101 Reasons to Take a Bath

by SisWckdnes


Archived July 2001
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further

It had been a long, grueling night and she was dead on her feet. "...DEAD on
my feet. Oh that's funny, Lambert!" giggled Natalie as she made a mental note
to share that little pun with Nick. She had gone in early to process some of
Nick's blood. He had been having so many setbacks lately, that she wanted to
see what effect they were having. After spending 2 hours looking at blood
samples, she had been called out to a murder scene; a multiple homicide. She
had spent several exhausting hours performing 4 autopsies and the associated
paperwork in addition to completing follow-up paperwork for 6 other cases.
She only had three wishes for tonight: a bath, her bed, and Nick.

"Well, two out of three ain't bad," she mumbled to herself.

After making a detour to the kitchen for a glass of wine, Natalie headed for
the bathroom. She filled the tub with her favorite bubble bath and lit the
scented candles that were scattered about the area. Next, she flipped a
switch on the radio and soft rock music permeated the little room.

She slipped beneath the mound of bubbles, emitting a gratified sigh. "This is
exactly what I needed." Sipping her wine, she let her head fall back to the
rim of the tub and closed her eyes. The combination of the wine, music, and
warm water were having the desired effect on her body. All the aches and
pains were seeping out and feelings of contentment were taking their place.

"If only Nick were here," Natalie said, allowing herself just a smidgen of
self-pity. She snuggled into the bubbles and let her mind wander.

She had just started to drift off, when she heard a voice reply, "But I am."

She looked up to see Nick lounging in the doorway. He must have gone home to
change, because the vest and dress pants he had worn to work were replaced
with a blue silk shirt and tight black jeans. Natalie didn't think she had
seen him look any better than he did right now.

Slipping farther down into the bubbles, she asked hesitantly, "What are you
doing here?"

"I came to see you," he replied, as he moved further into the room. "I wanted
to see if you were OK. You looked like something was bothering you earlier."

Nick casually sauntered to the tub and sat down on its edge. Reaching behind
Natalie, he grabbed the sponge and started to run it slowly up and down her

"Um. . .uh. . .I was just tired," she stammered, starting to sit up straighter
in the water.

"Well, why don't you try to relax and let me take care of everything."

Nick gently pushed her back down and, starting at the tips of her fingers ran
the sponge slowly up her arm to the base of her neck. Nudging her hair aside,
the sponge traveled around her neck to make the same journey down her other

Natalie couldn't believe this was really happening. She let her gaze travel
over him. His arms were so strong and powerful, but when he held her, she
could feel their tenderness. His blue silk shirt did wonderful things for his
chest. It clung to his shoulders and molded to him like a lover's caress.
She never thought that she would be envious of a shirt.

Lifting her arms, she let her fingers explore the soft fabric. They slid up
his arm and glided down to his chest, stopping only long enough to slip the
buttons out of their holes. When she had the shirt opened, her hands wandered
up to push it off his shoulders. They then made a return trip down his chest
to explore what had been forbidden territory. Her fingers tangled in the
coarse, blond hair that was sprinkled across his chest and tapered down past
his washboard stomach. She raked her fingernails over his nipples. Natalie
wasn't sure, but she thought she heard a growl emanate from deep within him.

While Natalie was engrossed in her exploration of his chest, Nick was
furthering his investigation of her body. He trailed the sponge back up her
arm and over her shoulder. Upon reaching the base of her neck, he allowed the
sponge fall to the water, forgotten. His fingertips grazed the smooth, silky
skin of her cheek; and traveled the few inches needed to her lips. There, he
probed their supple fullness, gently coaxing them apart.

Natalie yielded to his unspoken command. Her lips parted, leaving a tender
kiss on his fingers. Nick took advantage of the opening and slipped a finger
inside. With only a slight hesitation, Natalie trapped it between her teeth
and started to suck on it. Closing her eyes, she fantasized putting her mouth
on Nick's more intimate anatomy.

Nick lost himself in the wonderful sensation of her mouth. The sweet torment
she was providing shot a flame of pure lust straight to his groin. Shifting,
he tried to relieve some of the pressure.

Her eyes opened when she felt him move. Recognizing his problem, she rose to
her knees. Her hands slid down his stomach only to find that a huge bulge had
risen under the denim. She gently squeezed his hardness before attacking the
button fly.

Nick felt the confining denim being loosened, only to be replaced by the
welcoming warmth of her hand. He gently removed his finger from her mouth.
This brought a little mewl of protest from Natalie, which turned to a moan of
pleasure as he replaced it with his tongue. His hands now had free access of
her body. He let his hands roam at a leisurely pace, up and down her back,
never letting his lips leave hers.

Natalie let her hands wander around to grasp his ass. After a few promising
squeezes, she persuaded Nick to stand up; allowing her to pushed the jeans, as
well as his briefs, down his legs.

