more insistent. He removed
her panties and began stroking her, his hand quickly becoming wet with her
desire, as she pushed herself against him.
        He felt her pushing his head down and was happy to comply. He
spread her legs wide, running his hands along her stockings. So naughty, he
thought. He began licking her, first softly at her lips, then he let his
tongue dip deeper,  sliding along the side of and over her clitoris. It was
hot and hard. He enjoyed playing with it, tonguing it, listening to
Natalie's cries grow louder and more fevered. Gently he slipped two fingers
into her vagina. It contracted around them as her screams hit a new octave.
She grabbed his head, locking her fingers in his hair and pulling him
        "Nick! . . . Nick! . . . NICK!" Her screams were loud enough to be
heard on the street. Luckily the neighborhood was deserted. He kept licking
until he was sure she was finished coming and she gently pushed him away.
He held her close until her shaking stopped, then he kissed her gently. Her
eyes opened and in a look, he knew what she needed.
        He pushed here down onto the couch and lay on top of her, kissing,
touching, building. Then he sat back on his heels and slipped an arm under
each of her knees. Natalies eyes snapped open in surprise as he lifted her
into the air and then plunged his cock into her. Nick held her still a
moment as the feelings washed over him, then slowly began to stroke.
Sliding in and out, deeper and harder each time. He became aware of the
sounds coming from his throat as he heard and felt Natalie come. The
excitement was building inside of him. She was so tight, so wet, so good!
        "Oh, Nat! Nat, I'm coming!" Flame burst from inside of him. He felt
waves of pleasure start in his cock and wash over him with every stroke
again and again! He could feel Natalie coming against him, her screams
mingling with his.
        When it was over he slowly , gently pulled out and lowered Natalie.
He lay down next to her, wrapped his arm around her and rested.
        Once their breathing returned to normal, he turned his head and
regarded his wife. They had  know each other for so long, been through so
much together and yet tonight he had seen something in her totally new. He
loved her so much it made his heart ache. He was so blessed, so grateful.
        Natalie studied his face, she saw his eyes tear up. "Nick, what's
wrong?" Her face filled with worry.
        "I'm alright." He took her hand and kissed it. "You amaze me, you
know that? I just can't believe how wonderful you are. How much you give
        "Nick! I love you! Completely, now and forever." The stone in her
necklace blazed green.
        He smiled at her and found her smiling back. "Ready for bed?"

        "Yeah, but I think I need a drink."
        "Me too"
        Slowly they walked hand in hand to the kitchen. Natalie got two
glasses, filling one with water and the other with bloodwine. They drank
and refilled them.
        "That's some outfit," Nick said as they started up the stairs.
        "Do you like it?" asked Natalie with a naughtiest grin on her face.
        "Yes, very much," he smiled. "Where... umm how did you come to be
wearing it?"
        "Oh, a little bird gave it to me," she answered, still smiling.
        "Oh," Nick nodded.
        Reaching the bedroom, he helped her get undressed and climbed into
bed with her.
        Natalie laid back and looked around. "This bed sure brings back
        "um hmm" Nick replied, sleepily.
        "Nick. . ."
        Nick opened his eyes and saw Natalie starting at him. Her eyes were
        He could see her fangs had dropped. "You are voracious, aren't
you?" Nick marveled. At the same time he felt his own eyes turn pale and
his fangs drop in response.
        "Yes, for you," she said as she leaned over and gently bit his
neck. His breath deepened as he felt her sucking his blood. Then he felt
_her_. It hit him like a stone wall; her hunger, her beautiful erotic
desire, and the love behind it. His own hunger rose up in response and he
        Natalie, sated, laid back and pulled Nick on top of her. He reached
for her neck but she stopped him. With that naughty grin  she pressed his head to her right breast.
        "Here. Bite me here."
        Nick eagerly obeyed, drinking deeply, tasting her. Her love was so
strong, it would have been overwhelming if his was not just as strong.
Moments passed and soon Nick had had enough. They were beyond words then,
their minds  and thoughts linked together.  He gathered her into his arms
and kissed her soundly then they snuggled down to sleep.
        Nick's last though was 'This is my wife?' As he surrendered to
sleep he heard Natalie giggle.

        Natalie woke up and looked at the clock. 2: 52 She knew she had a
little  while before Nick awoke. 'He must be tired from all that flying',
she thought, 'and other things too'. She smiled and remembered all the
events of last night.  She looked at Nick and lightly stroked his arm. "You
are so special, Nick. Thank you for sharing yourself with me." She leaned
over and kissed him. He murmured something and rolled over.
        She felt different. Last night was the first time they had drank
for each other  at the same time. Her clinical mind told her it shouldn't
have changed anything, they had exchanged blood hundreds of times before.
But somehow Nat was different now. Nick was too, she realized.
        Natalie got up and got to work. Quickly she ran downstairs and
collected the velvet gloves from last night. She went to the refrigerator
and grabbed the orange juice she knew would be there for her. She paused a
moment, twisting her hair, thinking. Then she shrugged, put the oj back,
and grabbed the bottle of bloodwine. Pulling the cork out with her teeth,
(how many times had she seen Nick do that?) she took a long swallow.
        It wasn't anything like Nick's blood, that was like drinking pure
love. But it wasn't bad and was oddly satisfying. Natalie sighed, knowing
that Nick would be upset to find that she was one step closer to being a
full vampire. It didn't bother her because he was so much closer to being
mortal. It was a fair trade to Natalie and one that she made freely.
        Grabbing another bottle she went back upstairs. She spent a moment
in the bathroom, cleaning up, then went back to the bed.
        Nick was lying on his side, his arms stretched out as if his was
reaching for her on his sleep. She slipped on the gloves and began stroking
his right arm. She followed the velvet touches with soft, wet kisses -
first his fingers, then his hand, then his wrist. Nick moaned in his sleep,
rolling onto his back. Natalie could see his erection starting.
        She continued up his arm, touching, licking, enjoying the taste of
him, then she moved over his shoulder and neck. He was definitely starting
to wake now. she moved down to pleasure his nipples. She touched, sucked
and blew on them until they were hard. Easily she moved on to his stomach.
She enjoyed taking her time. Lately their lovemaking had been so rushed, it
was a pleasure to be slow.
        She moved to his right hip, nibbling lightly on his pelvic bone. He
was purring now. Natalie loved it. Down his leg, caressing his powerful
thighs - Natalie got hot just thinking about them. She loved the way they
moved and pushed him inside of her.
        She traveled down the rest of his leg and foot, blowing lightly on
his pink toes.  He giggled and she giggled back.
        Switching to his left leg, she started on those toes.  Always
letting her velvet clad hands lead and her mouth follow. With agonizing
slowness she worked up his leg, this time focusing on the inside.
        It was obvious that Nick was awake by the way he grabbed her hair
as soon as she got in range. Threading his fingers through her curls, he
dragged her up to his cock, where her hands were already stroking and
        Natalie looked up to see her husband's eyes were amber and
shinning. His fangs showed as he made a noise that wasn't quite human. She
forced down her own inner beast for a few moments more and turned her
attention to his now hardened cock. As slow as she could, she sucked it
into her mouth, inching in and out, completely ignoring his pleas for
mercy. The screams he let out while she finally took his whole length into
her mouth pleased her in a evil way.
        "Nat! Oh God! Nat!"
        With a speed he didn't expect, Natalie surged up and captured his
wrists in her hands. She pressed them down onto the bed as she straddled
him. He looked surprised, then growled in naked hunger to her.
        "Natalie," he breathed.
        She smiled and lowered herself on to him. Her own eyes glowed pale
as she purred a low growl of her own.
        His cock was deliciously cool inside of her and she stroked against
it hard. It felt so good. Her pleasure rose inside of her as she could feel
Nick growing even harder.  Pinned down and unable to touch her, he writhed
at her touch.