The object of her fantasies stood before Natalie, totally and gloriously
naked. Nick reached down and hauled Natalie out of the tub. Grabbing a towel
from the rack, he tenderly dried the moisture from her exquisite body. His
lips followed in the wake of the towel, placing loving kisses on every piece
of exposed skin.

Nick turned Natalie around so that her back was resting against his chest. As
the towel caressed her shoulders, he leaned in to inhale the fragrance that
was unique to his Nat, apples and cinnamon. Natalie arched her neck to give
him better access. He trailed kisses up her neck and lightly nibbled her
earlobe. She felt her knees begin to weaken. Just as she was gaining back
some of her composure, Nick let his tongue trace the shell of her ear. With a
quick flick, he darted in into it. At this, Natalie felt a liquid heat start
to pool in her lower body. She fell against his chest, letting her ass make
contact with his rock hard cock.

Dropping the towel, Nick let his hands blaze a trail to her aching breasts.
Natalie felt his fingers brush her erect nipples and then shy away. Wanting
more, she grabbed his hands, guiding them to the hardened points. She
released a cry of pleasure as they were pinched and rolled between his

Nick could tell that Natalie was as aroused as he was. Her musky aroma filled
his senses. He was swept away on a wave of intense desire. His only thought
was to bury himself, as deep as possible, into the sensuous beauty he
embraced. Pushing his control to its limit, he vowed to make this special for

Natalie felt his fingers release her nipples and glide down her body, over the
slight swell of her stomach, and tangle in the downy curls below. She parted
her thighs, encouraging him to seek out her hot core.

Anxious to please his lover, Nick teased her outer lips before sliding between
them to stroke the little nub hidden beneath. He slipped one finger inside
her vagina, followed by another, slowly sliding them in and out. He could feel
her contracting around his fingers, drawing them back in; only to release them
a second later. Nick allowed his fingers to move in slow, deep, strokes while
gently caressing her clit.

Natalie felt her world start to melt away as her orgasm swept over her. She
screamed his name as the contractions shook her body. Slipping his fingers
from inside her, Nick picked her up and placed her on the counter. She could
feel the cool mirror press against her back as Nick stepped between her
thighs. She felt him at the entrance of her body, poised and ready. Every
muscle in Nick's body was rigid with tension. Ever so slowly, he eased his
hard shaft into her welcoming warmth. He pushed against her, burying himself
further within her. Natalie raised her hips up to meet his thrusts, pulling
him more fully into her throbbing wetness.

Nick's remaining self-control evaporated at the coy movements of her hips.
His arms closed around her so tightly, Natalie wondered if she would have
permanent marks. He began moving swiftly; each thrust more forceful than the

Natalie felt his wonderful fingers sliding down between their bodies, felt him
search out the sensitive button to trigger her release.

"Oh yes, Nick. . . Please. . . NICK!!!"


Natalie let out a primal scream as her release swept over her. Her
surroundings seemed to fade away, as her body was bombarded with contractions
of intense pleasure.

As reality started to seep back to her, two things became abundantly clear to
Natalie. One, Nick was still screaming her name. Only now, his voice wasn't
filled with passion, but something that sounded suspiciously like panic.

And two, she was alone in the bathroom.

Looking down at her body, she realized that it wasn't Nick who had been
pleasuring her. Instead, what she saw made her blush with mortification. Her
chest was heaving with every breath she took, making her breasts sway gently,
creating small ripples in the rapidly cooling water. Her legs were propped on
either side of the tub, leaving her womanly secrets exposed. And resting
between her thighs were HER hands, whose nimble fingers had brought her the
most mind-shattering climax she had ever had.

"NATALIE. . .are you OK?" came Nick's muffled voice through the door.

Quickly removing the three fingers that she had unconsciously inserted into
her vagina, she answered him. "I'm fine. Be out in a few minutes. Why don't
you wait in the living room."

After a slight pause, Nick answered, "OK."

Natalie drained the tub and started the shower, hoping that the hot water
would be an adequate excuse for her rosy complexion. She dried herself off
and bundled up in her fuzzy, pink bathrobe, before heading out to meet Nick.


Nick looked up as she approached the couch. Looking her over carefully, he
asked, "Are you sure you're OK? You look a little flushed."

She could still feel the warm flush of sensual gratification staining her
cheeks. Not quite meeting his eyes, she answered as truthfully as possible.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just trying to release a little tension in the

Not quite convinced, he asked, "Did it work?"

Staring off into space, Nat thought about everything that had happened, both
real and imaginary.

Nick watched in fascination as a dreamy expression came across Natalie's face.
Her eyes started to glaze over and her lips parted to allow her to take in
some much-needed air. Releasing a huge sigh, she turned to face him. "Oh
yes. . . I'm definitely not as tense as I was before." He just shook his head
as he watched her smile grow wider and wider.

The End