        When she came close to climax she released Nick wrists. He grabbed
her breasts and  suckled them. Natalie's head snapped back as she came.
Screaming his name as wave after wave overcome her.
        She felt Nick start to orgasm as hers ended. With a roar, she sunk
her fangs into his neck. His blood sprayed into her mouth, carrying his
orgasm with it. Natalie drank hungerly as she felt Nick pick her up and
bite down onto her.
        The circle was complete. Natalie let her self drown in the pleasure
that was NickNatalie. They were one in everyway- every thought, every
feeling was shared and enjoyed.
        After a time  Natalie released him and felt Nick
kiss her neck, then snuggled her in his arms. They lay together like two
spoons, languidly savoring each other and the love that was greater than
either if them.

        The loft, being originally a bachelor's pad had a shower with three
heads. Nick never used more than one when he was by himself, but now he
turned on all three. He led Natalie in by the hand and began washing her.
His soapy hands covered every part of her gently and lovingly. She sighed
happily and let the sprays of warm water wash over her.
        Then she took her turn to bathe Nick. His body tensed then relaxed
under her touch. After they were both throughly clean they just stood,
embracing each other as the waters warmth poured over them.
        Taking a deep breath, Natalie gave Nick a look of apology and
turned off the water. They playfully dried each other and went back into
the bedroom.     "So, what's next?" asked Natalie.
        "Here," Nick handled her a pile of folded clothes. "I'm afraid our
coach is about to turn into a pumpkin."
        Natalie inspected the pile, finding a shirt, jeans, sweater ,socks
and  new matching bra and panties. Smiling she put them on
and found Nick picking up in the bathroom.
        "What do you think?" she asked, spinning around.
        Nick smiled, "Well, it's not what you wore last night, but it's
very pretty." He kissed her lips.
        "Thank you, I like them very much." She went back to finish dressing.
        The buzzer sounded.
        "I'll get it," Nick called out.
        Who could that be? Natalie wondered as she came to the top of the
stairs. Nick was closing the door. "Should I bring our stuff down?"
        "No, leave it. I'll get it all when I come back to close this down."
        "How are we getting home? Fly?"
        Nick smiled, "No, I'm alittle tired for that. The bike's downstairs."
        "I could fly us home."
        "Nat, you don't fly."
        Suddenly she was behind him. I"I think I could."
        He startled. He didn't quite jump, but definitely startled. Natalie
couldn't help but smile a tiny but. He had snuck up and surprised her so
many times.
        "How long have you been able to do that?"
        "First time," she shrugged.
        He took her into his arms. "It's probably from last night. Are you
okay with this?" He looked concerned.
        "I'm fine with it. Are you?"
        He looked into her eyes and listened to her heartbeat. "I guess
so." He sighed, "we are in this together, right?"
        She kissed him. "Right." She knew he was aware that she had drunk
bloodwine before. "It's okay, Nick. I may be becoming more vampire-like,
but I'm _not_ a vampire!" She put his hand on her heart, even though she
knew he could hear it's beating. The touched his heart with her hand,
feeling it's slower beat and said "and neither are you."
        She saw the relief in his eyes as he swept her into a kiss that
left her lips tingling. "I love you, Dr. Lambert."
        "I love you, Detective knight." She was happy that he had accepted
the change. "Who was at the door?"
        He handed her a Fed Ex envelope. "Here, this is for you." He was
giving her his 'little-boy' smile.
        Natalie wonder how he was able to surprise her after all they had
shared as opened the envelope and found a large photo inside. It had been
taken the night before while they were dancing. It was beautiful. In it
they were looking at each other and smiling, completely enjoying each other
and totally unaware of the camera.
        "Nick! Thank you!" She jumped up and kissed him.
        "I wanted you to always remember last night", he said, kissing her back.
        "As if I could forget?"
        Nick went to the closet and took out two helmets and leather
jackets. He helped her into hers and offered her his arm. "My lady, your
steed awaits."
        Natalie smiled, took his arm and walked to the lift, to return to
their children and regular life.

The End